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"center puppetry arts" Discussed on Stuff You Should Know

"That staff very sad if you're ever in the mood for a good cry watch the Jim Henson Memorial Big Bird sings. It's not easy being green. Yeah tough stuff. People his children his legacy lives on through In nineteen ninety-three Jane. His wife Foreign founded the Jim Henson legacy to preserve his contributions germ with public and like. I said he donated five hundred puppets to the center puppetry arts and There is also the gym Henson Memorial Mapa Museum and traveling exhibits and his sons and daughters help Renaissance Foundation and some of them are paying themselves in run. The company the company has changed hands. A Lot I have sort of the boring history. When he was still alive he was going to sell it to Disney for one hundred and fifty million because apparently he believed in Disney's commitment to characters so he thought that would be a good place for the muppets to live. Yeah you bought it but he did not get that deal Finished but it turns out one hundred fifty million with chump change because in two thousand and his children sold the entire company including the sesame street characters to a German media company for six hundred eighty million while and then I believe that company fell on hard times and they bought it back in two thousand and three eighty four million net crazy. Wow the Hinson. Children are smart and inbetween all that there are various exchanges of percentages of steaks with other companies and rights of certain characters. A little dull to go over all of that but needless to say they made up pretty well and eventually Disney now does they do own all the muppets studio. They own the muppets. Apparently the Henson Company sold the rights to the sesame street characters sesame street which is right cool. Yes and the Jim. Henson's creature shop still builds the sesame street puppets muppets. Yes if they sold the rights of the muppets and bear in the Big Blue House characters. Which I'm not familiar with that one. Nor am I but Disney wanted to? I guess that's sort of the player to be named later. That's included in the in the baseball trade. An proud of the Hinson kids. Yeah a great and I hope we get tweeted about this one from them. They seem seem pretty. Great Brian in Cheryl and the gang seem like they're doing right by the DAD and there's other siblings two and I think they're all involved. Yeah super involved and sadly Jane passed away. I think in two thousand thirteen. Yeah at the age of seventy eight. I would have loved to have seen what kind of work he did later in his life. Oh yeah the fact that he died in one thousand nine hundred still had like apple. Tv shows going. I mean fifty years old. He's left him. If you want to know more about Jim Henson goes into our muppets episode. And while you're looking that up you can also search Jim Hansen on the search BAR HOUSE DOT com. Bring up this great article and since I said search bar. It's time for a listener mail. This is I'M GONNA call this soft more smart. Sophomore guys may name is Matt and I'm a Sophomore Sophomore Manure Fan in the show and I listened while I do everything just wanted to say the dark ages were only dark in Europe. The life expectancy in the dark ages is actually the longer than before but mostly because there were smaller wars but things were certainly brighter and the Islamic world. In fact people in the Middle East were really enlightened during this time within about one hundred years they conquered a lot of new land including Spain also. The Arabic language grew to be the language philosophy medicine and poetry and Baghdad became the World Centre scholarship. They translated almost all of the famous. Greek philosophers work into Arabic Muslim. Muslims developed Algebra to simplify inheritance laws and they made important strides in trigonometry to help people find a way to Mecca architecture. Grew to The Great Mosque in Spain only took roughly a year. While medieval cathedrals took hundreds of years to build so the Dark Ages. Weren't that dark in. The enlightenment came earlier than most think and that is for Matt. Thanks Matt enlightening stuff. My friend yeah are numerals or Arabic. Yeah it's true we should. We should hit on some more Middle Eastern topics. Let's do it in the meantime. If you want to suggest some Middle Eastern topics for us you can tweet them to us at podcast. You can post them on our facebook page at FACEBOOK DOT COM SLASH W. Should know you can send us an email to Steph. Podcast that house the forks dot com and as always hang out at our beautiful home on the web stuff you should know dot com.

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