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"centerpoint deangelo" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

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"centerpoint deangelo" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"It Floyd steps up on fox to lease slow up a bit but Erin right back across the blue line the left circle and got a couple guys off I believe not that I turned activist ninety does get out now the far side only for the eyes call has got fresh legs he pursues the parkland quizzle dot but for Howard in the near corner twenty five to go in the family by the net fox now leave the for troops for nothing lighting in the first Jake approval left wing Brenden Lemieux at center ice walks across the line it'll of point one to find I had been trying to clear it hit a ranger deflects the eagle right corner centerpoint deangelo right circle Filipino Bagratuni deangelo centerpoint a circle Krupa biker deangelo centerpoint full full circle through the shoot really is up my cat in the near corner we're gonna force it out could be held in true love point like to buy the lighting network attended there he's bald eagle takes it away right corner right point deangelo left point Trueba centerpoint when you shoot walked three batters lose lighting cannot get it to upshift here for them the love circle interstate rolls a bottle I need that had been has there been your side PA cat and he finally pulled it out of his own head but charging after it had been across the range align right circle protects it makes little feeder could drop high move of circle featured Kirk my point had made shoot save a lot quicker we did a good job right circle we'll find braided point is not the lightning bench at the center point right point shot Kirk for nothing lighting lead risk drive right point right they're gonna be done a little centering beat up like the pilot by Tyler Johnson Jesper fast well school behind the air out of the cell who drop knockdown reverses it for McDonough a little Nikita Kucherov working on a three point game already in this one hands off point across the ranger line word circle Tyler Johnson used Jack Shattenkirk trying to keep alive right leg rebel deals it out to center ice for Penderyn across let us try to open it but Kreider all so far he's what the good the bad the.

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