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"catholic selection" Discussed on What Book Hooked You?

"So, yeah, I mean it was it was all. All of those things kind of together that, that changed the game for me working at one more page and meeting area writers and, and all of the reading older like, again, again, again, writing after all the time and all that work finally, there's a book the beholder, which comes out on June fourth from Harper's teen. So give me the rundown of what this book is about the beholder is about a goal names day less. She is essential elect of a country. Potomac. It's a small like act based community, she would in, and she content there, and she is planning to hopefully, Mary, void that she's liked forever and has always been friends with and and very public setting. He turned her down and her stepmother uses the situation as an excuse to send her way to look for someone else to marry. And she clearly she quickly realizes that. Other things are going on, but she develops relationships with the crew members of our ships, the whole there, and she has incredible adventures, and England and, and nargile, which is sort of an analog for Norway, but it's not history of the world looks a little bit different. And that's one and then book to you have to find out, so. Said that you were after reading books for pleasure, that you kind of came upon this idea that kind of sit this whole thing in motion. So what was that? Initial idea that got you started in all of this. For the book were the host in which you've got a lot of outside pressure affecting how for different people fall in love. And that was really thing that was interesting to me, just how I was possible to let somebody who controls your life. It take whether or not you're going to let someone and like, isn't it? The trail of yourself to allow yourself to fall in love when somebody so horrible has set you up with that person, it was stuff like that, that was running around on my brain. And so then with the host and fairy tales of being maybe that nugget of the idea. And then, as those two years go on, you're working at the bookstore, you're getting Merson getting familiar with different books. Was there a book or certain books that you feel really influenced you during those two years that really helped to shape either the story or just you as a writer? I'll give you two. I will QC's in particular so. I really I really, really loved this election theory. It's such great fun. It's so romantic. I you know, I think it was encouraging for me as a lover of all things fluffy. Romantic, you know, girl in a dress books. It was encouraging for me again, especially having been such a small about about contemporary and fun, generally fun reading growing up. It was encouraging for me to see there. There was a market for stuff that was fun and fluffy and escapist and, you know, and that, that kind of reading is not in any way lesser than, you know, books, specifically written to educate, or to challenge, you know. So that was that was one thing, it was encouraging for me to see how well and truly people really love books, like, cure, Catholic selection series for you. Mary Pearson's the remnant chronicles or, you know, any any of these other sort of really romantic young adult books, and then in terms of books that were advocation for me as a writer Maggie sea voters raven cycle. I mean, it was a masterclass Romy. I, I wish. I wish this were not. I don't really wish for a television show, because in vaginas right now, but I wish I could show you guys how marked up my copies of the ravens Eichel and the dreams Dev's and blue. Lily lily blue, and the raven king are like they're just. Line after line passage after passage where I just. I don't know. I for the longest time, I think I had all these ideas about what made a book work, and I, I wish I remembered, what they were, but they were definitely not right. Because it, you know, I hadn't really understood what people when they talked about books being character-driven in particular. And the ravens Eichel is. Centered so tightly around the group of friends who are codependent and just to love each other. And you know, are not always good to each other and also around the incredible set of like sense of place. I learned so much from reading books. So you mentioned that you work at a bookstore, an independent bookstore, one more page. So talk about that, just the being a sort of independent bookseller, and like, do you really sort of, you know, maybe adoptable find a book that may be is your favorite and really try to promote that book that people come in the store, and you try to read widely so of people are trying to kind of browse and searching kind of direct them towards what they might be interested in. Working in India bookstore has been a game changer for me. I, I mean, look everybody's job has days where it's just a job and, you know, you're undocking things or you're running late, and you're tire like, whatever, but I mean truly like it is such a special thing for someone to come in, you know, every now and again, it'll be like a girl who's twelve years old will come in with whether parent and she's like, I don't know what to read next and you go to the kids section, and you talk for a while. And, you know, you found out, you find out that she loves the kind of things that you of Newark eight and you can point at a classics and pointed, a new stuff. It's come out and the whole family walks out with massive smile on their face. Or, you know, the other day somebody came in and they were saying that friend of theirs about surgery and they, you know, they need some such distractions. You know, and we talk through what their preferences are and try to. Help him find good materials for different like it's just catching honor to be able to help people choose what they're going to read next. Whether it's you know, they can read or something, you know, they really want to challenge themselves and form themselves about something new, like it's just, you know, it's a really special thing to be asked to help people with that, and yeah, we do all. I mean, I try to read broadly, I since coming to look at the store, I've been reading more mysteries in particular, and still not much of a nonfiction reader. But I read a fair amount of aid, a little bit of middle grade. And I have been reading more mysteries. Those cosies interlopers and we altered have our own. The all sort of have our own real houses there about eight or nine employees. It looks very work, and we all have are John preferences. And so if there's ever a situation where, you know, I'm being asked questions about, like nonfiction variable military history or, you know, math and science nonfiction. I can either text co worker, really quickly. Or we also do this really fun thing where if you if you love a book will write a posted about it, and we take it on the spine, look. So there are little posted stuck all over the bookstore. So if the person goes to a section and they don't really know where to begin again, for people if they're, they're trying to challenge themselves, and read political nonfiction, or history, or something like that. They can go over that section and the post, it note, kind of guide them through that particular Honora so it and we also. Static and things like that we do something called L MP reads. It's a hashtag on Instagram and we all make recommendations fairly often. And yeah, we're really it's I mean any bookstore here, so special in particular, because they're I mean they're community centers. We have dozens of events every lunch. Give Lynch authors if if the best and through working there, I'm wondering his you can think of a book that maybe because you were gonna bookstore, you kind of discovered and fell in love with. And you think that if you hadn't, you would have never probably happened upon this book in any other way. About is such a good question. I can tell you about a couple of authors that I would not have covered otherwise. So Stephanie Strom is incredible young adult author that I've come to love since working at the bookstore. She wrote Princeton disguise, it's not me. It's you the date to save levaula mode. And I would never have severed her except that at bookstores we receive early reader copies from publishers, and I got one of her got an early reader copy of it's not me. It's you. And I took it home and I read it alone. My -partment. Thank god. I was alone because I rape. Like a donkey, like truly just last idiot reading her books, and she, you know, and I don't know. I just like it's been such a pleasure to watch your career and I don't know that I would have found her like where I not working where I work. So we're gonna wind down, how s you questions that we do the first one being what is your favorite movie, that's based on a book. Start us by Neil Gaiman. No question. It's my go-to sort of the world is drab, and everything is dad, and I don't feel the kind of book, I mean, it's also one of those movies that I like can turn on right before fall asleep. And I don't mind that I'm gonna fall asleep because I could probably quote it line by line. But started by Neil Gaiman adaptation. It's just natural glows. The next question, then is there a book or a series, you're willing to admit you've either, never read or never finished? There's two actually I have never read the king killer chronicles. And I really really, really want to Patrick Ross. I believe. And then there's the women share chronicle series by Melina Marceca, which my dear friend, who are women who wrote the white between world. It's constantly berating. All of our writer group to read. Also, it's the Queen face series by megadeal and Turner. Joy-anna Ruth Myers. Another undermined, and she is constantly our group. Check can someone just please read this book periods so we can angst about it together. I haven't. So they're all on the list on the TV are. Finally, what is the last great book that you've read? This is a really recent one. The grace is by Laurie eve, we had her recently at the bookstore, again like exposure via bookstore. The graces is kind of a weird, which book and I remember I started it like walking home one night. Thinking watch starting to audio book, I had a twenty minute walk home. And by the time I got home, I was like I have to find other things that I can do with into this audio because I can't stop it. It's ridiculously good. It's all of the tropes, that I love so much, particularly the one that I love so much, and I hate your comparison because so many people get grumpy about it, but the trope at the beginning of twilights, you know, where you show up to a new place, and you're the sort of I, you know, disoriented new kid, and there's like a bunch of isolated mysterious hot people that is how the grace is also opens with a bunch of mysterious hot people, and, you know, new girl. And so it's all of his troops that I completely adore and then the twist just keep coming. You just don't expect any oh, so good. It's so good. I recently read an enchantment of ravens. I don't know why I left on that one for a year, but it was amazing. Now I had a story of thorns on my nightstand. And I can't wait to read that. The beholder comes out on June, the fourth congratulations and wish you in this book all the best. And thank you so much for having me, really, really appreciate it and the opportunity to just ramble for a little while. That all the things I love. And that brings us to the end of this, and I wanna thank in a bright for coming on the podcast. Her book, the holder comes out on June the fourth again from Harper teen, I hope you'll check that out. And if you enjoy this odor, police check out some of the other conversations I have with a lot of great y authors. I'm Brock Shelley and until next time keep reading..

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