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"centerpoint bobby" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

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"centerpoint bobby" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Gibbons right after that Bach. You're kind of whiffed on his Gibbons. His show is the one that was blocked so officially no shots for auto at during that sequence. But it was dangerous looking play tyranny and stamp goes to the rate of Anderson. Draw one by Ottawa to center ice balsers into the lightning zone. Rudy balser. Centerpoint Bobby, Ryan, right corner, quarter, balsers right corner. Ryan to the right point Dylan mellow a shot wide left. Rebound is going to skip the far side balsers. They're left corner. Cross rates circle the lightning net. Balsers grabs to the right point, Bobby. Ryan shoots. Just missed wide left. Chabad follows uplift point Chabad cross. As can I get the puck your Dylan to mellow at the right point cross is to Bobby Ryan left circle. A feed at front shot point blank Balser say may. Boy. Plot clears to center Chabad quick counter Tierney back into the lightning in right circle. Strip by headman headman, rattles that are on the far side for Anthony Sallee. He'll scoop it out back to Ottawa is Dylan to mellow his team down to one in the second gives to Harper left wing Brady ca Chuck forces it for white the Lightning's on ranaldo poke check and a counter chance DT Miller up the middle at center crossed the blue line, right point. The sweep it for Sara Lee at the right circle is broken up by Harper feed white you get checked by Lawrence steel, right circle. Sara Lee, Anthony, Sallee winds. A right point have path is blocked. Oh by Harper. Turn out Pasia to center suites at across the lighting line, right circle. Paycheck is checked by Sergeyeva lightning retrieve it. Alex scorn and a left-wing sweeps at four circuit now. JT Miller up the middle at center crossed the blindness Torelli left circle. Too far in front of him sends get it back patio. Waiting have not been sharp to start the second page over haven't out to center still to lightning though Sergeyev drifts back for the lightning his own. Right wing Colbert. Nice lead. Feed corn across the line, right circle. Corn pulls up top of the right circle dishes. It right. So go to turn back open shoot..

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