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"Differ Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed and out of touch at Harry's our approach is simple here's our secret hey I'm andy if you don't know me it's probably because I'm not famous but I did start a men's grooming company called Harry's plus free shipping go to Harrys DOT COM and enter five thousand at checkout that's Harrys Dot com code five thousand two am twelve forty W. G. B. Two are many many many millions I mean some will say billions of fans we are not affiliated ever these guys say we got nothing to do with this for the next fifty seven minutes we have nothing no we hope you give us a try with this special offer get a Harry starter set with a five Blade Razor waited handle shave Gel and travel cover offered just three bucks obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee millions of guys have already made the switch to Harry's so thank you if you're one of them and if you're not we don't do this a lot but big shout to our fans in the UK across the interwebs however you listen to the show we say Hello Ooh big shout because I enjoy expressed in the following program do not necessarily represent those of the staff management or owners wg bb the best ways the following show is late night parents dot com to our listeners to the show to the live show big shot I would like a UK fan to shoot Weenieville okay rich at late night parents dot com you got it or rich at L. N. P. Dot com the other way or medium that a Lotta people listened to show is through spotify been looking at of action they leased time with their tenets of all the station used to be wild cowboys yeah set the alarm or his android for fifty seven minutes let me personnel button next show is coming in they need to do right but I mean it's like night and day when you look at it and you are on here is good so the numbers through the roof hello spotify listeners thanks you know it's really crazy not to say the other platforms Jill right you know one of our our bridge fans please shoot me an email say hello just say what's up l. let's see if I could do something was expressed in the preview now is the editor of special extra special you know station. Id just making sure it's cybersecurity awareness month it's really cybersecurity awareness life life with us because we ooh spotify he's doing a lot of different things with their platform pushing specific podcasting it's I guess they're you know they try to play the ketchup game so this is Hicks an across from me is rich Valdez data what's happening tell me and it's been a while it has been I just got this message it doesn't look right but is it okay and of course we look at it immediately like no because because I don't want to commit I think I got some licences available still okay so you can get a free backup for year with the collaborative effort between government industry raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and to ensure that all Americans can have same with apple less you thank you excuse me so lot to cover we'll start with the resources they need to stay ahead of the game right think about before you click that is the biggest safety victor right there and I hope they are they are so the national cyber security awareness month NCAA essay m chilly though you know I think from some some of our constant never ending Ranson Raves I think people are listening about every week it never ends we'll talk about it every week because we're getting involved with every week with us with an end user or friends or family right long ones getting hacked someone's getting tax I'm GonNa just as a question and hopefully unfortunately most of the time they think before they clicked in there like Ted the free clinic obviously have some sort of anti malware antivirus software something have something on your machine site security and online backup on that goodstuff shoot me an email sounds really good that Richard L. A. P. TV or Richard Late night parents even though it says it's from your friend at whatever the millage messages is really coming from were attacking u dot argue or somewhere else you know Wasa vivid live and in person at something we've been making too easy for Brian Eno click a button go backs new right and just click on it okay then if not for the people who systems are really jacked up had his own version of windows P keep an eye on get the software again if you're a windows user you get Microsoft defender Free you've got to keep it updated but I always recommend getting another an additional anti malware program of some sort I like our bites also you can get a free version and then paid and that's going to protect you even in your defenses are down right and that's just you know the human element of it to these webs yes so that's what I remember using many many years ago and it was like totally free version right now where bites and see cleaner and sequencer or using that around like oh I can use a free memory and you pick it up and you walk in and you plug it into the computer right you don't know what you just installed a what it's going from younger pre team teenage millennial adult in older adult anything about it we were using the free right academic version to clean some you know some of the issues or when you would see it locally on your specific we're trying to install that there have been major hacks that have been started spy that some simple things you know there's no need for it shing Yep I think product they use use ago and I wound up getting licensed version was fixed me stick and the whole key to it is if if if it will read your specific USB device while you're in windows like you know recently there was I think it was leave it was a government study but recently evaluated who is most likely I would say adult in older adults that's what I would have said we both would have been wrong okay it mostly most of these things get in you know if you're in your office and your workplace or walk down the street and you see a USB sitting enjoy that now that's the one I prefer you know what's so crazy that we've been using our bites and under the witnesses prime witness the prime witness is dead let's see what happens so continues to morph which one the shooting in Dallas the police officer and Amber Geiger and now one of the witnesses who is dead now real briefly serious this is rich and Ted this is late night parents talk to you rich about this story that neels on the one most likely to get hacked to get the scheme why because they think it's okay to share everything can you something that successful and but the funny thing about is in anyone can fall into a trap okay plug it in boots who would get to it and then you can navigate start the scandal drive does it also Oh yes you mentioned you're right and I use that where and it was like a one click solution insert the USB okay we could add you in to the day Chapelle show victim blaming because there are stories Russia and maxine oh they come home and they're on the wrong floor and they go into an apartment that they believe is there's and right right Amos keeps me some type of adware or something like that will think of as but Mauer Bites is the way to go of course now we are at our places of Employment Licensing Full version brain enterprise license and that's crazy you guys do this this is just this is who does the locked front door I species from the beginning it's tough it's tough because I have a couple there's a couple of things okay where do you begin I don't know where he again I mean you begin where someone was work shift the work the timer so you walk into an apartment unless it looks exactly like my apartment I going to be like something just doesn't look right here and then I'm going to start just start shooting no I was suspicious on that still am of course the trick but it's funny when you run into the same people they're run into these issues over and over and over and over and over clicking clicking clicking breath Gotcha who doesn't like the front door I'm sorry but that is not blaming the victim just out there so speaking with one of my friends in law enforcement and she shall remain nameless the people don't lock the front door don't lock the car doors watched some of the the local community policing sites and M- monitoring sites things like that the safe to say almost fifteen years ago almost the the big ones just before our bites off and it was another small company and law enforcement professionals said These gotTA BE MORE TO THE STORY WANNA share my life right on what had for dinner last night my interaction I'm having with Brian grow hold on let me get a picture of it you know they got a picture of it the age groups are most likely to get or fall for HM hacks what group do you think it was we'll we'll go sorry you might be sorry but from the text messages in right you know while you should have been administering CPR right you know all the background here bigger hug and I said well if he's a Christian and if these grieving this is a way for him to move on he's He's forgiving he's forgiving and he's just like okay you know what your life is going to be screwed up are in the entire family's life is is screwed up then we get to the point where the crocodile tears while at court so sorry maybe sorry you got take my car got broken into some last door locked well no the doors were locked that wasn't broken into another sign thing there okay and I wanNA may sound like point blame the wrong way and I only not okay this is just a commentary and I just want to say Jim I'm trying to get get past this and I'm trying to move along then blushes then I was concerned about some type of retribution prior I mean I guess prior that they were doing the same thing and anti malware antivirus right I wasn't they were they were they were the one like fifteen years ago and then Mauer Bites came out and said it's a him testifying I'm just leaving it right there more will come out was the brother of the you know the forgiving brother the forgiving brother able to give Joe millionaire that if for any reason we feel that you're trying to point blame the wrong way we're going to call you homie on but we'll never hear any left the right there okay they left it right there so on the same floor and he heard that cap cap yes he heard what appeared to be two people star okay so there's that piece yes then there's a person had a conversation week with with the person who asked me how ever get it but you know when they when they brought the charges fourth and gave the jury two options to give the murderer options and the manslaughter option okay let me let me hosted like so that is something that is something well that's that's something good to know hey I do one just music. They thought that there was some kind of premeditated something right thoughts indicate something happen there and they didn't think it was just fully staying I opened my phone this morning to find out the lead witness gunned down not only that but the lead witness clown this topic right here could this be near and dear to near dear to my heart so the jurors heard things we didn't hear and we'll never here and we'll never here for them to come up with murder in the sitting there unionize me and someone's sitting eating ice cream devi you pull out your revolver and you shoot and shoot him or dropping things and making a big deal out of it when they pick them up they say when kids act this way it doesn't necessarily mean as a problem but it often create mainly impress other kids they goof around at lunch at recess or in the hallways between classes but some kids behave that they went with the murderer option so let's face it none of us were in the courtroom except the jury right and the defendant and the family of the deceased disturb people let's say you know kids can act like a class clown in lots of different ways some examples being giving joking answers when the team in anything is true some kids like being the center of attention they crack jokes make faces show off and on late night parents dot com we have a post why some play the class Jakob on them were enclosed that are extremely loud silly or offensive making a noisy entrance when they come into the classroom I was pretty sure that they were going to go for the manslaughter option. I'm Kinda surprised I'm glad it went the way it did but it everyone you know said the same thing I know it'll be the older group they were the next one's down ray most likely again you know she can't share everything l. each other so ugly thing read you I also agree we'll never get the entire still will never and here are some examples of things kids might try to cover up bullying sometimes kids act up in class not to draw attention to themselves but away from things that they're struggling with the clan around to hide challenges learning differences trouble with focus organization being impulsive or hyperactive trouble with social skills Charlottesville situation kids with Adhd if they thought the thought enters their mind they act on it without stopping to think about the consequences kids who have trouble with self control may have a hard time resisting the urge to do or say something they think is funny that's often true right this way during class even if it gets them in trouble and turns off their classmates your what causes kids why some play the class clown the teacher just told you that your child's been acting up in school and playing the class clown eight class clown and what can help so let's say what it means to be the class found this just the kid who jobs around a little bit editor too loudly burst through the classroom door and have everyone laugh then it'd be laughed at because you lose track of time or and they go on to say that being the class clown can also affect your child's social life because sometimes other kids think it's funny and want to be around your child Lake class clown there are a lot of reasons kids cloud around like this if they're getting a positive response they might just like the attention that's not always the case though it's problems and that goofing around all the time can disrupt the class and annoy the teacher can lead to being disciplined and it can impact their grades as well always Lee clowning around is often a way to get ahead of criticism now it seems like they're special help special things you can do for plane class count those kids with ADHD who played the class clown this may or may not relate to your child now but more often than not kids are turned off by the clownish behavior and think it's weird or annoying and not funny so why the kids I have a couple of shorter conversations instead of just one but space them out so your child has time to think about what you've said and how to do things differently the HD run the risk of overdoing it or being goofy at the wrong time and place like in the middle of class and when that happens they may get negative attention W. surprise you noticed similar behavior at home especially when other people around so what's this behavior about and does it really mean can work together ask your child how things are going at school identify your child's strengths and give positive phrase adhd for many kids playing the role of entertainer is a way to use a strength to make up for their challenges now if it's done at the right time in the right way uh-huh at home or low self esteem kids aren't using trying to be difficult they're just trying to cover up their their weak spots and they could drive other kids away so what you can do when you child acts out to get attention there are ways you can work on the behavior help improve your child's self esteem in find activities your child enjoys and is good at so also kids sometimes need help under sure more it'll come on now everyone's get doing all the cameras in front of homes now right catch people all the time but we have an idea of a vehicle on this so this is the person who's child's been clowning around to cover up challenges you might get a similar behavior when you try to talk about it you may have to but now I know what to do instead during a calm time talk to your child about how others are reacting and what would be a better way to act if you standing the consequences of their behavior they may not see the effect of their clowning around is having or they may feel embarrassed by their behavior you know active in school and going back and forth with the teacher about an assignment or two and teacher I think and if you think your child might be struggling at school talk to your child's teacher because the teacher may be able to tell you about challenges your child is having keep an eye on your child's behavior and look at the patterns share what you're seeing with the teacher so that right and you're saying okay well XYZ teacher said this but I'm going to do that let's see if I can get away with right I choose the hits home for me because I think I have a bencher ear a few hundred times about having a son who's aw but there's a unique relationship between having ADHD in playing the clown being funny theatrical and larger than life could be a natural benefit of dot com with rich does that Hicks bigshot wants to get into Brian Grades Brain you're knocking it out the park I mean hey I like the way that tie looks around your belly button great and the teacher really liked it too that's why they called us this is great telling you having the Thai but having it so low under his sweater so that it's not showing others I sound like what why are you doing gotta with all those spotify listeners don't want Senate doesn't know and writes about it we'll talk about it I mean we cases like in school now you do what the teacher says and that's it and that's it so this is like my parents ways of shows late night and this this might have been so far Bryan's best show I think so definitely being a clown can be a social plus his kids often find their peers with ADHD funny and fun to be around but kids with aid so then then the time is for them not to get away with it and learn okay some boundaries you can push you can pull that rope a little more we'll see if we meet around a little bit for you but other you and I were talking one year I'm in your office the phone rings and Teacher Calls me about my son not having his title or Oh New York comic con came and gone and gone I would've gone this year just thought about it too late to but some of it's also a face some of his some of it I think it also depends on the age that these things are happening okay let's face it we're both men just like as new trailers were being released it was made available on the web immediately right you know I got an email today here's all the trailers that were released Oh really yeah oh my goodness this is great nice anything good you turned on your vpn and you pointed yourself towards the UK and you fired up your net flicks right you get to see cvs all access I don't know but didn't get a chance to go a bunch of people went a lot of you know New York comic con does not equal opportunity well now that's good to know his way around everything your VPN is legitimate legitimate for one the third walking dead series trailer was released in John Luc Picard his his his CBS all access right ABC CBS CBS all access and you know you get to the point of when am I really paying for what am I really paying for only thing I wanted was star Star Trek we make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars each we care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class German blade factory someone who to purchase my my thousand collection from the seventies right you know either that or the emails with by me and on me killing you because I want my star trek well she we both were boys and you hit a certain point where you're just like testing testing every battle you are pushing there's always the pusher that and the invites no-one said us the invited no shows on Netflix in fact did I say no I didn't accidental which would have incurred a manslaughter charge we'll just leave that one there the discovery and like I said was named Picard regard which they ads are going up San Diego nowhere near nowhere near where they try and it's still fun you get the comedy the costumes yes you get the cows plan a get the statues and sculptures was it at the Javits against a nice space it's definitely worthy worthy location Lucia they're not saying okay enough to know but yeah I mean if not then you're paying for CBS all access the WII during this what like why are you bringing this negative attention because it's not like he's going to get home and mom and dad are gonNA be like yeah you're always like criminal or chrome why not maybe next year but you know what I didn't lose any sleep because I'd say this but I'm just going to go to the I mean I'm paying my provider for my new pitches turnaround and lose my us this years ago I remember distinctly this can't be good for twenty eighteen twenty seventeen on the in smoke going up is meeting going up his you and I had these conversations though do we talk about okay said stop vaping two point two million for jewel ads in just two weeks going up in smoke gone up literally which you definitely heard it on the podcast that sweeping is something that's not good and it was kind of like what will the next big unhealthy thing right exactly right now we we have people staring at the phones so of course all the usual suspects and CBS Warner Media Viacom all pulled e cigarette advertising but they are all of a sudden it's like oh while the money was pouring in we take it all we're gonNA take it all now there's health epidemic on top of it whatever flavor quote unquote is added into to burn to give it this tastes but it's artificial who knows what really is causing that flavor off all their platforms so like you know websites and everything like that gone totally like like it never even happened the folks who have died or getting really ill are using non-approved vaping tools in innovates that ever vaping THC um I'm surprised we haven't because they don't have cigarette commercials anymore right cigarette commercials like at least we told you we kill you strange now because now everyone is self righteous because that no no I'm not not even trying to be sarcastic eventually kick the cigarette habit with the safer than a cigarette possibly but then get off the vaping as well but if you're someone going on here with this you got the jewel CEO saying don't vape the currency or the one who's gone the one who's gone make you know the cigarette all other stuff circumventing the system that teenagers would all of this type of stuff now all of a sudden way too often I don't see how that would there's nothing going to be I don't know what's going to you know turn uh-huh oh my goodness so yeah it's those who I mean sure it it might have been a good alternative or as a way to in late night parents dot com we have already planning sign up for Disney plus next month says it just really quick deep dive it is an oil and everyone says no do not vpn oil that's like one of the worst things you can do so some of these people are doing that not the manufacturer's fault every nice to have Disney Pixar Pixar I'll have pretty much everything that I would want for an additional service be good for you that's more than the Monja that's that's what it's called that's called let's just keep it moist in here and let all kinds of stuff grow and then you're everyone was like Oh this is not good there's people dying people are people are dying now granted in all fairness you know there are some reports are that I guess question for you because I posed it before are you planning to sign up for Disney plus next month I am closer choose between Netflix and plus sixty percent of the people would keep net flicks and Lou of subscribing to Disney plus because ones yeah all these all these ads going on the next big thing be but there's also a lot of people get sick just from just for the VP aspect of it I said how can constantly putting some moisture into your lungs TV plus or apple plus TV maybe five bucks for seven shows for seven shows but they are going to be seven wealth produced shows okay and they're offering here's some interesting finds about the survey about Disney plus Net flicks and American streaming habits when acts the the one tenth of canceling one for the other and see what happens see it's so funny because we had these different services coming online so I just a slow drip right after all right I mean I guess but it could backfire let you know the adults all of us with some folks who are in more than others constantly just like you said face in phone head leaned over and get one if you had to choose between one or the other right okay I think I will be in literally it's crazy and I mean and of course we're not just picking jewel because there are the manufacturers of blue was out there who doesn't smoke and is not currently vaping don't don't think about starting to have it just just for your own health for your well being friend is they're not going to net flix route but they're not going traditional TV route they're going to release three episodes right and then oh with a six bucks seven bucks something like that yeah looking for it I'm pretty sure I will be signing up for for Disney plus so Rich I can go to well I can't go to the show but we can you know what it sounds like we found one back you can enable screen time and everything else it's not gonNA help no and if you're an adult is not going to make a difference anyway so you can limit children's usage because that way you put the three out there hopefully you get people hooked on one or two years shows and then you keep them coming back for at least another seven weeks to get the I'm not and of course Star Wars Okay and I didn't realize the National Geographic as well yes I'm all in on this enclosed to sing yesterday I everything I've seen they've got the media content that I want you know what the marvel thanks but I will say this much if uh Tim Apple or Tim Cook is listening right now which he could be very well we will offer since you have a lack of content we will offer our show we'll do it I believe there is some some Syndrome yes starting with always leaned over looking at getting something in the neck spine bending yes right or ipad right so you don't my question is taking the in Durant they have Disney which is going to hit you over the head not in price but in content right and that's the way to do it versus an apple which is like hey if I give you and the annual cost how much are you going to deduct let's say if it's five dollars a month right sixty look at you a strong thirty eight weeks world problems no problem many maybe thirty five thirty five yeah I'm GonNa give you seven shows what's this what's this obstruction price now what's what's apple per month apple and I mean that's an option we're going to have more than seven shows you gotTa have more than seventy show a lot more than seventy seven shows more than a couple of failed Carpool Karaoke e yeah shows that all of that now yeah I know I'm one of the sixty percent that said Marlin Star Wars influence their decision to getting you get Disney plus and I'm also part of the sixty three percent is a week by week week by week Siphon on them all out to you I don't know if you agree agree with that that model and I I think if you don't have any other content that's the way to do it you know they're apple come in here and do their own production of this I mean hey yes oh my goodness yeah but Disney plus I am I am in ready to pull the trigger okay okay I mean like I said I'm I'm almost at least haven't seen any news of society breaking down as they thought that could happen from this film no copycats of whatever the case may be to note all we do like we told you we said we told you you know Before I get into we get into the topic on android phones gaining popularity walking dead returns rich I'm almost in not quite quite yet I think I will be in the minute the the the first shows it shows aren't that popular people say screw it I don't need to stick around for another couple of months I'm done giving of five bucks a month start rolling out right the first new content yes that's got again the Star Wars Adamy the the New Star Wars content that they've got cute up a year right from elementary p they'll give it to you free for one year all right so half the people are getting it free anyway then by the phone that's enough of people that are just throw it in his era let me give them five bucks to see what what it looks like for a month so they saying five bucks a month or the two seasons ago at the end of the end of season before last when we had with seemed to be talking zombies at the time or Ritchie was of course there's more if you purchase a new iphone eleven pro plus the give it the said they won't cancel their kermit's current stream subscriptions from his knee plus I will keep my net flicks and my Disney points at least for a while it's more psychological take on it and you know someone's a man's descent into madness if you will I will go see it probably try and catch it during the week guy yeah the right there they they lost me I was like no I'm not having talking zombies of course it turned out to be the whisperers and though I never any of the comics I know the whiskers are the nemesis five other break summer break debris break Yeah I think that would be I think that'd be a plan we could do I've been feeling if times wrap it up you're one of the reasons why I actually started watching the show it was a great show weekly content as it comes out and that gives you a little bit of time to develop something new and put it in front let's forget that would that would kind of make sense right you know so how better to ten if you're listening we're out here we ear for you all you have to do is put together it it's an interesting through through the jokers is right and it's a different joker so we got a different take on it the side show with Brian Give Ryan from behind the scenes on the other side of the glass he's like this is my world and we wouldn't have to worry about Alpha and Beta or whoever it is and another season when they showed up at the front gate at Alexandria and you said that yes saying I think this is getting old I said again and it the story line did not go out which I was really hoping it wouldn't I guess take these two idiots comment rambling on IRV from and yeah it's Oh I didn't know that which means that it's not just me number I'm in let's let's see what will life is after coming December after skywalker soccer let's see all the new contact put together they're looking forward automate remember that stuff Dr Right well they said that they were thinking joker could could have the same same consequence but it hasn't heard that it's not food with the first five episodes wrapping up Rick Grimes Okay and then episode six a six year times of our friends so big storyline there but there were too many scenes where they could have eliminated this this negative storyline right then and there be done with it yes so we've got another time six year time job from episode five to episode six so are you are you not high has it I'm not feeling jumped the shark already for you Angela King is is has taken over six years later tonight's show which is I don't understand because most people if you have like a provider right like the AMC APP you just go in just sitting there armed they're standing there in in the weeds right you got skills this would have been over done happily season nine was a reboot okay and it rebooted itself twice in the same season because it was a soft unless season last episode I mean last season took a totally different tone okay it seems like Coltan get a new co five Judy Daddy's gun oh my goodness maybe they'll do that liking that was interesting okay okay and I'm done you know it's maybe if you wanNA watch it while everyone it's taken about two or three rights and the ending to season five which happened last week for some probably okay okay seventy eight episodes out so there's that and there's you just dipping back real quick was with New York comic con I thought they were going to release a wreck Ryan's Rick Ryan movies als for the year if I'm willing to pay you to sixty dollars a you're gonNA turn around and say okay it's forty five now runs you're paying all upfront subscription for sure that would make some really I mean season nine nothing none I have to I I I may decide to catch up to see where this goes end the marvel content that they put in this is they've got to do you WanNa talk joker did you get to chancy adding a chance to see I didn't either think overall they are definitely could shows wanna see what the third one is about third was totally different right looks like it the trilogy right that they were GonNA release a teaser trailer something just a picture of space that would have been more than enough people just state takes place most of the shots were in the Nebraska University campus okay lose their minds holy lives in mind you just see that Grizzle look on his face with the beard with the beer tightly Amana here consumes it right and get live on tweet about it and everything else like that walking dead right so and I'm guessing takes place at Philadelphia fulfilling that I'm not sure if it's really or but in things like that I mean the chance to see I will hopefully next week next week oh well I saw one rick died okay yeah I saw that that will sees it before that was the same season els like the middle of the season where it ended with talking were upset I'm like don't fall for little kitoke okay that's that's all I will say for so I guess to round things out collusion no collusion Auburn okay there things are much more modern than the other two shows so wonder does it does it occur early on uh-huh ten years come on should have you know that's it decapitated yeah exactly ever after or not whatever you still got out there which is my other pet peeve is like all right it's now again I don't even know if he's still running around I have not I did not watch a single episode of lassie zombies right right she just last last I guess what eight episodes ten episodes so the one thing I thought it gets out there on those talk shows and just starts happening it up and you're like stop go up please keep it up mm-hmm you know it's just showing different factions of people and here's how they're living and they seem a lot more uh-huh stuck in the weeds in the back from what I've seen right so I I just national little bit yes so ten years after so it's walking dead time wine right but fear the walking dead hasn't caught up yet okay listen requesting I did not collude by asking Ukrainians to look into my opponent there's nothing wrong with that Aaron and I know it all depends on who whoever the president is meaning Democratic or Republican everyone just nfl off for me the last two seasons again last season before last because I did not see any of last season's speak on it so you can see the whole Goodbye Rick Okay for for that the tone of the show they make different than walking dead they have to the he was dropping so I said I guess there's no five second rule on cable TV cable TV. Well I don't know I mean beyond crazy I guess it's also where you sit there Tingo that's what they needed to Scott to be next summer Guidi but I probably will start catching up on

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