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"center communicating science" Discussed on Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda

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"center communicating science" Discussed on Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda

"Burnout is a significant problem. Among healthcare professionals people join the field because they WANNA help other people and then they leave because they feel overworked and undervalued. Yeah and research shows that a lack of communication and empathy among and between healthcare teams contributes to burn out and it also reduces the quality of patient care so we will address this problem. The oldest center communicating science has developed the all the medical experience. This is in evidence based curriculum that focuses on helping healthcare professionals learn to communicate to collaborate and to connect with their colleagues clearly in vividly as a healthcare professional. You will learn to reconnect with your passion for your work which can help improve relationships with others on your team and ultimately make a positive impact on the overall patient experience. The old medical experience has been developed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. So you know. You're getting the tools you need to adjust and thrive in any number of challenging circumstances so to learn more about the all the medical experience and apply for the next program. Please visit all the center dot org slash workshops. That's all the center dot org slash workshops. Today show is sponsored in part by the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. We do workshops all over the world to improve communication in stem and medicine Sarah. Did you know our workshops have been attended and enjoyed by at least two Nobel Prize winners including one who won the Nobel Prize after she took our workshop. Oh my God I don't know if we can actually take credit for the prize. Didn't hurt and you know. Another student of ours came in second in the worldwide competition in London where researchers had to explain their science to lay people. I know and one student won first prize for speaking about her science and the competition in Norway and another was named teacher of the year Norway. So Alan if people want to know a little bit more about the all the Center. Where do they go? They go to alter center dot org. That's all the center dot Org. You said it. I love doing the show and judging by what I hear from listeners. You enjoy it too. I think it brings us together with smart empathic people and that's an experience. We need now more than ever before. All our lives have been turned upside down now and I. I really hope you're getting through this as well as possible in every way the world is in turmoil. We've all had to make adjustments pigging small even a little thing like this podcast has been affected. Clear and vivid has taken a hit. Two.

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