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"cecil peach usa" Discussed on PodQuiz

"Sifni three zero. Hello and welcome to put quiz seven hundred and thirty. There is a price rant this week with the chance of winning a quiz t shirt. So listen on for that. Before we start. I would like to thank Dan who came up with the idea for round two. Round one. It's an interest around this week. So there are five pieces of music listen to for which I would like artist and title, but you're only going to hear the first few seconds of the song. West you'd one. Question two. Question. Three. Feet are Kengo. Western four. Western thought. Round two. Rent is on famous Kevin's. Question six we sports is Kevin Keegan best known for plane representing the England team sixty three times. Question. Seven the nineteen eighty one film Cecil peach USA, also known as Malibu hot summer was the first to feature which actor. Kevin Costner, Kevin Kline. Kevin pollak. Question. Eight who did Britney Spears Mary in two thousand and four only two defaults in two thousand and seven. Question nine which actor is the subject of a trivia game. Based on the idea that any Hollywood actor may be linked to any other in a handful of steps based on their association with him. Question. Ten Kevin Michael was a founding member of which pop band formed in nineteen eighty five. Round three three quick fire around on nicknames of cities each of the following five questions. I'm going to give the nickname of a city, and I'd like you to tell me which city it is. Question eleven the peak apple. Question. Twelve motor city. Question. Thirteen finis of the north. Question. Fourteen old reiki. Question. Fifteen stroke city.

Kevin Costner Kevin Keegan Kevin Michael Kevin pollak Kevin Kline Kengo Britney Spears Mary Cecil peach USA Dan founding member West Hollywood England