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"castell novo" Discussed on Harvard Classics

"Constable of sicily governor of milan and captain general of his catholic majesty in italy being fully informed of the intolerable misery in which the city of milan was lane and does lie by reason of bravo's and beg bonds publishes a ban against them declares and defines all those to be included in the span and to be held bravo's vagabonds. Who whether foreigners or natives have no occupation or having it do not employ themselves in it but without salary or with engage themselves to any cavalier or gentlemen or merchant to render them aid and service or rather as may be presumed to lay weight against others all these he commands that within the term of six days they should evacuate the country threatens. The galleys to the refractory and grants to all officials the most strangely ample and indefinite power of executing the order but the following year on the twelfth of april the same signor perceiving that the city is completely full of the said bravo's returned to live is they had lived before their customs holy unchanged and their numbers undiminished issues another hue and cry more vigorous and mart in which among other ordinances he prescribes that whatever person as well as inhabitants of this city as a foreigner who by the testimony of two witnesses should appear to be held commonly reputed bravo and to have that name although he cannot be convicted of having committed any crime for this reputation of being a bravo alone without any other crew made by the judges and by every individual of them put to the rack in torture for process of information and although he confessed no crime whatever withstanding he shall be sent to the galleys for the said three years for the soul reputation and name of bravo as a force add all this and more which is omitted because his excellency is resolve to be obeyed by everyone adhering such brave and confident words of so great a sane yar accompanied to with many penalties. One feels much inclined to suppose that at the echo of there rumblings all the broncos had disappeared forever but the testimony of saying your not less authoritative nor less endowed with. Names obliges us to believe quite the contrary the most illustrious and the most excellent senor one fernandez de velasco constable of casteel grand chamberlain of his majesty duke of the city of free us count of haro and castell novo lord of the house of velasco and that of the seven in santa's of lara governor of the state of milan etc on the fifth of june fifteen ninety three..

fernandez de velasco italy milan six days fifteen ninety three three years twelfth of april bravo two witnesses sicily fifth of june haro castell novo seven every individual casteel velasco lara chamberlain