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"cedar pet clinic" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"Sunday must be four o'clock little after because here, I am. Hopefully, there you are and hope is on the other side today, high hope. Hi, welcome to be able to work at a Sunday. Oh, well, thank you for coming on and Carly's with their family day sister headed twins, a new if you knew that she's an awkward for the first time. She mentioned she has an aunty. But I didn't know all the details girls, and there are only two weeks premature okay for twins. That's usually most people don't carry them. You know, full full rights. Yes. So she's proud auntie. Oh, that's exciting. Lucky here. Twins. I'll tell you my you. My grand says in six months for three years and five years from Alaska understand with his until June first fourth and oh, good gravy. I was on your earlier there's times just like, I usually annoys polluted person. I've got scared of going on TV going on. And I go down to the barn listed on a and I just go. It's very entertaining. I'm sure. By the time. They leave. I'm gonna probably be twenty five. Grandma what? Feed the SS like, okay. So. Yeah. So then they call me crazy chicken lady because I got chickens. I trade my chickens. There's twenty five of them. There are different assorted kinds of, sir. Brahmos air, Khanna's Sussex. What else do I got says? Oh, black lace or lace at anyway. So when they're young I would come in there with it looks like for bladder is called steamboats. It looks like the smashed all that unique quick rose. Right. Hey, come in there. And they would pick out of my my scoop, you don't get the. So if you show them scoop, they get hysterical because they think here comes from treats. Okay. Because what I would do is. I'll sit down a care, then they some Landon my lap on Alannah my chair, you no one will end on my shoulders. So I looked like this crazy kickin radio. All these tickets. Go nuts trying to get some some old side of the scoop here. So as the boys were just kind of like, just laughing hysterically. You're crazy lady. Thank you. Sounds like they're having fun. So anyway, so hopefully, you guys you're out here, you're gonna call in some questions as me and hope here, so hopefully, we can we can help you. It was Burke for life down in berkers up in in bayport, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. And we did it is not the it's not the final final total close. What we did up till yesterday. Three yesterday, we raised twenty nine thousand dollars. So we want our sponsors like new sources, a huge sponsor and cedar pet clinic is a huge Bonsor and Brockman, I don't know what they're called Brockman their delivery kind of thing. Anyway. So, but all the other sponsors, you know, there's those are the big ones and angel pet world. Yes. She's awesome. As so anyway, so yeah, we had a grand time. Perfect day started kicking up about eleven thirty in the morning or the ten things when they. One broke one day salvage. So it was a twenty nine thousand dollars last year. We did eighteen thousand and so yes. That's awesome. New people come on board that are media swampy. Hey word of mouth. Oh, it is. So and then also then tomorrow Monday may thirteenth. I'm going to be on twin cities live you can tune in between three fifteen and three forty five is one I'm usually on. And we're going to do it a second chance rescue. They have got. Well, I've only bring is to dogs wanna adopt together. Okay. But the one dog is really kind of very shy when she's outside of her box. Even when she's with the other one. Okay, she's a little bit more of a nervous dog. And so I could see her getting startled and then barking the whole time on TV. Well, a lot. Gonna take one and great khloe might think I'm taking as so we'll have khloe, but we need to adopt them together. On my Facebook page, Katie canine Facebook page, I have a pitcher if you scroll down and anyway, so I'm going to be twin cities live anytime between three fifty three forty five tomorrow. So to me in and let's see I think that's about it for announcements. So anyway, so. Today is mother's day. Had sure is it'll mother's day. Whether you're a mother of two legged or four legged or fish, or whatever you everybody has a mom somewhere along down there and mother's day is a celebration honoring the mothers of family as well as motherhood material bonds and influence of mothers and society, it is celebrated on various days in parts of the world. Most commonly in the month of may March or may I wish I did not know that and then also the folder Jarvis. Let's see did it derby Etta. Jarvis edit Jarvis is the one that started mother's day in honor of her mother, and it was held. She held him a memorial service for her mother at Saint Andrews Methodist church in Grafton, West Virginia, as they need saying Andrew's Methodist church now holds the international mother's day shrine and her campaign to make mother's day recognize holiday in the United States began in nineteen zero five and that was the year that her mother, Anna REEs Jarvis died. And energy, Anna. Jarvis had been a peace activists who cared for soldiers on both sides of the American war and created mother's day work clubs to address public health issues than Anna Jarvis wanted to honor her mother by continuing to work, she started and she wanted to set a day to honor all mothers fans, because she believed mother is a person who has done more for you than anyone in your world. So people that are strained with for, sir. And only question I can say to you folks out there, you know, being that I am getting older is I lost my mind ninety nine to well started out breast cancer metastasized. And so she from the time she had diagnosed so when she left with putting her year, but the thing is people were they are estranged from their mom, and I know this love is. I know some have a love hate relationship. They have no relationship. The only thing I have to ask you all is that if your mom lease dies. Would you go to her funeral? And if you say yes to this then you're hypocrite, and the thing is is that you should not go see her when she's dead. If you're not willing to talk to her now, then you don't deserve to go to her funeral, and that's their I I've gone. I've had a couple of girlfriends at that has happened to okay restrained. She's turned their mom, and I asked them that question. And so and then I called him on it. I said if you you you don't deserve to go to that funeral because why would you go and and more? Her in her death when you weren't even here to be part of her life. And so that's why so people out there, if you're in a strange from your mom, you know, my my oldest sister, and I we always had kind of ruffled waters. My mom was really a good mediator. And she said, you know, yes, I grew up in a Kathy. I only turn Katie when I was bartending. You're not a Kathie, Katie. Call me, whatever, you know. I'm Kathleen, actually, okay. Did not now. So anyway, so she'd cook Kathy she said, you can use your sister older sister, you can be in the same room because my mom is a big deal for my mom to have with. There's five of us kids have a small there. Yes. Because she was or her brother was killed in the in the war. So she was only child my dad was only child and so family was very special shirt at anyway. So so she says, you know, you don't have to strike up a conversation trying to serve the world problems. You could be in the room and say hi, be cordial play games. You know, you, you know, you have to put it aside. You just have to put it aside because you're never going to solve it. Because there's always going to be well, then you then you then you're always gonna. And the whole gets deeper and deeper as so when does it end, and then when somebody dies, and then you do the woulda shoulda cut his should've forgave. I should've talked to him I should have. And we're a longtime dead. So that's why I appeal to all you folks out there. Whether it's a mom or a dad, you know, you need them, and mama specially. But boy, I'll tell you what my my honestly, Pete. I have never seen gotten so many cards. I mean, every time I for two weeks after she left. I got the mailboxes like full of cards people when my dad left. Yeah, I got some but nothing like when my lounge, and then when my brother left, you know, he committed suicide in two thousand twelve got a Butler too. You know, just really really makes my IQ. I kept every card so hard for mom dad and from David every one of my not because I sit down there and just kind of go through them. Sometimes people carried about me enough to send a card. You know what I mean? And so and then also to write a little note in there say, you know. With you your name. Yeah. You'll right. A little a little memory about that person, sir. So that they're make me smile. Like, my mom and dad were always way. Cool. Everybody loved my mom. Well, that folks your folks, you know, what anybody can be nice go out and have coffee in a public area..

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