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"catherine yvonne marjorie" Discussed on Yesteryear Old Time Radio

"Come in you. Thank you say you have an ice Tan early in the season in Santa La. I can tell you. Dan looks great but uniform. I hope you've had a pleasant spring. Ya Catherine I realize neglected you but I'm busy with the family all I haven't been neglected. You haven't women's pride dying me ask for a date. Gathered them. Yes why the water commissioner dropped in to read the meter Catherine. I WanNa take you out tonight. Sorry but I have a date tonight. It's possible no I didn't mean you're very beautiful girl. Niamh around lately so it is possible. How the twins to Morton they find good Catherine Yvonne Marjorie urology wonderful but uncle must be awfully proud is gathering speaking of tonight thirty. Stop it stop life. You don't really have a date. Well ask you to come along for proof. But I don't think he'd like it you. Yeah I know I can't ask with whom you're going. What are you GonNa do going on a Voting Party late SAF noon boating funny at Grass Lake? There's a full moon tonight should be fun. Yes well I want to ask him. You're going pretty hard to get information out of a nurse.

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