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"catholic evangelical presbyterian" Discussed on The Hugh Hewitt Show: Highly Concentrated

The Hugh Hewitt Show: Highly Concentrated

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"catholic evangelical presbyterian" Discussed on The Hugh Hewitt Show: Highly Concentrated

"Welcome back, America. I'm grateful at the end of the year for guests who show up most weeks, including doctor Michael orn, who is our advanced guard in Israel, where it is. What time is it in Israel, doctor orin? It is ten of two at the same time you talk to me every week. Well, happy new year to you. I would like you to take a look ahead and give us the Michael oran predictions for 2022. I always say I'm an historian and I have enough problems predicting the past. I live in the Holy Land so I could be a little like an indulgent little property. I think that the Iranian nuclear issue is going to come to a head. What does that mean? What do you mean come to a head? Well, either I think the talks will either produce an agreement that is you can't live with or the Iranians will go ahead and keep on enriching the 60%, which is equivalent of threshold capacity and Israel will not be able to live with that. So somewhere along the line we're coming to a head. On the nuclear issue. That would be wrong. I think the COVID issue, I think you knew it's already beginning to clear up. There's going to be reopening our airport soon. And we're just going to have to live with wave after wave after wave. Are you going to do a fourth booster? 'cause I want a fourth booster to roll out in the United States immediately. They started rolling about this. It's not an aggressive campaign to shift because the avocado numbers are actually increasing, but we found that while it's highly contagious is not as lethal as the other versions and variants of COVID are. But yes, I have no problem getting a fourth booster. Well, why not? Why not? Really, I get a flu shot every year if I have to get two COVID shots a year. Why not? I like being alive. Yeah, why is it why not? Good, good, good. I highly agree with you. What's going to happen politically here? The government shows no signs of coming apart. It seems to be relatively stable. And nothing is going to move much on the Palestinian unless the Biden administration intends to go ahead and try to reopen that American consulate in east Jerusalem, which would be caused a crisis here and cause a crisis in our relationship with Washington. I'm a little bit worried about our Friends, little Sparta United Arab Emirates. They are going to cancel the F-35. I think team Biden has screwed up our best Arab ally relationship. And if they don't get the F-35s in the drones, and I saw some people blaming Israel, which I know not believed to be the case for that. What's going on there? It has to do with internal politics in the United States. I guess in your set of Israel to all of our politics or domestic, it's true that every country is certainly true of the United States of America. Okay, now I have a request. You know everybody in Israel. You know, literally, I can't walk down the street. I was having breakfast with Michael at the Dave had been gurney and hotel and he had the great like 55 people. I care we were having drinks. Really, it's like going to dinner with a parade. And so everyone comes by and they all say hello. So you must know whoever runs the Israeli tourism authority, right? Yes. I do. I do. Well, I want you to tell him, I want a broadcaster from Israel for a month. I think that a guy like me coming to Israel and showing people that you not only can you have a great time you can broadcast and it's perfectly safe would be good for tourism. But of course, they have to subsidize Salem sending me there. I don't want to make any money out of it. I just want them to pay Salem to bring me there. So Salem doesn't complain. What do you think? I think it's great. Not to mention, I don't have the competitor, but Dennis Quaker broadcast here for a month. I know that we don't ever mention his show on this. Prager is I'm his life coach. Did you know that? And a lot of people have been here. We've been here broadcasting. Yeah, they bring all the shoes and I said, no, no, bring a Catholic evangelical Presbyterian. We're the tourists. And when our skies open up, I will run with that football. All right, great. Now the other thing that resolution for 2022 is pregnant. Can we talk for a moment about then? I am Dennis life coach. And he has a new book called out the rational Passover. He got it. Now, I think that sounds like the worst name book in history, but I'm interested in it. What do you think? It sounds good to me, because I don't know what's irrational about the Haggadah. That's exactly. Right? They went to freedom. Okay, that's not such a wild tale as far as I know, but okay..

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