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"catholic church nutro" Discussed on All My Relations Podcast

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"catholic church nutro" Discussed on All My Relations Podcast

"Everyone. Welcome to this bonus episode of all my relations antiquing I felt like with some of the stuff that was going on in the world this week around Notre Dom and all of the indigenous response to the burning of the cathedral that we would take opportunity to kind of drum in and have a quick conversation with one another about what was going on. If you like these short formats, we might be doing some more of it. But in till then we'll have a new episode next week. What? Hello friends and relatives today. We begin. Our episode sacred is sacred with love and condolences to our relatives. In paris. In fact, that is why we are here today we wanted to discuss Notre Dom and the outcry of public support. And then also the response from our indigenous community and other POC allies in the aftermath of the fire. Yeah. I mean, I've been shocked by some of the things that I've been reading on social media. And I also shocked that that that fire happened and it brought up a a whirlwind of of thoughts and images. Really? I think of like the images of of standing rock burning or the images of old man house burning and and sacred things in general burning and it, and it kind of has been a triggering moment for me how how about you Adrian. Well, I think that you and I have had slightly different responses to things like I've been I was sad. I guess at the burning of Notre Dame. I think that there's a lot of important artwork. And there is something to be said for the cultural space that the cathedral Holtz. But I was not I didn't find a lot of the responses super-problematic. I mean, I think I saw. I understood where they were coming from. And I understood why there was so much anger and outcry from indigenous communities and other communities of color around this particular moment, so maybe we can just take a moment to discuss some of those opinions, and I pulled up some different social media posts from some friends and some different opinions from different media outlets. Would you like to begin Adrian by sort of reading or echoing what some of those things say sure, so Doug Parker, who will is someone that we both know and respect very deeply said on Facebook. And it looks like it may be a quote from someone else said, quote, if two men in a world of more than seven billion people can provide three hundred million pounds to restore Notre Dom within six hours than there is enough money in. In the world to feed every mouth shelter every family and educate every child the failure to do. So as a matter of will and a matter of system, what do you think about that? I mean, I think it's true. I also think that the Catholic church is one of the wealthiest organizations on the planet and the Vatican holds vast vast amounts of wealth. And so the fact that folks are pledging money to them feels uncomfortable to me, I also think about how much atrocity has been inflicted on our communities by. Christianity. And by the Catholic church in particular. But I also do know that there are a lot of folks in our communities who are deeply Catholic or are deeply Christian, and that those systems of faith, really. Provide comfort and support and foundation in their lives. And I recognize that as well, he. Yeah. I I saw this post from Dallas. But it's from Arash sufi, and it says, yes, it is tragic that a church that took two hundred years to build on the backs of poor folk burnt down today in Paris. But eurocentrism is when you scroll past an ancient mosque in Palestine being demolished, but cried cheers. When something happens in Europe, just last week, Israel converted a historic mosque older than Notre Dame into a bar in the past few weeks. We have witnessed the burning of historic black churches, and we have seen sacred. Indigenous lands destroyed for pipelines. Not to mention the history of the Catholic church Nutro cities. It has been behind in Latin America Middle East, Asia and Africa have sympathy when it comes to European tragedies. But sometimes struggle with empathy part of my decolonisation. Processes removing the eurocentric lenses in which I once feud the world. Okay. I said a lot of people riposte this on social media. And I think that's where I I like had this moment where I I was just like, wait. Hold up. Hold up. Okay. First of all like, I've been to to this cathedral in Paris. And I remember the the the experience I remember walking in and being overwhelmed by its beauty. And by the these massive arches that I thought of being built in the sixteenth century. And wondering how they like man had the ability to do such majestic things at the time. And I remember feeling a little bit of like, ooh, you know, like, it was it was stolen resources that created created this in and knowing that that was a real thing. But at the same time, I think of my relatives. And the way that we behave on the res-, you know, when families that may be our arch nemesis, or politically we have very different opinions when they suffer loss or tragedy. How we will in that moment let that lie and go to the funeral and help start the fire and make fish and cook and be supportive and loving. And I think that we have this traditional knowledge structure that tells us we hold space for one another especially for prayerful people. And I think that this moment right now like, you know, twenty four hours after the flames have been put out is not really the right moment to begin politicizing in pointing fingers. I mean, can we just give them a moment to mourn, perhaps before we make it into something that fits within our agenda? I'm crinkly my face.

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