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The Most Rewatchable Films Off All Time! - Movie podcast


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The Most Rewatchable Films Off All Time! - Movie podcast

"None every movie withstands the test of time but some are worthy of repeat viewings and no. I'm not referring to that. Vhs of basic instinct got worn down in that one spot. You know what I'm talking about today. We're talking about the movies. We love to Rewatch and why. I don't think that's how VHS Film House Serbia today we're talking about the most re watchable movies. These are the movies that like. You've seen a ton of times and anytime you see on TV even though none of us have cable You you you see it on and then you turn to that channel and then you watch the whole thing. Even though it's like I got better stuff to do when I watch a new movie. But I'm GonNa Watch this one for the hundreds time regardless of what you have going on that day you will. You're walking through a best. Buy and there's IT's playing on. Demo on all the TV's and you say you know what? I don't have anything to do for the next ninety minutes here. I mean he's big now maybe he'll get small later too. I thought we kick it off by talking about what makes a movie remarkable like what are the qualities that make you say. This is a digestible. Experience can do over and over again. Nudity Hardcore Lindsey for me. It's definitely like something that has a feel good moment. That's my favorite kind of movie to Rewatch so something that especially if I'm going through something else in my time of at that time then I'm like. Oh Yeah. That's that movie that I watched when I fell in love Rosen. I'll feel good when I watch it later. A comfort aspect to it. Yeah more like if you're watching like yeah like a movie that you know maybe you learn something in feels it feels good are there that are there any movies that you guys know are like critically they are great movies. But you can't watch because you suceed with a bad memory S. L. percent and you know off the top of your head no. I don't I know the feeling or I associate them with like times in my life when I was unhappy and I don't want to go back in in kind of like when you're dating a Spanish person and their old mother thinks you look like the devil or something and so no matter what you will forever be the devil that family. The only closest that story comes is that woman that said that I have. Jesus is which is the opposite of what you're describing. I mean that's a good thing. They entire episode of thirty rock on this which I know at. Least you're watching for the timely watchable. We're talking about movies. Yeah but Yeah Jack Donkeys too much like the bad guy without sounding too much like a film school nerd. What your dog herring. That's my face I for me. Some of the things are movies with unconventional plot structures. Like it's not the traditional you know inciting incident rising action. You know dark night of the Soul Ball all those beats it. Just kind of some of them are ones that just kind of just they keep on rolling they keep on rolling or whatever then those are the ones that are easier to just like lose yourself and they feel that those are the ones that feel like a game of civilization. You'd like just another turn another turn another turn and then by the end of it. You realized you've watched it all. Oh wait when did that happen? I was supposed to is supposed to meet someone. Forty five minutes ago kind of thing. Something that moves as well. I didn't put it on the list. But basically any scorsese movie. I think that's sort of the epitome of it's on cable the even the. I haven't seen the Irishman Yeah. I saw thirty minutes of it. That's basically the whole movie. What happens at the end Lindsey? It was the first thirty minutes. Okay I know but based off of that. You should know how those with historical context. There's more just like CDI on his face. Turns out at the end is the least amount. Cgi Anna's face That's what I meant. I see what you guys mean Well let's get into the more specifics. Because I asked all of you to pick five of your most reliable movies even as I'm here now. I'm thinking of other movies that I would have put on my list to Adam do you want to kick us off with one of yours absolutely? My number five is more of a movie. Batman begins and for me. That's because it has a four x structure James Unconventional. It basically created the modern superhero movie. It was the one that I think we all wanted and they finally figured out how to make it. And there's really no downtime. There's a little bit once once. The Second Act ends Bruce's coming back from being a Ninja. There's a little bit of time but even then it just keeps going well. I think that's part of it too. It feels like the movies constantly restarting like. It doesn't lose the momentum that you got from the last thing. But if almost feels like buster scruggs like it's like and now a news story in this world you love except that it it still builds on the stakes of the previous one. So yeah you have the beginning and you have what you have him going going here. It's Ninja Studies. But then flashback of him as a kid. Yeah and then but then it goes then it goes all right now. He's back in Gothenburg. There's more to this than just him being Ninja. It's him in Gotha somewhere between forty five minutes. An hour between forty five minutes in an hour until he becomes Batman Which is the that is. The best way of doing every other version has been high and Michael Keaton. I'll be Batman today. I hope you enjoy the film kids and then it just there. It's interesting that you liked that because I feel like mostly my gripe with a lot of Origin movies is. Oh you're it's the wait to get to that point and you're like just have them be it already. I think is Batman begins it so well and it had not been done before other than you got taste of like in the animated series and. I think it was like fracturing. This is on the tip of everyone's talking about if you if you just did a few things man and then they'd knocked it out of the park and it was. It's so damn good. I think that that's like probably the one Batman movie other than the dark night but dark knight even a watch. Jerry the Was He the joker parts. But like Batman begins. I love from beginning to end. See I know. I've definitely seen dark knight more than I've Seen Batman begins. I saw dark knight three times in the theater rich but I understand the news. Twelve years ago cheaper. I understand the difference that you're expanding because they think dark knight is one coherent story. That is just snowballing. Whereas Batman begins is like like you know these restarts again and again and it's way easier to be like I'm just GonNa Throw Him Batman begins and watch it. Yeah and infielder and tear to your point at least taking awhile. I think probably because audiences were ready for this. It's more satisfying when you get to Batman instead of just getting right away like you learned to appreciate it like you go. Oh this journey because remember. There's a guy who worked at the time he's like why has Bam Entry Ninjas stupid as a 'cause he trains jerk compelling to watch as well a lot Lindsey one of the movies on your list. I actually knew this was one. Eight year your. He's talked about buying definitely easy to put a Christmas movie on like a Rewatch ables list of because you have the opportunity every year to have those feelings and this is my number one holiday. Christmas rewatch -able movie. I watch it every year. I made you guys all watch it and put it. I bought it on Amazon Prime. Tell me lousy with the movie watcher itself. Oh thank you you never said the movement. Sorry I have eyeballs. Oh a lot of lead up and then you're GONNA build fit. I thought it was building to James. Caan you're a big fan of and the actor who played the kid overall favorite movies. Now I love it so much. Because it's it's that feel-good movie I mean it's a holiday movie so that's like Bilton but it's just really funny Yeah Yeah it's a great holiday comedy. I I remember walking away from this movie and being like I like the two thirds of it and it's charming guy. That's and that's why we're lucky that we have a will. Ferrell holiday movie. That isn't Daddy's home. Two good that we have this they were GONNA call that. Daddy's homer Yeah L. Flake. I think you hit the nail on the head with Chris Movies They. They need to be engineered for that. Yeah because that's the sign of a good lasting. Chris movie like home alone. I've seen more times than I can say to. The it's Christmas story marathon. I was GONNA say as long as it's better than a Christmas story and kids have to grow up watching that anymore. Oh God yeah. So here's the I think the interesting thing about a Christmas movie is that it should be about more than just. Christmas is like hard about Christmas. But it's about way more than just Christmas. Yeah like family. You kinda reunited so it's it's a from a different time when you could. You could mock little people. Yeah well That man went on to be tearing Lancaster. And what have you done with your life me not a lot not a lot. James. You hit the nail on the head with twenty years. I've seen this movie a billion fucking times gladiator. Yeah Wow yeah well. It's because there are lots of obviously we could see the movie. Certain people were putting in and stuff like that but I was like. I was like well action movies. Sometimes there's an action movie that you can watch and of course there's dumb ones like you can put any dumb silly action. Movie that's digestible on there. But gladiators like an epic and I couldn't imagine watching an epic scale movie historical epic type movie like this over and over again but gladiator. I have like I remember. I was in a Latin class in high school and the teacher didn't care at all about teaching and would be like We're GONNA watch gladiator. Nice it's like we're gonNA teach you about gladiator classes and long enough to watch all gladiator. Come back the next time says. When do we stop and then you go? I think it was what he was fighting the goals. Which is like the first fifteen minutes of the movie go? Okay you'd start there wouldn't finish and then you'd you'd end up watching gladiator again and again. I watch gladiator in two different classes in high school. That's pretty good But yeah it's just like I just think it's so digestible when you think about some of the other movies in this genre it's like exodus gods and kings and like like these big scale historical drama pieces and stuff just didn't none of them. None of them are is fun is gladiator is in my opinion. It's a dense movie. It's also covers a lot of ground here. there's not a lot of misunderstandings two and half hours pilates two and a half hours but like kind of like we're saying about some of those other movies it like has several start. It's like okay. Well there's the beginning part of the movie Where he's he's soldier but then there's the part where he's training and then there's the part where he's leaving rebellion and like it so there's all these like restarts and stuff. Yeah I honest I still think this is one of walking penises best performances and I feel like it's a role that you would never see him again. Oh Yeah Russell. Crowe no keep Russell Crowe. I'll never liked this ever again. Heartthrob Sexy Action Lead Caesar Cut. I've never seen this movie. It's real good yeah. He didn't joy in a lot is like I'm going to say that a lot about some of the films early. It's okay I mean if you ever wondered we're doomed got his mask from. You should watch glad I will watch a lot of these movies. I'm sure but yeah no. I Love Gladiator. It's pretty it's weird because it was one of one best picture and like people in hindsight were like really gladiator. And I'm like yeah because it's just because it's like a popcorn action movie doesn't mean it doesn't deserve the acclaim. It has not really popcorn e like it has what for action scenes maybe five. I mean it's pretty. There's a movie movie. It's not like a best picture movie which is like I don't really have but I mean like for an action movie but this is what I appreciate a good action movies when it has a lot of narrative in depth and then there's what I what I always like a good film misunderstandings. There's actually a really liked I. Pirates of the Caribbean. It's all giant misunderstanding. There's no bad guy in A. Yeah it's just like Oh oh. Sorry donors always need a little bit of blood. You find this one. It's I don't WanNa be king and he's like you should be king because I should be king and then he's going home. I WANNA lose kills family. And it's just like it goes down this path or like it had only people had you know text messaging or any sort of communication. Talk to your fellow people but now this this movie is Great. Love IT Y- Fan. I love gladiator to that was a good pick. That's that's one that I've seen a ton too was pitched elise. Yeah time travel's gladiator to really. Yeah oh I had never heard of that. Gladiator t t o and then followed by Twa. Gladiator or I have a weird movie on my list. But it's one that I've seen a bunch and it's Thirst Park Chan Wook Over Empire movie. Yeah it came out around like I don't know two thousand nine or ten or nine. I guess and I saw in theatres James and I went to see it And like really really liked it but then it was just kind of thing we're like I would be at home in the movie network or whatever and I'd be like I put this on again and like it's A. It's kind of hard movie to watch in places but I don't know there's something about that. Compared to other movies I was like. This isn't hard for me to watch. No Yeah it's not super digestible. I also love King Hassan. What is the plot of this movie if you've talked about it before it's like a priest that's working? I think he's like working as a missionary with Different Sick People. He contracts illness himself. And then I don't want to say too much like if you haven't seen it so spoilers but like the illness that he contracts gives him like a blood lust so essentially like becoming imperial. Morpheus like thank you but like just some of the the colors and everything is kind of yeah is a love story weird way Like I don't know I used to watch it all the time. It doesn't feel like some of other par- Chadwick's movies were. That are the hard tragedies. It's just like a car barreling towards a cliff right now. There is some car cliff imagery in this movie but despite that it it it does feel more like a love story like it. It doesn't feel like the Shitty Romeo and Juliet type thing. It feels more like a love story type. Yeah but very very macab and kind of dark dark. It is the only movie like on my list. That sort of out of what you re watchable like. But I don't know for me. I was just so he's a blonde girl. I forgot her name. Should always talk about this movement. Shut up two years ago always. Hey this is another example. Thirst is another example of a movie. That has these very strange structures if you watch the the like forty five minutes to an hour and fifteen minutes it's GonNa feel like a completely different movie from the first fifty. Oh yes it just. It goes like analyst reinvent ourselves and I think that is a cool thing about all a lot of these movies yes My movie is very similar in the vein of South Korean Cinema Vampire Film Shawshank Redemption Based on the book no one read. Novella the Shawshank redemption It's a really good movie it's This is one of those moods I think got popular on. Tv like basically TNT. I think exists because of Shawshank redemption where build predominant movie like it's it's similar in that Cata Scorsese movie was just keeps moving. And it's a bunch of little vignettes and it's just mostly about two guys in prison and this was like at the height of I guess. Tin Tim Robbins is like likable. Were at the height right now. Really now yes yes. Yes I don't know Tim Robbins. This is the age of Tim Robbins. I thought it was after. What was that movie? Where's the terrorists? Oh or Arlington road. Anyone seeing that one now. Let's talk about Shawshank. Redemption movie shouldn't be re watchable. Yeah it's weird. It's it's funny 'cause I grew up watching on TV. I feel like a lot of people did where he was just on a Sunday. You just put it on and then you go. Oh one that again. And then you rent it and just keep watching it Just did not grow up watching it and I always like is one of my movies. All the time said why. Why do you like those movies? It's like the whole time but it's good but you see the heart you see the true humanity. It takes something where people don't think of them as human and it shows the humanity of that place now and it can only do that by being as long as it is covering as much ground with the characters as it does and it just shows it from every angle. That's I think what makes it amaze- yeah I've Seen Green Mile probably more times than you really need to watch that movie in there because it does have hard moments to watch in it like Michael. Clark Duncan is just heartbreaking in it but there's something about it where you're like man. I want to watch this. Nancy is I'm director. Do I have seen this film. Nice Girl Lebron partying. You would not watch part when they're tar on the roof and then they drink beer on a hot day and he goes along with that one moment. They felt like free men. Do you experience stress or having Zayed's or chronic pain or trouble sleeping at least once a week. You're not alone so many of us do personally. I have major issues with sleeping sometimes. Only getting three hours a few nights a week and it can prove pretty detrimental to my day to day especially going into a job. Monday through Friday nine to six everyday after a bad night's sleep. I was searching for anything that would help. 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Anytime feels has me feeling my best every day and it can help you to become a member today by going to feel dot com slash film house. And you'll get fifty percent off your first order with free shipping that's F. E. A. L. S. dot com slash film house to become a member and get fifty percent off taken automatically on your first order with free shipping feels DOT COM Z. Another watchable movie on your list. Graham is a movie that you're currently my white writing the book of. I'm currently listening to the book in my car of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I would say maybe once a year I will watch all the Harry Potter films so I had to pick the one that I think I get most excited to watch in that series and it's the third one because this is the first one that I went to see in theaters. Were I think because other too I was like Maybe twelve and thirteen when they came out and I was fifteen or something like that when this one came out maybe it was like little scale up older but I remember going to see this one and I was the most excited and I was like I hadn't read any of the rest of the books saws like. Oh well now. Now it's like sparked I love for the whole series. Did something to you so this is the first one you saw. I've seen I've seen the other ones on. Dvd like my parents would buy them like. Come on you kids. Do you like Harry Potter Magic One time. My parents got me Harry Potter stationary. Before I was into it and I was like thanks but then my friends and then like I gotta go see this one. This one's GonNa be the best one and I saw and I was like. Oh my God I love Harry Potter and I want everything to do with Harry Potter and it was probably the one that was like the most caught up to your actual age. Because it's Leon those staff is when it started to mature yeah And I remember I was so surprised. I'm like spoiler alert. I'm like why it's his uncle and in the and he wasn't the one who tried to kill a bunch of people like my mind. I was like time travel one book without when this movie came out. I think the fourth book has was out and then the fifth book yeah. The fifth book came out after that but the four. Yeah all agreed. They were only one book ahead. All I could do was read. The fourth shaky rowling was showing J. G. R. Markan. How is done? I think I have to look like how do I get out of this easy time travel? I I I re I think as van is my favourite or yeah I mean I. It's the one that I appreciate the most only I never noticed this before. Were watching clips from it and the trailer and the scene were snap comes in and he slams all the windows shut but then he pulls a projector down does that. They have overhead projectors at hogwarts school where him use magic to pull it down or not but like couldn't he just like open up a box or like cast a spell that shows like. I've never noticed that he has it over here. You know put them mcnabb thing Lanier. And where is that? How does that fit into that? I've never seen that before anyway. I appreciated this because the first two I think well the first one is a great like young adult like. It's a family movie. Even if it's a very these characters and I was in when the second one came out I was like. Oh Boy Caesar. Children's books were making a long. We're GONNA make a lot of these children's books. There's one came out and I was like. Oh thank God. They're going to grow up. The they're going to grow up this franchise because they understand that it has been whatever for years and it was scary. I was like Whoo chills. Like what the heck is scariness? Lindsey will you take what you learned from your experiences watching these go see artemis fowl when it comes out ten years too late. Yeah are you a fan of the maze runner series chance? I've never known I've never seen the news is yet give it time to watch it to know. I think like us who will appreciate man's runner in its time in terms of rewatch ability. I think this one has the best intrigue in the Best Yacht Structure and fun to watch it. Because you're like wait. At what point do they stop at? What point is which thing happening in which timeline you're like? Oh I'm watching them. Do a different way. And it's it's just fun. Show you how it goes all. It's not plugged in professor fits snitch. What's his name fix the project? It's a European outlet like it didn't jump into my next one sure So again keeping with the tradition of like very well made action movies. I I love to watch amazing action but if you can get put amazing action in with something. That is just an amazing piece of cinema than all. Appreciate even more mad. Max Fury road is maybe one of my favorite movies and because it is just one long expertly. Choreographed action sequence. I I could put it on whenever and watch it. Basically whenever and it feels honestly how many times have I seen the waterworld stunt show? I have no idea but it feels like going to a stunt show. That's what I love about. This movie didn't call Waterworld Mad Max in the ocean exactly. So this is the stunt show done in a desert. So would you say this is more of a remake of waterworld or mad? Max never seen it but it does feel it feels like you're in it. It's just made so fucking cool and visually. It's so compelling first hour is somebody most amazing cinematic chievements any movie. That makes you forget how much time you've spent watching. It is something that blows me away and Mad Max. The the opening the movie doesn't take a breath. And then you look and you're like forty minutes. Remind my God when you finally get a chance to relax and then it just gives you very a very very slight recovery period and then it goes all right. We're going back. And then that is the neck. The whole second half of the movie is just another thing. I I love this movie and I could probably watch it every single day. I need it and they're still also it's filled with detail so like if you WANNA watch it and try and find something new you can always find something different every single time you watch it. It's really great. Have you seen this one? I need to see IT I. I do really want to see this one. What's your whenever you should watch the black and white version. We should've preface this by saying you watch a lot of TV if we do about. Tbo Tell you all the shows. I watch series over and over and over. Yeah I prefer watching television to films these you and John Smith anytime I say something from the office both of you get it because I feel like the three of us have watched. I've definitely watched that a lot a billion times. Oh let me when you start talking about the crowns as I'm watching haven't been able to start it sheldon because really good around season. Three known. Believe me well I wanted to tell you guys that my next movie fits this episode like Hug. Love the mask. It's Ace Ventura The only good one I won the cartoon is mature when I was seven years old or whatever when it came out and in the theater and I've watched it countless times. Ever since you know I. It's one of those movies that you may not memorize it. But when you put it on. You're like oh I know what every next sentence is going to be. Yeah Finkelstein Finkel already abby aged poorly. I do know that allow people do have issues with Sean Young. The way that her Having a sex transition has you know in the reaction to that the reaction from the police department when they see it and from ace when he realizes that that's been an issue. I was always under the impression that that Ray finkle was cross dressing as a woman to hide his identity not that he was actually transgender. That was my impression. Yeah I never interpreted is that. This is someone who is transgender. But this was just to disguise themselves. Courtney Cox eat a sandwich. She's really she's coke skinny. She has sex with them in this movie. I think Jim Carey. It's in his contract. He has to have sex with everyone in the room and then he marries them so he probably bank Sean Young Right now. Who knows? I don't know Sean Young to decide. It's actually the shark. Dan Marino. Dan Marino plays really well and essentially It's probably the best part. Is Dan Ryan? How dare you what I think is a classic? I think is Great. Because he plays the straight man. He does so well this time but I think as I got older I appreciate it dumb and dumber more. I think I remember more moments from when nature calls though when nature calls. Laurie comes out of the elephant. But it's a rhino right now. On your calls is very funny. But for those of us who are purest it feels like a parody of the first movie. Yeah a parrot e the of the first blake part. Yeah finds out that Guana? Oh Oh speaking of other movies. Bad Sequels Podrabinek. Park on your dare. Yes you're correct. Every every iteration of Jurassic Park Cigna Song. You sound like quarter. Let's see order one the in terms of how the how terrible they're terrible in this is best to worst. That's the worst one. Three one three two and threes like him fallen kingdom. Yeah I mean I'd say a video game in there that's better. I mean Yeah Jurassic Park as I can like James Can Watch Mad Max everyday everyday. I can watch this movie every day and just like it's so perfectly paced the more you watch the more issue kidding me as I are doing this weekend every day watching the QUADRILLE AJI and it wasn't until about ten nine years ago that I had seen them so this this is one of those movies. Where when you got it or your friend got it on. Vhs You went to his house and you watched it every day because it's just like it's infinitely watchable. It was just such a damn good that being said. I think you're about to touch on it. I think this is one of the best. Examples of how amazing Steven Spielberg is. Which is to say. He's a magician. And you don't realize what you're watching is all a big trick until you go back and examine it Spielberg Why is it that the directs can escape from the Penn but then hey look over here you got a flare flare my God? Are you scared? You're probably kids. The kids yeah. They're in the car you'll see Carlos the question no I don't think so it gets a love it amazing movie. Yeah just don't question it don't question but that's the that's the magic of Spielberg is that you're watching drastic park and you go wait so. John Hammond was already in the trailer. Why did the helicopter land to tell them he was in the trail? I can that because it makes a better movie moment. I know and he said I don't give a shit and if you care you can get the fuck my set. I Made Josh also toothpastes as a kid. The whole subplot with dentist. Nejra never over my head. A really I was like I don't know what is smuggling out stuff. I didn't know what an embryo was. I didn't know what was going on. It was important and I was like someone really needs to shave. And he's going to get them the ability that was worried about the shaving cream that he put on the Pie and I want to about the person who ate it when he's in Costa Rica works. It's saying it showed them. He's fully I know. But what about the person who pioneered? Oh Dotson we got here see. Don't cares Lindsey. You and I are in a role reversal for your next one. Because I've never seen this movie contact. We've attachable yeah. Oh my God. I love this movie because I would. It's one of those movies when I did have cable when I was younger if it was on. I'm watching it and I think enough time passes between each time. I watch it that I'm always like wait. How does she get to that point and like? I'm just watching it until you know she gets to go and do that. Like WEIRD SPACE. Time point of the movie yes and make contact to make contact and then it was just like a cool movie that I liked washing as a kid. It it is a I love the movie. I wouldn't as rewatch awhile. I've seen it twice in our lifetime. Good I think because I'm always like wait. How did it go? And then I'll be like should just watch it so this is always on when I was a kid but my reaction was why is contact on and it's so long that means there's going to be nothing on. Hbo for another two hours. I Know Jacob Uses GonNa blow the thing of that crazy guy. I'm measuring my father and then turns out an alien just looks like the bad guy from twelve monkeys. Thinks I should go home tonight and watch contact me because I see it like the evil James Woods Stopping. Jody from using all the science that he hates science. He does but as fourteen hours a stat. And we'd put the bureaucracy back into science not since Brazil at this. This story of how the movie I made is really fascinating and now is It was it. Carl Sagan Saigon Sagan How it was concept as. What is the most realistic likelihood of US making contact and it would be something like this where we get a piece of something that another alien species and we just get up like a a bit of it and it's sort detested for ready to travel the gives you hope you know all this really cool to credit? Yeah sort of like a little realistic believe. It's believable you like. That'd be cool like Jodi foster could ever be with a beautiful man like Matthew mcconaughey but God did. Have you seen Arrival none the arrival no longer the arrival and contact definitely like arrival arrival is the the new not the better version but like this director. Denis Villa New Right Villaneuva Danny Danny Villaneuva than him. He's really good at making like updated. Better not better. But contemporary contemporary takes on other movies that already exists so he made the new blade runner. He's making new doom but he made this movie called a rival which is a lot always reminded me of contact. The task was new contact. Yeah they said new context and people was that a movie was on TV. Except that it's like check it out. It's it's still like feels like exciting movie. If you like contact you like the prisoner of Autobahn. I'm not kidding. You will love this movie. I think you'll like the magic is magic and space. Here's sounds magic. What if I told you? Sciences more magical than magic and Jeremy. Renner is a heartthrob. He's okay. He's not he's not. He's got weird arms but on top of all that I that director. I don't think has had a bad movie ever like you should watch batting. One hundred not at no not home but SICARIO prisoners played on our twenty forty nine duties on stop. Yeah Jane and rival. You had a great movie on your list. Time clues baby put clueless on. I'm going to watch just watch this last week. I had never seen it so we watched. Oh but you know I know I've seen it over and over and over again. Why don't you think of it I was like? Can you please wash to the so? You can understand all the references that that I make. This said in what was the result like. Yeah he liked it okay. I was doing the balls fly at my nose and the answers will there goes your social life This movie it encapsulates like an entire time. It encapsulates the entire like social structure. It I mean it's wonderful because it's based on a classic piece of literature so the plot is time tested already but it's just remarkably updated like it if you had no. I have no idea. Yeah that it's it's Emma right it just so perfectly tuned to this world. Every single character has a story that had personality. The soundtrack is incredible. At least you silverstone's hair is so great in it. That's also as she has that magic machine that computer. That does her clothes or the plot is though she's like I. I need to get rid of my virginity. But he's the right guy away. It's my stepbrother. This is GonNa be huge porn for porn industry. Yeah you summarized it very very very short but I got away. But it's it's how they get to that point that I think is what makes it so entertaining God and it just has so many great moments. I think it also has a lot of sequences too. 'cause like the whole opening of the movie is just her trying to set up for teachers. Yeah and again. That could be the movie there. But then the events of that spill out into what become the rest of her life which is her bigger project. you know tie and it's just. I don't know I I love this movie. I think it's so good. There is the part where she's talking about how her teacher has. The stocking runs gives her stockings. I thought she should herself. Oh when I was a kid like she's Oh poor Mrs Baba her always got her stocking runs like moving. A Kinsman Grossing Walsh. GimMe more wash. Heidi Mighty Boston's their absolute in soundtrack and appearance. Like one of those movies especially I think as like a teenage girl where I watched it as a teenager and I was like I love clueless and then as like a twenty something I was like. Hi Love clueless because it just had such different meaning. I think there were a lot of people like the the the bro Dudes Watch fight club. Go let's certify club and people who there was young girls like in my school who watch clues. Let's talk like clueless. Yeah yeah no surgery. Come on also I can't. I can't cross my legs anymore without thinking of when two people that I had that thought early like this. I was like yeah. It's an unequivocal sex. Invite three go. Ooh shape every single dime much like the sex. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan had in. You've got mail. The deleted scene of hard core sex back in the listen this on Wednesday night. Both had this hour crossover movie billion times movie. I love this movie so but Lindsay. Do you find it at all problematic now as an adult woman when you watch it. And you're like Oh. He like basically bankrupted like took her livelihood and then was like no love me. Stay Chapelle. Well I think that as a loaded question tell you what you know. Ruined her I mean yes now. Here's a crazy thing though. Do you guys like this is such a timeless movie like. When did it take place? You've no idea he'd be anytime. The early two thousand nine hundred ninety eight but it it. It is very encapsulating of an era where it's at big box stores in custody the Internet because like Barnes and noble which Fox and sons. Books is parodying in this. We're not parenting but but you know supposed to represent in this movie bars nobles in those big box stores. That was the big problem pushing out the the small store but now barnes and nobles competes with the Internet. Yeah so it's like a whole other and so I guess to answer to maybe try to answer your question. I don't think of it like this thing. I mean he has his line where he goes this small little thing of putting you out of business. Which is it's like. Yes but then really she just waits like fifteen years all the boozy shop near thriving right now. So she's going to be fine fifteen years. Yeah she compels in his movie and he talked and he talks about how they compare selling books two cans of olive oil at like Cosco. I know a lot of lines from this movie. I do too. I leave my favorite flower because of this melber stuff about like the Strangler serial killer and Steve Zahn in this movie. And they're talking about how like. Maybe he can eat the guy maybe he's rooftop killer like it's got a lot of great it's got a lot of texture in it to which we would leave romantic comedy. You like the fact that you know. He breaks up with his girlfriend and the moves into his boat. Yeah they're millionaires. And then his dad breaks up with his weird white and moves into his yacht. Like it's just there's lots of weird Seven of course like it's a revamp of shop around the corner The original it's just cute. It's charming it's warm. It's the Seattle in the end. It's warm or no sorry is the Tau No. That's not on this movie. It also groombridge goes through the seasons. Oh yeah so like. It's a really like you feel like you've gone a long way with this movie to Central Park to. I would say that this movie hits like those things were like wanted to be you F. A movie will elicit certain feeling every time I start this movie. And it's fall time and they're talking about you know changing the leaves and like bouquets of newly sharpened pencils. Yeah how do you feel about how he manipulates her nose? And she she doesn't know and he's like he's like oh. I bet he's real clever probably a small Dick though I think so when he sent me pictures they look good. It took forty five minutes to load greg near with his typewriters high-priced great it's got a lot. It is a great movie. I will update about this poor man. Who's the CEO of a brick and mortar bookstore franchise across forty eight nations worldwide? But he's losing to this blogger that sells digital books online deals e pubs. You've got a great one of my man Leslie Nielsen. An airplane man Yeah I I put an airplane airplane. Also encapsulates most ninety sucker brothers movies so airplane Police Squad and naked gun all basically the same thing infinitely remarkable some of the best comedy. It's just. It's very hard to write comedy. That's nonstop because you you. A punchline and airplane has nothing but jokes and it is the movie itself is a joke is a parody of moving. No one ever and there there. There's jokes in there. That made directors laugh. That's like dumb little things like the jet engine is a propeller engine. Because that's what the movie that they're doing the airport I think airports the movies or something. It's some dumb name airport. Well what was? I think you're so if I were isn't that its airport was the big disaster movie but I think the plot of this isn't it based on something else zero hour zero hours. They bought the rights to zero hour. Which is a movie based on? Tv IN THE FIFTIES OR SIXTY. And they're like this is garbage. A lot of dialogue seat like scene for scenes because they were making a movie for themselves Which is the best thing ever when you yeah? They have the strangest campaigns. Yeah it's it's Leslie Nielsen before Anyone told him he was funny or like. Just a straight actor. That's the funny thing you could possibly do Before he became a cartoon of himself no fence lease our late bridges in it. It's such a damn good yeah So yes if you haven't seen airplane it is like the history of comedy one or like modern comedy absurdities American Lindsay. I've seen it yes. No that's the tone someone says when they said I've seen parts of it which means you haven't seen it. I mean I've I've had. It's been on my family's house and like I watched but I I've not sat down a bit like I'm GonNa Walk on trial. I've seen this scene. I'm with those like Lindsey. I've I've never seen diehard but I've seen it on TV. And I've seen enough and it's been paired enough that I feel like I've seen die hard but an actually sat down and be like because I feel like I've seen it well. He's probably watch at Christie's ever watched iheart not beginning then now Same same with moments maiden list most of the Indiana Jones movies Now that's weird. Anyway go out your walkman naked gun. They're all great onto is even better. Airplane has trained shave. 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I would say the the duo's the ROM com do so I have this thing for Tom? Hanks and Meg Ryan Classic. So I picked my favorite one of that and then I have a thing for drew. Barrymore and Adam Sandler fifty first dates fit. Dates is Great. This is winning singer and this is The wedding singer. This is definitely a movie that I will watch over and over again. I haven't probably digitally. I think. I have the DVD and probably the blue. Because I would just lose one. I'd be like well. Just buy it on here because I want to watch it. It's just so funny and Cute University in the wedding singer. Oh my God for me. But it was a fake spoiler alert. Have you seen absolutely okay? They should see it. It's funny in Adam Sandler's career he had already gone full absurdist like he started super observability. Madison and he made slightly less absurd. But still very funny. Happy Gilmore and for in my perception of it wedding singer was him trying to be more of aim stream. Mainstream Hammadi leading men. I've been told the wedding singer isn't that it was just marketed. That way at the time and it is actually a pretty wacky. Zany comedy But I just killed my my Adam Sandler momentum I I really like this film ethic. It's really funny. Well they don't like it 'cause drew. Barrymore had gotten a breast at she. Yeah well now I hate it. Yeah I didn't know that but I definitely not watch. This is post stream you back to the review wedding singer. Because I don't know if it's like nineteen ninety it was after you can just say it was fun. I don't know it's actually watch it. I'll watch the one that you know. I watch click. You only click and punchdrunk love. Those are the only movies remains screaming. Screams good yeah. I'll scream jayme. No not as good as my favorite movie that I owned on VHS DVD VIC CD Super Bit End Blu Ray okay. I this the first time. Viewing this movie was on. Hbo It started at one thirty in the morning. I was like I should go to bed. What'S THIS GATICA? Started it? Then I was up until the movie ended as a kid like me summer. Whatever as a kid and I was like well that was amazing I love it because of its reserved portrayal of the future. Like when you think of a future type SCIFI setting it's actually pretty like it's just like all right well. The fashion is just a little bit different It deals with very reasonable considerations of the future. Which is you know. Dna testing and manipulation and a perfect society and those that are imperfect or are set below in society to be fair though the way they test Lindsay. If you're good enough to go to Venus I believe it's one of those. I put you on a treadmill. And if your heart beets at all they go no space for you you'd law what makes it possible. I mean this is very personal film for me. I don't it just always struck a very personal cord so I could watch it again and again. Structurally though I love how it starts in the middle of the story and then he goes. Let's tell you how we got to this point by movie. Did that to feels like yeah. Except there's a purpose It's it's very much like the Batman begins type thing where it's it goes back and then you see him growing up and it moves through a lot of time and again then it catches you up to speed and by the time we're ready to start the actual movie. You've already gotten full movies worth of a very interesting story and then it's often running. There's a murderer and there's mystery and never even heard of this film it's Great. I love it. Yeah not hard for you to watch. Now knowing that Huma Thurman Ethan. Hawke are no longer together because I didn't know they were together when I watched it. I had no. I didn't know anything about their relationships or anything but the child they made is still alive and well in stranger things season three guys. The way cars sounded in. Gatica is the way they sound now. Electric will yeah because they have to make noise so they all sound like jetsons scarves and they all plug in their stuff and And I thoroughly enjoy it. I still don't know why jude. Law has a furnace in his bottom floor of his apartment but he does. Yeah and then when I I watched it. There's a character who swims swimming as an important thematic motif and A character swimming in its water treadmill and Mike wacky future inventions. Will they think of next but it turns out? That's a real thing. It's pretty contemporary movie. Did he actually the only take contacts out? No he did it on purpose. 'cause they have thing he has faked contacts to change? This is color. And then they they're scanning to see if people have context and so he flips them out not you. These people don't wear contacts in the future. They don't even him. It's the perfect banks and they get to go also that he's getting yeah he's Jude Law. He buys you laws legs his visions real bad like he can't cross road but he never saved anything for the swim back. At least what's yours. My number one is Lord of the Rings Two Towers I mean I used to put this on says I was going to sleep every night. beers ago. I I love of the Lord of the Rings Franchises W my favorite is also one of my favorite movies. What are your favorite book series? Syra no I'll move interesting. Just move but I mean. What can you really say about this? Lord of the Rings Amazing Treat of cinema like bar. It's it's very long. There's a very very dense Islam but sometimes I would just watch steep. I would just purely started homes deep and rewatch that section. Two homes incredible. You still think they're like it had pacing issues where Helmsey go and then treebeard contributors these slow. Get just in terms of like okay. I can breathe. It's fine but when you're watching like man they drag this tree part out the Nino when when the trees when they get lit in tribute earlier the river. Then it's like. Oh It's on Don advocate here. I think it's fine. I just know that's a common complaint. I grew to appreciate it especially with the extended versions where that part feels so much more earned like all right. Here's your do. I love the Lord of the Ring Slot Machines in Vegas Metoo. They're so fun. Play the Games. The older fifth element on your list. I think you're dead to me. If the fulfilment isn't the most watchable movie in the world's contact on my list because you took fifth element so we can be in a grinding actively decided put same. That's why are we use? We all agree fulfilment is number one. Most it's not my number one number one one of the best best. It is a not since the movie. Arachnophobia that I get a totally sideswiped and bamboozle who the main character was. Is it Jason Piece? Is he them? He doesn't move fast. Forwards who's this Bruce Willis character? What is going on? What a beautiful future. And that woman's naked. Oh my God. This is great for me as a teenager. This was like one of my family's favorites to watch it was I watched it on. Vhs A bunch. I remember we got this other movie. Like inventing the abbots or something and I was like Ono's this time cop and I re-watch this one more than time. God's Dallas this. This just gives you such. It's like looking through a magnifying glass or microscope. To one of those pins that has a beautiful drawing on the top of it so much. I can't even see. It's such a small view of this massive world. Yeah but you don't need this. I always thought like if Netflix something. A Film Netflix. Show socal explored story. None of them are sequels or whatever. But it's like you know the guy that owns a cab company or just these things that are tangentially related was going to be a elements story. Rethought we all thought filarial more about the. Give me some Heat Guy. You just flame flame. Throwers things off shift and stops them. Similar issue too. I think what Star Wars episode. One went through where the creative minds Biden said. Younger people want younger as we go. Valera Neo they want these young one of them sexless. Whatever I mean. He looks like a Ken doll under there and someone who looks like his sister versus movie were was a little bit older. Yeah Yeah Gary. Oldman bit older but just more timeless more. I could watch this movie every day every hour. It's so damn good is perfectly pays well edited. That's one of the things I think you'll notice a common theme through a lot of these movies. Is the editing. Not just is well it's like it's really clever editing. It's really well done well. It also feels like 'cause the movie. Is You know in terms of action scenes. There's really not that many in fulfilment but they treat dialog and exposition like action. It's treated the same way so the first time Ruby Rod shows up and he's basically like I'm going to explain this whole world to you and your role in it in just a few moments. It's an actually. He's like within them around and sending them places and doing everything like that. Like everything is just so kinetic and it's just it's fun. There is a perfect movie. Yeah but it's not the most Ra- watchable what would that movie be? James for me Goodfellas. Johnny funny how I think Goodfellas is the most your watchable movie of all time. How funny Eights it has all the things that we've mentioned about other movies where it's like there are stories and it's bits and pieces but if it isn't just one part of a massive overarching story. There's just no point in goodfellas where you're like alright. I here's a good stopping point now to go about my day. It doesn't allow you to have that it. Just one thing moves to the next thing. The next thing is great but I think it's still rather watch. You've got mail kit for us more digestible for Mealey's than good fell Dell's us. I'm a little worried for them. Seen Goodfellas I was GONNA ask. Have you ever fallen in love with a young Ray Liotta? Because you're about to. You mean the actor that plays young radio. No yeah but like so mad Max fury road and gladiator. And and even you've got mail are very. They're digestible there. Vary like no stakes. But I feel like Goodfellas is like the heaviest possible movie while still having Shawshank such a I think shawshank another good example while still having just this complete watch ability. I love Goodfellas and it sucks. I like Casino too but casino is in a lot of ways. Just the worst version of Goodfellas Walter Wolf of Wall Street is Great. I think the departed is is also great but the departed feels sometimes too much like you're racing towards tragedy Like like once you've seen it that it it's harder to watch goodfellas still feels like well. It's not a perfect ending but it is You know I don't mind getting to the end. So it has one of the best opening lines any movie. Which is the just a couple of good fella? That's the ones. I know what you're watching directed by. Martin Scorsese is weird ever. Since I was a kid I knew I wanted to be a good fella. So yeah I I think this movie is great and just got if it was ever on. Have you have you ever seen? The Sopranos actually just started watching. It was recently watching goodfellas every day. I've never done the Sopranos. I mean I only made it through like two or three episodes and then I started watching something else okay. Well that's how they get you you you said you like watching TV. I do is considered one of the best show. You're saying that. Oh I'm a liar because I am not what I'm just saying what you should be into. It's okay I know I just I probably was like something else came up. I wanted to watch this. Gabe key thing. I'll just WANNA be sure it was awesome monkey keeping I want you to be well-versed in all film like Soprano would Justice Department so I think we all chose some some really good ones Some classics I wanted to finish the PODCASTS. At the fun little game and It's Trivia but what I did was. I kind of took a look at all the movies that sort of replayed ad nauseam through our childhoods on TNT TBS. You know those kind of movies and I pick some trivia questions around all the film and so each of you have to choose your own. Unique buzzer sound so be like Ding Ding Ding. Or like or something. Jimmy Goodfellas nine zero velociraptor. When they're chasing the kids in the kitchen not know that it was a reflection on trying to trick the raptors over. Here hey look at that. What do you think Jeff? Govan's doing he's over here. Oh Wow I hope. He's okay see shirtless When the when the pirates right they they didn't eat the guest John Wall which which way the is the water going to go Which may hand is slanted chaos? So I swing Puerto. What's going on here? You got your dig up. Dig Up dinosaurs. So I'm ask you guys questions and then you're going to buzz in and if someone gets it wrong. I will tell them it's wrong and then you can try to steal. Okay okay. Please try not to look at my phone. That's where I'm reading all right. So you have all your. Let's let's run through what you're what you're buzzers are Lindsay on a okay. Adam some really similar. Yeah what's your sound is the Buzzer. Why don't you do the AOL logging noise? You've got mail. That's a lot to do. What else minds goodfellas pay all right? I don't be love stinks that I'll say multi pass all right. You poor all right first question. In the film Miskin Miss Congeniality. What element is gracie suggests her friend? Miss Rhode Island add to her baton routine goodfellas What Maybe he'll give us a Seinfeld is it. Is it playing the playing? The Cups playing cups wrong thing loves zinc's is it surprise those also wrong the element of surprise. Anyone else. Want to say the question again. I'm sorry it was in this congeniality. What element is gracie suggests her friend? Miss Rhode Island add to her baton routine on. Dvd TURN ON TV congeniality was on TV. I'll tell you is fire. She's the she's the flaming baton now and got that. I didn't know Sandra bullock was so hot until the Oval Office set from the American President. Starring Michael Douglas and Annette. Benning was used in two other productions name. One of them Goodfellas what am I Multi multi pass Dave Davis correct. Ice Job Right Kovac in that movie makes no fucking sense all right next question. In what city does the film while you were sleeping? Take Place Goodfellas kid fellows Philadelphia wrong Multi Multi Pass. Is this a trick question? Is this a real movie? It's a real busy. Oh I guess this is. Chicago is correct and McKay correctly. Fucking L. Train. Yeah that's why I knew this is while you were sleeping. Sandra bullock the guy was on TV santeals crew of thieves and Con Artists Attempt to Vegas Heist in two thousand one. Crime Comedy Fellows Goodfellas. Ocean's eleven is correct like I thought you were saying it's Goodfellas like these. Buses are confusing me. Gwyneth paltrow recently revealed. This film is the biggest regret of her career. Oh love stakes shallow. That's correct wire hook in the film forrest. Gump this actor did the voice of Elvis Presley reprising his role from nineteen seventy-nine. Elvis Santa's anytime ready. Yeah one two three four actually think. I'm VAL kilmer. Plays Elvis and true romance. I got mixed up meet. Joe Black is notorious for selling a lot of tickets so franchise fans because see the trailer for what highly anticipated blockbuster. Before the movie love stinks. Oh what year was that. Movie WAS NO NO SKIP. Those battlefield also wrong. Oh multi pass. We'll keep as Cutthroat island is also incorrect. You're all wrong. It was star wars episode one. That was absurd. I've never heard of now. I was a robot. That should have been obvious. Guys come was but we went for the funny answer like you were doing. Yeah let us down that path. You're like I don't care. I won't points next question. Thank you Lindsey. How many buses were used in the making of the action? Films Speed Goodfellas five Iran multiplies for a movie. Like speed you need one. But that's wrong damage. Twelve a close ten thousand closest okay that Trivia from the movie or okay be covered that they watching it on. Tv It pops up because that ten buses think topped the holiday on how many buses were using the hostage because to me in this two thousand action comedy a male FBI agent disguises himself. As a large grandmother Goodfellas get bills. Big Momma's house is correct. Undercover brother a cooked sausage stuck on a pencil wrapped in aluminum. Foil was used to replicate direction in which teen comedy cooked sausage. Aluminum foil on a pencil wrapped wrapped in aluminum. Foil was used to replicate a direction in which teen comedy Multi Pass That talk show that John Van Damme went on. Those American pie is correct. Police doesn't want me to win. Guys come on what are you? What are you win with surprise? We'll see when the cable guy is assaulting Robin Leslie. Mann State owned Wilson. He throws him into the wall. While saying that's gotTa hurt. Jean what is this a reference to? I watched cable guy but it didn't watch all the things that refugees can you? At the end of the movie he goes AH reference style of Goodfellas it fell. I Love Lucy no extra anyone else. I know that it is a reference to mean. Jean Oakland really yes. It never knew that multi pass who played that hooker in the movie rush hour. Carter played by. Chris Tucker shoots down. Clive's Chris Benz car and starts dancing like Michael Jackson three years following the release of this movie. Tucker appeared in which Michael Jackson Music Video? Do you remember it in like a dog? Goodfellas Gerhard or Goodfellas. Remember the time. Now I think when rush hour came out yeah I know this is what I was not watching cable. I discovered Kazaa. I'm Ash House. I watch Ninja. Scroll clips at anytime. Cool came out two thousand in music. Two Thousand and something Michael Jackson. He's this would be a sort of a comeback for Michael Jackson. Okay yes multi pass that musically Janet Jackson that's incorrect Dan. Screen you rock. My World Com. Remember the museum right. If he doesn't turn into a Puma are some giant cat. I don't know the music to think that that was a longtime ago. 'cause that was his. Yeah that was yeah. Sean Connery was considered for which role in one thousand nine? Five mortal Kombat Goodfellas Raden. That's correct. Wow we're going to last question here in sleepless in Seattle when Annie is in the airplane to go to Seattle. What book is in her lap? Talk multi. Pass Dan. Brown's The yes that's the correct incorrect. Now let's see I'll have to do is think of a book Harry Potter. It's something is probably something medically tied but the Mormon Goodfellas Capello's I'm going to say something written by Jane Austen crying crime and punishment and prejudice. That is correct. I knew is correct. I guess well there's a whole bit and you've got mail about prior now. Can you get away with pretty woman and runaway bride so the the same people the reincarnated or these different planets? I don't know doing our score. Outta me at one point. Lindsay is three and James. One with five points. Yes graduation stamps. What does he win? Us cable subscription for a year. Wow that's pretty good. That's like ten thousand dollars. No it's a cable subscription. So every month they send me a new piece of wire who always have as much as I need. Well thank you guys for sharing your favorite remarkable movies and please let us know in the comments. Blow at your favorite reachable. Movies are because maybe there will be some that we've seen and we can watch the first time maybe we'll judge them next time and say they're unreachable true per chance to dream. We're watching contact tonight to my house gives me. She walked out. She did who who dislikes the GOODFELLAS STRAIGHT. Two hundred and eighty two people not very good team better trailers. Ice Die on this hill.

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