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"catherine burke" Discussed on The Real Agenda Network

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"catherine burke" Discussed on The Real Agenda Network

"She's just out with this is show. Polemical burke the i co wrote with for the people But they will academics while from different disciplines. So together we come from philosophy cultural studies sociology gender media and business And i are lindsay goal. Andreas chance to darkest jamie. Hey came on catherine burke so we came together initially as a reading group we all had shared interests in what we increasingly came to understand was a crisis cat so interested in how for example can was in crisis because it was something that both been devalued over centuries because i had been associated with the feminine marginalized on devalued an same time it as as madeleine his gesture towards it was. It's something that's been suffering. From forty years of neo-liberal failure marketisation deregulation outsourcing. So we were interested in how they what we like. Other people have identified as the crisis car can be seen across multiple different dimensions of life and we started out identifying an critiquing. Why this is so. And then we decided the props a more productive way of dealing with the issue would be to think about how you could solve this crisis on a number different levels and scales so he wrote short burke which kind of takes looks at different scales of life from works out from the intimate relationships of care that we have with close family and friends kinship groups and looks through communities and the stay on the economy to the world and tries to really kind of sketch abroard sensor of war. It would look like to put care at the front and center of life what it would mean to too many value care and two four grandma as our priority so we threw we think about how you might player lines the work of caring kim ships and we take a lot of examples from historical precedents into the kinship section. For example we think about the precedents was set by actor during the aids crisis in early. Mutual aid groups a man in communities we look at examples from municipal socialism from the think about ways in which she might build cooperatives and then in the state. We look at how you might in get involved in more insourcing projects and how you might clue as kara transnational level by regulate saying international financial institutions on promoting green new deals. So it's kind of Short board thought experiment on what it would mean to her. Can at the center of life and i think there are a lot of overlaps with both madeleine alex's work but i think yet will say we tried to what came out of it is that we really felt that we needed to have capacious notion of care and we. We need to broaden our understanding caz not just involving hands on cat but as a something which sustains and reproduces society what we think of as universal an will come back to this and other questions joke in particular. Because you know you're subject to of play action thing. I mean the the problem with me. Good care happens. Kinda boasts System gun back tonight. Nineteen point we need a hard on ships. That way we. This is a big question. Isn't just about cabinet now four Compensation just didn't climate has been had we breakthrough and how does help.

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