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That time, long story short

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That time, long story short

"Welcome. To extra extra presented by sports. I'm your host Vince Douglas Gregori. No filter. Or Van Very Sad. Did recently did it before? Pass. So I've got I got all of my options covered except for our separate. Now I got all my. Options covered except for the option right now. And I'm okay with that I. Am okay with that because it is something that I will continue to say I'm not GONNA say from Houston in time because I don't know when the time's coming know when kind ends if ever I just know actually scratch that. I'll just keep that thought to self keep that thought to sell. Anyway it's time it's not the time in. It's not the time again jess yet, but we're getting there meaning it's GonNa. Be It's GONNA. Be a couple. Days maybe a week maybe weeks maybe. Okay definitely not months couple more days possibly. and. Then A week probably somewhere near between either-or and or I don't know I don't know it's happening. It's going to happen in my novel peeps. You already know what I'm talking about my nonverbal peeps who I communicate with you non verbally with. Non Verbal, we have this conversation going on which is doing what do. Ace Partners Friends. Best Friends. And all of those are the words that we use to symbolize what this is that we share because we have yet to come up with a word for this we don't know the word for this. We understand what it is. We just use of the words to describe this, and that is where we all right. Nah. Yet the. Mood cars for that. The mood 'cause that I just had to break out and gentleman. Burt like force just had to. It just came over me in adjust it felt right. It felt good and I do what makes me feel good on like feeling good. Even though singing and dancing in g ride makes me feel good. It's something that I like to do. It's something that enjoy doing. I been doing recently I been doing it lately. Is. GonNa come it's GONNA come. It's definitely something that I'm not gonNA rush. It's definitely something that I'm not pushing for is definitely something. Is Not keeping me up at night. These are the things that keep me up at night. There's other things that make me think all the time and their things I think about all the time while thinking about the one thing that I'm thinking about most of the time. A might be confusing, but is not just know that. It's required is required because once the thinking stop once the thoughts stop. Let's just say. Let's just say I don't I don't like that in game I don't like that endgame in. It's definitely not my in game might, be yours. Maybe someone else's definitely. Definitely, not my. Me Manna verbal. Communication peeps we shared. That moment we had that conversation because we are what we say Vr even though we don't have a name for it yet we understand we understand we know what it is. That time not yet is coming up possible probably yet. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Blah Blah in blue. And the petro in that era Petro Cassese every time this for you noobs DC S- floor. The newbs everyone else rakes regulars, nonverbal communication peeps in the. Following. The ones who put me or the ones who made me leader the ones who made me, czar the one who made me King even though not king really king but just the one in charge one on top the number one the. that. Those who made me that? I. Get Petro in when it's time for me to get pummeled Petro Home Petro Yeah, Majett matching. I. Get pitcher in when I do it's always always an adventure epic journey appear chaos is one of the three or combination of the three or some form of debt and that I mean those dodgers spoke of. It happens when I get something I can't explain it something I just. Go with the flow it something that I just let Hap- is just something I let. It occurs it occurs it's something out to do and also would like to point out to noobs granite. Should go back never reviewed historical documents. But I'll do my best to provide bullet points up until. You get to a spot you get to a place where just still doesn't make sense and still don't understand. I'm GonNa tell you to just go back back. Way Back and review all of historic documents maybe. A year two, three, four. Anything past for you don't have to go back that far unless you really really want to. You don't have to go back that far unless you really really like it or like to. Yes like to final answer sounds better. I'm not requiring net I'm not requiring it I'll just say go ahead and breakout your trust the I believe but an impressive a few times, and if you don't have one, just imagine that you have one in press it in your mind's eye. And is getting petro. Jess Occurs I. let this happens I just go with the flow i. just let it wash over me. I just marinate it bathe in I just do all the things that are regular person would do when they get. Petra. Yet. There's other things that happen. For me. When I'm around when I'm about because now only do I what's the word I'm aware of these these things that can happen not only dental where it's kind of it's kind of almost what am expecting I'm expecting something. At one point in time I was all for the adventure. It was give me adventure. Please give me some kind of adventure because. If I only got new adventure adventures not going on just pure boredom I don't Wanna be bored I don't WanNa be boring to do things I. Don't want this boredom. Give me some count adventure in when I made that plea not are loud. Definitely not have loud. Inner, Monologue. One eight that plea. It happened the adventures started coming when I made that plea that ventures were happening every time that I got petro and it was wrong. Can't. Police Happen Why oh. I got to tell somebody. Some say. So see some say so. Den at you keep doing something for so long after he keeps happening. Consistently on rig a, you notice a pattern, you notice a trend and you. Just get bored with it. You just want the new new. And a noobs. Once again, noobs. I like the new. Like the new. And being cut up in this adventure thing consistently full de long stretch in that long period of time it made me long for the new new. May Me just? Wish an hope for the new new. It's like. I want to do something different. I want something that. I can't predict. And when that came about when I came about when I just. Had that. Process He. Thought Process. That's when the epic journeys game. In epic journeys, let's say epic. Yes epic. And it's spelled the way it sounds. I wasn't really prepared for that. Because the. Adventure. Compared to epic journey in epic journey compared to adventure they're not the same they are so so so so different. I do get anxious I do have anxiety about some things and things. That epic journey. In having EPA journeys all the time replacing adventures. that. They. Gave me some butterflies. That made me made me feel some kind of way they got me caught up in my emotions that got me fill. Fill some Phelan's they got me doing all the things that you expect somebody to do when they shook rattled. And dropped the ball. Or shook route and don't know what to look and they. Just. Thought. If, I can just build up some kind of tolerance to this. If I can build up some kind of protective layer to this. It'd be it'd be it'd be all for it all to the. Be All for the good in the long run right Right Just Matt hit with. Chaos that's when I got hit with chaos. It did that's what I got hit with pure chaos. Long story short getting the petrol getting few getting the guests It's an epic journey. Adventure, it's chaos is chaotic oil pure chaos. It's just one of the three. It's some version. Go Back Review Day store documents for more in-depth. Or for an actual. Adventure an actual journey. Or you want to he he or ha ha into some chaos. But Maya rigs in my nonverbal peeps. Communication complete transmission. Terminated.

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Irineu Toledo conversa com Reinaldo Polito  Dilogo Nutritivo

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Irineu Toledo conversa com Reinaldo Polito Dilogo Nutritivo

"Was it talks thing. You oughta was split capital guanaco monica's on forty week pitcher. A qassam process involves truck former. Soy's entry doi's almighty local tories whom he had seven arctic move to a mainichi including dvd's ebbing devious that the process sociale remodel. Give him hbd tip cyrus key vooc his boss. The aguada public cardi oprah zero zero mass communication me comport tack willie keeler complainant damp looking up though the motorcade that the security bis so as in todos was navy. Qe get the your mind. You million dealers when dealers follow thank preside uses a tvos political any curiel yet so as net the toda chiasso seattle yellen get any massive wtam. Becky for southie exposes sake. Professor in the pouliot amass in the police won't bowl. Dd neo paras year. Latin gussein so program own. This loss stumbles onto somebody to tamp. Examples mui to start abiding spy would assume before the sandwich Esa idiot gsa seeded. Ge not stan was along with this thoughts thoughts. he kidding. Zephyr la at to assume for now for sale on the until mid town by the cabbie down thing for myself signal. throughout the saudi comunicacion says follow. The humanity was a woman who make ella sell sima usually puech legit. What does push three now. Commonly casella boomer nookie deutsche post three s civilians gears ultra lawsuit minority leader as easy as what is influenced over cute poor kazumasa. But if you could that so as ain't no carrying deserve noel you'll pacers sealed equal known contra jadu second skin is seen purpose so he might know komo fuzzy sogeti anti sanfer caccavale going with dominic negative approach. Is it tom. Mcguire ceuta cara. Levy push apple antigua. Bq dan sadie superior attitude. I ever you mob. Samsonov ain't a seat in those seat. View leaves spot of a lot of being inconveniences. Us rights is he to the demise. Equal census me with implied. His toys view is safe Lebron's might indeed as little but as you'll do the dipoto porta-john if we probably cutting that's coming towards despising process e apart the veto five zero mah e. own set up at the st. The key to asia will be cavs necessary as a citizen of india minds million. Implants sit on the to said neither it tv. Privy layers own decossa gear corker now lease the goose mayes. Indeed division safety tools civil tanya made said super nahmias with so the vacated which they did. It's only bruce. The boso practical leaders goal was velour is a species. At least this fall under a spade to the tv dad's you'll displeasure most era fuzzy dome of superior quality zero now interior. Cynthia cuando vice on for the procedure. These bullied collaborative. That are quasi key that this this lewis when we did that. They deserve no Our soil's lukaszewski saliva neck. Place will be equal the busy that being his own view. Little side Deliverables digitize lebron schools. The fastest fog mice objectives lucasville team to gain. But if you got laying precipitation will lebron come forward. Kahuta made any choice. I will save you deal. But as i look some the leaving on while it begs resented those passion us issue made in contra. Winter is into those pilots. Leave for life. Don't state desma. Desma wounded zoot evil instinct. Parts of forgotten is objective with it. Don't don't leave the deficit. Positiveness being themes objetivo. You leave you'll they. I the dip giving a. It's cyber disease now. Saint seem vegetable name by guadalupe Natural said a pretty that easier now. You fuzzier quickest speaking to. I would say by shuttle told us sports. You will sit. there won't a saints. You will see the same store when this robert desert now. We'll save studies. It don't reflect zoom. They've said stuff well. Bill seen will get killed. This this me fights buena vida who kicking the thirty bills capable of does bill voters. I april they will sing. when will stay dates. Vico c you stay. Effective omitted is vice. You got poked. My seat will sit desert now. I will say study zanthosyn butter. We'll see when we'll see you next week Geeky ever sink won't zeus difficu- cheever applause predictable busier. Now of will say you'll take it. Almost everybody thinks. Give me liberty So my's would give or take disease contract mogambo. Organiser snow betting facilities while As used if you give people say taint by the desire no wonderful single seat equipment. We'll see dinky fica uma juice. Give a capacity lozad. I goose we dot was his ample. Udi they'll cuddle already knew was made them seem five. Can we'll see it but a little seat With them he'll know boss to the boss boss again. Fica study Receive your own boss facilities. I will sit as list fica fever. He said disaster put his ample scope. You deal if it is on Was if i z's will sit is eat them. What laws you may speak. Heaver dealers bedroom seen mice will sequences we diagnose fica pacific siebel say by sierra pacific Look you can say it. Is you see porta will lic. This the i will say to kilgore low raza. Mayes was obvious thing in controversial speaker. Either i get that data he got which seep spot convenient led not a civil discourse show. Did he do same. Pretty obvious for us wounded. Ill covid. this was S to by the with a mass scale vitamin integrity. Daddy evali apartado moon boomer soap operas community is what do this place in acquiesced Donate is on died. Almost got you on. Ask the so fresh party. Dia chica meal out to his pay because mirza cassese emergency cover Catchy fast whisper can seem to miss bell allowed labadze comprehensive mice to modality assumed versus say to our wanting protect. Some of those doesn't media because those levers will determine vca precedes. His purpose was preserved. Soviet era equipment nausea almost nets on viruses. Today economia dave forum also get on for myself sassou informa- song you put him some space. It's not it's not so hit coloma. Secrecy coma pairs illinois. facebook exists. Gravity's intoning cavities. After these schools inc elvis ceremony aguado in tampa deepened emea. The cica mask komunikasindo usa to go mess up bill. Follow was the cna says scacchi. Guess we'd is assigned cuanto whom thus sale. But i love board assa comunicacion sam. Posey cheever notre chievo komo guatemala. Arche nearly stamp think spf sources zelda technology but our facilitators communica. So eating new walmart will sound the pull. The mir space was established equality kindle. It's would kill seal bussey them was a woman squeezes along. Look commu those view your those moving off. He put his ample. He probably don't kill their fuzzier. We're the realities are but see my only. Do some paolo would heathy. But with whom are real neom laima. Now's oma rooney. Elm receive input is simple. Used to me to god. We'll see mussina. Besides the known will dale doc c. n. would think we cover local stores internal my pretty crazy there. Zanele kazadi stunned. You're not karelia africa. Prenatal pass if we won't then through thing but is old do a solid schools keep stored dispersals for the Caro mice dipping quality. Daddy on your choice usa. Deluded if you built as los padeas paso logo deploys. Leslie lusty variables that i could easily being. Ideal e Peak of dental doesn't us to defer renewing distance. I've got the might now. The my art would keep as is not swept solids l. expedient accuses with deals by Nice dental sweat. Gaza forgotten Is either student poking. Keep a man for as nice kid. Dizzy will provide a day. Even if he got him he s heathrow body parts it spill the word facing off circuits lewis diet for the body works put his implem- episodes when they go cr familiar starbucks to mind zoom Allow by lead by. Won't senator paul got go through. The detail is known but it is something that the resolve is still days Visible through j parcel enrolled in the quad. The authorized don't process is to comb familiar but expensive busy is w. f. a. Foot of asana academy stand stomach. Yuki present to the entertaining he deploys w donald boko plataforma suspicious listening to difficult bad or their marker meter. Forgive me stuff on costume odds that are all goo goo objectively died indeed as you mayes young. But because there's some good we'll it is preventable. Sip vital swells up at his points. We'll see always lobotomy. Lewis your gang catholic reasonable. We'll see there on them. We being volusia vase ability that filer. We'll see fights falls us weeped. The others won't be we'll sit. Stock aspire lavas really but puddle. Susil squalene for my son. Important risk by appropriate body. Circus is not wear so ability. Daddy you will. Is you it in your body strength. Romance bain vietnamese guinness starbucks. Lots of allowed barking. Anthropoid sent bucur source sem bowel mice quantity then occc community guard. Bill curvier dental sweat. Gaza william like alec has some three d. There would that if people that see to a breeze appearance in a desire to see places are always skied bartica secondary custody stance said if he's seeing evil deer miserly but of so. Now what was. He won't say these will veer incompetence second because some Could these thank dan via proposal all recommendations but Vida if Uc building Intel cyber these there now only equity customer to leave stop wing said up monday. Be a nato though. Vitaliano moving company koso- with to stem keys here jay that supposed sal safety geopolitical impact. On was telecast pixels can complain. Gotta talk splatter former what goes to some of the communica some years with amedure. We okaz give you the money. Beat the shawn out you hide or facebook up by the espionage. Wd pushes the boy got lazy. Podcast doma postponed the media. Flag wrench komitch gina bilas in walkers a mental sparrow tables. My it'll with rocky valley up in on capitol dunia sauce obese out of your linter go make associate importantly food dallas in. He'll also talk. Did y'all was age if you wanted us. Three it as said the coup fleetwood asya people. 'cause does marvez media's go away at that. Three newsgroup was the what's zap. Group was defaced. Baltimore casa daime. Sound pineal the reassess police to it he knew it was my audience. Damaskinos resembles not believe that it will. It would sit out. Worke will seek stimulus handle him to cristo this season. We'll see a boost on easter. No danger zone. People invite won't sit on pithy sta own The opinion civil sound pit yeast civil said the skin nope Together was the swooping this could be fdr who is a key issue or think for media season-ticket end. I'm this is the loan. Got that single diesel. Besides saving disa- leaders daddy of so now eating new visual kissing volving to quench Leaked mircea apples. Starting do as a superior who league scarcity's eastern is for this illit paint. Does somebody events those but all through luma mummy inside gala. Central do work. Yes there is unique. Associate of volume of volume is deeply school zone. Then through does Bjork is not frost will seek staggers. Is donald michael jordan another civic. You might miss c-can soon Ck here by vein status louis Visa is not. there's no binda yala wouldn't have settled police if people saliva comedic applicable passeig. Who yet the police reports of You defend your hips or not only because it but he will be familiar kabul multiple furnaces thing thing you can pretty me too but example guys the goldfish your broader where louis detroit's who sparked heels dogs people supposedly in there. Well same as still mansell Meanwhile we're police commit one can be coupled with courtesy will give him an across the grossing scenarios belichick's derek gotta be able to a historic laws. Nomi dancy we'll see secretary civil war kathrada you'll so mizen egwu. Bologna is all the economy a from when he got coming up towards the end was la. Sorta still foresee pastor death because he customer. Do you want my data forty year opposite. Stood there scenes. District only also say thanks. This couple added was thinki- citizens. I stood at the father. Thinks that quiz shot to kill fascinating You'll pebble is simply depends on ninety diet. Easternmost volva matthew. Monsanto command able danta technically communica. Some is also now You want to technically your bag with Imposter fogel technique amend the iliad view foil for he wants to put comport but that is the author is pursuing a the other mesnil common to talk this dots but siemian sure to each vida disaster. Not sympathies. won't before you d new applicable follow throats. Nobody up here sip sunkist lewis east. We're mean silently own Booder silk Conceals bibs who wanna as speed of sewing sequels three per did when the a movie will viki by recividism incised go silsbee at suicide speed sewing political seaman gillick Seeking five years. But i mean size inky shedding katie. Qb sake eighty s listening signs will sequels throwing material sediments Don't as this through the of these you think janki be. Somebody will go bears. I will say this is the excites. Don't superdome new oprah bloom mckee's st nervousness to discuss some of your large nuts media suicide known volume barely. Is there then. Wasa of whom are who's on the innovators will be absolutely anti-india there without points say. What was his skier. He split over here for the school was a demise was the loses stereo articles physical sewing like apple. Vcr elyssa this month long. Lame is doing things you. Mice team is a accompanying some fish out calico vic some or condemning you process to to individual of the middle to saramago cannot be saudi open as much swabi kabul say. Espn lead davos continues as paul because the space on is miserly. These karimov felt that the hey speed tampa empower modell pineal. I felt ill come is dizzying. They speed saluto party. The is contain in the circumstance bossing competitively army. Experience is my saint disbelief. Ika daily office or ki ki paid my odyssey vacuum washable than what bespoke is he. Billions oversaw. get there while he young over. The ultra zhou can a swap radius is pretty thought traverse that keller practice some was impossible said world katie for your own will through significant kabul proper pouliot See the pool kiss. Though as the confidence weir was being followed suit scallions give us sit there and go door but his the political gel. Tony the puck is moving in. Portage your monthly program. Ibf book you told us a special as days that there's other essentially take up in the Jadeeda lavas. Their quota allow suspense amir to rousseau's imposes it throws form is from communica sombor in retriever per capita vis-a-vis strike whereas bows yes improve productivity key civil simple there simply vapor brecca near seals labels debate the insecure breath perky completely occupancy. Five mama ravidas someone luna seal so pass to talk starting your prophet shami. Diga you bet. Killing quarter cecil's novels. Blue seal's novelist was. He bought the french bigger guantanamo. About florida being on muscle polka mice but may go. We need to food with So don't put more Lying get it sent you. Didn't he was their swastika. Duvida see ono's he puts oil heat did faith to ride students who is a lunatic steady. My year filing is it sees. You'll fuss mayes swings up but isn't that daily he out to the daddy facet. Mice is ain't but it's on some wild through all as a the away to gain throughout the we started in october. Polio resume is. I woke up to survive. Did lee us choice. No saw a spate. This massacre on who the award of the space with romance by people. Fossil from being basil's leave the little sides you're making we'll stick skinny always liberals gordon up on the east. Today's leave little slavs malta. Keep lying quarter Starting but lana amazon. You'll see the week at some used to via reindeer that them being eating the longer. Ibm can make us this list. He got the antiretroviral. They'll today with brazil simply we'll save. You won't be back you'll Into all the articles on each study. St anthony i keep it as nathan was simply left over police. Nobody gathered any but does he. Veto was face was sort of program together via mass three. Hey do police simply massage for some follow. This chessel dookie doing fianna. Communica sal days set your poise hydro for among the top on a car. Follow the high. The follow lu imitative opinion holiday high. The upper end masters cuomo polio. Parigi woven phillies mainichi. Achilles vince gill got gotta. They'll follow meals. Masters ski modi's so you'll john meis puji caserta molecular skyscraper. Forget i got that live for mono punditocracy of follow mobile buyers you guilty on see the report danger them european young as the amount of guy at you could get into the food. Oh here's bill talk ourselves. My what are some saying. But the degaulle bridewell ask inc as it communicate value polyethylene with debris the view alenia regarding. Mu gino superman super a program.

guanaco monica willie keeler curiel Latin gussein puech legit kazumasa Mcguire ceuta cara dan sadie Samsonov ai super nahmias Cynthia cuando lucasville Kahuta Desma guadalupe Natural robert desert Heaver sierra pacific Dia chica mirza cassese
Neighbor Stuff

Best of The Steve Harvey Morning Show

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Neighbor Stuff

"Right now the average white households wealth is ten times that of black families if we try closing this racial wealth gap today we as a country could generate up to five trillion dollars in just five years with action for racial equity city is to increase access to banking and credit and communities of color because striving for racial equity is about creating a or financial future for everyone learn more at city dot com slash racial equity. Everybody this is jake vernon host of disgrace land in the twenty seven club. I want to talk to you in another podcast that produce called blood on the tracks. The phil spector story. Blood on the tracks. The phil spector. Story is a ten episode. Look at the madness. Ingenious of record producer. Phil spector fills. Recent deaths in the news blood on the tracks become all the more relevant listened to blood on the tracks. The phil spector story. Iheartradio app or wherever you. Listen to podcasts. Are your neighbors asking you for more favors. Because with a pandemic everybody is at home more. You know that so. Are your neighbors asking you to do favors like Watch their kids loan tools. Pick up or check to see if there is a package at the door Help them move helped them carry things. Help them shovel snow. So steve i gotta ask you this. What was the worst or what was the best neighbor you ever had. Wow i guess. I guess best neighbor avraham was when i lived in cleveland on hundred twelfth street. Mr cooke next dope. Mr cooke was overhead. Barbecued us let me come over and tasty you know nice ninety seen no neighbors. I dunno where name not. Well let me tell you what how not neighbors because the next day when you got that acres decanes to nick's house era please. Oh i just don't think. I live in a neighborhood where or neighbors. You know having neighborly relationship is like really open welcome. It's not that type. You know you know ain't no sidewalks. You can't walk down this list. so call it. they don't have h. o. Where he okay. They don't have no ain't no can't he knew some ain't none of that neighborhood. Watch maybe the what he got. No not people that own these. How neighborhood all staff get together and name me but ain't no eight zero eight refund roofing talk about these streetlights on. I don't know. Do you all know how tommy knows all of this. Because because tommy lives in the chateau chateau year now. Okay thanks like this. You know you know all this type stuff. See he no. I'm living 'cause he right there so tom talk. I have i've been. I've been over there. Who always was his name. Pierre i know one on the hair you know god damn neighbor named pierre cassese french down name. The name my neighbor name ashton bill. That's all right. Listen coming up at thirty four minutes after the hour. Quick round of acid clo. Right after this air. You're listening to morning show.

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SaaStr 443: Snowflake CMO Denise Persson's Guide to Taking Your Marketing to $100M

The Official SaaStr Podcast

23:30 min | 2 months ago

SaaStr 443: Snowflake CMO Denise Persson's Guide to Taking Your Marketing to $100M

"This is sastre founders favorite series where you can hear some of the best of the best from sastre speakers. This is where the cloud means. What real time. Transparency and visibility into your commission plans no more payout questions miscalculations or our spent on reports or disputes automate commissions. With spiff and stay motivated. Not distracted is your company moving too slow. Internal dot i o. Is the smart way to develop internal tools so your engineers can focus on what matters most. It's no code so anyone can bill. Try it for free at internal dot ie slash stor realtime video feedback real fast from wherever you work user testing real human insights try user testing free today at user testing dot com slash sector up today a step by step guide to build a marketing strategy to take you to the first one hundred million. With snowflake cmo denise person. Welcome to the show that where we're going to talk about how to break through the noise to get to one hundred million on these has always been my number one challenge at company. I worked for at marking up four south startups in the past twenty five years and we took those companies beyond the one hundred million and to abuse. I wish there was a magic formula that works for every situation but no journey is clearly the same on. What's most important on this really. How well you execute at. But there are a few things that i've learned that can make a difference to most startups and for today. I've summarized them under a five key pillars and we'll look back at their journey here at snowflake. i think they've had tremendous impact. And i'm gonna talk about how we apply them. During our journey to one hundred million in hobe to pick up a few things that could be helpful to you. So let's dive into peeler number one positioning. This is really where marketing begins. And it's really important to get this part right in order for all. Our marketing efforts to be effective is really like building a house. If foundation isn't strong enough the walls will crack but with a strong positioning. You can avoid in a cracks in your marketing and your program have will be a lot more effective also many different definitions out there or what positioning you know. It's really all about still today. I think one of the best books on this topic is positioning By elfin get questions about which books amount and this is. One of my favorites for short is over twenty years old now. This is nothing new. With the concept sam sheridan they swum in essence l. Reese describes positioning s to battle for your prospects mind and winning. The battle is really all about. How do you differentiate yourself in the mind of the prospect. So what is down the best way to develop your positioning. And how do you go about getting buying for everyone. In your organization the most powerful process. I have personally ever sin. Is the one developed by zoo marketing consulting firm specialized in the strategic positioning for tech companies. They have a very unique and data driven approach. In how to create a breakthrough positioning. I worked with a couple of times. And i think the magic really with their process is how data driven it s and They have testing involved. That you also do with real prospects at the end and according to zoom positioning is truly about defining your category and they refer to this as your hill and marketing is really the process over your head. All star swith defining your hill. The he'll but you are set to own on your journey to one hundred million. At snowflake the category we determined to own back in two thousand sixteen whilst the data warehouse built for the cloud. Our positioning has evolved since then snowflakes today. The data cloud company but for today. We're looking at this journey to a one hundred million so we decided to take all the massive data warehousing market which was a category that ordered. It was well understood and when you're startup you only have a few seconds to expand into what you do see. Count we over complicate your positioning sometimes. Startups are creating categories. That take too much time to explain. And time is definitely not your friends in a wonder startup. Your positioning really needs to help. People understand what you do quickly and the needs to rally be relevant as scout mentioned earlier part of the zoom process you do extensive focus groups with ria prospects to really make sure that your position is actually working with those all it on know your company at again most often companies make a few induce current prospects our customers but that isn't really enough. You know the category of creation you're creating really need to relevant to those who you are selling to Next and you get so much data and insights in a back for prospects and this data driven process really makes it so much easier to get by in from everyone. Internally and these binders really vital consistency is incredibly important. The most successful browns in the world. Also the most consistent brown you were please partners customers. They wanted to describe you the same way. You can't really win the battle for your prospects. Mind if you are changing who you are. Every six months so for over three years The data warehouse built for the cloud. Positioning was really everywhere. And if anyone described you in us differently we asked them to go and change. Its sagana the more consistent. You are The more impactful to marketing be a swap. So now when you down with positioning it's time to start Climbing they he'll endless. This takes us to peeler number two and a call this one be the most customers south drake marketing tin your industry and when you look at what. The most admired brown's in the world have in common the all own their categories. They're incredibly consistent with a brand experience and they have incredible Customer loyalty and i value snowflake is to put the customer first and on the market we decided from the beginning that we will go in to create the most customer centric company and marketed in in our industry. And that will amount that. We think outside in all the time and to do that. You really have to keep the pulse on what customers needs. All the time vince. Morale lower our shift storyteller is one of early members of our marketing team and in order to make sure they were always kept the on customers. He ran almost daily meetings in with ourselves. Engineers and those who are out in the field in a with our customers and that really helped us learn exactly the type of you know or concerns that we needed to address With their customers and in order to scale our content development in those early days wien sculpt almost every employee involved with writing countdowns and creating videos engineering products and their leadership to we. Were all you know cranking out down contents and our marketing was almost one hundred percents evangelism at the time and we really kept a laser focus. Home what our customers really wanted to learn. So i think it's so important to really have dot director pulse really finding a way to get. That also helps us creates trust and credibility. And this is something your for lack. The startup at snowflake We have a mantra that we count won't the marking program but doesn't feature a counselor whenever possible we will always put customers at the forefront of oil marketing and i could argue duct. The snowflake ground is almost entirely built through word of mouth marketing. We have thousands of brown about sitters in our customers today. And they're doing marketing for snowflake in everyday and our ceo often reminds Our job is to inspire people to change and there is nothing more spiring to prospects. Learning with their peers have accomplished to know with were products. I asked the sikora around our customer marketing in the early days and she was very successful building our kostadinova cassese who she built. Direct relationships with their customers. Get kasmnir always. Do you know exactly what you want them to do. But she focused all what was really in it for the customer was value to them. And that's how she got him involved with our marking pronounce produced ami fancy or expensive videos instead. We did a lot of short videos with our customers out in the field other events and these way with yet so many more customers involved and the came across a lot more authentic. You know this way as well. So one thing i can also recommend starting at divide advisor board as soon as you have enough customers to do so at our customer divisive boarding knitting We used to give customers fake dollar bills which they got invest in different parts Of a road map and these will help us prioritize. The things that matters most to our customers so again Be sure that you're marketing. These actually helping customers. That's really what marketing should be all about. And find that way to get concept constant cast murphy back. I recommend starting an annual customer engagement survey as early as possible but also helps you establish your nps score on down every year. We measure every single components over our customers experience with snowflake and they serve me just provides a lot of valuable insight sound to us and again as soon as you have actual customers do anything account to put them at the forefront of boy your marketing they are your most effective marketing tube a challenge that is very common a such a get to twenty million and down south slopes down pickles. You view rely on 'em too much manual work. Two thousand seventeen the big topic of every or house for us while surround automation and getting read the hamsters the hamsters. Were all of those doing any work that should be automated and saw one even dressed up as a hamster in a wheel. Halloween parties sad that year at the hamster. They were very important in the beginning. The count scale company in a with hamsters and hamsters were setting up accounts for customers and wasn't really until we are fully automated provisioning system that are free trial sign. Ups really started taking off. So how does this relate to marketing wanting to make sure that your marketing stack at can truly scaled with you from the beginning. It's going to slow you down. If you have to start replacing things in the midst of all this great momentum you have and time again qian found when there startups. It's all about landing and expounding fast. This is a map of our market stock gal today and lawrence kushner Around the mountain snow fake at did a great job really building our marketing stack to scale from the beginning so we never stop angina start replacing parts which is something i've had to do at down cos another thing. We focused on war to scale know every components over demand young process at the one thing all sauces companies do in the beginning is introducing the live demos in order to down on those one to one meetings. Something else that has worked really well. For a snowflake is our weekly office hours. Every company has to deal with requests from prospects who wants to talk to a reference customer and those are very time consuming to manage and the customer. You're asking all the time you know the gets at limited noise in after a time as well so today we drive all prospects to a weekly office our where they can talk alive to customers and really get all their questions to answer. No question is really off limits here. This office hours grew quickly and Now we have hundreds of prospects attending them every day so we've been able to really completely eliminate that in a one to one a reference called request. We'll do the same thing with our local workshops. We used to do out in the field and we moved them on line. Even before in kobe's and the online version is performed in much sham battery so the points I like to make to get to one hundred million on doing that. Faust you really need to get rid of the hamsters as soon as account you really have to look at every component of your buyer's journey and replace everything you tell but it's time consuming so to break through. You have to get noticed and the challenge. A that building brand awareness really takes time especially for ourselves startups in a we don't have the millions We can pour into traditional advertising at the same time you know. We're often competing with the largest and most well known browns in the world. So what do you do them. What are your options. I think that being bold ace really the best chance. You have overbidding. The system and getting out noticed being bold is clearly not without risk and every management zoom isn't willing to take that risk but a snowflake. We were willing to do that. And we had a big vision and we created a bold brown that wheels of fits in well with our values and culture at snows h in the beginning. of people recognized us for billboard. All one here in silicon valley and in the early days they were really critical out. You know for how hiring as a small startup. You are fighting for talent and you have to standouts and at every new hire on boarding session. We had in the beginning. At least half of the room said they. I learned about snowflake down from our billboards elvin lacrosse just about how are we measuring in this billboard just that metric alone that's more than how or an employee's got to know about snowflake through this billboard that made it worth it's guests in itself our message on this billboards were often reflections of current events. We will always made sure to come back to data and always reinforce our positioning asked. The data warehouse at built for the cloud. Most people really enjoyed them Some didn't but what did something in a different. They were bowled. There were difference and would definitely got the attention when needed In the beginning and the inspiration behind the snowflake browns comes from virgin. America and the disrupted the airline industry whether highly Customer celtic game browns. And we were taught to do something similar in the data management l. olympics industry. We have been working with them. Scone advertising in a for the past four years and they've done a great work for us helping us develop that tone of voice got we have and positioning and brand. Experience are two things that really go hand in hand and consistency so importance. And you have to stay the course and you'll have to be the guardian of your browns all the time so we are at my last Peeler here for this session. And i think i really saved the most important one to the end. Having sales and marketing working as one team is really a show both to marketing efficiency and to revenue growth. And i think a big reason for our faust growth. At snowflake aced the strong alignment. We have across our entire company. And that with how data from the beginning and if your marketing programs don't align one hundred percents with your celts dredging goals. Much of your marketing efforts would go to at waste and the lining really starts with sharing the same objectives here. At snowflake. Marketing owns the pipeline. And that way is also much is city gets alignment with cells. Our alignment points a surround pipeline. Sometimes i hear people say that. It's good to have healthy tension between salsa marketing. But i completely disagree with that without statements. it's very easy that how the talent show quickly leads to misunderstandings and creates Negative al townshend's shown super than nco scenario the call. You know highly recommend to make sure that you have outstanding alignments between your had a marketing on your on your head of south's against my job every day is to make sure that our marketing is one hundred percents aligned with cells and the execute at the same your pace in all the time and the big fear i have you know at night is really that marketing would ever in a mace. A bit lasting. I will ever do is to let ourselves organization down in the early days. I spent every monday morning with our h s yours at the time to align our marketing programs with their efforts every every week today. You know. We're almost three hundred people in the marketing adler cells organizations so it was still have the same Alignment accounts knits with all them every monday morning. But i do meet in a rhythm. Donald phone so to succeed as a marketer. You have to have a deep understanding on the respect for the craft out of sales Noten is more important than the other. The only thing that s important is really to fly as close as two blue angels as account at every step in over your over your journey soon summary find. Look back at the things We do really well. At snowflake in that zero to one hundred million face the execution of this five five pillars really had tremendous impact on our speed and our growth. And i think really relevant to to any company so Make sure that you really invest in your positioning early. On and let your super consistent in a with your positioning also put customers at the forefront of all your marketing and really find a way to keep a close pulse on on your customers needs all the time this week. monday tuesday. We had our annual customer device aboard. And there's just nothing more inspiring swell. You know to hear your phone your your customers and don't really think about scaling from the beginning things like when you're building out there marketing stacked rights. Make sure that scale with you so you don't have to stop during the journey not wasting time on the be bold be bold s you dare to be and Again getting to one hundred million it really takes a lot of focus execution clearly but most importantly it will takes outstanding at work and trust and alignment across all your funds shall sound being company. What real time. Transparency and visibility into your commission plans no more payout questions miscalculations or our spent on commission reports are disputes automate commissions. With spiff and stay motivated not distracted. Want to double your engineering output. Skip internal tools development by using internal dot. Io the smart way to create internal tools. No code means anyone can build on internal not gesture deaths get a free trial at internal dot io slash sastre experience. What your customer experiences with user testing whether you're launching a new product prototype or marketing campaign you'll get real time video feedback straight from source. Try it free at user testing dot com slash sastre.

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Google renueva la interfaz y seguridad de Android  NTX

Daily Tech News Show

06:51 min | 3 weeks ago

Google renueva la interfaz y seguridad de Android NTX

"Kicks british colony for muscian massey and similarly bill movement. So don't fit your dan. Campus foxconn club. Some won't be youkilis. Cassese chiefs actress elizabeth production. Esther three mystery russell. Radio will nannu who nelson cohesion lane affect color production foxconn and be to pace call a production. The phones being served that as an unseen quinta prosciutto. this is the interval calories. Plant that beer and with positive was expected. Gene went to report looking for richard samara twitter. Blue aeko saran dozoretz notice miss incroyables valley tweets. They collect journalists cadavers policy ideas. I see combine crucial city. That beers continue on twitter. Lycopene yeah implement verification the quintas poor premera this luck walpole in proximus madness is a special cabinet process in those proximal skeptical. He hasn't positional police. Ingredient gobierno matica spirulina us entertaining and thought the partic- activities more percent cars when does even said authentic has not yet activists in toronto script. Terriers baristas barista noticed. Looney is presented intelligence ellison novel mcguire using micro prison thrown and mobile. He's less union proxima simitis in Reported informacion medicos for partners. Infrastructuring dispensary spoiler is issues. A day your company is getting and a quarter now. The conformist losing his lavalas imperative that an appropriate has lost pakistan arena. This'll ministers solar wind ion into security that india-pakistan ransomware a colonial pipeline intelligence ulan underneath that is obtain memory h two thousand economic style. Cellino like welcome in twenty gigabytes immemorial the Into year by its own their idea to flash q. Nfc nand mobile mattis thunder into that is solar. San antonio is a fabric anti mental but corporate. I listened laptops achey post-open no immediate possess apart pugh into the golden. Can you be senior. Daily story of android their quill product. Android google play samir summer in southern new system number material. You can you tell us audio come colorado. This contract on any is must fluid on his work and this parliament manu mobile panel that info governing the saudi on camera will no standing standings and beat the animals. yoke implemented. Actually meet the cash. I muster hit us. G force ilinka parabolas. Most era means that has to pay. Let's start us then. Extra sierras in skin wisdom. Let me tell us allan amina light has raped or elliott chairing. Yes merano's comparable riskiest hit us contract anti it. But it should be live streamed quarter meteorologist property. America's interests s shaughnessy pegos latinos concrete domoni. Desperate to the cina. I lose mancusi institutions venus s demarcus. Illness likely monica. Your deals prosciutto. So up testimony us komo tedium events coin berina make you make interest activity analysis. The blockchain elliptic esteem. i don k rupel ransomware dockside. After needle muslim lettuce garages passages or victim does premier the correct by the owner opponent. Etienne is hilarious lewis investigate. Boris bitcoin. Who sat us. Poll up. And the ransomware was purported victims rentals. Parcells mrs look. While amazon materials experiments roster which was determined not eliminating was a link disco albums. Funders of neal's uplands wireless who's unisex really that enter lefkas ingredients. That are the saying. Yes your model seeing time. This phony lake. Placid companies reportedly equality lacerra winter. The my your ten point loses tells only looking up. They must rail assistant. Coach apple watch meteorology mean to buy. This positive was made for competitive. Lease african analyst daniel as he combining corporate under supported by apparatus. Oh the dvd. Dictionaries subscription description capri c. That broncos told the diesel miss bourne. Tele medicine mana the who knew mother at cheviot max news. Tony's established discover continuity paramus. In connection in the next does theranos symbol daniels. They want another brothers makers youkilis best. Journalists public has internet explorer kentucky supercup activities noodles mutaween. Those can plus with windows s. c. You didn't contender support. Microsoft edge bluefield internet explorer including mobile. The internet explorer support control authorities activex. Utah's with us so we're microsoft. The aso petar. Istanbul minnows as those between internet explorer. Sarah and local news radio scares standard. Is women say we'll have discussing can camera needles. Laurie trahan ikeda's present that only like two parallel data quality data formats publicity thaddeus mazzini ulysses saudis are accessible it absolutely reason sporadically impact. Today's analyst goes. I miss the is yellow commission whether the commercial proposal the later affleck has lettuce in neuropathy in la this telescope west opportunity at john and the protection that does but i can not mystical lowest accident. began display performace politician librarian but supposedly was oculus. Quest quest those incorporated who's yonder superposition up to one of us must hold on notoriety that built in on this positive are you most in lubbock policies. John adams or application minister achievable all. This guy lost his job as the radio. Competition the z. People's originalists look sort of those. But i'm not easy signal. The ass was given their baby. Take mutual tecom in communicant us. Notice these depart. They told members keep diesel rookie express daily tech headlines. Vpn s fantastic fiends. Amana channels in proximal program.

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Angra: Rafael Bittencourt grava em estdio com MC Guim e Toni Garrido - Ritual Metal Mantra #029

Metal Mantra Podcast

13:49 min | 2 months ago

Angra: Rafael Bittencourt grava em estdio com MC Guim e Toni Garrido - Ritual Metal Mantra #029

"Though the psychopathy side to our guests because don't you says do have the heavy metal of all jewish fell out so angry. But i feel telegram. Don't postal to the geelong hop bye l. grabbing stooge usual emmy see. Give the tony guy. He doesn't of course it. I got a bone to saad. Ym the fired goes deep equals ebay sit at the julia own q. Also giving vancouver whom his stomach at that. Who did up built as you voted on. A lot of salsas but in versus post solves is bothering me. Going through data. Mrs planeta angle boat me. So he saw their line is nathan. And it's like you know twitter. October missile underlying is. She's an did it build the angle but there are other all that are built a bunch cash only starting to talk you should campbell visual elgar jumpers. Because you look meantime he's oil epistle offering casual up for our car door who scouting who've yogic blue memories adjusted prefer that are built office. Lucas's jozy Procedure get gsi brassiere. We'll keep the decision brassiere. But this show melodic keep the philosophies l. between core allowed do do that cat and if he's on my forte kind of gonna push more off to cone guy he'd do you funkier rhythms to give me a car. It didn't do the talent. Over that city residency. Each year vehicles. Illusory the guy he gleaned how greenhouse through juice activating keeping. This is a diving envy. Says he don't alaska for your wash mice but all want you beat up on fully so she could to my school dude our up abundance with getting underway died. Scott this right now. Know sample from scott. Did salute was from sean. Mckeever could his own. So he's coffee. Finance kidman gash. The mall do ordinary. Means to us in those meetings. All those mauvais be free. So mode service Legend album he. He he blockbuster. Mice of the kind of fiscal thousand was wounded. you're talking. He said he'd say woman zaba problem. This style cod handed. Educating them. whiskey was if i wasn't allowed sample. He finds monkey the allowed alone while boy he view keeping who happy do it. They happy to impose lanka they little bring dot little green men calcium hefty. There was a major squabble for another major budget file. Cada don't do everything could avoid some kind of use youtube with a follow us. Something you me won't you lasala. Fever without kinda shipping had void to me. Said she's my wife. They must've condition. But i kill the cat daughter. Mice and was worst. Virginia hasn't methylated simple complicated. That content roper blemare kissing. Who have everything could. i've got to do. The stationery vodka. Michigan participate robert. Okay got up the facility in the for them. We're going to one you'll actually think site. Brake yoga boneless. He's if someone's genius. Even thinking made him so mobile mri as mosey cowan crush. Canola shuki nothing special It was it down to. What are the stars there. You gotta me might as well just of you know my worst gonna be no marketing sucky. I dunno sucky. Yeah well no eleo. The my spill up electronics colleague. Omai's things should be propaganda as an kasan jawbone we wash zouabi washington dc Doors mice cuando ship. Basic davis also donaldson fiso by the genetic but sees the pc by kiki on novosel will get you do. Though the retires to pack their woke up call a elegant and all heavy metal on does do you need gotta say l. Do the pitch for piano inch. Hormone multi crossover. Fumbles on university. Had linked natural coys one zero waste. Would you also gonna. They don't have all seen thanks. Shared sale will put up a famous inch. Said who live there little boys. It kinda thing to is key. Which earned me throwing the pups. In cuenca bruce. Butch buying through no leashes the charts into the charts at ten. Would you be leaderless strikes. Let's put him through this saying you. Cats don't kill the farmer session. Concentrated goes to caring gobbled up overnight which modeled scott hip because just joins us from home. My check wolf must be administered. He's a sports fi. Coty some commuting thing so we ask comfortable lock key be with you might zelmati. Don't public would use goes topless toronto chart at the charge. My i might have been set. Probably don't cut your car. I should say he will dhabi's yo session with the toughest thing we've seen for the bottom. Halloween buffet is now missing fit. Ain't canes view elaine regiment quizzes contests in america for for follow with your brother. San friendship follow boston. Medical cassese who. You don't know my board tossing a a tired. You'll do sees got a won't permissive. Shooting you mice awash give come mood for the scene. Think was a call had said Associated g go ida does pitch provided the the religio meet you guys quiz wise. My posse me you. may you cut it. Nobody has saleroom permitted. You salvage problems call for the generous cap. Africans mitchell silica choosing thing. Was you pick vibe each big. Hi the final the Over danial lovie inches and all of the changing can away whom we may was use promo style city. You know face. The main key years move followed those doors pitch by s. Come up on the miserable thing you'll ever career my school to our and i've got a regular guy. He possibly egypt them being woken me. You just put my beyond the soviets book in mice but as cues three stooges jean veil of other faith affair spins fiscal major kc view auto concern too. Sarah i should kee- suit would care to share his to the mayor bill. It's tyrod your character to a genuine. Might be it faster. Disco jurisco a meal ever had rather abrahams. She got him with the questioning. Must judah then. She bought a schedule coming up with vitali with political cooler. Imperio do sewing to his appeal. Feast this will wash your watch. In alphabet inc for for more matica melodic us battlefield. Plus mulan thumbing of god us one because his vs phenomenon using go be fatuous monarch natch still does. I can't survive. Monarch could data nathan have altitude because there is a fire. Jeez also vs partying mentioning my procr- alana twitter and facebook and they start get into our hope amid winter gimmicky. Get through combine their mice. Personal cost telegraph. Group pulled out a hole in october the entertaining to him yet by mid coach. You know no society. No no mental mental bay. Page contessa key victoria. Novitiate by the idc stags to tell all follow disasters to sell the silk podcasts. Aja so we'll who elma thelma's broadcast on 'second skills to this comment that on the north side. Miguel wound but a foldable.

Mrs planeta kidman gash lasala roper blemare mosey cowan Canola shuki Omai novosel Mckeever emmy nathan scott Lucas campbell vancouver ebay cassese twitter alaska sean
The Automotive Data Whisperer with Ben Sullivan

Talking Automotive

1:06:39 hr | 3 months ago

The Automotive Data Whisperer with Ben Sullivan

"All righty welcome to tokyo by with vulcan. John why names johnson cacao spot pedestrian i. Today we've got been sullivan bangs. The managing director. Of ed clarity. And the head of automotive services at ten shiite been joined us previously in the early podcast and dive some very insult full detail around purchase intention ownership and trends in the automotive industry from a customer perspective. He revisits the trends. So we cover up what he has saying through a covid. Nineteen with some very interesting trends appearing in. Who's buying what they buying along taping them and even the all important. Where are we at. From an av hybrid. And what does the future hold been has a really great way of dalvin into the dieting. Coming up in some very interesting insights. So let's jump into it with thirty years experience in auto logistics and started out like actions in five. Major cities breakout fleet. Services is an independent division of prey. Cassese's offering specialty flake fit-outs for commercial applications ranging from simple try and taiba figments to fully bespoke service body and accessory installation with quality issue safety compliance and standardization vehicle. Builds breakout fleet. Services are premia all in one solutions provider commercial vehicle fleet operators leasing companies and original equipment manufacturers further information on how fleet services can assist in solving all commercial vehicle fit aetna aids please visit pre pre-cut dot com and click on the link to flight service before we jump into today's hip aside secrete waged from s house is a digital platform across both wave app coins that helps simmons of motivational assets to reach and transact with a lodge audience in the beta base by sounds allows you to seamlessly inefficiently. Least your halsall inventory either by dam. S integration will manual entry and then transact attend to format war in the marketplace wallet. Your halsell inventory only be made available to a limited number of buyers when you can tap into an engaged for marketplace on kazak with a national reach of eight hundred plus registered users increase your audience and improve returns on your halsell stock connect with taza bombing dean on the web at taza dot com dot year or re chat directly to andrew tyson at andrew dot tyson at cossack dot com. Welcome thank you very much back in the great debate here in hi john. How did y'all greg heavy on the shotgun and so we always enjoy talking to you because the daughter always tells the truth in it's just fascinating to getting into that detail so welcome to the shot by me to kick things off. Can you may tell us a little bit about vehicle which isn't tangents and how the trains have changed since covid or starting to crack out of covid look i. It's baying really interesting from office. Victory and again coming from a diet perspective. Because i certainly i would think if we reflect back to where we were goal is literally a year ago. I think we were all the cheeky. Little sky was falling in and we will preparing fit for absolute devastation. And certainly y'all i think if you look at vehicle purchases through june. It was pretty one thing. I do think that was happening. Was that way created a bit of an illusion selves in that a lot of the 'cause went out during the match jaipur lie. We'll probably 'cause in fact ordered well pray If you look at the models opt high they will vehicles going on back order. I think that favorite something very very interesting to say. Bob s those lockdowns around the country started to aids. We had people turning back up at the market but what we have seen. Is i a celebration of trends that we were saying before and if anything i think covered his contributed to it not only directly but also indirectly in that way no longer able to travel overseas and doug show it ole-ry That that is a hell of a lot of a lot of. Australians travel overseas to bali to jump on a cruise ship or whatever but a good chunk of those people of what i would call the boomers. The baby boomer's yeah they. They were tied and they've got their income sorted out. Now what happens. I think couple of things other going on. Firstly you buy com. He's got money in. The bank was intending to stand. So that's kind of caused the market to bump a little bit but what we're saying is in fact again. Acceleration of the shift that was being driven by economic stagnation in the years preceding. Covid what i had noticed that the buyer makes was rapidly aged batuta level that i would not expect to say if it was just a population lawn so what i started to do was to pull a pot the various trends we was saying in took in not of percentages but in terms of role volumes to stop essay way. The declines will coming and one of the things that we've saying it's absolutely continuing is essentially the middle middle middle australia. all what. go families with kids now. Last time we talked about the fact that i'd be a third of the market is family cates. And that's actually gone down even further and the these taking up more of them but if i sort of extrapolate those things together. It's the bloomers. Were relatively unaffected by the economic consequences of covid. Yeah that would probably already largely sitting at heart. But i can't go anymore but i would. I would losing jobs because they didn't have jobs to lose and despite that we'd stopped back at things that happen very quickly If you took a lot of the A lot of sense. What's going on in the stock market. It seems very detached from reality. And i think honestly There's the industry in silence. Do look good. But i would always challenge the look compared to walk. Because i can guarantee you that if we stop to look at sales versus even seventy six day. I'd still by all if we get to twenty nine. Which was what about worst ever. Yeah i think people would be really happy so in other words whatever the recovery. We're undergoing it's not a recovery back to will have been simply not as bad as wall and so one of the things that we noticed could've coming to the end of the year is the way this cut of what i would collect hiked recovery in the an i talk about this the literally this this idea that let's say the reach or the relatively rich left relatively unscathed by something so they can recover much more quickly but it's that the unwashed masses. I don't know what whatever you want to call them. The vast majority of middle ustralia bastille feeling it. So what we've got. Is this money coming out of the boom. Because i can't spend it anywhere else. I don't want to go on holiday today buying landcruisers and i'm sure you guys would of all hood that you couldn't buy caravan for love no money at the moment little off right let alone. A converted vw cumby. You can't get these things because suddenly there is a demand all because it's they got well a into italy. What did i go up. North all go west or whatever. So you've got accessorising that whole night's big. You'll find that it's not just the vehicle all other kind of paraphernalia associated with travelling in australia. What that's also done guest. Why luxury less impacted all. Suddenly you look across. The brands yet. Locks brands will s affected because they have the glue by the vitamins that they buy luxury cars toy. so again it's the middle of strata. But just add feeling flash. And what's exacerbating the condition is the new cossacks. Go down a used car. Availability goes down. A used car goes up because demand supply. And so you've got these kind of again it's like you is squeezing that middle part of a strident really odd. Yeah we getting jobs as a lot of celebration. All these jobs are coming back. But i don't say it in coupled with wage bras for example so in other words you going from i'm gonna be in the straight sign too few. I'll take my head by a roof over my head. But i'm not feeling flash and honestly i say that coming back for quite a long time. There's a lot of the macro economic forces that are driving that we say all of that kind of thing and the other look other trends differently. Sing kaz just take this. Quite a number of brands really sell passage. 'cause anymore i look recently. Mitsubishi has one that still got the the mirage four. Really eilly cells arcus noun. we've got your nissan. The doesn't sell anything except the life. And certainly we're really saying megan. Suv small as evade. Lightest evade pumping up. What is interesting enough saints. Impress around landcruisers and prada's for example. The biggest you've as volume metrically speaking their flat. They quite a again pretty strong. But again what we're saying is the by follow shifting into a bit more into that that all the growth but the other interesting thing. I'm saying i guess. Is that both the lodge and particularly the maty messy. They almost not franken minting. But there are assured quite distinct by gracie net again. It's one of the surprises to people particularly by be the advertising folk you look buys yard line of as install. Suv's if you look at the ads shoot was all young bible. But it's not it's fifty year old coppell's second often additional but the maty mischievous really interesting because again we sing two sets of needs buying it's dominated by all the couples who made seven sites for example. Who don't necessarily want off road. Who died they not really into the kids. It's really for them and they but you've still got a game Interestingly i then there's that family and what. I also is really interesting when you look at that family group the st the lodges she borrowed. Medium suv buy look almost identical except for one thing income in other words. If you've got money you'll biologics ebay if you you might be compromised and get a baby. Msu that's almost as big as the lodge what so again it starts to tell me that there's probably opportunity to think about different sorts of issue base thinking about different marketing strategies. But we've certainly. Yeah absolutely saying the unfortunate. I guess the not the death of the car but it certainly whining in australia. Yeah the madiun qasr now. Virtually non-existent maybe mutt sid. Two or three percent of the market lodge virtually zero five and small. Gaza wants twenty five percent of the market and now well south of twenty percent. So again fast shifting the compaq in terms of what's being bought versus what's being replace but yeah really quite interesting in watching. How the debt the by demographics or the people who are turning up a changing the why the mock it ends up being expressed and i think that does tell some interesting. Things have been you mentioned in al last. Catch up that fifty boat new vehicles than paypal undecided. He has that changed. Or has it accentuated saints the recovery from the pandemic initial shock is still more people either fifty that are buying. New york has than undertake. Yeah look it's absolutely accelerated. Yeah we've got last year It's about fifty percent of the market wherever you're going through that even further you've got certainly more sixty five pluses buying the thirties that has accelerated because again. It's it's not even down to desire who's got the money who's got the spare cash at certainly one of the things we have site is that while the mock it has declined overall. I think i think if i remember the stats about right. The overall market has declined about twenty six percent yet this yet. It's a twenty nine eight three six nine kind of declined declined about a quarter from well vermillion dance to well under a million kind of thing that period but what we saw was the biggest decline was amongst families with kids. The second biggest decline that was at about thirty percent for memory. Then you had a twenty six twenty four percent decline amongst the authorities but early. It percent decline in fifties in other words. Everybody's hurting a little bit but some people hurting more than others or less than on this depending on how you absolutely. It's accelerating more of the market is you Sorry but what. I'm afraid i'll personally as the industry seems to be making an assumption that this is all at again. It's probably got field. That young people don't want anymore. But i just i really would countenance against that. Don't believe that's true for for for loud variety of raisins but in its most simple terms. He's not flashy not gonna buy them. You'd probably buy used if you code. But even if. I don't buy one now by the time i've got children i don't know about you but i don't think my wife would have let me get away with not having a car when i had children. Yeah just in case of accidents or any of those sorts of things where you really donate grants or instant instantly. Believe that while maybe car ownership is a little bit less prevalent among young people. The minute hit that slightly all the stage slot would you. I'm going to go out and buy qasr. The reason they not come into the market is. Because i can't afford to under the car macroeconomic environment but i look the little set. Aside died on that one thing. I do think he's very interesting. Is the rise of mj. Eleventh in january belief which sort of reports to other allies substitution with used cars. In the sense that i can get a seven year warranty which takes a lot of fear away. And i but i can get one at a raised a price. So that's probably almost propping up some of those back nations in the market lies paypal going codified a us one but that that new one looks out guy and with seventy warranties. It'll it'll be up other thing. I think it's interesting that the industry can sale that clearly. But i happen to have a look at the average price high for vehicles and one of the things i've noticed was through last year. We have such an increase of about five thousand dollars in the price of the average khazal from about forty five to about fifty kinda. That tells me again. A lot of things about what sorts of vehicles obeying salt and also in. Who's turning up to buy them because they got damn showroom is that caused the the pricing qasem cells did not go up it. Is that the the mixed shifted in other words. It shifted that higher end. Which is at again when you look at the volume. It's not that that grow massively back to where it was. It's all the the the. The lowering fell away even more so again. It feels like let's say the new khattak mighty through the highs of the twenty fifteen twenty six when the box was booming. And we're all cheering about it. That was when meatless strategy could afford to buy a new car. Necas look achievable many. But then if you look at it now the world is taught. A lot of people feel a little bit tight house. Prices are going through the rebel or they just won't have the stay bonnie but the compress new prices going up because the big little buying on the table simply anoc showing up so again interesting. Little shifted the marketplace accelerating. Something was coming. But that probably won't be turned around until such time as the title economy stops the mite paypal feel a little bit flash side your overall says the market is gonna struggle to to get anywhere need where it has been for quite a number of years until such time as the overall economy starts to grow and wijers grind and ben with ill save as you mentioned passenger and suv's house the. What are you saying in the demographics of the elsie. Thanks bye-bye on couple of very interesting question. I noticed just on that one was. I did say some really interesting things for the june results. Because if you remember. The governor put out a whole la yet. It's an asset right off thing and things noticed firstly was i'd not seen a snowflake volume all meeks level anything like what we saw in june of before and i've been looking at this for a long time other. It was just so heavily small flights in other words all as little businesses. Who could come out. And i'll get myself ecob because the government's giving me an instant asset is absolutely no doubt that pumped us up the l. Save dramatically. But i also night is now. The thing was that the internet was also behind the huge bumping locks. Because it's all we might not think of them. I think when we think of the small business. I know we tend to put them in houston. Yeah achieved their plumber or sparky or something like that. But what we saw was again a bunch of lexical architects doctors or accountants. Or whatever guy beautiful. I've got the cash. So therefore i can dump that knowing that will pay back on the tax cut so that is a really interesting. The other thing that i've noticed as well it's not only that l. Save is being bumped up not only by the treaties that being bumped up by they sold a fall hoon again in a budget level. If i wanna tell a camera ahead. I could buy a product or i could buy a trotting full by fall not much difference in towing capacity. Finish a different to budget process. And i do think we saying that. Certainly evolved dramatically from what i came into the industry when it was pretty much exclusively to sates two wheel drive now. It's pretty much all all-wheel-drive at five sites very very different vehicles. So yeah some interesting guy was having a bit of a look at the garages and additional vehicle buys suddenly. What do they say. He's an index of of utes or else a vase ask additional 'cause all the couple households now why it's because they grind augmenting right. They they using this alive. Getting outta town live in the drapes. Whatever you wanna call it siberia some interesting the blurry line commercial vehicle. Not so much. There's a hell of vehicles that are bought as literally private vehicles now. There's some brands fairly obviously like that. But again quite different markets different needs and he could say that in the beagle mix and that's interesting because when you you mentioned before if you look at some of the mainstream brains selling those elsie vs above what the luxury car brand everage would be from average purchase price so things like large. Suv's and lodge elsevier. He's top end. Lc vase in that same volume though is is would get tyke advantage of that instant asset rod as would the build his at centrists the sem as anyone who's a professional who could brought off your the border premium cow or you bought a premium. Lc it easy. Just i think that yeah. I think it'd be a little bit too. Genocides the changing alsi mile but predominantly. I guess it is but yeah. Those vehicles are suddenly. Oh my status symbols now interesting A number many ease ago about why people for example a catelli or a saline for example. And what we found was quite interesting was that essentially by look getting the the rich point in their life. The kids lifetime. But i didn't wanna go into w all orbis eighties because they would look like lancashire's in that among stay max and i do think what we're saying is there's an element of that. If you want to show that you do it you do it by buying a fancy trick up l. survey. Yeah and though. It's it's almost like it's a new set of clothes. A lot of people love to wear the area i live. That's always dear. Agca is what you should be by. The dad has a year and has out walking right big. Suv saving rural area site e. Say that's i think there is that element of tricking it. Up if you Boyd out one of the advantages of rules like that is. I could buy it for my full visas but i get to drive it on the weekends and i think that's what it is. It's that very much that it can do trixie. It could do the work thing. But i'm proud to drive it rather than it being. Just a workers. Many people call his anymore. was chatting to a might amman. Recently it was just driving one of the new highlights as he was saying. It's it's almost assignments almost two kaolack. I want it shouldn't feel so nice. They gotta an out and it's almost going beyond their original purpose. So i do think there's an element of the 'cause died at the young shied piney so donate yet a living at home and i live in the draymond. They'll save up. They'll sell the truck. Stop by ryan gerald something like that. There are all those tragedies and all people who've perhaps in the pasta border sedan or they see that guy. You know what i liked the way. This looks doesn't feel like a truck. And i like the way i feel one on drive it. But it's got up in makes again june last year never say news as propulsion title vehicles aisles. At its holding not at that kind of level but it certainly holding up from where it was twelve months ago now venues to increase activity online. Are we not quite yet to add that people doing the full purchase lawn but one of the trains you seeing at the moment with on to look. It's a really interesting thing. Wait we had a bit of look at how interested were people in online purchase. And we'd kinda got the rating back inside that around about twelve. Fifteen percent of people would be actually quite interested in buying a beagle a lot. Yeah one thing we do is in general. People don't really like buying costs. It's not the experience that dealer experience. I wanna skip right one of the interesting things that cova deed was it forced the whole of the industries that start to rethink how i might manage a style and so there is some interesting. Certainly not is a lot of brands out. That talking up online coaches. And i do think that there is as a result of covid when paypal of as wraith oil away. We do normal things that he's a great moment so the industry to get its head around. What my feet socil- price look like that. He's started and finished online. Because if i go through the vehicle purchase price the beaks that people really doesn't like they don't like the pressure to buy that. That kind of you here in you're gonna buy tonight. I am not going to talk to you if you're not going to buy all of that crap but they probably dislike that enforced. Saint that happens at the end which is sitting in this office. Will haggle aleve. Vulgar guy told my manager. We'll finally gray on a price and they will fill out the paperwork and then then you gotta deal with. The finance people got the contract. You gotta go through all of that and then you call them english on the words. The dealership experience focuses on pricing. These horrible pace. That really can be done at. Hod ole should be idle to be done at home. And i think say quite a number of i know that volkswagen's out in public talking about the they'd doing it. I know audi is doing an upper case. Cited going going vol what this so many brands want to align. And there's a whole lot of political stuff guys on with it right. Yeah has manage. Who's going to do it. But i think they're wise through it. And i've kind of would ruin but i think the challenge to challenge one of which is the most if all of the efforts to move the car carolina now. It's probably not really actually a lot experience in other words. It's just a fancy way of getting to the dealership in other words it doesn't really feel a lot different but i think if brands can copy kinda get their heads around how that process works how you do it without offending dealers but also most importantly how do you do strive. Well when the person doesn't really wanna come into a dealership other than to test drive or just go somewhere to test drive a vehicle. It tells you that. Interestingly it by surprise you about two thirds of people test drive a vehicle. Full josh before i buy the big which which bike. But the third one is people. Most of them are people who are buying the same vehicle again in other words. That nate to i want do is just replies. And i'm buying another hot walks. Or whatever i don't drive it's fine only but given the to the table to changing segments with iran by ray says the fascinating one for the district that might see subsidy vibe a small callosum. I'm gonna buy small car game. That stop anyway. Needs that forty percent the About the highest of the status About fifty percent Seventy percent but by the cop auction lifestyle. She's people moving 'cause all moving segments every time they right by challenges that on average that he's i-it's pop and i think that's where the online purchase thing is gonna find interesting. Is that if most people only go through the market. Once every i-it's took the full ramifications of the move online again is going to take a dick idle side because it takes a long time if you imagine any given year all as people new to the market for the last eight years so they're all reloading at a doe this discovering how you can do it but i do think there is a huge opportunity for the To get around a lot of the problems that they have now lot to do with what happens to customers. When i show interest dilu- sought say the customer up online and most of those people will not leave you allayed. Your brand get ten percent of its potential customers delayed online. That will be cheering. It's be more like five percents. Ninety five percent of people go silent. Why because they've got that auction of going to a deal and want to give the laid to the dealership. Don't because i want to tell you don't want to buy a cow with. They don't wanna be. He's hassle to bica however if we can write that knicks us. Getting people will look like i. I'm i'm interested in driving what Interesting buying one. Do i need to go off line to do it. But then i do my test drive or just moved. Strike ordering online. Yeah and literally go through identity. Verification prices up show you guys being through possible checkpoints being to that banking that we can do now where you're doing live necessitating and there's all sorts of really good wise a balloting who somebody is and you can sign finance contracts at all sorts of things alive. Why can't you buy. It actually doesn't make a lot of sense to that. Part of the process is so antiquated that nobody can build a an easy to complete online form where somebody specifies the beagle at four then arranges finance over to the positive down then goes into the ring system and then the vehicle to get dropped the drop to the hassle. That could be notified when it's ready for pick up from dealership complete the final bits of pipe boy walking grab. Uk's and lakes. That's where i think we should be going to. So i think a lot costas would feel a lot more comfortable but we've got to get let's say the the will of the manufacturers and the deal is too simple. I was quite interested to say that. I think it was. I pay jay announced the opening a store dealership inside. I shopping centre. yeah. I talked about a whole lot of convenience things which i completely agree with the thing that i was most interested to say is there was no talk of how they would make the experience any better and i think that's the that's why will online work is because it's a wife of people to avoid the stuff that doesn't like yeah. If deal is wanted to make a nice to buy that would probably slow it down. But i think we all know to customers joyce at some people want a guy that why it's now going to be. Who does it whale. Who'd designs a good process. I've seen feedback about summer. The manufacturers online initiatives and a lot of it's not good yard otherwise aid. The process is painful. So again it'll come that a process designed a lot of the vecsey told about all of the stages of buying a guy and this is interesting interviewed michelle de noggin from an organization. The us road staff and festival and say half the us is ahead of this with the whole omni channel and recognizing that it's not just online. It's actually a mix of both and what you've just described been is is fascinating because when michelle cabot off the problems that they've been candidates that dealerships dealerships went to these online. But then you had this analog process beck in the dealership again so you spent your stop tom online but then you ended up back in this old school dealership experience whereas what they found. Is that if you actually embrace omni through the digital bit but then integrated into the fact that you can still do. Some of the mechanical processes will analytic processes in dealership but already have that pre feel that information age south consult can actually sell more cars because the journey is actually being done by the castorama. And you really just getting down to the the bits that have to be executed in showroom because you've created such a really good experience but the challenge is actually mapping it all together and that's fascinating that you see in the data that they still. He's laced in this market. That disconnect way. I have had a digital experience but then it's not connected to what actually happens in showroom and i i wish i'd listened to that That podcast because again. That's the sort of things that we've observed of the problems of Doing on i think that wealth throat and it cut up to face the point and people will abandon the defects. The point right if i end up doing analytics why would i do that. This is a couple of our ends where i've done some work looking at the soda shop at one of the classic leads that you rise there is. You're looking at these beautiful car. I suspected past cyber godsend spec to anybody and a guy get a price floor. Like what the everything else again. Why do you guys want to control that much with those clients of yours to that podcast with with the channel with michelle a little a little project with a boycott the minorities. We've found some really good software that will help with all of that validation kind of literal identification stuff that gets us through all of that and we are gonna steetch together to devote a complete omni channel kind of solution which has what what you described his persistence in other words. I don't care where in the in the ecosystem to god. What you've done before will follow you. They started otherwise. You can up the you can book the test drive. You turn up do anything you just go and then in this. I look you like your. But i'll finish it online at hud yell finish the budgets or you can come in here and what are you going to do is get low transactional prices because all at times not lighted wasted. Getting loss that she'd we might actually say siles paypal become genuinely caring and wanting to help people because they realize that the customer could go do all that stuff themselves and maybe they'll haggle less with price to what i don't know i just feel like it's a a an experience that so many people including probably half of the population baginda would really. That was a nice thing right to not deal with the snake oil. Exactly where we go. But the industry's hot love s. You will not and just one question as far as trains with fuel trends we saw these old was a very trendy fuel in the recent journey petrol diesel and lpg tend to get your take on what you said those astray fueled talks. I l page elsa with the one that i think a lot of wise. He's fighting pay really quite big and i did quite a bit of work on its potential deck either so however because it's not really supported by any of the way and it was really difficult it's allies an aftermarket. Conversion diesel is probably the most interesting one to me in that it had a fees ago at absolute spike in interest at it was yet subtly had moved out of its comfort zone in us and biggest like really big properous eve as it started to emerge inside as a valid fuel type in medium. As i mean you. Obviously so foresters and at outback's coming days we were always other little pliers coming through selling beagles diesel. And at that time there was a lot of greenwashing. Y'all we now the would people would try to make out that you don't use much full even if it's a bit more expensive but you're not easy about fuel so they've for good for the environment but that was detro- days elise simply bad for humans. Should we and probably the world but what we say is intention to buy days will is really going out quite rapidly. Which i think is interesting. Edits being matched by an increase in intention to buy a vase or at least to consider them an hybrid suddenly by looking at something like the rams full phenomenon yet. What it does show is. If you put a hybrid engine in a nine plight that he's well known and the drives pretty much like the doma one but cost you. Let's do on and it's not priced excessively. You can do really well. The thing that i think is particularly interesting about that. Is that again. The part of the of his drive that he's not young trendy paypal. It's not young tickets it's all. It's all the bible. It seventy percent of the we say salt assaulted people over in other words. Almost all of them because why because the money to to to be safe and comfortable doing that. They're not afraid to yeah again. That's the that's the permissions. I've got some money. But one thing is released the gave as now and hybrids sitting up at twenty percents intention absolutely a marked rise since the of last year i think one of the other interesting i guess consequences perhaps solve of covid. I'm sure we all remember saying photos is of wuhan win all the factories and shutdown when we heard about a half quiet. And how much less fuel flying's what going on. We started to realize baby one time to do a little bit of something about that and so that is absolutely beta leaf but the same things happening we saying higher intention like it takes is absolutely why over what actually happens and i i kind of hear a lot about. Why aren't we moving. Why isn't moving faster. And it's pretty simple. There's not a good range people by aqa to do something to leave a life that i want to laid. They bought because of its method of propulsion. In other words. If you can get it. What's the mix improves. And the products differential is much closer. I reckon will go crazy. I really do. I think they even despite our gaba steel doing anything to actively encourage you look at nola sixty percent. I think now of all new vehicle sales our event. Yeah so that he can clearly do it but again the strategy wanted yet. I think the ryan gysi when you compact compare that without tasting vehicles. That's it's the right fit. Your stride is big on. Maybe as many as those around are in australia. Not not is the audi. And what the tesla. Probably the only two immediacy. They true a vase. So i think we've got a long way to go with mock ignatz needs to catch up to walk. The buzz would be willing to buy. And i have a question with a you mentioned before bet the hybrids and now with a the pure electric cars then. These petrol electric hybrid so by many a petrol cow with an electric hybrids additional system. And then there are plugging hybrids which is electric cow with a petrol range extent. You're seeing a difference between those talks not really. I don't think people. I think one of the biggest problems with buddies to simply knowledge and experience one of the things that we look at is yet when we look at how interested they hours how much experience of people had with these vehicles and the simple reality is the most fable. It's none. they not encounter them. The daily lives. Yeah so it's not part of a normal for them yet. I've done think it's meaningfully. Understood the difference between the suddenly the av versus hybrid yes but those subtle nuances within much demised able yet. We just simply not mature enough. I think it would be keen to asking by paypal about what is a variable valve. Timing do is not in a in. A petrol engine got lead as in front of with a hybrid with a petrol. Electric hybrid ryan. Jr is not an issue so there's no ranging saudi with anything i look like a normal car. Allah kerala and the rev so tight pitching cab with an electric drive system. You're not going to be stocked if you run out of charge. You don't have to plug it into charge. You can just operate it and runs on. Both systems alternates between the two. And it's not it's not five thousand dollars more expensive to have one versus. I want i feel vehicle so if it's tick boxes right now. You fit the bill in australia. Whereas if you the other extreme which is a full a plug in electric vehicle with ny ryan's extinction riotings already is an issue and you're applying a premium for that cabot because it's one hundred percent battery so you're not paying five thousand dollars. More than equivalent is fecal. You'll paying tens of thousands of dollars more four that geico and is that what you're saying that there's the the issue with this resistance. Take it up absolutely. I think that's what that that easel that lets site called a partial transition so the corolla the ravaged by an absolutely beautiful doing it because it gives people that opportunity to go there in the first place without that fiat. But there's absolutely no doubt that ryan giese the big problem but like a lot of things have problem i have with that is the actual driving babies. Do not warrant that ryan jenkins audie. Yeah the average ponta drives twenty forty kilometers today. There's no way that you can't do that on comfortably. And you been thinking about recently as well depending on how we go with a vase. What happens with petrol. Stations huge about some valuable real estate all to be putting petrol into things but if people are charging their vehicles at for example what happens does exist. How will i reinvent themselves. Guys probably another whole conversation about what to do with the petrol site should be but to me it is very about shabazz. Gradually tipping more more painful at they will start to say the infrastructure if we noted people that have had one. Yeah you can have a chat for disease that we'd know what a was actually really loved about looking at some of the comments below. Buying the vase is that lesson. They're less talking about different eighty. Is it actually more likely to talk. About how siamese but its shape it or up. Yeah that's what they looking for. Ya gotta always think of it. That the praise my in fact buying it was certainly for engineering perspective. It incredibly useful for toyota to done but by making its i d it might it how to sell because it's a look anything whereas a something that looks just sign a little badge on it nobody's whose signing for me and it's that it's not that different and there's that's ravin kerala. It feels but i'm just not spending as much money one thing good strategy. We've got twenty percent of the population signed that willing to but we only say less than three percent actually doing as i'm going to sort of hypothesize warih's that intention going the first thing i think we would say the is simply the range and the price might want to but there's nothing on all oughta that works for me to make transport nights. The first thing we will need though is expected when the ryan increases in the price comes down where we all heard the app on about the same size as a q. Five Probably sixty grand more expensive. Does the same thing basically and that's going to be hard to justify tila marketplace can normalize the price of batteries and get it down somewhere equivalent. It will never be mine so again. If i think about the shifts for the cop poc with that if we got three percent even if we get a ten percent way to be drug saying strivings drive around in internal combustion engines for the next twenty. Yeah it's gonna take a long time and less to shift ova petrels little still bay. Traditional service centers will still be. We've got a long white guy at one hundred percent for tomorrow will be meet twenty thirties before half the gaza striding roads were elector side yet. Law got it's coming. The market and the manufacturers nate to match the product with what people want. And then. I think we'll get acceleration. It's not the a bit that selling the av is an alternative tone internal combustion engine in the end. What am i carrying and wear my golly. that's all it on a And if you've got one that doesn't with 'electricity the thing. I'd love to say by the way. Is people album. Venerable prime minister learn a little bit about what as conducted on. If you'll remember back in the election it was like yeah. The live is trying to kill away again by making us all drive a vase. Because that'll kill you. Tessler buildinga cyber drunk. I don't think you've got anything to do with telling people let's get a little bit of education at they. Let's stop habituating meet side. Look it really got like personally. A big believer. I love them. But i just watch australia's struggle towards it's quite mindful ben in terms of respect laws. Tom about average ownership of vehicles. Are you seeing any changes in that ship and then servicing and look what one of the things i had to look at it. Yeah now see. There is a lot of activities. Should we go say on warranty lanes yet. If i go back to not sell on the guy who threes was standard threes. Now you're backward five the staff at a quite a few with seven one with ten ten year warranties and about. Why would i doing that. I it's going to be short early. We noted that people stop servicing with you when the with india she had when you are and we are absolutely saying that what i'm saying is definite trends in retention at five years of honesty. Yeah which to me is absolute evidence that if you do put a warrant you'll have a couple more years to get to know that customer in and do a good job earned that trust that you can take them for the next three years to get to average length then potentially beyond that as well what say honestly is and supporting activity by the. Em's gave them raisins to stay one of the. I often look at the diner. And kind of say well. Why customers leaving and i will tend to say all because we must have done something wrong hole because it it's funny when you look at it is actually not it's paid will leave you or your dealership to go to someone else that i already know and trust more than i trust you in other words you not so much. The coles them too late if you didn't give them a raise them to stay now. What i would suggest is extended warranties like this by psychologically play on people in the that all my warranties valid service with you but what it should be is an opportunity to build loyalty by giving a better relationship in other words. They are getting benefit from it. But i still think that could get more out of it. So that i think is quite an interesting lap. What we are saying again. I'm going to be really curious to watch these to pull throat. I do have a sneaking suspicion that we are going to say a further increase. In the average about initiatives be called b and that will be because those people simply choose to not come back. Why because the cause a fine of notice for example. There's a couple of things that'll will do that. But one of which is simply that the people who find out what the proportion of is hang cash has gone off a game. The gets about fifty percent now again driven by the automatic at finances. Mushed off the news by the families with kids and they sibley not by nearly as much just. I was so what i think we can say is and we also know that. Most people don't technically finish their contracts. I buy them out the finance contract. I just think we have to say a whole lot of people hanging onto the gas the long because quite frankly most caused i use a steel perfectly. Fine and how do you create the desire to buy new. When i'm not feeling that flush that section interesting point year is often wanted a rave the consequences of giving longer warranty is that you don't have a race and update like you've been in the possibly petrified if you if you tell was threes all headed one year warranty. You're really taking a risk with exposure to Is the now products are more reliable than they were previously and it looked. I'm just wondering whether this is evidence that longo warranties actually discourage uses from turning the Quicker if we look at the flaked spice win warranties went to three years government fleets would end the all dyes used to turn the cows out every two years. I would take advantage of this guy by That have this Sales tax benefit. And then that would turn the camera of aside. I didn't have migrants exposure and then pushed it out to threes is a native at warranties of five and seven and some Tang whether that will actually have a detrimental effect on those brand loyals. Where else i will hate. Mike haviland walmart he. Then i'll flip. And i'll replace it because off pace of all i announce that seventy is a minimum and potentially team. It's an interesting actually. Because i make stop it a little those warranty conversations Conversations about improved used legal value. And if i again the characteristics of the buys the. Turn the cause. I've akiko i yeah that i tend to be more lace customers at a certain type of by that will do it but if i didn't look at the raise in the majority of people kind of shift designed to buy a new car. It's mostly already down to got new. Needs in other words. There was something else like it wasn't that i did it because it was set at two. It was like oh. My god by kids have grown up all yet but there is a bit of that cut of cars fully pot. Could that tends to be again amongst the macho lacosse. Twelve year old. I going to be a really extinct because again. If i thought there were two things that you would do it. Full one of which is because it's a physical position to try to get people across the line. It's also really good. Y que use incredibly effectively to get around the. I'm just not sure how well it will go in the long term. It is interesting. The field of thinking around how people humans make decisions that was developed by two guys. Dan economists. i must've Two israeli psychologists and i were responsible for the thinking that laid things like behavioral economics for example posited that they k. heuristic stable us when they making the decision. The first one was. Does it look like it's the best product he took about looking at it. All exploit jonah. Which looks good and so. I think kate was doing pretty well on that. Like on piper. It looks fairly good but the other part of the decision by crisis people have was. It's kind of like a ford projection. Its future safety. So i'd like it might look good babb. Will it keep doing it. And so what a seventy warranty was. Give people permission to take that risk. If you don't make it back that up will it make people paul kozlowka quite possibly but again. It was going there already. I do think it's interesting. Is that look if i go back. And when did this rash of five year warranty start. I don't think unreal even saying most of them coming through at five years of ownership yet. If that makes sense. I think we've really seen it yet. I know that we're on joss saying really. The first wave of the seven year warranty k. Is coming back now because if you think about it. Yeah what twenty twenty one. I think it was two thousand thirteen or something. Twenty four that they brought in that seventy warranty expiring now so it takes a long time to say they cycled good to keep an eye out for that. One is really just decided again. A couple of would cancel these. Avi love how to be stick. The industry is but i do think we've got a bear be really stick about. Who's coming back why they're coming back. And what sort of growth is possible. I would hate to say is as a market. We'll set that things are gonna go crazy again. We can all bile lays 'cause as an inflow them. I would hike to say as back to the car land because i think we've made as an industry really good progress on that it the last year or side so that would be duncan optimistic but focus on looking after the cost of the show up. They they because i wanna by giving them a good experience probably absolutely model. I do think we also again probably particularly perhaps india land is to remind people the way the haas of the market really is. It might not be so much fun selling ocado to a a fifty five year old woman but belaid shoes where the money's at the people innate to sell to get not winning in that growth. You're not gonna we catch ice use and think that you're gonna win it as a brand is simply not enough so i would love to think that we could get a little bit bombay rocketing in dealership at a little bit more respect or acknowledge. -ment the people who are only just but i'm not quite fifty but i'm almost there but people that's really where the money in the maki's the other the more brand could it doesn't have to sign all right y'all with the gray. The most sixty five year olds not even look sixty. Five is running around the nose but again people like to say themselves represented some big boxing. And i would like to think eventually. The automatic bucket might actually stop talking to the paper will actually bites pass. That's just thought. I'll be probably in the gripe before that happened site. Yeah that's the night show but look i. I would love the industry to start thinking about the opportunities for on online styles but also the raisins. why the appetite is probably day in other words. I do believe that. A car is a absolutely tangible. Visceral object innate touch feeling other words we will always to maintain some ability for potential customers. Gallons of eagle. I think that should be a wakeup call to dealerships about how they treat missiles paypal. The sort of experience siles people can deliver at eight flakes. If you wanna buy loyalty one of the things. I didn't touch on. Before was one of the advantages online. Siles is we can get rid of all of the data. Gb worked inside our difficulties to get accurate. Dider lades an on conversion to actually stay in contact with that customer and that addressed a etc updates biting the dealership land. Do they ever come back. Comeback your primary crm systems. All of those things could be really well addressed by online sale. Because you control a conversation on the white stripe but equally noted that. A brand of never quite reconciled. Who's responsible the. And i think that would be one thing i would love to say is the to figure out how they wanna deal with these future. When you've got one dealer great that is bigger than all by one manufacturer. You've got a bit of problem because there's nine mazda. And i do think that something is an industry when a deal with hundred detecting it merck is looking at the. It models invade trial in new zealand. There are lots of different ways. Could pop up. But i do think about how i look at it. It's an opportunity to the whole industry makes to look at ways of delivering a better experience and getting to know their customers. Better stop thinking about it in terms of h. Is what is the benefit to the customer. How you needs evolving. How do i products help you. Make those days rather than we've got this new shiny. Y'all think that it's again. It's about relationship marketing. So many other categories which you would agree that one of the in joel is because i try joel. Wouldn't it be nice if we could say that about the auto industry. Thank you for sharing the updike with us. tonight on. Tend to summarize some of the things you've covered. Because i think there's some really good takeaways. And the big thing is the now i've assay tribal lending instant runoff. You so that. The data and a very strong for the the small flakes with this. Ill save as but also with luxury cows to for those assists Picking up mail site at l. save as electric has and you're on. The scott was fooling a year ago. But what does that is accelerated. Those trains that were happening before. And this is where the swing to the the boom is a still a big part of the market and should be available in how we market and how we interact with them and the omni channel tobacco we talk about digital and we had podcast with With michelle dogging from rice that way she in the us lie solar and your daughter also indicates that if you do digital you've got a match up with what experiences in the dealership in town have disconnect the two otherwise it's not really a an efficient prices but you did something with the boom is electric cat. I went affected Jobs jump cable job issues. A large losses impact them. But what we saw is what we have seen is. The jobs have returned but the reason why real wide draws with saying real estate growth. We're saying shamak at raymond side of the boom is that have real estate ancient market exposure. Getting wealthy ed. And they're not going out of the city so that even exacerbates their exposure to barn. Utah's holidays cetera. But it's interesting that you also mentioned is is further swing around the middle which is the medium saws vehicles that are purchased Poach spot families that demographic is shrinking in representation in the near camac. Because they're actually doing a bit tough. Aw whereas if attached up or empty nest you've got more of that disposable lincoln and then when we looked at the price it's actually moved up from forty five thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars within twelve month period. So we've gone through one of the biggest dixon recessions potentially as saying and we've come up with rising races. Will cows being sold more at high end vehicles. Bang salt and when we look at the fuel types lbj is totally gone days. As in demise. Addison elsa visa still haven't but otherwise it's gone out of passenger even reducing in the suv Petrol is still the mine style but this twenty percent coaches intention for vehicles hybrids. So was saying if you've got a the that looks like a normal passenger And is less than five thousand dollars more expensive than normal Combustion vehicle busy adoption for those vehicles and rev and kerala good examples of it whereas if you buying a purely electric cavities. Many tens of thousands of dollars more than equivalent is fake fifty pluses. Who cashed up. So there's a real job to be done to get a vase to jump that innovator nearly adopter gap As you got into the majority late majority that's harbor potentially davies still very much. Dan here in the early adopt defies. They've at specific The fake becca. Getting with the comments is sime to run. So i signed cobb shape it around. That's the experience that the talk and not enough of the market experience but once again it's the reason why buy i bought from because of the propulsion system. Why new count. Because as a change in your life circumstances and that's interesting. John is similar to the podcast. We jana from real estate dot com. You change your house because of a change in style so it comes stances on the kids label. Kids com all changing job. What's something like that. It's will china. Has the same thing happens with the. It's listen the council and a pap because they keeping him for eight years on average anyway. The warranties the services improving they with the franchise dealers full longer. But they still leaving the franchise deal is hemmed. Given off reasons to sty and then going forward the goal and the dream is to not go back to this saga cows. The sava cancellation that. We had in twenty sixteen seventeen way. I estimate probably cars to two hundred thousand cows in this country. Solve accounts end with guy back to focusing on the customer experience in the dealerships. And this is way. It gets back to selling micheals for what they actually can do for the customer. Not so much about the facial feature feature. It's about in the benefit to them optimism. I think it's exciting times. And if you can get that omni channel with the digital experience matched with the the showroom experience and take the customer at the center of everything that we do with our styles or after-sales that's a win for the industry in the industry still has a long ago. It's improving which is great but the industry has long a guy to improve its perception with customers and with the community. Absolutely beautifully beautifully summarized. How did you do that yet. Now compensation in five minutes beautifully. Well van that's all your daughter and your your input once again. Thank you for coming on the show. Today it's always enjoyable having you'll wisdom and the value that you provide to the industry cannot be understated and if anyone needs further information on cards to lincoln to get a further insights and Thanks jen speeding-up sleet pleasure. Always love chatting budget It released Thank you for having me ben. Thanks very much. It's been really enjoyable to me is fascinating that might have in a big into the dighton. Come up with and sauce minnesota. Thanks very much from us. Thanks guys thanks very much for listening if you lock what you heard. Press a button to subscribe channel or you can follow us on lincoln you can also find us on spotify options and if you wanted to ninety eight twenty dean. Pj chuck to either myself. johnson mock veteran.

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Acting & Directing In The Age of Covid-19  with Abigail Zealey Bess


29:00 min | 1 year ago

Acting & Directing In The Age of Covid-19 with Abigail Zealey Bess

"You know because at first you you. On God's earth, so we're going to do, but then as soon as you kind of up your mind to looking at how you could make this work and how you could make A. Very, viable like amazing work comes out of out of these conversations. It was strangely moving. Because you're suddenly realize films going through exactly the same thing, you might have recognized the voice. She just hurt. It's professor at. Silly S. she's a professor at the prestigious. nyu Film Program Same Program the Professor Spike. He's teaching and same program that have seen generations of legendary filmmakers come from. Cassese angrily card. And many many more, but most important you know her from interpreting the character Dr Sayer encrypted. Z and I wanted to bring a here first of all to continue on our journey to discover mosquito and the craft. Behind the making of Cryptos Z., But also because as depending rages again. We artist creators actors filmmakers. Hot gestures have to keep creating, and if that means the only tool we can use right now is zoom in. What can we learn from it? And what can we get out of that platform? For Actors and Directors Mike. And so I thought I would bring in the most of domestic person. I've ever met in my life. So we've further, do is a beginning. So as I mentioned Janet using the zoom. Platform has become vital to teaching remotely now because we can't be the same room sex, so a lot of that has involved not only the students thinking outside the box and actors thinking outside the box and directors outside the box. Also education is walk. Could we find which which still Naples everyone to connect in a way that that served? Know serve the a director and an actor working together or not. Really becoming aware now of how to use the audio space in how to use visuals space, because now it's almost in effect like they're in a box that they're in a close up, so a lot of that has been thinking about. How can we teach somebody in this process, and and a lot of that has been using believe it or not using improvisation or creating scenes and creating monologues which serve the zoom platform, so that has intern has created other scenes, particularly that have worked well I find have been scenes which is set in a different reality, or if the in a different space. And really finding places that where that come, what most effectively I mean. Of course we've also got a monologues creating monologues, which which actually? Oh, there's a beautiful fly a window Is that lucky? And then you know, how does the direct to direct that? And how does the actor respond to that? Because they are now essentially in a Costa Right, because the only screened in the only camera on it can use. Computers whipped zoom video. So basically what you're saying is that instead of trying to keep your class going on which is impossible, because it's such so much about work shopping, actors in and and directors together in the room in having directors act. You're throwing everything away and starting from scratch inventing a completely new way teach well the you know in the first semester of the Fest Garrett's, it's actually acting cross, which which really focuses on director in the actors shoes so really helping them to understand what it feels like to be an actor, and after process in order to get to certain places, and I think the more you understand as a director of the more you understand, what process is, the easier is to communicate with an and them because really most the time I always say if an actor knows what they're doing, a cigarette to can do is get away So me, but a lot of times unite, the actor will need. Guidance Com, save themselves and I'm really if you're if you're being true to cross, you'll in the moment, and you're not looking at yourself. You're actually right, ed and sometimes you knew you need restaurants than an adult to can be very helpful and guiding you that way that is indeed when we bring in actors into the close to work with the director, the directors at a sense of what is hands on now how that's changed is because you can't. You're not literally in the same room, so you're using a whole different set of skills. How can you change that what you're doing what you need from the other person? How can you support the actor to do that? And what's out? The actor I think is to find with adjustments of what they need to do in order to to serve the material. With this with this platform, but it's amazing box. That will now force. I'd trying to connect and feel inexperienced things through it so. But because you're workshop is just so geared towards. experiencing and transforming the participants in the moment in on in a class in the workshop. Now you have to it to work could have to understand what can be done with the platform. What kind of experiences can we show her through the platform? But it's interesting. It's I think it's really interesting. I know we talked about. There is different a movies which which really set that sunshine as as mind is. Is is a prime example because they're all in such a different reality in Black Mirror is another one because it's. It's kind of this weird fantasy world, so all of those different materials a really helping I think foods where where we next go I. Mean I really what I really want to look at what I've been looking at is is okay so certain games that we play or exercises we do. How can we do that as a group you know? Can we find a way to do that as a group? Like the the explicit cool thing I ever did that on with you, but it's one I love to use know which is how you? You and you are passing pieces of paper around. How can you possibly piece of paper? Unless we like zoom become such an incredible platform. They can actually start to pass piece of paper through the Bryant I. Remember passing electricity around. Definitely yeah, the pulse my God. That was one of the first exercise. You have a great memory well I. Remember that you know you're was especially good for me because. You know we kind of had to be vulnerable and really unconformable and. Look at on a beard like anymore A. Tour, person, so. people who are shy and introvert date is one thing they don't like is to not be in control of of. the emotion that they let go. That transpires so unfortunately I can leads to sort of becoming this person that you're not and and not really. not really be your full south. so that was a cover life changing experience for me. and so I'm curious. How how are you able to create the opportunities for for participants that are like so you know that are not connected in in in their own homes. to kind of you know. Reach deep inside. In order to create that experience that you absolutely need for the transformation to happen, yeah, I mean I. Think what's happening now is I the using those specific Samsa I mentioned, or and which is even. More helpful I think is especially in the program at nyu is because it's all about being a writer and a director and one of the things that we had done was actually conversations in the age of Covid, where we'd electric as the direct a set of questions to ask the actor, and from the answers they go on zoom, which was private on and from the opposite, they got from the actor. They created among specifically for that person, and they could end the I. Really get them. You know like freedom to do whatever they want whether they wanted to. Do a dawn, so they could eat didn't have to be a talking head necessarily. Although it ended up mostly staying that way, but it could go anywhere, and I've I know that there's been other instances where we've used Improv improvisation. So that was something that was really helpful and interesting. Because at first you you kind of thinking Oh my go-to. Do, but then as soon as you kind of opened up your mind to looking up at how you could make this work, and how you could make it actually very viable. Amazing work comes out of out of these these improv on an out of these conversations. It was strangely moving because you suddenly realize everyone was going through exactly the same thing. Everybody was like going through his anxiety than they were going through this. What are we going to do and then it's like kind of coping with the drinking a lot. Drinking specially. You know so you had all these different the human condition. which was really beautiful of emotions going Can you share some of the questions? You have asked the actors. Oh so they were actually what was the either about fifteen, and actually said to them you can ask them in order. You don't have to ask him in order at all, and you can use as many as you want so. I kind of started heavy, which was like What's love of Your Life? Do you have a secret ambition. What have you notice most about yourself during this situation durins covert. Is there anything that you miss? Moves were directed Arthur's right. Yeah, and some other kind of went a little dog. I think the, but the reason being was because I think or rather. Not so much dockers. Hustle Because I didn't have overseas completely that progressive whether they answer the what they were available reveal, but I think what's interesting is what the then director takes away from the material. If given because they might brighten something completely the dispose their imagination, which then in turn, really give something back to the actor, which is very very personal, and then it's the combination of those two things because I think what the dirt is. NAFTA's found was was how much. The similarity of what they both were going through in their own way, so it became bonding thing, which is bonding compensation, which which was very, which was very moving very heartfelt. Could see how it. It allows the actors kind of immediately drawn on the emotions And kind of like skull, the and by the same token the director, the no writing the mall allies to on to add to it their own story in their own emotions. Is that how you would approach working with actors in allowing. This kind of connection between them and and the personal self and the characters. to serve the story and bring that to the emotion to the story because I could, I could see that being. A little bit intimidating for decree that kind of relationship over zoom and. Considering that every actor is different as well. I think that's up. Say to you guys. I'm sure I. Say this to you at one time and I'm sure you're discovering that yourself. have been especially since Jane more than ever because how much you have to especially what he did, which was like touching people in different, the wealth and an in a way have to be a little bit psychic. I think and because you cut it you. You can't speak the same way to everybody everybody. Everybody's different, you know. As. We say actors on machines with the button you just present go. Do that emotion. That was great. Did you have to find. How can how can you help actor? Go to that place, so find that that place and feel safe as well and be very. Very safe in where they are being asked to go because. Essentially your revealing everything about yourself. And that leads you extremely vulnerable as we know, if an even more so now I think people feel incredibly vulnerable because everything's stripped away, that's normal I think you have to be very like a mom or dad. Almost it's almost like you're very nut. Shrink and you're caring, and above all. You need to know that you have back. Whatever happens, you have back. You know so amid Manasseh. That's my method. I mean some direct may be very cruel. And here's a heinous methods to get what they want. Is that. Is that what you're like? Hadrian Exactly who I am? Heinous methods are my specialties. You should know because you were encrypted the as well so. You train me, so you can't really say otherwise. So but having said not to not to become not to be the devil's advocate or anything, but you know we've seen monstrous. An heinous directors get results on the screen. As well to the credit of the actors actually when no it definitely it exists. But I! Think you know if an actor is. Is A I was GONNA say is trained, but that you cannot get mazing road talent coming out of very trained actors as you saying before with directors of just or they've caused is not actors, and you've seen some incredible results, but whether those people stay doing that is a whole other issue of course, and it's a specific. It's specific to that film, but I think most actors they want to go to where the sources so, but it may be sometimes. To Go to where sources because it's, it's a bit like a Pandora's box is not once you open up at? You this you let that emotional. Will you let it out and you can put them, and you can put it back in the drawer and close it, but that was been open now. So you're always have access to which is a gift, but it's also you know you know that they lifted. They lived it to some extent. On their amazing, so let's talk a little bit about the voice because I think if there is one thing that the zoom platform can still allow is to work with your voice. And a new wasn't essential through before you know having gone through making Crypto Z. in hosting spot cast. A realize how powerful voices and how much. Personality and character emotion, and an identity comes through voice in. Having gone through the experience, also hosting the podcast in hearing my own voice, which is terrifying experience. And so I was wondering if we could. how one would go about working on that tools specifically to shape to to take control of it. Either to build their own persona, public face, or do to work on a character like in Georgia drama for example when I think you know it's it's I. Think once you start in a habit a character. You stop to think like the character or the person that you plan and I think that immediately would take. You entered territory which is. Which is foreign to yourself, which is which is not it? Is Outside your skin to be in the scanners. You know what I mean so and I think as far as technique is concerned with audio you your voice, you have to use your voice in in very different ways, so opposed will mean something. An intake of breath will means something not talking too fast, obviously because you can't. I, think you know the minute somebody sauce and I taught very fast naturally anyway. I ser- to slow that down so that the weight of the words or the weight of the story is allowed to land, and that's all part and parcel of what you go through a thing when you. Playing particular type of character, of course, then you know, then you have all the different, the different strings of accent or class or creed, or whatever this is personalities comes from this person comes from and what they want. So what the need is so all of that has to be transformed through the voice, or that has to be translated. And that's always something that that is very interesting I. Think and you must have noticed a lot of that when you were. When you were working with so many different actors so. Very going through different emotions as well and finding making sure that sounds right is is quite a trick. Yeah I mean I was very fortunate to have great writing and quickly realized you. There's kind of actors to win. The have figured out how to not only live it, but know how it would affect their voice, and actually I think able to just listen to themselves and listen to their voice inches translate everything through it and the one-stop heaven that may be able to do all the acting work required. You know finding the source innings as we talked about, but are not able not able to. Transform and bring that experience to into their voice, and therefore sometimes it breaks, and they feel like they're. They're reading the words, not not inhabiting the words, and they may know very well. Live it. We've facing their body on camera. having having a hard time making that transition to the microphone. And I was just fascinating to me because it is a complete, it's complete magic. Still don't understand. What exactly happens that? When I hear my actors just speaking, normally installing transforming into the characters, even though they don't necessarily transform their voice or accents, or just you know word snapping into character right away, and be there and and I was such. Such a privilege to witness. Like some somebody performing like magic tricks, just for me, and and I hope that people can hear encrypt as a And you know, and since then I've been obsessed with the idea that first of all I want those actors to be recognized for you know the kind of. Ability in in magic they have because I feel like maybe there. underappreciated How do we and then you know? How do we help others? be able to get there because they're missing out on so much fun because you know mine, dream is people. Get inspired by and start you know going after us and do the same thing even better and make better work than weekend. I can't tell you how much fun it is like. I could do it all day. and if we find support and community in the listeners to to you know to keep making those and making sure that everybody is is taken care off. This could become a new you know. a strongly believed is could become a major entertainment form and be part of people's life in in a very significant in meaningful ways. but recuperated sidetracking here and I totally forgot the question I wanted to ask you. I think I had a very selfish question is do you have any tips for me so I can change my voice. Sound like the person. I thought I sounded like. I think. Don't ever changing. I think kids I think a lot of this about. A one my voice on like Morgan, Freeman The you should definitely Larry richest to their that. Also he's quite a bit older than you so. You might have to wait a bit. Is that very rich also turned his name like on. The reason I mentioned. Morgan Freeman is because. that he had to transform his voice to sound like this, he wasn't born with that one and I know you have done the same work for yourself. And you had a much higher pitched voice and brought it down well. I mean part of my training and I I think this goes. You know most actresses when you when you start going into training, it's beat. You tend to speak fast. Because, you think you're interesting enough to hold an audience and you tend to speak to high. You're registers too high, so you're. You're talking from the top of your head. The rather than from your stomach. A lot of the training that goes into refining the voice is actually how you speak from the really from the whole cavity. which is your your rib cage in your back, so the immediately grounds the voice and also Mr Kosher Diaphragm, that immediately grounds the voice, and because of it because it was allergic. Allergic Register while because you're very wherever wearing the register voice, the new never start learning that, either because when you especially when you're coming into new pot or your studying punt, you notice you know so your instinct just immediately to Russian and the whole. The whole point is Novus as you get more experience, you understand. No, no, no I know how to help us. I know how to fix this but I think that's part of of really giving the whatever character. Your plan is as some kind of Gravitas. The audience listens better because you know if you start something at the top of your range. Is Very hard to listen to someone screaming. At the top of the ranch, but you can hear it really effectively if it's lowering registered bills, bills builds so that they get to to get one of climax. They get, too. So it's it's it still rich, and it still anguished, and it's still painful. But, it actually translates to a roar emotion, and that's often. That's what triggers the audience I think that's what triggers people to. Through the voice is to feel emotion into. To fail what that character is going through so When you're transforming in grunting yourself into that character in in in his voice. does it also affect the way you listen, and you listen to the other actor. I think that's probably the most important thing that you can do is as an actor is to listen. Because if you if you don't if you just look if you'll wait into, say your next line at amid translates. I mean with audio. Of course you have to listen because you can't say that other person's face and that's that sooner I'd say you're really. Specific listening to the words of somebody is same Genera Besson with. Kind of way I wonder if we should just make people close their eyes when they told show. On the screen you know. So that they actually because that that's actually it's more difficult than it sounds. which is to be a good listener. And you see that the army. Morgan Freeman is a great listener. You see everything posture his face when his listening. I was talking about when he was alive of in not now because he's dead, but he was saying that was one of the. The most important gifts for an actor is to be able to listen. I remember the question. I wanted to ask you Can we track back to the difference between acting and reading an how the transformation happens in what what makes some actors? Are Hosts are speaker, even a public speaker? Feel like they're reading and reciting and those who feel like they're actually living. Yeah, actually it's it is interesting what you said. Snap because That's what we were doing. We didn't. We didn't learn the script when we were recording. Because there was no need nobody was, nobody learned line. Everybody was reading. Everybody came in got their line in. For some reason, some people just feel like they're reading and some people don't. Think kids it again. It comes from Connecting with with WHO your plan to such an extent, the suddenly those words become you was so it's as if you're saying it and you're not reading it anymore. It's just your feeling. It and you'll feel everything that's going. On in that situation so. You know it's all about imagination as we all have imagination, but how far can you? Bosa. Bubble. So I think. In with respect to how can you practice that? I think a good way to is like. This does all kinds of tax. You can take them practice and listen to yourself, and there's a lot of different techniques. I think that you have to do with your voice. to some flat and the last thing you want. Is Your Voice disown like it's kind of flat line. Because there's nothing will boring them at deadly than that, so it's. It's a lot of different things I. Think you can. You can do at home right now. Being quite critical of of how you sound, can you make your voice lie, or even like inflection inflect as opposed to down because that again as with comedy as well you want are not down. and also driving through the sentence right to the end so that you don't lose breath. Before the end of the sentence, so it's. How do you keep the force as probably found that a lot because there was some? Long descriptive passages. At times where you really needed to. Be focused right. I think you're right. I think you know it's all about imagination and holding onto it. Yeah and I think again you know it, it is you. You know you can imagine because you. When you actually running amounted Yuda you. Carry. You will be running on at mountain. You're not you're at a sound booth, and so you got to go over that physical energy into voice at an it probably would be too much if you put all that physical energy into your voice, on Camera wit or somewhere, but it sounds great when because the voices all day. It's creating all the imaginary Bischel fill the audience, so it is very specific And I'm really assumed scale. It's technique in some skill. which which is great to do, thank you so much of your. Thank you know. We have a lot more one to discuss but I think maybe this is a good place to stop for today and thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Because I know you're super busy right now. It's really really spent my pleasure. He Jen. Really Fantastic torch you. Thank you so much listen. If you enjoy episode, please let us know by texting us. At six, four, six, two, two, nine, three, four, two, three. If you know someone that might be interested in learning about the crash of drama, please share episode with them. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review on your favorite catcher.

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#68: Hugh van Cuylenburg  Finding Happiness Through Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfulness with Founder of The Resilience Project  Your Dream Life Podcast

Your Dream Life with Kristina Karlsson, kikki.K

1:02:40 hr | 3 months ago

#68: Hugh van Cuylenburg Finding Happiness Through Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfulness with Founder of The Resilience Project Your Dream Life Podcast

"Do if you knew you couldn't fail if you had all the money all the time all the knowledge all the resources that you need it. What would you do with your life if you simply knew that anything was possible for you. My name is kristina. Carlson founder of global swedish to sign and stationed rebrand kiki k. And author of the book. Your dream lifestyles here. And i love exploring these sorts of christians to inspire people to dream before assad kiki k. I had a dream that i could bring swedish assign to the world to create beautiful products that brings spots of joy into the everyday lives of millions. Now that i have cheap. That dream i want to help you dream. I want to create a global movement to inspire one hundred one million dreamers to transform their lives and transform the world in return each episode. I'll be talking to some of the world's most inspiring people exploring the powerful impact. The dreaming has had on their lives. We'll be telling deep into the power of dreaming with real insights and ideas that you can use immediately to build a dream life of your own whatever that means for you High in this episode. I was so excited to spend an hour with the incredibly inspiring hugh von calemburg bestselling author founder of the resilience project and co host of the imperfect podcast off the rating their salience project book and relating so much to everything she speaks about. I just knew i had to meet him. Any might him on the podcast in two thousand and eight. Hugh was fortunate enough to spend a few months living volunteering in a small community in the far north of india with no running water no electricity and no beds. Everyone slept on the floor. Despite the fact these community had fairly little to call their own hubris continually blown away by how happy they were. It was this experience in his years of study after that that led him to discover that practicing gratitude empathy. Kindness and mindfulness can lead us to a happier and more fulfilling life after learning this hugh decided to make it his mission to share this simple and highly effective wellbeing strategies with young people throw program for schools. Ten years on shoe and the resilience project are in high demand delivering emotionally engaging programs to schools sports clubs and businesses teaching practical evidence based mental health strategies to build resilience and happiness. It is such important where he was doing white for you to hear his story. And our chat way you will discover the simple wonderful power of embracing regular gratitude practice. How empathy and mindfulness are also key ingredients for living a happy alive. How you purpose is so closely linked to walk. Brings you joy and if your purpose is linked to helping others it can even be more powerful. The importance of understanding your passions. And val us ideas on how you can manage when those close to you are going through a challenging time the importance of having those difficult conversations with people you care the most about that is okay not to be ok and admit that everything isn't great all the time it's a k. Not have all the answer no matter where you are in life and so much more. I know you're going to love hearing from few sunbreaks get right into it. Welcome here. I am so excited. Have you on my podcast eventually. Have many surprises here. I thought we were doing zoom. So that's a lovely surprised. I've done so many podcasts zone in his moore like hundreds of the lost you so i like doing it. Five sills very strange. I'm gonna tell you how i can. I got to be sitting here when you kick him out. I read your book loved it. In my book. I was encouraged people to write down. Who they wanna make in their lifetime and saw put you. I wanna meet you in person. As then i also i also have a like all my like dream guests on my podcast poor podcast but then you know had a crazy year twenty twenty homeschooling and lots of you know kiki k. Etcetera i just kept saying when the kids were harmed school levels. Like is this resilience. This is great for them to kind of deal with what's happening because you know who knows what the future is going to be like. Can we see this. Great things. Because i think our kids are so previous. You know having same what you've seen in india et cetera. Feel you know this was not a good thing but it was like a part of their education so i wasn't the perfect home schooling parent at all. I then got us by the school that my kids go to to speak about resilient. That's just two year four. Just because what i went through and you know. I'm not an expert in resilience anyway. But i said yes because you know whatever i can do to help because they do some amazing teachers just you know angels and the head of school is just amazing and so inspiring. So i thought if i can help in way i will. And i haven't book group and We had a We could get together for the first time after kobe and It was one of my friends. Have a farm out in the country. Probably an hour and a half two hours out of melbourne. And you really didn't have time to Because i had deaths taught like nine thirty or something in the morning and And i didn't really feel like ahead of time but i love our crops so much because they are such an inspiring off people. Thought i'll decide three thirty. If i could do it or not just for the night and then stay. Oh that and then leave you know six. Am or something. And i'm an early racist riser. So that wasn't an issue for me and then three thirty. I was like of course i should. Of course i should go. So i put your would your book on in the car so then i drove out there. I read it before. But you can't forget. I are so inspired ed and then when i got to the fob little bit before a stopped and i was like so grateful to. Have you know having done that in a you know. Sometimes you know be live or full lives that we live. It was so nice to take that space being in nature and having listened to yours and is all you know. I cried and laughed. It was so amazing. So and then i was like i really have to really have to make this happen. So this is this is why i'm here story we I remember when penguin random house it ought. Do you want to get. We can get voice person to reggie book for you. And i said i'd have to read the whole book would not for the and i said yeah you need to ready yourself and i said are hell take forever said i voice over person and i got. I got to listen to summary this sales wrong. It has to be made and so it was an amazing experience. Actually read the book. It's not like you write it. Perfect caveney cup. i like. It's like you do three sentences and then the person behind the both guy. Can you say sentence again but just a little bit slow home. I always about probably a in when he said. I thought this is gonna take a hallway like nine to five reading your book. I haven't looked at. It seems to be able to handle this. One of my girlfriends. Actually is an audio publishers. So i d all through her as a you decide you initial seek second language. It was so hard. And i'm pretty resilient and i'm pretty never give up but i didn't wanna do a new that there was a good thing to do similar to but i actually thought i don't actually do these. Yeah and i. And i and i had a deadline because i was going playing. Sweden had very short amount of time. And then my girlfriend. She put quotes. Because i love quotes. She put quotes. Don't give up. And and she came and said because she said you and i will be saying. I'm not doing this And i had so many other things like it was the last thing i wanted to do. Anyway the guy. I think that changed like the guy like three or four times because anyone could not sit to the guy. I said like an english. He said no speech pathologist. Sir i was. I was so grateful that stack we make. I don't think anyone would accept my girlfriend's. I'm forever grateful. Anyway let's get back to you and Before getting to your story there is one question that i always ask Or my guess and that is when you were little or young or so any dreams in that you had in the future. You know something. You wanted to do or become siamese. Your son axel Just wanted to play cricket for australia. It wasn't even really like a dream. Maybe i will. I will be playing create frustration on kotli blindscreen the backyard. We had a long back yard. Guy up. we're very like a huge backyard. We're very lucky. And i would have marched out of cricket pitch just ball and volleyball diet not imagine the crowd that imagined scenarios in a game and i was like imagining commentators on uncommon myself. I just need something that chapter on just kind of just wanted to apply creed for strikeout another one that i don't talk about in fact i hardly ever talk about but i don't know when it started but i had this thing in my head that because we used to watch a comedian. Billy connolly's Videos mom and dad used to watch him all the time he would make them laugh more than anything. I've never seen before. And i had this like that would be great to my mom and dad lost that much like and that become a thing of one of my mom and dad loft like billy connolly. Mike some laugh and then he needed to do that with to tell stories right. Because that's what billy kelly is the best storyteller in the world. And so when i got into my teens started thinking like love to maybe do what do you call it. Doesn't i guess that's being a stand up comedian. But then i'm not going to do that. That's why too hard like another courage to do that. finally enough. What happens now is my job is to go and do presentations and i find the funny that out of the more engaging are so i can't go on stage and mike laugh an air and a half but he thought i lost that i find it funny. I've got this like security bank of was not a comedian. Like i'm they're trying to give you some things to help you be happy because i do laugh. How like good. That was in nashville. And i'll do everything through storytelling. Silence kind of like. Yeah one of my dreams by career frustration. That didn't happen. Thought i've got to work at this time because you're exciting his hand in the book which is not play for strident. But then i suppose you know certain look familiar like and we'll probably into later on but i was always like inspired by my sister's mental illness is in like i felt the strong as as the eldest sibling. Felt like i'll have to help. Mom and dad be happy again. He and telling funny stories as sort of the. Why did that become a job. I suppose telling funny stories. My audience for these podcast is global so from nothing listen one hundred ninety countries now which is fascinating so i would love you to just maybe give a bit of that Snapshot here you are about the resilient project. The allowed to hear a little bit about your trip to india. Because i think that was so inspiring and And then obviously sister such a take the time you need. I think the best way to answer that question. Such north christian style with like i. I think the resilience project exists for two reasons. My sister being one of them. And they'll onto boy um it. When i was living in india saudi two thousand dollars in fact maybe it says just stopped me. My sister's story so fourteen years old mom and dad told me my sister had a mental illness anorexia nervosa dating disorders. I said she doesn't like hating issues. Body image and that was nineteen ninety-six are sixteen and we didn't talk about mental health at school in an honors. Never never spoken about so. I had no idea what they're talking about. And i said if she aids vote again they will now. She's better. i remember thinking people were cancelled that there's not cure for that aren't get how just eating like like that. Secure eating this copy. That serious trust didn't understand mental. In fact i sort of resented sister a bit fortunate during the family and we had some awful times. And i don is all. She's in hospital rock. She's drop lacrosse. Shares was winding over. The doctor said to me. I got now how serious it was always. So i'll she was seventeen and the doctor walked into the room as a i haas bony said to me. Why did you get a guy he said you can't be here and i said i've only been here. Two hours. said you get two hours every day. And he said but if your sister put some more white before tomorrow you can for three hours tomorrow and more at the died that four hours. So it's up to you. Know you'll hear incentive. You need to live and i said i said how much why does my sister back on. I can stay for three hours tomorrow. And he told me a total light. He didn't wanna know once. And i had to put back on but he said to me when you're little sister get up to back up to thirty one kilograms. I'll considering style more than two hours. And that's that tomase my memory. And she's not a short person Seven out it was like something from a horror. Movie was awful now for a few. She gets at a hospital jaws and beta. She was still very sick. Fossil couple of years. You still seek fossil another couple years you still seeking at the same point in town which is really seeking mid twenties. I'm in india. Just mentally backpacking around and as a schoolteacher. I found myself missing the classroom. So i found a village to volunteering. I ended up in this little. I had no money and this is the choice of the story. But the reason i went to the schools money and i said if you volunteer to teach english we'll give you a combination you the principal for two weeks and you get food three meals a day and i thought that's all it but when i got there i had this feeling of like it was like the shock of like. Oh my god. What have i done. I've never felt shot this before but Discovering these village turned up to. There's no running water. no electricity. No bids even sleeps on the floor. And i'm thinking. Oh my gosh. what am i doing this. I shouldn't be. He account can't sleep on the floor for two weeks. And i'll be balanced with me and i have actually said to the said the principal. I'm really sorry. I didn't mean i didn't touted main two weeks i'm into it looks shattered. He's like no you sit two weeks. Dr not anywhere my next asthma. I i in school and it was like mud. Brick building in the middle of the desert. That's it now chairs tables floor nari racehorses books and i paint sniper. There's a chalkboard and one piece of chalk. That's of saying i thought teach these kids english for the whole ira nothing. Nothing and i felt so insecure incredibly nervous very anxious and twenty minutes into the class. I met this kid. Namus johnson and i remember at the end of that. I listen with him. I just thought to myself never never in my life. Have i ever enjoy like this before this kid. He's the happiest person who mitch. I remember thinking. I was looking out the windows of this big holes in the mud. Brick wall to let lodden. I'm looking across the desert. And i'm thinking there's nothing he has. This hell is on his kids. Happy in the first week flu like that and i remember i forgot. I wanted to guy. And i'm sitting at the end of the week with his family. Drinking them thinking though it was all the extended family the nine zero circling mud harsh about the size of this room. Here which is not good podcasting. Everyone listening it's a very small room listening in fact that's very generous And that was seeing this. Tony room drinking tap. I'm thinking this couldn't feel more foreign to me right now and yet i couldn't feel more calm and i just thought this is really. I remember thinking back then. Organized paper onto something. That's not true. I thought i reckon back home in australia raleigh. I think we're doing a lot wrong because we have everything in australia. Where the most amazing country we call ourselves the lucky country and you know bitches the lost style. Everything's incredible we have some issues strider out now. We're currently the second most medicated country. In the world rings we are one of the loneliest. People in the world like the Research on a couple years ago to questions are asked of papal countries. All over the world. The first question was how many people know you well. The second question was in across. How many people can you turn to for support straight. As a rod out there is a liveliest paypal in the world. And i'm thinking and a lot of the bigger western countries were a european countries. Don't think he has as possible like we've got everything and yet in his village he got nothing. I feel like i've never seen joy like if a before and so i couldn't help but think about my sisters. My last night in the village is a very long to christian sacriston. But but i was long on the floor and applying was flying in the next. I'm just thinking. Oh god can. I can leave here. I think he on to work at. What is it. Those people do every day that makes them so happy. And what can i learn from the amac and maybe talk to my sister And ended up staying for three and a half months. And i came out months. Did everything is people did. I'll leave the loft that dailies and had a profound impact on me. Probably the flying back to astrology thinking. But i've always been a happy person so the fact that makes a happy person happy. That's what i'm after all. This stuff's going to help someone who's really struggling out my sister. So long story short. I went back to uni and looked at the research and sat behind the like. The things is people doing die. Because i knew and have much luck can especially in australia. Instruments can be very skeptical. A that stuff. Look what what do they do. That makes them happy Well yes. I do so the things that i did there. Were three things and you all your upon of this stuff around the globe late. So you're all of this but practice gratitude That practice empathy and practice. Mindfulness every single died. This is wbz providing for a very long time. So there's nothing you did. In fact i remember being. I think airport and was early on when we're doing the resilience project for present for my then girlfriend And not not my current wife now but it was a Someone else to say. A lovely person diaz long. But i was like i love to get a stunning from april and and also the kkk is joining us. Kabul and i saw the gratitude journal. And i was like oh my gosh. This is amazing. Like i don't need to be doing product. Someone's already doing this. Stuff like products are just saw. Good so gratitude empathy amorphous every single die the kids the adults everyone practice stuff and practices. I stopped in practice of three and a half months loft. Judging and i didn't even think backed in a very happy person and i did but i just felt so much happier and you're just really changed my life forever and then funnily enough last year locked you know. I think thinking lucky not too many attorney traumatic events occur in my life and they lost. You covid happens and wear a face to face. We presentations around. A whole year's worth of presentations booked at two presentations die for year and all of a sudden they're all cancelled. And that was okay like i was kind of with that because we're able to two gallons try to that was fallen but what struggle with in melbourne where the harshest and longest dan any anywhere in the world. And i'm grateful for because we now have not here which is amazing But i had a three year old who attended. We'd been told about the terrible toes and we're by ourselves but told us about the throws. I know what you call them. The soccer traffic on four. I don't wanna know what happened to four. And we had a a We had a baby daughter in february last year. As she doesn't sleep like she doesn't say so. We weren't sleeping with stuck in the house. To get sounds path wasn't sorry he's a beautiful kid. If listen to this. I love him dearly. He was challenging at that age. And i've found myself really struggling said to a wafa umbrella battling hitting lock and she said you're doing all the stuff you practicing what you preach like you and i said no i'm not. I'm not doing that. She office and it's amazing quickly. Got back on track us out of practicing again and lock you do the journals like the actual active practicing this stuff like having physical thing. That picked up in practice is huge. You talk about grass gratitude. Obviously but you are cannot doing I think Three things that you did well with day which alarmed tell us a little bit about that. So but what am i. Insecurity is with the results projects and stuff being very vulnerable with your audiences that i'm not a psychologist dr and i've had psychologist up inside. This guy's not a psychology shouldn't be doing this. So i i respond to that is just to be sure everything i'll do his research by servi- bison just to make sure to and and i think it's important that that as well but i looked at the research behind gratitude know so one of the research projects done university of pennsylvania. The wide research gratitude was with the question. What are three. Things went. Well today and i thought love for your guy for for. Do you know that. Even because i saw you're already doing it. Maybe that's why. I thought well okay how you doing. What are you got full. Maybe we'll do a little bit different so we're not we don't own. It should be doing the same thing you guys doing it side. Well i think that modified powders well let's do it a little bit different side. What went well all sex assault impact with that and it's small things like it's a fifth on. I think we might have different audiences as well. You know we have a lot of all could be wrong to have this audience. Well we have a lot of miles football regularly. Plus we have mainly fame especially for the key k fame it might be defend for their cannot dream life community as far as the journals go. Maybe we'll go to different audience. Perhaps inside i felt like ninety orders. It'd be really creative with that guy for the moment today where i had coffee with a friend whereas i feel like our own is my may be noticed. Grab them A family my friends. Yes my job. I thought what win ball might be chew to focus on small things A little things. That because i think the moments of the things we need to pay attention to who we i mean. Gratitude are funny. My look the made the ability to pay attention to what we've got enough y about where he died hud. We have so much in countries like australia but we miss the things we have to worry about the died stuff. We wish we had the you know. If i get this cargonoff happy and we get dot com then with north dakota six outside on dot com and be happy and so i think the journal throw sow what went well was a lot about like lose. No practicing this stuff. How did we get them to practice. And what's the best way to get him to do it. I guess yeah. Yeah a love that for us as a family with kids We do what we call the four gs and that is like One thing that they grateful for. But it's often like for kids is often what you know for the day. What was a good one. Good thing The highlight of the day which one good so. There's a grateful one good thing this is why the four jays cassese's face faces highlights of the day which is a good to think through. Because sometimes i think we just rushed through the days and we'll get to dinner every you know it's the same conversation so allow a duties often when people come for dinner as well. It's just like it's a different way of talking. This is to save conversations or so we do the grateful Well the good thing to highlight of the day and then we do The goal tomorrow. I to really think about if there was something challenging during the day and You know what can we do. What's the goal for tomorrow. And then we do the grab which is instagram. And this is the photo we. I'm a very show passing and i. I love beautiful photos as Photography farren loves photos and we will very visual people and some we talk about the grab of the day. It's doesn't mean that they since they were like didn't even have phones or instagram. But it was more just like if you could share photo today. Which one would you do that. You have to take it. It's more like what was beautiful today. It was like a good thing to take photo and that exercise is being and a lot of families that have We have passed onto and it's a beautiful beautiful exercise to do because it's it's always something coming out like the highlight or and sometimes we do add a question which has nothing to do with geez but that he's like the learning of the day because i think mistakes failure and all those kind of things. This is not a failure as long as you learn from them. So i think i wrote about in the book of roy moore. I think like a year we wins and wins and losses. Winston lessons bicycles. And if you have that approach it's amazing how you just grow so much more and i think that's been really fascinating we've covid is that we've all discovered that a lot of people are very uncomfortable with uncertainty and that's where we that's where we develop dry when we're on certain securities huge comfort signs for ourselves and so we have to step out of them but whenever we do or foster that's where gladys development place as human beings so that's a lovely locked up. Yeah yeah that's a good bontade you keeps and it's amazing what they come up with an when you have sometimes shy kids coming for our or for friends of of kids and and i just. It's amazing what they come up with and the insights that we get us parents to their life israel amazing as well. I'm all about dreaming living your dream life in living your best life. Whatever that is could be small could be big. Whatever purpose is a which i feel is a is a big part of of living your dream after knowing your pets. How would you help people finding that. Because i know that you that was a bit of a thing in terms of Getting into education. That was kind of your pet this. I think i'll get asked a lot about purpose and purposes such So closely aligned with joy. I think like if you get out of bed in the morning just how i do it. You gotta get these today as opposed to off under this and it's you know it's not really what i love doing but i'll have to pay the bills that kind of stuff. I said you know we have autonomy ivy. Yo diane only goes a long way to to to ensuring a relatively healthy person. But so podcasts. Ron shelton co. He's been a huge junior and purpose like so for those who doesn't strike iran because he works very closely with high mission and all their stuff the they best friends. Since i've thirteen four people either say He's very well nine committee new strategy. I am such a huge fan of his. And how bad for long time in a cafe about four years ago. And i was like. Oh god it'd be like to make ron shelton. But i don i know him. He's on. he's doing some work. But i win. Sat next to him like quite close to and pretended i hadn't seen him attend rattling. Oh saw it in just a huge fan of love. What you and i said to him. It's just sure i sit down. I got schools every single dime to talk on happiness and sometimes i don't feel happy myself so one of the things i do to get myself in a good mood is. I'll watch your stuff on instagram. Because it's so funny how he was really touched by his own. Gosh that's thank you so much and then we talked about what i did for a little bit and we follow each other on social media instagram. But that was eve and three years later i get a direct message for him signed kuwait. Plays up to talk to you. And i sit up absolutely and we. We had a coffee in. That's where it's incredible. Friendship started but he said to me. I'm just feel like my. I'm is to be the funniest person australia like. That's goal is to have my own. Tv show and have it be the best tv show in australia of the funniest person strider and he said son if i did get that. I don't think i'd be happy. I don't even mind me happy. And i said yo very like i said it's not really a purpose you need to so i put him in touch with a friend of mine. Who talks to bat purpose. A lot and He realized pip is supposed to be the funniest person mistrial surrogate purpose and he changed his purpose after a little while he's peppis became to use creativity and humid to spread joy and he said so. Now when i get out of bed. It's like i'm creating content to make other people feel happy not to be the best and he said so if i make one person happy that i'm living my purpose and everything i create now at sonny's creding content always amazing content. Because he's not trying to be the best he's just trying to help other people experience joy so often there's a couple of things in purpose when it's servicing the paypal. It's very powerful very good when it's helping out. Papal there was never one point roy. What's my purpose like. I never explicitly felt that. But i'll just kind of fell into it. But if i was to go back ten years and someone said to me. What's your purpose and do you wanna leave. You're doing your purpose. What outside to may ten twelve years ago twelve years ago. Joy triangle and a three points of the triangle. Have they. everything's the top have Passion so like what are you most passionate about The other one would be What are you good at like. What are you much better than other people. And you don't edge johnny on so you can be as arrogant as you want. Say this And you can leave it that if you want and you got what's what's the meeting point between passion and what. I'm very good at what. How could i combine those two things. But then if you wanna get your if you wanna be able to live off this there's a commercial reality and so the other corner triangle today would be like a dollar saw like how all make money from if i want to do it every day and if i made money to to do this for me. It was very passionate about mental health and education. The two things. The thing that i feel like i'm good. I hope i'm good at while the results because i love public speaking more than anything. It's my team. The well to do is be gordon. Says it's a weird thing to love donny. But i just love it. Most people rather died. That's kind of the thing of sending all like to do the people feel about it and that's that that's circling back to a respect. The with billy connolly always wanted to do this and then i guess there's an appetite rotten after to talk about mental health and we need this stuff and Pity defy never charge too much but Yeah it's just how to commercialize those two things. I guess and that's happened. I never deliberately planned that. But that's way it's worked out. I'll get to talk about passionate about talkies. What i love doing so a lot of people ask me about peppers as well and also because i'm all about helping people live their dream life. Whatever the dream pefect. Love is not Removed from mental illnesses. Stuff that is in in everyday lives. It's more just about think about what you're passionate about about what you love getting out of bid for And also then what are you values in terms of what are you. What because violence. I think is so important and i i. It's only since. I started doing much more Workshop and how how to make twenty twenty one of the best year ever and it was so much questions about values and for me. It's like when you know you. Values and one of my highest values is is a personal growth and personal development and And once i realized that that was my one of my highest values. I could start feeling good about spending money on all the books. And the you know the courses that are die and all the people that i go see all the time because studies for i love and got so inspired and And because my purpose is to inspire people to live the best live and one of the pillars sharing everything that i learned. I like to share this podcast. Yeah but i think having values of knowing to you can say yes and not feel guilty about it and then so aligning that values passion purpose. And you dreams altogether. Then you leave your dream often ups and downs and only in that of course but that's that's how i cannot have Worked out the best way of living your best life is having those aligned all of that and i also think purpose can change. I think like you can change your life. Yeah absolutely because. I haven't feel like so the purpose that i'll have articulated for myself. Who's to help people to feel happier and that was and that's worked really well for the lost city of since discovered about three or four years ago. I mean there's been doing it for a long time too soon as i realize that was my purpose. It guide me this huge energy to keep going with these talks. Because i thought because you sometimes you really bad audience and pippa wide into it. Oh you'll get some negative feedback and it's really but when i realized my pepe system might feel happy a- if i didn't have a good talk i heard my son's die better online washed. I better than that was like. I've got a bit not. We'll i believe my purpose even now assigned to feel like i've done so many of these talks for so long and assigned together retiring again little fatiguing again. I'm thinking maybe shift kompass little mortar. To what my wife and i have this conversation a lot. She's very career driven. She's very passionate and she's always been a little bit But she stopped working for four years now because of our kids right. She hasn't worked and and she said to me the other day she said i needed diet. When we swap like when it's your responsibility to look after the kids. It's your sponsor to take care of doctors schooling everything. Everything's up to you on that date and in so i can go back to work Like but it's fair enough for us absolutely but it's we live in that rotten. And i walked out what. She's gonna do whatever she's going to go into. An united can still work. But i have to organize the nanny to organize a kindle that made all that emotional. I mean the amount of effort she puts it in behind the scenes. it's going to be monitoring and that's been a really challenging as far as like does my purpose shift like one hundred and all that kind of stuff so yeah yep love that. Love that and good luck. I have a lot of Systems that can help you with system is everything is is makes life easier. That's for sure it's one thing to have a mental challenges ourselves which i think is in some way. It's not easy easier. That's not the right word but it's more like that's kind of urine just to kind of work that out but when you are dealing with someone else like you did with your sister. That's that can be really challenging. Because you can't really you don't really understand it in and i could so So had a couple of friends that went through. You'll sister went through and as a outside out. It was really difficult to really know what to do. So what would what would your And i'm sure there'd be plenty of listeners. You can related is so how do we as people seeing someone with mental challenges or really suffering and be the support a lot also because my wife has a whole decided. Not podcast on horatio. Say and we were blinded why bother response. We had no idea so many people with very very common. And i think we talk about and i'll get to the answering second we talk about. I say that is like sorry. I said with my bathroom on my car. All thought i said that's just being studiously. Tidied like hose. It is when you can't leave the house because you just think you locked all the windows. Even though you know you did like that kind of stuff. I'll get a lot of parents. Come out to me after my talks and saying my daughter's also got on rex here. And what's what's our role in this house. Should i be in. And all this sort of giving advices bother. But i see coal mom dad and said what shall be signed to moms account to me i am so i just wish. I knew i wasn't my job to fix bay. I couldn't even if i because mom and dad nearly killed himself trying to fix my sister. And i did everything for her and it was never in their power. I mean that. Be supportive and be there for the person when they're struggling but for my sister. But i couldn't fix and i felt the responsibility to fix. It is all parents you know if my daughter elsie guesses side. Think i've no doubt. I'll feel this enormous urge to to fix it but it's actually not a job and we can get really dan ourselves because we're of fixed and it's up to them essentially and the insight and i fought that battle every down like with her also do homework. I get out. We'd been to get about probably or four months. And she said to me anxiety. And i said everything i know about anxiety so i can really help you can blackout really lock. She's just saying a wonderful psychologist. Who's who's doing our best to help that even though she gives us strategist but it's something that we just sort of live with their like. It's an ongoing thing and and of mine thing people with that is just too you. Love them unconditionally. But she probably doing And don't be hard on yourself for not. Yeah yeah yeah. That's a good thing. Because i think a lot of people will be the Struggling with that so that's really good. Yeah so thanks fishing. That and i know that your sister's doing really well now tell us a little bit about. Her sister lives in los angeles. And she's doing all types of things she's got charities and non for profits and all types of things happening but she's she's back to normal white now and took them. I think social i dunno. She's four hundred. I think mitchell's twenty six twenty seven hundred thinking. We don't talk much about sort of thinking. I think she looks pretty normal again so it was probably a decade. I think she struggled with. She's near thirty hours. Should be thirty. Six thirty seven now and so and she's Legs sizes like lahser exercise presenting properly. And she's good now she does It's funny to a much before. The book came out much and after the book we forced to have some pretty difficult conversations because we saw things very differently when i wanted to rot really honestly about the experience of living. Someone with a mental problem was her memory was quite different and So we to your stories. I didn't want to upset her in the process. But also i want him to my point of view on it and it was very difficult. Whip forces have conversations. We should have had twenty years ago and ever since that i feel very differently about My sister i. I didn often think all of this is going to to think about just didn't and now that we've talked about all this. I often think i wanted. My sister's going share auden where she told me that. I every ten minutes someone in l. dollars from like if i think about a lot and we talk a lot more we ever have before and So yeah relationship. It's it's an awesome for papers listing if you have if it's a family member if it's a very close friend way you have some point of out. Awkwardness audie around your relationship refrigerator known as touch for certain reason like i know it's hard but speak to them just talked about it is lost to my sister. We had probably ten years. Where are really talked about much. Like all of my sister in law's mai and there was no. We never had a falling out there. No problems with didn't speak much and ten years is a long time like consider. Grew up there. And you know she's family my muster ten years where we just had this awkward kind of energy between us where it was a lot of unspoken stuff and as soon as we spoke about it all it took me writing a book to actually get it out there about what i learned from. That was that it can be awkward to start off to talk to people about these things because it is. It's just such an emotional burden on. It takes so draining draining. Having that awkward thing happening with your. I mean even a podcast. Ron had that with hammers. Black like he's might since V since homage became the most famous mariners dryly and the funniest minister. Ron was slightly resentful slightly jealous because they'll go together and i didn't and he couldn't even enjoy his comedy so he didn't watch his shows he didn't be radio show because he was just a little bit jealous wasn't part of it and then because of this podcast we did. He actually had to tell which is going to talk about it so long conversation. That was just his long message from hamish. Wake light aside. How unbelievable that conversation was because he said. I didn't really know that he felt like that. I didn't invite him to do. Commissioner commercial radio tough jonathan. You wanted commercial radio that kind of stuff. And that's all it was whereas ron sinking odds. Because he didn't think i'm finding funny or whatever it is but now he's like yes. I would say to people that have felt inspired to just have difficult conversations with people that love to get the friendship or relationship back on track. But that's it's you know there's a couple things are being vulnerable obviously and then but also silver linings like you know even in the most horrific things that you've gone through and a lot of people are going through right now there are still relying and and that's completely how how say the world ending everything positive there's negative in every Negative discipline so. That's how i like to see. See see the world. I will ask you a little bit about being inspired by others because Reading your book there was a lot of cricket is a lot of football is an and I would love to hear has been doing most inspiring person in your life. Do you think just different people inspired me in different ways like i think a lot of people were lied to this but i one of the things it's inspired me has been wanting to impress appearance like that's not a lot of people feel that we don't talk about that much i people don. Saudi are dismissed mom and dad's approval. But i still you know we have good news there still. I like all the various plays like angering. You should try just about still very spread by the thought of impressing data special and then a very special people as well on his bod- by their relationship from our relationship Sitting valves to penny. We got married last year two years ago. Now i said. I said i promise to sit. The example set by my parents and your parents are still together in loving relationships. I find it inspired by them I'm inspired by anyone. Who is creative and tries to be driving anyway. Who who just wants to cry on is not out there. And and Pebbled understand the file. He's got one without the the setbacks in backs but the people who just create something that doesn't exist product respond by that Inspired by iran on our podcast funding incredibly inspirational person as far as he's I'll tell you inspired. Bob realizes recently. I'm inspired by people who have go at me like people who trump will me dan and try and which i didn't realize i was but i realized i am because i i. There was a guy who used to teach you to school cold. I'm actually once the school. But they're very big into wellbeing programs in in phnom inventory and estrada probably the latest and he used to teach the and i think he's been out to set up his own business very talked about similar stuff tonight and part of his talk side all and douglas. And if you've listen to van columbine take it with a grain of salt only knows about his gratitude doesn't really know anything any hail. Don't really listen to him. And that got back to me like four people messages over his head. This guy's bacon is douglas van kalmyk and a fist oslo off furious. It fails sangre The next point is like pretty heard about it and then once it got through that as like. I'm gonna do this so because of you beta audience. I'm gonna. I'm gonna be. W because i was going to be and honestly the amount of time spent on feel like it and i'm like now. These spark into these people are going to be five times better than us. So it doesn't. He's inspired me. Thought there was a lady said to me once reliably dosed with the i feel abc's says she was working with the nfl pay and she said it's a bit of a fad. What you're doing now. Existent i felt clubs in if you eat a lot of things lost and i was like i. I got really angry. That i got really hurt and i was like tina. What not only this around like in ten years tom. It's getting massive and is because you because you said it wouldn't be and The other workers they put online football club now. Probably the proudest down with that group of boys and into last year i was exhausted. Sorry end of the proposed exhausted still flying at light every week to work with his boys. 'cause like because she said it wouldn't happen own on my show. Sorry table who who doubt me and people who knocked me bahama back diane spot to be. I love thanks for sharing. That is such a good point because a lot of people are so worried about by other people. Think even like people who comment that you know. They don't even know what it doesn't really matter because you know there's so. Many people like that on on instagram or facebook. Or whatever but i love. I love that i could relate to someone said to me that it was gonna be a fad With the k. And you know when i started. And i was like i'm just going to show them and then and then it's like so many of the the comments that are gods has fueled debate to be better and try hodeida and And i often pass that on now. Because i think sometimes we are with so worried about what other people think and i will always be someone because we don't like everyone so that's just how this is how the world works so we don't ex. I can't always like fifty percent that come across me. They like what i do. I'm really happy. Because i'm thinking that's a lot of people who don't think i do. I don't know about you but there are many people who do so. I think it's interesting when you bring up because there's so many books like about how to care what other people think but actually when you care what other people like. I think businesses like house have probably been successful because we're in touch with how people are feeling and what they're thinking and that's a real strength on it so the the downside of that is gonna hurt when people that like what we do. It's going to hurt us. But i think you just gotta be strong enough to suck it up and it on the chin get hurt lot. Like don't think oh i should. I should not care about like let it hurt. And then let it few you and get real hungary to be better than you were. Think jerry seinfeld did a podcast with Tim ferriss not long ago. He speaks about that as well. It was he had someone When he was twenty. Two cy dice. Ecclesia terrible as a comedian. Not knocking and he used that to really feel him. Instead of it wasn't for that he has a night so yeah so. I think it's an awesome trauma so all these books about daikyo people think and carshield disliked all right books and i've i've learned lots of things but there's nothing wrong with also carrying people think about so. This has been so inspiring. I like to finish up at a few christians number one. Is i if you could give one piece of advice to the next generation to help them. Live daydream life. What would you say that you are worthy of love and affection as you are rodney. Lock you don't need to be the smartest person the most successful person the funniest person the best cricket or whatever it is like as you are right now the worthy of love and affection. I think too many of us a desperately trying to do things to tron like real dish. Wanna feel like we belong in that. We're and and sophomore trying to prove that. But i think on the saying that you were the your enough as you are right now. I saw especially on social media just blown out of proportion now like we say the laws that are on to be doing natural. I'm not as good as looking as that person. Whatever it is. You are enough to a young person right now. We shot non. I definitely felt worthy. I at school. Like i love school and did well at school. Everything went the when i left school. The security of school. I was an absolute no one at university. I didn't i was desperate for love and affection and belonging in status within this emol off. And i couldn't find anywhere and i just wish someone said to me highly just as you are now worthy of love and belonging love that. That's a great month for everyone when you were talking before about you know really Not thinking about what you want to have. Actually what you have. Every morning i go for a walk. Like i have a morning person and We'll term retort render from. Yeah well. I i One of my dreams. Because i think life is regardless how long we get to leave. I think life is short so one of my dreams is to say as many sunrise assist possible and not because of the beauty. It's actually because the magic when their son gets like. Is holly anyone out there. I you feel like you just pot of nature. And and so i live by by the bay and and so i walk It depends on now. We're on school holiday. So i can walk forever But sometimes it's an hour but most days probably an hour and a half in the morning. So i get up five. Am most mornings. But but saying that. I have periods of my life. Where i you know. I don't do that. Sleep is most more important. But but i'm pretty boring so i got to love ratings on well depends. There's no set time it's more You know. I often when the kids go to bed. I often go read and i get good sleep and You know sometimes you know. I didn't go to bed early last night. And i still got up early because it just i. It was when it's warm. Here is love la. I like the warm weather and So i went for a walk anyway and and every morning. i'm just so grateful to be alive and then Old amazing things that you see when you're walking in the morning and i think that's why it's not about the sunrise because i still do it even if it's raining. It's that time of day when you just have some you can and i start with meditation. I am doing a challenge at the moment actually to to meditate for long us. Oh i do dr joe. I don't know of him but He's brain researcher and so he does quite long. Meditations sometimes our and more. So i. I meditate thing and was do some joining because i'm a paper peasant enough. Think on paper and then go for my walks. Depends a little bit on Now when the son gets up just off to seeks. But i'd like to be there just before it gets up because that's the most medic momento Some i am curious. Have you got a morning routine. And if yes It doesn't have to be perfect or no one thing. I've been fantasizing about me having morning taint. Unfortunately at the moment on morning starts when elsie wakes up which is anywhere between forty five and six thirty seven so and unfortunately it's like by morning. Moment is changing nappies getting breakfast. Ready for benji elsie. And then getting ready for myself. When they are old enough to sort themselves out. I will have a proper routine in fact but so It was a few weeks ago. My wife and two kids were a white dow down the beach and the has to myself for a week. And i had a morning routine and i loved it and felt side different about my luck so tomato typically it would. It would have to involve exercise the most incredible. I decided to sit but I run a lot of running athletics. Track running and ultimately that's the best way to start the day. Maybe it's arrest all swim in the morning so local pool swim and then after it's up just out of doing this in the last couple of months but have a culture out three minutes in a phrasing. I heard someone science luck for them. It's the most important thing for their mental health. And i was thinking that even bid alcon explain it. But it's good it's awful. Tommy feel great afterwards and then really healthy foods side of in having smoothies at have berries arts water Gsa tips aids Probably and healthy food. And if i can squeeze time to read the paper that's just like the ultimate that is the ultimate but Yet unfortunately i'm on benji elsies shedule right now. Everything has its stage and a lot of people. Actually ask that when the have young kids. And i'm like you can do anything but not everything at someone you through that but it's hot But even have like you know once a week or something is is just kennel. Start working towards that way. You take take time With your partner to to have that it's just makes such a difference august. Feel like morning. If i have a good morning at my. It doesn't really matter how my day goes. Because i feel like i had my time and it was like you know. I like the solitude and this you know really quiet mornings That's important to me but thank you for sharing such an avid reader. That's what has been. Most of my. Tom doing what i can. I'm interested to know. Do you have a favorite book. And if yes why the my favorable to raid is barbie's of running like i love Just finished reading a book pile of a book. That of red before but paid a norman who was an athlete in the seventies australia. Ralph do bell was athlete in the sixties and seventies in his trial last person to win a gold medal for strider on the track Love very near book and a lot like online initiative walk-throughs rating signing an did that seventy four relative bell. Run this talk in like how much i can still telling me this stuff so what i read now and also it was. The helpful book probably ever read has lost connections. Yeah lost connections by johann hari Gosh it's incredible podcast There's been like you like house. Ach my gosh. If i could just send his management and just to hear from him and he calls the next day tomorrow if your what say. He's unbelievable johann hari. He's a journalist who who suffered depression from the of i had been taking antidepressants for twelve years and he realized that he was in sokolow. Lock and feel better for a couple of months that the feelings start to come back. And he'd psychology allowed inside. Elwood is up the dosage and then we got to the maximum dosage and and then he had to sing. If like and. I'm not feeling better again. It's going sorry. He went on this world trip to discover what other people doing assads from their medication to help them feel better. What he found was that It's a it's a loss of connection that's causing issues. We have right now. it's funny. yeah. I'm gonna read that book thinking i'm i'm going to To show its people can into cost to link to that as well all that sounds fascinating things you sharing lots of know if you have a favorite kiki k. Product or if not a favorite stationary product I love the feeling of journaling. Like i love that And the gratitude journal thesaurus in the airport. Aboard for this kill ended up killing for myself and i because i was like nothing to do with the flight and i was like because the thing wasn't wearing heels like i'd love to run in this but it's a gift really really just not. I'm caring for myself in sorrow myself. And so you've gotta to journals. He's just love. what i love about. The guy products is just that like it's such a good looking thing to have when you're walking around like when we try to emulate that is like needs to look like it needs to have. We don't have that. Unfortunately when the mice fashionable creative what fashionable. So how'd you don look as good as your stay about. We just love how good look journals. I love it. I think if you can combine. I mean for me one of my passions when i started key cables looked at all the things that i wanted to have my dreams and most to where it was swedish design. Because it's just how it goes up and that's you know that's what allow and if you can combine good messages and good contents together. We beautiful design. I think it's nice combination so thank you. Thank you and one last question. If you could go back to your younger self Perhaps similar to what you said before. So maybe samantha say when you were in your late teens. What advice would you give yourself knowing what you know now. Yeah well. I can give you another one earlier. We said that you're worthy of love and affection but I think still acting like everything is totally fine all the time. And you're always great. Because i felt this pressure that like his all work my way through school psychologist as i say psychologist last year and the i don't have a mental illness probably on the chat once a month or something that's volunteers. Yeah whatever she. I ended up seeing her once a week loss. Incredible things i've ever done. And when she said to me she said also. I'm going on live over back to a february. This is in december. I said well. What do you mean. And she said well. I won't be working. I said we can still this puzzle. Him said no. I'm not working. I was like what do you think what i'm into with that you say and so the one of the things i realized as through school schools griping loves sport and did well. I love everything so thought good. I might not see those. I tell is like good. I've worked at everything. And then i felt this pressure had to mind level level of success. Achievement popularity happiness loft area. The time and and i felt like it was never a chi- decided someone feel quite lonely at a moment. Lock feel really lost at the moment. Lock onto unique also identify. I want to do this like what's what job donna wanna do. I feel like it. But i'm want to tell you what i want. Everyone to think that. I was in control and around. Because you're always a good time with my and nothing bothers me. It's i'm fine even if you're feeling lost a line lee or uncertain insecure. That's fine that's lifelike and realize that that's probably the advice. I'll give myself if as a six year coming to now's a forty year old. It'll probably be similar a lot like you're gonna have ups and downs and loss can be really hot and it'd be times when you don't feel good and that's like the second you don't have to have the because you're forty like i think is a forty year old guy like forty. I'll have everything sorted luck. I got so much stuff that i'm no idea about that. I think i'm glad you all christian. It's reminder for me right now just how you don't have to have the answered. Yes you've got kids in a house and all that stuff you thought you wanted to have. And that's great but that doesn't mean you got to answer to everything like just they humble listen a lot. I think especially wash men miami and above need to start listening more. We've talked about and we just said to listen to be more in a be more humble locked the person but in regards to society and minority groups in a kind of stuff i think Discretional measure the question by saying To the cats kind of not have the answers and all that kind of stuff. Yeah i great answer. And i couldn't agree more one of the things going through a tough year last year i decided to really enjoy it because i do love personal growth and i know that there is a lot of good things coming out of a challenge. Thomas never fun when you rotten meat lovers and it's often you can't see the silver linings until you get out of it and sometimes you don't you just get out of it for leave it up for air and then again but i decided you know i d connection on everything that you said today is aligned. With the way. I think and Last year i spoke to my girlfriend and she lives in sydney and my best friend and i spoke to her every single day at least once a day sometimes more i used to say to her knock yasser have slow many issues and challenges because we have so much to work on and because i think i think we we see you know especially when you know when you finish school and starting out in life in in some way you think it's sorta but i think if you had that saudi be such a boring live so i actually now even though you know it's never fun when you you know going through tough times but if you know that you'll get through it and because of that you know have a better understanding of the world and you know you understand and you will create an university so i always think now i'm just going to be a better version of myself all the time and sometimes better version doesn't mean better in terms for anyone else but it's just really what you go through and and that's how i choose to see the see my life but not perfect anyway. Some of these has been such an amazing recession. Exactly what. I thought it would be in terms amazing so many great insights far listeners. So think is so much not just for this poor causing for a couple of my dreams today but also for all the things that you're doing the world letting every i meet a lot of teachers we kiki k. We have a lot of educators loving products. You know to do this and organizers and i always as soon as i'm like resilience per year because i think that it's so helpful for obviously the educated so what you're doing is incredibly inspiring and Very appreciated i hear so many good things about your presentation. I can't wait to see that in person. Luckily free does he have plenty to love this stuff. that's lovely seth. Thanks for having me on your on your show. Thank you thank you while i loved speaking with you and i am so inspired by all the work. He's doing through resilience project gratitude empathy and mindfulness auth. Three things that have was believed strongly in. I completely agree with you that this message is. I'm practices should be taught in schools to give young people as well as adults. The tools to help them live. Happy lives. I love the work that you and the resilience project are doing. I encourage everyone to read his book and discover the simple practices he speaks about. We have provided links in the show notes to the bulk and also to the imperfect. Podcast you will also find links to some helpful products that we have created at kiki k. To help you develop your own practices around gratitude kindness and mindfulness as well. If you love this episode have been inspired to make any positive changes after hearing it. I would love you to jonah private facebook group. You dream podcast so you can share a learn with a group of like minded listeners. I have put a link in the show notes as well. We have so many more inspiring guests lined up for the coming months. So please remember to subscribe so you don't miss any and don't forget to tell us what you thought believing us a review. I love hearing from you. And i'm so incredibly grateful for all the comments. So thank you so much if you want to see more about. What's happening in my world. You can always follow me on instagram christina. Kiki thankfully sting. And i'll see you next week and of course. Don't forget to dream big.

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Cathexis Ventures | Mark Friday on Oil & Gas Startups Podcast

Oil and Gas Startups Podcast

54:37 min | 4 months ago

Cathexis Ventures | Mark Friday on Oil & Gas Startups Podcast

"This is the oil and gas startups. Podcast where we showcase emerging technology in the stories of industry founders investors in leaders with your host jay corey and colin mcleod. Welcome back to the ruling podcast and most. Vc's with we've had on the show typically only invest in energy our buddy mark friday from texas ventures joined the shows. We talked about how they have. Deep energy routes investing energy startups as well as a lot of the off. The wall. stuff that there as well so First time recording our new studio. We're really enjoyed it. We got really burnt out on doing remote. If i'm being honest Just not quite the same so back to the but to the funding person stuff before you need to step. So let's say two minutes jump into. Rtp h energy insight of the week. Degration have acquired mosaic petroleum analytics data analytics reservoir simulation and economics platform designed to optimize on commission. Divorce s. good timing too because denigration going to be our next podcast sponsor. Pretty pretty soon so. It was very familiar with the degration over the next six months. So congratulations those guys. I think that we talk about emanate in the oil and gas industry amongst the mp's all the time. But i think that emanate and consolidation across tech companies is beneficial for a lot of people who so congratulated both of these teams on. Make something happen. We're excited to see what they do with. Think this is. The first of many of they were still consolidation. Like you said it's exide so aggressive these guys. Let's get rid of the upset. Walkout is welcome back to of the willingness podcasts. We're in the new studio. We had our you know. I don't know when you guys are listening to this if you're listening to it In early twenty one. We just had the world's greatest party in oil and gas or if the best party of the last year which is pretty low bar with cove but we had some peer beer and pizza and people fluid. Yeah that was like one of the cool times. Just get together and be around people in conversation very funny at people flying in on the private jet to get here yet uses lamborghini outside the front door higher holding party. Not if you're not on. Eft on twitter. Just follow us in. Look at the people that were interacting with and that entire that little community unanswered bunch of good people anyways. We're the reason i'm saying is that excuse. We're both like dead tired. We any slavers. It was up to like three o'clock in the morning. But we've got a good buddy. More freddie here with jessica thanks to circuit texas ventures ca faxes ventures. Thanks so obviously venture find you. Tell us you know high level. Yes really operators. A family office right. Why don't you tell us about you guys are and what you do Taxes ventures is the venture arm of catharsis holdings and texas holdings of family office To family members. They're young in their early thirties. Got nikki islami. Who's self made in the e commerce space. She started a beauty products company Scaled it to be very successful. Because she's in with Let's say some some of the original influencers before influencer. Marketing was such a common thing off. People were not supposed to name drop ship interesting network celebrities It's pretty phenomenal And then she all that before she met. William william comes from a successful family in real estate and energy markets and being pretty young guy. a look to diversify into Various other things we do private equity. I do some some real estate. That's a little bit different than buying land just for mineral rights. You know other real estate is there's many kinds and And then more recently venture capital. And that's that's my role so all day. Every day i'm talking to seed. Stage companies really early stage businesses. Maybe it's one person usually a couple of founders. Maybe they've got some employees but they're very early businesses and And it's a lot of fun because we can talk to pretty much anybody who's at that stage where sector agnostic geography agnostic. We are based in. Houston you know. We have an office in houston But we've always thought like why not. Just look at any entrepreneur that can get in front of us and you know look at them as an individual look at their team their company and like who cares what city therein if we're able to be in front of them and And you know get pitched by them. We don't wanna turn anybody away just because they're in the wrong zip code or There are the wrong type of founder or something like that. You know super fee to have a thesis to where it's You know you have geo fenced by geography because you'd be pretty ignorant to think that all the best ideas and founders are coming from you know. People can make the argument for silicon valley which is a fair argument but with the way the world is today especially with covid. You know a lot of things are starting to become a lot. More distributed yet founders. Dispersing all over the united states all over the world and you have people raising capital from you know like you had a call here in the office right before we record the podcast. I don't know where that founder was. Daddy was houston but you guys are able to hop on a video call. He can demo is product and doesn't matter where he's at in the world. Why don't you tell us a little bit about that right now. With how things have been during covert. I think you told me the other day. We had a dinner the other night. And i think he told me that guys have been making a lot of placements Just off zoom calls. How's that process. Been over the last year. Well we were We've been doing investments just off of zoom calls without meeting in person even before covid nineteen. Because sometimes you know round is filling fast and founders have options and so you only get one or two meetings with them and then you gotta make a decision or it's gone wasn't a case of gsi. Yeah you know we we We look at companies that are in that situation fairly often. We not to get caught. Up in the hype. We're like oh. I hear your sequoias. We'll take a look at them. So you know that will cause everybody to rush. We still try and be very much. Just what do we think of the business. Not not trying to chase. You know the mega. Vc's around and and you know And follow the trends that they might be saying But yeah you know. Investing in someone just threw zoom call. I think it's a little different than person but at the same time. These are people that i'll have to run their companies in an increasingly remote world. They have to pitch their customers in an increasingly remote world. And so how how you perform in that little video. Box with occasional lag and with readily available screen share Is how they're going to be conducting themselves a lot of the time. And i think if they can impress in that environment and that's still pretty meaningful skillset We'd all love to get to know founders for longer periods of time but we know when you were raising a million dollar round is a founder. And you're filling it up with some hundred k. Two hundred and fifty k tax which is kinda like typical. Check size. I check in. It's not really worth it for them. To spend time intensive dozens of hours with me a love to spend time with founders. But you know usually we're going to grab a burger or something like that and catch up and talk about how the company's doing and yeah how their families are doing friends and all that. Yeah so obviously You said your industry agnostic. You guys are trying to come in early stage. Are there any areas that you guys are particularly excited about. Maybe you made me more investments in one area than another like recently You know it seems the come in bunches how it like did a couple of consumer product companies like consumer packaged goods. Do you see. Then we hadn't done any for a while and the now it looks like we're about to do two of those So it really is. You know we're pretty agnostic and I think it's great. I think there's been a bunch of really good case studies that have it's worked. Well i'm worried. Does he get a little bit too. Played out i don't know. Yeah that's you know. I studied a macro economics and economics general in college a little bit of my degrees in electrical engineering. But i did econ. Because it's fascinating. And i love trying to fit equations to the you know the world and all that so i really loved econ classes and i was probably better at those in the engineering classes to be honest but after following the stock market and following public companies and and trying to predict the future on all these different things. I think if i'm being honest with myself i just. I don't have very many strong convictions. About what the future will hold. I'm really looking at the startup founder. In a box on zoom now and kind of judging them as an individual and their individual idea. And i'm really paying attention to what have they done in the last six months. And what are they going to do in the next six months because if they don't hit those milestones and i don't really buy progress that they've made over the last six months. I don't really buy what they'll be able to accomplish in the next six. Then the probability that they're going to get to that series a round Changes dramatically so. I'm really kind of looking at them in a window and time and Not thinking too much about dig broad trends because a lot of vc's of course are sector specific or stage specific and you can find vc's raise money that have had success and they might completely different disagree with each other. Oh no direct to consumer. Cpg is terrible investment because all overpriced. Or oh no. That's the that's the opportunity like it's it's way undervalued arbitrage opportunity there so i'm really i think seed stage investing is about betting on the founders as much as anything else We do want to see some traction. We want to see customers fast. Growth rate and that kind of stuff but for that reason and because they might end up pivoting We say hey you know we like where this company is at right now in this point in time This is risky in early stage. Investing it's got some inherent risk. Let's let's take a chance on them because we like them and we like what their company's doing and we like where can go. It's interesting the direct to consumer space because assault. Someone tweet the other day that russia hasn't been that many unicorns in the he space. I think like thirty which you can build great brands and companies with that model. But have you know when you guys look get. And i know this from experience raising capital for digital wildcatters. But really you know if you're looking at a company digital wildcatters which is a pure play media company that doesn't necessarily fit a c. Model doesn't have the scale in the growth. Trajectory doesn't match the bbc's looking for you know do you take that into consideration in you're looking at you know industry agnostic so kind of in between that when you're looking at a c. Company i think you guys invested in like some type of like Spandex type shape wear. So there's there's skims kardashians a west coast man. Those things look good honey. Love is great so there you know there. There's some differences to these products. And i know more about shape today than ever thought i would like. Yeah there's there's the contrast those. I see you this. You know the shape wear company and then you also have an investment in geoscience calls software to geospatial software. So how do you literally five minutes. One call ends and the next begins right. Yeah i know you made a comment that you don't think too much on a macro level about the industry or the market you guys were really just kinda taking lottery tickets on a founder. You know really you know if you believe rachel we know obviously she's one of y'alls founders as well yes. That is the trend there. It seems like you guys are betting. More on the founders. Possibly even more than the idea of most time concerned what you said about them or may just pivot anyways right yeah and we've passed on some founders because they hadn't launched yet they were just a little too early and we really like to see some traction before we invest gives us some level of comfort especially if it's like a capital efficient business model like oh variety raised a couple of hundred k. Friends and family you claimed it's a capital efficient business model. Why haven't you got a product out there. you know. Got some metrics that we can look at yet so we usually wait for that stage but now as you know as the years have gone by. I've seen those founders. That we passed on where i was like. Gosh i wanted to invest in them. But they just didn't have the data yet. They tend to circle back and they're like hey by the way we're doing really well. Yeah 'cause they'll find a way because they're just like i don't know they just have you know they're magnetic they have phenomenal communication skills. They know the numbers backwards and forwards. It's like a checklist of liga thousand. Little things that you know. It's kind of cliche to to run through what they all are. You don't have to check every box but you should check most of them. Yeah and you just talked to a lot of companies and move quickly when you have to and we say no to almost every i mean it's still only invest in like one out of fifty that we actually talked to but you know sometimes those Those knows will come back a year later and say hey check us out now. And we're like dang it you know you were a great founder. We should've jumped in. And actually we talked about founder victory lap. Yes but fortunately some of them are just too early for us and then we can jump in. You know the next round so You know you mentioned honey lov. Our shape wear company and we've got Another company that that we had been looking at called disco. That's a base in austin and it's like a men's skin care product company and their ceo. Ben is really sharp guy. Really impressed me was like literally fits the exact kind of narrative. I just gave pass on someone who was like but i wanted to invest in that founder so yen launched yet when we first talked to him. And now you know lo and behold. Let's say they're month over month. Growth rate is pretty eye-popping good and their margins are awesome and there's like all their little metrics of what a cpt company What you would wanna see are just fantastic. So they're gonna have no problem raising money. Yeah and No problem scaling this year. So we're very excited about that and We just committed to invest in them Yesterday technically guess today but yesterday. Yeah yeah it's a so that happens. You know you guys are basically houston Hub of the world. Yes heavy Background and influence internally from texas. You know i think there is contact. Could texas oil and gas right like that is willing gas Yeah and then catharsis holdings and we've got like i mentioned earlier. Private equity real estate got a lot of involvements and a lot of things yeah nikki and her background that we have some involvement on the consumer side as well. Yeah so You know. I think we've mentioned gio site and if you're listening to this and you're not familiar gsi Just a few weeks ago She spent on the podcast twice Really cool platform. That's being used both in oil and gas and in a military and department of defense applications. Us have one more company that's in oil and gas correct. Yeah yeah so valliere. Yeah is We saw bo them through y. Combinator to talk with them as well. Yeah well yeah. They didn't know that. Those as another one we i saw them. They are a little too early for us. And then word got around town Some other family offices and investors where had had spent just a little bit more time and talk to some of algiers customers and all of that was rave reviews and so we circled back and instead had to reach out to them and say hey you know please send you around like we're those those it's hard to six months ago. Said no remember us. And they were kind enough to Let us let us still jump in but yeah they They're doing really well. That's awesome and we should have some great news out of go site Soon get so. Yeah i mean both of them are excited for what twenty twenty one may hold and i think you know their values based in canada and geoscience based in the bay area but as they scale they're going to be adding people in houston and that's kind of been my whole thing about houston like how do we get this going well. In my opinion the best way to get houston v seagoing or houston startup ecosystem. Going to build bridges to other cities because we have a massive customer base year where we just don't have as an early adopter culture yet right big incumbent players and oil and gas sector haven't really needed to embrace technology as much and now they they probably will a little bit more. The medical sector is now being disrupted. Everything's getting disrupted by all this software software eating the world and maybe they'd be just a little bit slower on the uptake but but we've got massive customers here. I think that's what tm cix texas medical center accelerator has done such a good job of. That's why they have an accelerator. That is now you know everybody really respects that. And that's because they offer access to customers that are based houston and it's that access to these big customers that people will move bodies deer and be local for everything else is just kinda like well. You know we'd love to get the start up ecosystem going but like it's it's going to be hard to win the battles with with other cities that you know decades start so why even try. Let's just let's embrace what we've got as a resource. We've got a massive economy with huge customers here. Fortune one hundred fortune. Five hundred right. Yeah let's do that. Do you feel like there's like a lack of like maybe leadership in the houston. Vc community actually take the initiative and get people. I just feel like it's there's a lotta vc's here and nobody talks. At least. that's my kind of impression events that you guys go to mingle and hang out. is it like a community or is it literally just. We're all in the same city but there's not really a community rather than because that's kind of important to the bigger mission really in my eyes of making husein tech hub and i think it's possible. I think we have all the right pieces. I just think they're all over the city and they're not really talking or connecting. Yeah i think we have. Shootin has quite a sprawl. You know yeah. People don't people who may be listening you know from other states or cities houston is very spread out. We got a lot of land. All the cities in texas are blessed with a lot of land to keep expanding out into that means that you don't get people under the same roof as often as you might like. Startups can be dotted throughout the city. And so there's not just like some little town that has Kind of a micro tech ecosystem going Though vc's in houston A lot of them focus on since they're looking to lead rounds usually and take board seats and so forth they've got to compete then with vc's across the country More so like look in series a. And stuff like that. And and if you've got to compete for those kinds of companies i think at that point kind of does make sense to focus more on what's in your backyard. And you know if we were writing multimillion dollar checks all these companies we would probably take more than a couple of hours talking to them. We invest in in fewer companies And we would want to be closer by probably way. We do it as a little different. We invest smaller checks into more companies. And we churn through companies probably quite a bit faster. Yeah talked to a lot But so i can understand their strategy. It's geographic base. They're looking at companies that are in houston or in taxes and most of the vc's in taxes will say like we only invest in taxes companies. Look like oklahoma louisiana a little bit but it's very regional driven And hey they're on some of them. They're on their second third fourth fund. So they got to be doing something right But but for us. When i was first starting off and i was like well. I wanna talk to like thousand. Ceo's a year Over the phone or in person how you know. Spend an hour with thousand. Ceo's you know. Every year i started off in houston. And i like pretty quickly. I was like i. I'm running out of companies to talk to you know. There's there's dozens that you can talk to but like there's only so many that are stage where we like might be close to considering investments typically source them. There's google or the well. There's there's accelerators and incubators. And so they bundle them together nicely and you can like if you're an investor and you just want to. I mean it's not. It's not that hard. It's just kind of like a little bit of legwork little bit of hustle like you. Just call them in. You're like hey i know. It's not demo day yet. But i wanna talk to all your company's Some accelerators are a little bit more exclusive. Why combinator where we found. You know rachel with gsi and all that valid. You're also went through combinator. Although we didn't we found him just a little bit after wiessee and You know so for why see. That's a little bit of a guarded list of like who's in the program and that kind of stuff. But i know it's tough. It's harder to get into icu than harvard. Just on a percentage basis. it's It's a very exclusive thing but head if You know airbnb dropbox Door ash stripe. Like we can just keep going down the link ten billion plus valuation competencies out like every batch pretty. You don't know which one is going to be. We were lucky enough to grab one of them are very. I see that we went to one of the fastest unicorns and so that was cool. Yeah awesome you're like this. This is a decent start. Cassese's we found a couple that also wins zero. But that's that's stage investing. That's why you want to invest in a good number of companies and kind of Distribute that risk but yeah like how does deal flow. Come in people will. People will kind of cold outreach. Now that we've got a website not the greatest website in the world but at least tells them like. Hey message me on. Link dan Because it's it's linked in is just the best the best tool So they'll they'll message man linked. And then i can like kinda check out their profile and their website and see if it's worth and for meeting and then people send me stuff so like the real way that we generate deal flow and this is why we decided to do like small checks more companies and just meet with as many as possible is like i'm sitting down in houston. I don't have a background in. Vc it's like day one on the job and i'm like charged with getting like venture investing going texas and i'm like okay. Well who's going to send me good deals. Nobody no body. So what can i do. I need to go just meet with many companies is i can possibly handle and when i find something good i'll share it with other investors that i meet along the way and then some of those other investors will reciprocate and others won't because some people wanna play close to the vest and i totally get that too but at the seed stage where refocus it's usually around that's filled with a good number of investors it's pretty collaborative. Let's get so and so to jump in because you know they'll be strategic on this thing or they might be able to write a big check in the next round So you know the seed stage rounds you can. You can get into of interesting ones and there's an it's just so collaborative that like just by going and meeting with all these companies you're generating deal flow for other people and they they reciprocate and bring it back to you and so just kind of snowballs from there So that's that's kind of what we've been doing. So some people send us some stuff For things in the bay area. I usually need to just go direct. I need to go meet with those companies myself. Because why would someone send you know. Bay area deals to a random guy in houston that they haven't heard of before when they know their friends. That have been doing this for twenty years. Yeah so i just need to go meet with those founders directly and y combinator is a very good way to do that is you know. There's tons of people that look at y combinator companies. There's very few that are willing or able to move fast enough to invest in them around the demo day timeframe yet. It's i mean. I think pretty much ninety nine percent of the people in texas you. Vc investing like a here y. Combinator and they rolled her eyes men. That's an area where i disagree with him. Obviously since like y- y a big percentage of our investments are y combinator companies. It is possible if you go directly to the companies to talk to some. 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Tell them we sent you. So you brought up a good point kind of creating these bridges between cities between houston austin san francisco. You know cities up canada montreal wherever it is and i think that's a really good point mean a lot of people talk about. Why has the ecosystem not been cultivated in houston. I think there's several different reasons one. I thanks because you don't have the liquidity waterfalls silicon valley has where you have billion dollar. Ipo's and you know he made. It goes down to the one hundred million years. And they're starting to place checks and so you don't really have that like the wealth that's here in houston is traditionally more old school money and they're not making Early stage seed investments right. So i think that that's one reason That it's hard to get startups off the ground here honestly like i like texas axis. You guys are early stage. find in. there's really like. I think off the top of my head. There's just not a whole lot of quote unquote early stage Funds here in houston Houston for the most part and so and it's actually funny. Because i was you know he's dropping on your call With that other founder. Him when you said that your seed investor he's like defined seed because that's different you know. Everyone's definition of seed is different and early stages different. You know you see companies like clubhouse get one hundred million dollar valuation based on a deck. You know they haven't even made an mvp yet. And i see that cheeses crisis insane in my mind I don't yeah. I don't think i don't think you guys are data early like you said you like to see a little bit of traction. Some product element things like that. We would have missed clubhouse. But we're also now andreessen horowitz and able to pull it off you know like i. I know some people that are on it and it's a very engaging product and a product that i obviously didn't think of like exactly how they do it but like as this whole pandemic was was you. Zoom calls are just too rigid. Like you've got to send an invite the set time and oh sorry. I'm five minutes later. Was like it'd be cool if there is something like this you could just kind of pop in pop out. It's more free flowing coming and going and and then like two days later. Had that conversation actually with jr a guy station houston well known guy startup circles and and and then like two days later. Clubhouse news broke into someone working on this much longer than stupid conversation with jr so You know they they could be successful. And and maybe they will. Maybe they won't but You know it's just a apparently no one's doing pretty well Yes and and we'll see how it goes million dollars. Valuation seed round is a certainly eye-popping news and a million dollars on the founders. Took money off the table to as i keys. Yeah capillaries evaluation. They gotta have meeting rahman too much. They're going to be. They're going to need to meet with some pretty high level people especially social app like that you know you got to you know i don't i. Don't mind founders. Taking taking something off the table like and and doing well for themselves as long as you're going to stay motivated yes Yeah know. I think i think can help. But you know yeah talk about that a little bit. I mean this is kind of veering off left field and not specific to you guys but Especially involved in a conversation the other day with one of the founders of morning brew and he was talking about a mistake that a lot of founders make is not paying themselves enough and it is a problem that founders deal with is when they're creating their performance and raising capital d. You just get so used to being broken but at the same time as an investor. You don't want them struggling and not focusing on the business right so You know is that something you guys. Pay attention to the seed stage where you're really strict on usa funds and capital allocation and questioning. Oh you know you're found you're paying yourself this much. Is that something that you guys really look over very closely. Yeah yeah it's It's funny because as is looking at houston startups. You have people and this is kind of weird. It's the opposite of what you'd expect. We're looking at houston startups. And there's some mike. Phd brilliant people. That are leaving oil and gas industry and taking this enormous to go start a startup raising capital in their pro forma in their financial projections. It shows that they're gonna pay themselves one hundred fifty k. Two hundred k. Maybe two hundred and fifty k. A year and i get it that it's risky to do a startup. But it's it's less risky if you're using invested capital. Two mayors off two hundred fifty k. A year salary. And then you go to look at some san francisco startups and the cost of living is like twice that of houston in the bay area and they're paying themselves sixty k. a year And it goes back to your point earlier. Like a lot of the reason why there aren't as many startups in places like houston or you know jacksonville. Florida name name. Some random city is because we don't have that that success story that people know by one or two degrees of separation so and so they did that start up and now they have tens of millions of dollars and said all their friends. It started with them like everyone in the bay area knows a bunch of people like that. They're willing to take this. Risk and failure is acceptable. They're starting a startup. Is not something crazy than everyone would like. Roll their eyes out. It's just it's just what people do and it's kind of like you're forgoing there. Say it's a one in three chance that your start up a workout and you'll make some money on it while you're gonna forego salary this year and next year but you know when it hits you're gonna get several million dollars and so maybe you end up making the same amount of money over ten year period but in one of them is coming in bursts and you know you're doing the the startup thing and the other you've got an ice conservative salary and the but then there's always the upside that maybe you become the next you know base us or or mosque or sock and make more than just a few million dollars yourself and And you know that's pretty cool. And and they deserve it because they took the risk and they worked their tails off. Think that's also you brought up an interesting point that now say that you have a phd. That's been in alicia. Waylon gas for ten to fifteen years. And i mean i see this all the time. You're leaving a good job. Jobs probably pays you two hundred thousand quarter million dollars a year and then you go to run a startup in you have that same amount of money allocated to yourself in a city like houston not to cut you off but just add on do like houston is like the founder persona on is different than what you would see in the bay area. Yeah that's that's what i was about to say. Which younger so you have. You know maybe young mid twenty year old out in the bay area you know just hacking away blowing startups an enterprise software. Those aren't usually the cats that are building the best products right. It's someone has ten to fifteen years of domain expertise understands and industry and the problems that it deals with public. Have kids yet. Probably five kids and really does Suppresses innovation because it is such a huge risk for them to leave their salary. Indigo take that chance on doing something I mean shit. We know this you know as well as anyone so That's kind of an interesting dynamic. That didn't think about before i mean. We're hyper sensitive to that conversation when raising capital is like. Hey we need enough to put food on the table for our family but also you know it's enough to survive in in nothing more we're looking for our payout someday so i think the founders need to be cognizant of that who no hints no like the hard truth is is like look if you can't make the sacrifice to take pay cuts and not everyone's meant be a founder has the circumstances it's do it so that's kind of a hard truth but it is it is really tough Aiming the salaries go up as you move through the stages you know you get to see to get two series a. Yeah then you take more and You know maybe you can sell some of your equity those rounds come about because like people are always trying to get you get diluted and and it just makes sense and so their opportunity to do that. Because i mean by the time you get to series a your company's gonna be worth like fifteen million posts money or or thirty or if it's clubhouse maybe five hundred yeah you you can. You can take a sliver of that and And that's great. I just yeah. We have a problem with it when people like you kind of want the entrepreneurs to be taking that risk and and be really motivated worked really hard on this thing because it's really hard to succeed at these things You gotta start up going. So we'll see kinda wanna found her to be that bad shit crazy they're willing to eat rahman to make it make it happen to get to rahman profitable it's it's It's something where it's definitely. We look at it as a negative if they're paying themselves too much when it's like literally their seed round just like sorry. It's is like a- and you can at least in in my experience looking at a few thousand startups in those excel spreadsheets like when they wanting to pay themselves that much then Yeah my experience. They don't have more trouble raising the money and it's yeah and they are like. Oh well if you want the best management team with twenty years of experience blah blah Than than you know. It costs money. Well a counter argument to that is is like i don't necessarily know people that have been in large. Large corporations for decades are the best people to start a startup because renew large corporation. you're interacting with an working with dozens of people when you're startup. it's like you in like two or three other people have to do everything myself like this. It's it's different abilities because this is actually you know when we are hiring at our last company is picking off engineers from the major corporations and some of them were blended like look man. I've got a pretty good gig here. I don't care if i do anything like it. Just kind of goes make good money and you come over to start up your of four or five person team and you gotta pull your weight plus some so that's Always something to look forward to when building teams. It's tough the. I think the most important thing that a founder really does have. You're putting in one word as recruit You got to recruit investors true but like you really got to recruit and inspire but what role is how. What are the skills you need to inspire. It's really it's selling isn't it. I mean you have to sell people on your idea. You have to sell your family on your idea. You're not bad shit crazy at thanksgiving my fucking excluding. Don't understand it. You know but then also being able sell the product i mean. I think everything's really distilled street telling in your ability to persuade somebody to do something or feel certain way. It's so true. When i mentioned like what is it good founder that we might want to invest earlier. Like if if i'm on the call and these are thirty to sixty minute calls quite often usually sixty minutes. If i'm ever like kind of bored like reaching for my phone like oh i wonder if i got an email or or like when i'm at multiple monitors like have my email right there on the other strain if i'm like glancing over at that it's not a good sign you know. I should be a great storyteller. There should be very captivating when you speak to them but then the crazy thing about these founders is and why they're so much more impressive than i will ever be even the ones we pass on by the way if we passed on you. I'm sorry you're still better than i am like not only are they. Captivating storytellers great communicators. But then they have highly technical skill set as well. They're like oh yeah you know. I studied engineering and it. Or whatever just like oh cool and you better speaking than i am so these people are out there and we want to keep it. And that's what's so amazing about it. You know Yeah but you're absolutely right like you gotta. They gotta be a great storyteller captivating but they they need to do that and be able to execute and that means they're going to be recruiting really talented people to come and work for them. They're probably going have to sell to close their initial customers unless they can build a product so good that sells itself like like facebook or something. Like that Yeah it's it's so much about just having that that great storytelling ability and great communication skills. but we really like technical founders. I'll say mean even in arkansas. So we've we've a as you guys probably know since we've eaten steak and stuff together not vegan but we have a vegan. She's company called sparrow. It's really cool. It's one of our consumer investments and the ceo faye dress. She is a like rachel if she came on the something. You'd be like wow. This is very impressive person. Yeah so she did. I think at cornell she she got her degree and like biosciences and computer science and crazy and then maybe also went to harvard. I can't remember. I don't know but ivy league just easily through that and then like worked at facebook and But then she always had food allergies so she created this vegan cheese product but she had the foresight to rather than use cashews and almonds uses sunflower seeds for it and she has some patents on on some of these processes that she does to make a product but the thing about sunflower seeds and why we invested as that they grow like a weed. They grow like a weed that means grow super fast. They don't require much water and they're incredibly inexpensive compared to cashews and almonds. Do not only did they better for the environment than cashews and almonds. That's great that's gonna help market the product but they cost way less so she can literally once she's a little bit more scale even right now she wanted to she could drop her price and her competitors in the vegan cheese space on the shelf cannot drop their price to follow her and match or they would be selling at a loss. So we're like well if you can. Cheese is going to be a thing we went about on the one that has some defensible tech Around a lower feedstock price and also some pretty unique packaging marketing. It's not a lot of reasons why we invest in her but like you know the sixers just like she's She's captivating listen to. She recruited some some great people. Great team and yeah you know. She's is great non technical founder. Are you guys going on east sports at all this regular cheese. Yeah too much. I'm trying to see now. Twenty twenty one mytalk cheese. Just try that new papa. John's stuffed crust pizza watching the College football national championships. Good so good but not and you don't feel so good i'm not on any social surfer linked to the little caesars. Just talked to people dot. They're little companies all day. It's awesome papa. johns. I had some beef little caesars. Last week on twitter. So we didn't get little caesars for the party last night ended up actually going to domino's but maybe nice papa. John's success in love some crossed. It's good it is sliced cheese so you know before we wrap this up if people were listening obviously our audiences predominantly oil and gas and so we covered everything today from shape wear to vegan cheese to julius software and we should probably talk about things that are more relevant. This is great. you've got some. This is great. This is often the wall but if people are listening you know what's the process if they haven't orland gas startup and you know they're looking for state capital or if they have another idea outside of women s that they want to pursue once the right time for them to reach out to stomach should they start getting on your radar as soon as possible and just starting conversation. Should they wait until they have. A product may jr wingtip customer. What's your answer to that. Well like i said earlier like very early on. I don't have firm beliefs on macro economic perspective but when it comes like seed stage founders and their business models do have some perspectives that that helped me kind of filter. Some things out. So if you're a first-time founder. The sad reality is not all business. Models are open to you. You need a more capital efficient business model because as a first time founder. It's going to be more difficult to raise capital. So i can't if i you know went out and was first time. Founder i can't go out. And pitch spacex his business model like. Hey i'm going to build rockets and we're going to re-lane them and i only need to raise a few hundred million dollars to make this happen. I mean even. Ilan had to use a lot of his own money for that. Yeah and the really cool that he did and succeeded at it We need more lawns in the world. Doing all that you do have you met. Eli lord lord. I'm trying to buy the houston texans. Because i think it would solve a lot of issues right. Now that would reinvigorate the franchise essentially could. He's moves taxes. I mean come on. He needs to become nfl. If you end up invite take on as much of an nfl guy. He's got to innovate the nfl. I don't know. I just want to buy cool. But he's kind of a nerd. I don't think he watches much from the texans to the tesla's Maybe that was the point. I think you go in the most hardcore from gas attack from the houston oilers to the houston. Tesla's just i mean. Don't short their star vehicles. So yeah we saying basically like if someone if someone's gonna come to us and there are first time founder was most of the mar is probably need to be a software company. Excuse me it's going to need to be something that's very capital efficient and if it's going to be a software company than we want the founders to be really really good at writing software. They should be people that have been coating for years. You know oftentimes what we see is founders. Have a good idea. But they're gonna like kind of outsource that will near shore offshore it You know some folks and eastern europe or south. America an automatic guys. It's not an automatic. Know if you've got a really talented. Cto that's on your team. I guess my main point there is like so. Yeah two things one like. Hey if you're first time founder you need a capital efficient business model. that's probably software but there are other models and number two. You need someone on your side of the fence. Who's one hundred percent on your team. Who is incredibly good at the core competency of the business. Which in this case is probably software. Because who's gonna tell that near shore offshore team exactly what they need to do and check their work and make sure that it's all done right. Or when she start hiring people internally. You need that as well. There are some business models that don't necessarily require extremely talented software engineers. But those are hard to find like even if you gained some traction and even if you do well through year one and year two you have to continue to innovate at such a rapid pace. That other people can't catch up to you. You're technical talent is your defensibility a lot of the time. So that's what's so tough about a place like huston. Is that oftentimes people that don't want to take too much risk and so okay. If we're going to do this. I want us to raise a bunch of money and i wanna decent salary before i'll take the plunge and then oh well. Most of our ideas involve like hardware or something that's pretty capital intensive and then. Oh if we're doing a software company. I don't actually have that much experience in software by. We're going to hire those people. Don't worry about it and for that reason we've we've passed on a lot of things In an area. I think there's some interesting things there. Though like for us we've developed a tech product. Jake aren't technical founders. But with the advancements of no code. We're able to build an mvp without being technical use them bubbled at. I o bill something. That's week probably launch and get you know i don't know. Was it the big companies that are using commercial product threshold. Is you know for how many users you could have on it before you start to worry about Breaking it but then have you heard of a company bridge here in houston now. So they're a a full on design. Deathshot backed by the rice brothers and they were former chaotic. Hyper giant in anyways are based here in houston. But they've i mean there's some really successful oil and gas companies tech companies. I'm not gonna mention on the podcast but on bridges built one hundred percent of their products in so you are seeing like some of these design shops like that are able to you know they work in line with the companies and so the companies understand the business model around you know round the technology but they're not actually developing the product. So i think that there are some really interesting models around that. I mean i tend to agree with you if you're gonna if you're building a software company you're on technical founder than like always a pass like it's yeah in you know i also want to say because like we love the coding Near shore offshore teams and a lot of our startups use them. I'm talking about like in that team of the initial like two or three people in the company like one of has to be has understand something and then it's fine like okay. Well we're gonna we'll have this kind of this flex labor and there's so many different ways to structure it but you need a technical action on your side of the fence because especially in the seed stage like you're going to be evidence you're gonna be you gotta be able to interet quickly and respond to your customers to figure out what works. Yeah and so you know that's us us a big part of it and usually you know the. Ceo's are pretty technical but they'll have an even more technical person by their side. Ceo's going gonna have to spend their whole time like we talked about cruising selling doing those kinds of things red raising money. Absolute hopefully pretty quickly the hopefully. They don't have to talk to guys like us too long. That's why we've we've been fortunate to get a pretty good reputation like within y combinator because we just don't string people out we never. We always want to avoid that. I've made the mistake of doing it a few times. Where like. I thought something was really really interesting idea and i was trying to find a way to make it work. Yeah there was like a beauty product type company but it was like more like a hardware platform play on beauty products. I thought it was a really interesting idea but it was just kind of missing something. We couldn't figure out how to get the off the ground. And i spent all this time with the founder working on it with her like just kind of brainstorming on it even you know but In and we just couldn't quite figure it out and then she's she's pretty upset when i was like look. I don't think we can invest in. This and i felt horrible. Because she was of the opinion. That i kind of us all this time and nothing really came out of it and i was like well. I don't wanna do that again. I'd be yeah. I really like. I don't wanna say what the company is but like you know. I really think there's an interesting idea there. it's just i i don't have the time or the brains or the talent to like figure out that perfect little fix for what's going to make it work. But hopefully she will and and hopefully and then. Hey she'll be one of those people that circles back six months later. You look at how we're doing fine with that. Don't don't be afraid to come back around. And i wanna know and i screwed up his learning lesson for you right so if we have people that are listening and they wanna get a hold of you. They want to pitch you thing find john. Lincoln sat the best place to find. Lincoln is a good place. Always you know connect or just direct message me on there and then if you go to our website you'll see that it directs you to until the Let's say that's really the best place. Mark friday on linked in some guy who works for texas has a picture. I need to get a new picture. Because i'm wearing a suit in that one now. I'd never wear suits anymore. Which is also. This is why it's good to be an nbc. The hard he ordered the dry cleaners over and over again appreciate man. I've been all my suit rants here listening so doodle. Thanks for coming on the show. Man's supra same. God we finally got you on Guys gonna reach out to them. We'll put a link to his lincoln in the show notes. Listening mavis five-star reviews apple spotify. Wherever you find podcasts. Every listen to podcasts. Thanks for having me guys yet.

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128. Hariel, Purificacin

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128. Hariel, Purificacin

"I still cover lacosse. Mika stangl show you russia we believe as manage because they cover four marina director club. Officially enter into your is miracle the if he she is to scour your the high-yield tradition they your throw states cost me. You must have tundra stylish. And there's no guarantee my kid. I worked on your phone. Tecom per commu back into the south you to do by square stupor. She either yet here. Short preliminary she bibliographic thing ning pyro. Nothing therapy noise still dominicans allegience through doshi laker team. Interventional recos camilla caliber hendro or sunken. Television i must cousteau mash completer mundial. She definitely does at least into team. Formerly total yes. He brought us that. Bush commodity negotiatable actress. Tenure put the com barra ash. The who show frothy were. That was not beta by conditioners premiums. Katiba kids rookie. Forget the book. The of your they hill numero king therion. Ipe it. Literally body lotion tenors. Case gail bushel parameter full though there's de distribution russia and it is recorded message you. There's this reimbursement this parameter most other minta spill versus cambian us does to miss that on that each polish green lapworth on that say that bentley committed that darren depres. Hyun are scared splinters. Hint here harry. And think god say he goes in south seattle from it didn't she. S for your gaze rookie. And on this they are real and physical is accused. They'll see no they haven't you don tambien. The their indices are initiated the heavies. They'll turn away the visual. They're inter endure the scorpio. Either those at risk one. You gotta sal idiot squad give planeta put into this easterner in heavier. The herd yes. She put her daughter. They equality stop. There are venus venus. Sean lucas coupon hodgman gets the ucla. Cooper mothers quixote unveil. A hint hint. Hosmer is the worst form. Up with del. Mare roy emerson. She interruption intimidate personal. Here interdisciplinary schmidt. Okay we're gonna rocus medical you into this debate. I will put it into mushroom humint. Our who do under somewhat shaimaa puliafito. You're cannot spend blank avenue. Sporting through by up see blanca. Study mona tacoma. Social media interest injury. He has the mendez pretty style. Is there other mash porky. Surely ristic acta. He took hold she. Director for k korea's marcus obamacare medical partners that are under seventy yelling. Okay dow damage mostly italian. I must i could see that. The es in took master dealer system into continuous hilo presented. Cassese got real knows palacio. Now you see them and then or scaled up to the i got them. But it's just book real to this. Go where she commoner get nossikov until we can. Then they're innocent. Eighteen milwaukee chat very be in it of this. None of your ownership. Bumps ezekiel bala. Our needs canoes is internal genucel caffeine tunnel parameters quick. Tacona cynthia there. Isn t laroche appears scam in syria adhere world. Giving everyone is it should have been she. Does shed tell in northern hunan you think winston enlargement. She does your pushkin political gay in truth. Say the word bit allowed than being us describing thousand and there's rushing beers sheffield is lindor. Sean is incapacitated. Last gipper get you give not old actor. He left does letting any lucia cases in at union. But i says theros respite. Let me show you how your interest last week. They commonly kassian in sri yup refund demand data low-profile with a look at la paloma. Just of into this notion of you know. Here's lobby that. None of union is that he knows you think this sort of the scrutinous shoulders or shat million this philosophy. Connect him or she a show. The started in tennessee. Winning gold menagerie regression were until the each beat out. A lot of other relearn correspondent maybe national interest. Whatever better that that leaders that stevia. Is that cutoff. figured out. How much a nail anthony. Your podcast and intolerant equator interest. So better that. Who's this year and let's see what the in contact with have interior economy. I speak your are seeking more north-south amelia theon. Comprehend this if you've you. Cuando herrera to use laboratory bush sixty three things come in nelson does putin is drug acid. I'll call less paseo nations here. Serious benefit decree our nationally. Do not not laying in you like asian community in an orderly as isn't appropriate. Yes she uproar. Thomas anniversary will be or the new screen door. He reported communist must be intimated extent physique and scindia. She does secret more than duarte is one. Don't normally should experts heliborne enter broken neck out would be to guide and sheerness they bus your energy to this question that okay no poodle and you're interieur. This is in nevada. Get is our provincial. Ambien today even a hint but your path of comparable komo from yuna rapidly growing originally. This is your own garnett casino savior logic sector or theon coach shula l. collaborative keno. All other shakila bolander renters screeners auditors nor middlesbrough's predominant show. It must really a university universal. Having dinner or she'll put it here l. Montauk mutation dr though she like a former shares rose insurance. This was enrichment the capriccio. I wonder what the either something with. No wonder she. There's a superior research into this yup on air practica mentors and come you here. And there and gulshan in nature co-creator allocate. Sheriff which i mean for the laura yes. Dvd that international have internal conformance unhealthy venus. She in hambro. Cape william on owner. He which clara shop where they say. The cash went into bitter nervous to ashida then expert passage of this shop. Political thousand. Does this by you know is so so playing lucassie. Speed together how you poisoner stock. Elementary school aeko is fruitless. Howdy lewis had said. Promo deduct interview show peripheral stimulus. Debutante moscow sentiment. Here's not in nottingham. Porchet has never given here literally connection stint interna. North korea telecom. This catholic his former lasco's mothers pushing a million dollars is just the harian contender procedures social offending people. You logo skinner's by contra feud ion push a loss these mass last. Give us light either. Skipper per barrel sectarian. Here's sheila lavished. I'm going to have it nas. Correct data i mean he sp recipes yes. I came in contact of callers. Here's knows yagan mush producer. And it just ruined policy. Spurs those on richard political toronto maureen cultures of correct or metallic inge. No comorian intimidate geologic from extemists kellyanne. Julio in houston stick extreme but for monday they ask us combustion yes endogamous after pastula or she screams shaggy liberals by romulus h interest. He paraphrase ropati a lumber or shake. Lay there by long. Inauguration is cuando. No implants exterior interesting. But i go through but i guess she meteorology like e one hundred looking. No for me wondering no she. I run a sectarian celebrity yourself or guitar. tindale natural is listed. qua- look all about eve and see that bill intolerable mouth and bathroom. The media's media yup last hour show news. Come up with a machine admiral. Nine martin guessing last the shaka's komo city keenum opportunity took h the those last protest other issue which get sort of bethlehem not they're telling british dogging capra. Espn radio you just gave me lobby. Thirty damiani is thank one of one hundred zero one hundred dollars as that car. Olympia rate is in your higher espirito. Cassandra's auditors ekushey ability which are socialist poor feedback eased as your tecom. I to but gabriel. He is a look from star. Mcgee tape wish getting us from the komo. She a brenner salima. Opportunity be gumby.

Mika stangl marina director club ning pyro camilla caliber hendro gail bushel minta lapworth darren depres don tambien Sean lucas Mare roy emerson mona tacoma ristic marcus obamacare Cassese russia ezekiel bala Tacona cynthia theros Hyun
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Slow and Steady with Roger Yap

"This podcast is brought to you. By guerrilla podcast syndicate powered by kangaroo furring medialab kangaroo. Erred is trout as independent video and podcast management agency with the mission to help individuals and then trapping yours to start their own podcast and harness the power of podcasting book now via www dot kangaroo for dot com kangaroo production stops got bush every time extra extra extra session with gigamon everything about the world of sports especially the one close to their host. Aren't basketball updating discussion. Larry vacation name it. Extra session has extra extra extra session with kiko okay. Good morning. Ladies and gentlemen and welcome to an andre episode of extra session with them enter. Today we have with us. Veteran in philippine basketball is well known or best known for his playing years rid the purefoods franchise in the nba wherein he was one of the key players of the team in one or two of their championships during is tenure mara teammates. Let's welcome and batting That medical team members are pba and or st l. most valuable player misery up. Macgonagall maga roger one name. Yes and mel consi- extra session come. Strong boy nuance may join. Anini boggle boina by what these adults you know to punday mya aurelia gone remember boyer a burglar not okay. Wait but was happened. Nothing and masami on so shampoo not sports in kabul Under house on rural big apple pie mobile bannerman but in my vision of glesson's and up over and in I see now. Let's talk about your basketball career final similar so on basketball. Start being on board I know like metal alkyl cy young award nominee malaysia. This bahraini annoying that here we are not you walk in who has jay haas arrow starting on that You three indianapolis bouma start negotiating. Musket i see so afternoon eagerly. Gotta i'm about an juanita gonzales. More of. But i'm coming at the golan econo-. The newer miserable lounging on the owners are empty. What's digress by ila nano shape been a landmark. No allow among bon-bons Belen bottles now. Final nice eat Basketball mariah byron show you mugging gigging career more bringing what's not johnny nagano boxing boxing. Now we're gonna johnson boxy overspending busted elegant at least our ally you being norman gray out of a wounded start on the trail. Whoa whoa whoa. Yeah i know so. I know because i a little. They nominated alan camman. Who would not in a war orienting off. We import the kind of a big who dobbins near your podcast journey starts. Here take the first step on your side hustle with us. It starts with a great domain. Get your podcasts. Web hosts with beard and coffee at www dot beard and coffee dot com. A you are find us at facebook dot not so palacasino bid there were not own yuliana from three hundred one hundred. Who are angry. That thank i know in the royal family's from miami mouthful cyber number engenders mobility horse. So i know. I know panel anymore. Ghana now organ chamber may on kayla. Unusually among player is an opportunity is a gallon eczema and on ninety. Nine five She jake indian sock and that i am not demote cousins john mccain gonna university because boom boom there so now demo generates highest. Were john india. Ninety three out the gun on cassese's say oh was up neal Bailey on a certain journals door because he's been done on north sports politic. Nick lives So no up. Nail which is a big win. Yeah linking up ness. I've been on leeann. Dorsey do near mogollon. Moons sobbing known nauseous. Then goes. I've been in the great outs young in want our on our player disarm before you what hoping donald so by the report pass on oh mclinville hoping knocking off so non millions Monkey anemic bits a national fox by one hundred start the lagana young lonzo which earned restoring me by the engineering championing. Oh listening of lab one domain in phnom picnic. I didn't work. Fasting grandpa or collaborates guessing soberano delegating on online up rooms. Not bad or seeing moravians non game the eight hundred number one number mugabe barrel and sunday. Benza the monotonous bountiful. Next start shopping. Not seen on oversee among communist restoring in number of people. Look at me by eight points in one not start up ballarat but don't a bad gossip in in essence release. Oh laila a junior house apple jerry. Upper middle yup. In you know. I was a bilo on game known known jones thursday on base every stores in there Boom island go start a lot of us in. What's bob los anos Jose recommend postgame me. But now you are you a podcast. Who's getting frustrated because her show results are not in your favor. Are you losing hope. Because you feel like podcasting doesn't help generate income are you podcast service provider. Who is struggling to meet your client's expectations if yes head onto. Www dot podcastone dot com book a call with a founder podcast media kyw billion wherever and the clear and proven strategies to earn through podcasting at in mitchell thing rooms the basketball cha crowds acts. I mean crowding also Abominable michio stunned these on I'm away now and the story were knuckle by nine hundred Job by among managing editor more basketball. I rahmael. I had only the mondays gunma that initiation about door johnny arise. I sat on mike michael jordan. Hileman lahat now our going nothing. Mvp pb l. philippine basketball league muslim barbie. Final morning i. Can you tell us. 'specially you played at the by ramming magazine players. Say you were mugler. Nylon on two thousand one time about shy about energy shark and drink under coach leo austria. I'm going to go at all because he brazier chimp chimpanzee alabama major psychopath land. Unilab sephora. Saad bonilla often you'll more Let's not proviso not in aging. When i wounds it got a challenge. Not worrying must nine. Hope it'll nobody talking to me on the token non game al-sabah go. I say aglow mesa know people based bank. Jumpings ho The ceo baseman. Besides stop the sun about besides besides up number nsa. Simone by undo is really mean with a goal in the lobby a in atlanta by name is not having any ampoule mother-in-law. She opened up city Be ending manila. What's guy been brought gonna should be dropping off economic zombie. Runcie still one. I know about that meeting gonna do i. M then on the bay Jesse because he opened more than just money during That threat but of course. Ibm beige there. Exists the name nine. Only half of them will go as one coming. We'll got galina players donor or will buy new. Oh oh wait. Oh buffalo's in unknowable. Delayed came on will see you. Talking in. Wadden newman grade Go was not gonna get data. Bella garbage during the behind bulldogs in. Oh i'm john been better in san immed- bingaman a whole Your new and all up hundred bits near a draft knowledge up. He did So you want to start to podcasts. Or perhaps you've already started one but your sealant clear on how you can actually make this podcasting work no worries that's why we're here for you. We are guerilla podcast syndicate powered by foreign media lab. Join our network. Contact us at info at kangaroo for in dot com because rare stronger together. But that's the only other people in avenue b. o. c. nicholas neil mode underneath a month which Everybody i indicate an okina behind on open llamas gunnison. Manila outbound baby ahead wami. It's a narrow longing now after the pbs l. career more you not named gun is one of the top in the bill is three the Can be a big belong. Nine overall in bureau foods at the in assigned mubina mopey. Now maybe a first round bye. Land all sit on But rob you among our dialing in the we're pretty board You know we knew behind the number one say by the elegance. Be the end. Oh it began. Like but the aussie nano you in being that but in something that they required being the dominant dummy by. That's is what what i remember. Oh is all you got biden blessing. I know since the my o see. Marvin north. Aguirre in one way anglo monotonous. What's nominal Now you you. You superior food expect mobile. You're not baron. Obits gonna end up your when economy or guy foot chunk of more india also be reports now available in osaka quartz that you signed Tonight on which actually be Having out an owning secrets. I am used. The is great you. Yuna bumper kernen young component of pure foods pero peron india nagging maganga. See so you penny mola. So p 'cause if i don limited due near see sequel Album around casino haley. Mommy's narrow noble balloon. Don't boy esteem you. Oh and it's now sierra vista Joe annapolis along limited pelayo. I am boeing. Their gummy mugging didn't geico number of what your best of muzzle on In beaumont moral more you know get government i did. Non nonvoting nominated garnering mars day patient million knocks the night. Peril will get him on. Sab your puts warming lonely breakfast. Iago made the player on an exam in muck. Adjust a former. Gotta be in union in your been mind dollar see what long no sport and then then they scored on the bending escorting depends on. It depends a jericho. Would be at yahoo us your name. What might be the benchmark with other day again the bare metal or assigned young. I'm alone on sports. Sports guy who name beat the jane on in hockey go by nine million but not wonderful. You have big joe. Let him so pardon or plano nagging ramming sub manco in bed big but my some sample lung in keep a number the discussion thousand samara be biden's woman gago and embiid dominated score so it means a home remedy game love. Love the modern game. Better you you know what you the assay. But that may not open state south bend dominant and james more the remote window. Ninety muncie monet's or export premiere. Gun on murphy. Now after bureau. First i e b woman on a fedex. We are independent podcast network. We are real podcasts syndicate. Would you like to hear your brand while supporting quality. Podcast contact us now at advertise at guerrilla podcast syndicate dot com woman. Young performance more suceedeed. So we're dump performance massage dixon. Shin mugabe performance. Boko son boom jump. You're not willing depends on import. No alaska the a riley. All all depends on name. It will now no okinawan thorough manta known by name on your foods not want to expire on all payments. What's moreno india india. Tonight new payment jumping a free net three nap oversee unlivable baby map. Mid-june warrior by leeann. malefic nail. Annoying mega start your money manager being s gave one on ir iran. A coach derek. Intimate secrets derek. Mother lindemans doria. You will be gone. Yeah defensive guards you see what's navigate the been day i am. They are by didn't make depends on your municipal. Narendra was generals jerry on defense in muncie young Madonna the me people muscles by nelson off i out or you into thousand five boom monico. It's your woods though. I don't know bumpier physical owning nominally. Jeter an obama-era by not radar association. Oh your woods worker finals Missed me again. The gloveman a big Shane bieber all disbanded. So in in an hour the they any or all in iraq in will had any race it being his qassam customer kasama booths start only on balliol who mob method may working battle benin at least one of the panels lee. She'll be gonna bite note nine a not champion me. Oh no you're enjoying the unreal. Yes opera juries you Union finance impact on an encore team in economic or start Not gain your opinion by the of received word on describing feeding them. the land. mobaric your foods so for non stop delaying the mcbrayer. Digman wilbert devil. Legal by morrow Glassy fired those off work. Go bible not being all gonna run number nor similar ni os. He gave them a report. Gonna beat asana fried olga spy on another after diggle overseas level. That would be in on was about a demi orbital same parade by now i knew feeling Knocker receive medicare. I steam our. They'll operate one on banks by ernest. He allied yes. If i won i know. Mvp gone final. Knock on the end alabama but must remain no but bow novak years down the liberals a knuckle up number mine up up while while biasi because what we what what what for narrow zahn novels behind suck. I've been among as simple at that time now. Gula like what you hear so far. Make sure you never miss an episode by clicking on the subscribe button now. This podcast is possible by listeners. Like you thank you for your support now back to the show and they were up now allowing nominee novel may not see that same say the league does will all by my son in law by an has lead me alumnae and a see so you you played with the franchise for seven more seasons. Actually petroleum been among basketball. Impure woods finds at that time. Casey style of name. Oh funke c-a-b-a you were playing behind. Celica democracy us cotton panel and bairro. Now up for kapanen. Kapanen is yours. You end up taking best player. Go up when a guy go i. It'll be awesome stuff. Your woods monopolizing my no. You'll never know. I amid those on domain would necessarily be or benza. I'm message james. That's apple point guard unico national meeting on monday. The nancy on started to hear me. Don't be guy on new indycar. Kganaka flashy mcgarrell. In in fact he may kaanai barrow. You do the dirty worth above nine way barron. Particularly vulnerable billion yuan elaborate dhaka's interior mubarak paso. I was be walk Magana dynamo say. Oh those are worried because he's punching people to come back. Aluminum camilo spero you when new talk because ruini roger piece along the number of basketball an indian abilities and now i don t more than normal star star samsung zoom zoom meeting bureau food steam on up by not giving unique classic about this body so w one yeah so a classic Lower bachelor lower bachelor lasalle before grade. School lies school now. Aeko julia apparent teacher people streak. Yutaka collecting feinstein. The gaza guy remind of by arun nato but the innocent ceo coo. Some local at pana echo. You're paranoid mcguigan. Remind remind ben mono- theme naturally know me rose. Don't richard retired jerry building on the komo wounds nina. A cyber nicholson items. Oh well that's not necessarily table. Oh zero jenine amylase gang. Who will okla. it means. I may not make up there over nine older young. Say some team bas team that now. We gotta your foods. I grew nickel by echo by By bureau crown kobe. Also go by comparison Make bit who some in by a lot. Nothing samuel wing bihan bundy morris wing maga Will allow in our by a break in assigned. Let me on some novel. The mama was non fatema brands that see now supplied the apple supply though that was of a statements. Madam villanova Manalo simon. I'm telling him out on another problem that the optimum deem up brock is ill. Biddle align horse madonna's binds birthday. Murder may see nobody wanna gordon. Women seventy admits good. That's good man I you find nine barons. Inaba run officially atop might may donate officially retired. Bus narrow must be our labs on which are mostly some. Are you on my brother and await the mclean now Afternoon bureau foods three kazaa barack obama. What was the feeling at the time. The baron three china Big lack so my my little more baron About none of them on mondays jerry. Up at the union was young. Sit number that she was all been bitten by Say my shadow must all unknown Being ignorant good in diving guards so she not only was all being a. If i had suddenly gin we'd be on my own Be thrown bowel mansion from. Don't run by less likable start guessing by and in the upper blame me. No i know a mayor on about about Barron awadallah this. I'm most no payments newly Donald do a new guy in a police state implement getting together advocacy unknown non peterman record label all. Yes yes so. By the report also buckling the bush demanded by Nabal i've been But i whole Muggles bambi dorm seaport among among you go in a couple of name A little bobby. Maximum they not only some malaysia. A on the in Do you know when a big knock. Eight bobby marks issue because you goods nominal there is in business and them would be known now. Aachen us up near the speaker. So mild Indian on sorta governing gold in your. Yes yes yes opinion good on. I don't find it. Yeah we danja beyond the only needless little britain's abelson over gun guessing Bobby mauri- in must be about the game and then screen and i'm gonna a star alliance muggy goodson. It brought so many. Everybody knows about at all secrets in a laboratory revealed that i'd be talking to the name screen oversee those nominee both covert and he'll programmed. Among lila row kasama is on deem ramming superstars saw superior foods dot was is a well. Yoga made own iniquity people in ireland Superstar didn't as i but on the kirby the legal avenue. So i guess little these are preparingjoe. Don't wanna star. I need you memorable moment. Suborn basketball career mo mommy morla an oil been sasebo then neural gets Been nah luma. Ninety points known by jumping ship for me joking on the joking among young lawyer dorm gwynn's up to and spoiling armand de niro points. Apples eighteen ends on six points. Nine now i'll go on linden three making patna. Iran backed up in austin on learn Alison bul a milan or alaska. Zero programming game run united. Suddenly i m not by name was given to seen by the on by made rain so young clem. Guinea pigs riaan was import. Go also no menu. I know that was an me. One look into game three goals a champion dummy all of our age play biggest. Regret more basketball career. You buy nano away. Most numbers barack obama. She said i know. Whole really luna Radical walk no score the someone non bass okinawa. He turn our the pb and let's stop on allow who musician mindy. Icac negate moon was big game. Women's oh i nail indigo lamarcus. Alana minimum a misnomer received a sales shop going to eliminate in malaysia. As norby by mon number one in the bowl billingham with i see. I need a worst moment minimum. Cy basketball career when i when i was long bliss or malone along a see i worse than made by apponaug my little Pity know store. You wouldn't learn not wondering the worse than bloody nose will on the may worse in egypt. Ah golly one hour let alone so allow with elegant epoch several matter but they need you now we need a student wanted didn't delegate three hundred general but i'm and then made up the woman will handle these are not not say you bomb guards and beaming the door in a shipborne. Ocala by seamer may may allow whole. None do worse won't shampoo mitchell that entire lot. Do you see yourself now. Mcghee game basketball coach in the near future addition sports saloons. Nfc similar hanan. Most about is what advice. Can you give to the younger players. Especially don't use a massive buna nine lulu up ceo. I startling muggy tolleson roger. yeah. I newman advice. Now see my by my bob. You only look up. Say it wasn't a long drugs watts. They be smoking have see. Somebody's get around. Maybe be another go to moines random net boban by the dr they bought. Yeah maybe starting known. Start below barbosa tracy. Video on hottest in la boss are big. Be sign melita dante. What are known. Maximum not monday. Gun on our laying on the nico bob. With novel enforced begun been again by lacing learn super super happy of that is brunswick at dinner at not be wanting underneath that molested boy medical baron an economic system someone outside yup the mugging basketball player sinai. So who doesn't you know the guy not that was announced but i'm so skateboarding no longer say so. We have been ma be letter somehow but another Nicotine speak ner might be over. Diana's google ceo dominic matteo on says he would be a whole fiber over the offbeat at the by the time i among rapid test to tell the nominee also mar this journey saw. Sabine new masks. We'll talk more some at the scene up gonna be player now you me. Bankthai june out of though narrowly riba. You see no on. Barack obama galina player. Pb will then not player nagging malapita. Your either campy more. Bumpy jinja mummies senior ones. There was my left among me. Aeko a puppy billion claro will it's up e be a centime august monroe was seen. I'm mogollon makuuchi career a backlog job at the salon million pena operate among local player compi burrito among import compe- marking john. Young brown. mark me. Not oh barron era. Maho subsidary brung in name. Only you see mike in chandler. Toba meadow mood was he had been manal. I'd get a southern menendez at seeing him. Play on the he on kung lucile undependable. By on you say more made or an hour. yes. The view at the lehrman. European can't depend saharan economy. Defensor really miller bucket. My mega mega mega she. We need a similar gallon ramming below may. May i want yucky land but almonds It didn't make one partnership number. I'm here up away. Not become paso ben yom apostolic us tomato lighter denial by known dial alamo psyche town cattleman. Okay lethal described in one to three words. One to three words describe milana. Coach bonnie garcia. What's guys long. Wait to pittsburgh. Federal is coach. Leo austria when they learned better by rock cyber attack in go ch. Jun-il buckle jillian during okinawan stash. While i've been good. Should i go through. Don't mayor up say the necessary. Much bella gay Below you narrow at the tryon gregorio okay. She quotes diane. What's the me yet. But i'll sikap alvin patrimonial better by At the amman. James yeah and then In india in india up jeans. Not i'm i know a gooch Gone and the a gala dinner going and then see up my leg online in asia muhammad. It depends nagging on eight targets that nobody goal guy that says it could stave baba will dance enough. The engine the mark fingers on the news because all number of lands. Martin see kerby raymundo seeker biggest Share you know a sunday. They made their in battle. Even by buying our of madam bestow sabin's among offense more support and sophomore. Milica painkillers ben. Y'all maleta pink some bonds. Thank you so while. I'm saw much support. Beam your goods. And you'll be anything amatorio. And of course in the papa toilet tires banana gamera journal being bc then wrapping now go and would lock. Simon success among is suspended. Now go i in more and Hopefully i scorch rajouri up in the near future. Mckay made on asylum. Morris inside be your first. Big dunes is oj binding sinus. I know mine data entry. Mommy's toilets among the no no think podcasts in support their stan. Like waste of family goes away pavilion. Kids chiaki in kyle ofa. I will let s every week. Games are always exciting if there is extra session. Thank you for listening. Make shirt visit our website at www dot podcast syndicate dot com. Where you can subscribe to the show in apple podcasts. Google podcasts spotify stitcher or vr s. So you'll never miss a show while you're if you found value this show rate and review this podcast and share it with your friends. You can also join the conversation with us on facebook twitter and instagram. 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La Movida Giro dItalia etapas 13, 14, 15 y 16


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La Movida Giro dItalia etapas 13, 14, 15 y 16

"I will on with Vida the Whistle dilworth Dot bus in lucky Us mostly still gombrich us unical Janos the guys my shorty doing in lhasa e but a lot of still think we're gonna sympathy big. Get what i is. Almost us weight off wei. Say get him. Saluto specialist coach under the mondo has put outdone toyota. Let's the missioner's on e. you okay. Emma knows light up just knows if we are on where tom assisted in. Columbia moi polices sea grill enemy stomach. Doria now in the protocol is modeled case lonely yet by snow ski lucchino cetera. Miles accused advice owners authors. Taylor who knows your also so narrow victory and oil iran polka koryo soy laws. The most portelli they print saw marcy important step by eastern tambien policy. Silos zoonosis issues. Does face it down again. your polonia landau miserable. Either way not gonna get. I see finally Theon in columbia. No but when. I know a night up And do the splits. I mean look at bustle. E for giacomo need solo Don champion ruto. The splits the emphasis Go or feeding nasa upper git. Leave your Ordinal you're gonna okay lamastra locate Wouldn't expand your accused Como que la la cancer record our human abuses gas is up to the want luciano t e dominated by the catholic. You're honest when they would ask you a susan mitchell should we both damjanovic This janos tom. Stan food Okay cooking Mickey vocal gay gone Got if you only total you might not not the own. It will story assigning keep gave Winnow the donald. Were to dinner in her. Support Your guys want to keep okay at the jaw. Steve the new so me. Alabama mental unbelievable When you the Within the extend no immediate gate gate. Thirty when you're mckinney. Best sunday but Thought adopted gas fini. Fini mortgage yasser sunday easel. April say well no no he said we will establish eat butter on duty alum fire it is plagued by delays luna megan thee jimbo visa e. Will you as theon. You're gonna say out. Wc that gave needs Is gonna say he it Heat able Lupul Lockable clavell install a winner. Bottles gambles on dollars he bless unite people. Actually be sean. This is tim o. Skinny antle metro khumalo Skipping taco conceivable kennedy solo element ticket. Okay i'll dea it. I don't say this either. They could cordella laugh. Rossi stunt in silicon valley channel cancer muscle medical. Dc still. you're still. But i guess yokels get ccc dunloy lebanon. I noticed gate when the moon is stuck with the Getty wanna look looking When it was. Gary is not a phenomenal video bed. Or you're the contentious for need solo poor or that he went along via estate is getting official the poco. Okay may see your love. Masonic controversy malawi finales oregon perkasie. We'll be in the personal point. Buddy rubio see luna then it is those demotion cuando dilemma. Throw major cassese. Antos metro say took potbellies escaped. A sore spot does it. Not only ending up without element. You wonder if up and up. Yelling each gabinia in luckily young gay illinois Up on when the Nobody was snow. Obvious donald okay. What cassave gaza sabah close Winnow a Lies spit either gonna spit it back on amazon. So on c. When moist issued missile will be that miki kind of which is up again A get Going this as he you wouldn't was not that by Lot once begin to the last. Coupla guests A to not lawrenceville lawrence for do not. Do we do not casillas for data at these. Little alabel sec- yoga Movie still su. Su explosive allegation annoy In a boy. Local meta doddle on your things. Yeah is he. Not night that by Let me do a top of the phone song full. Give me my keno lama. Getting the government is now this commune. Victor i feel escott on. Establishing in bullet has coupla said mucci mas basis Vn a nacional They execute group boy about ccc well known necks Exco bunyoro meal of the exotic. Sean yates not look nobody to people bundles Not better than they don't know the bottle went. Exco benito doted. Linda keeping all gas lunatic Style super super super pumpido in victim of guinness is a double victoria. Para la but icicle dot radi andy young crappy a slow by Tackle in those He meet me dot com emai- The settlers star This time via getty kellyanne career up political most shoes for toledano Digits get garoppolo. They will use those Pilates who green does with Even so much Cape but a moment Out accidentally which will be out. When she as cloudy stomach glad okay gates alamogordo bookie mazda. Gimpo look in enough premadasa dhaka's defeating us battle To hear a cto may want to battle with glenn the ultimate opportunity that he but feel yummy it fascinating that go on that knowledge capacities Oil i don't know aig get Legal stop me yes not enough with Gig is to subic go with a mandate from god bless you on the the showed up meal nor them throw in doesn't team on the fifteenth metrics on though on the assignment digs no a when lat la la la beathard labrada not style Escape see rapid. Okay to see money than does make threats johan bitter league accepting medical metro. Ac morning While it wasn't put it on a horrible mosquito metals. Guess on look look better Eagle limousine palomino staccato. On on that mutuals battle. Does he just yesterday medals or sit there. Which will be made a little on morning club. Gas gets to locate gear. I i meant that gonna stop a excuse me professionally india. You get you get win on. You'll out Is he wanted me. This a us on this your trench the yolk. You'll see what look mass look at massacre Salon we india electricity mental. Like it is moot Better look at. You've got look of the salaries see you'll could okay said look to ditch and all of this alberta's peer mike central autism the mirrors this site Quad kidding doodo. He's more emmy thought. That reno the savage get nobody'd as the study This shooter lee ferrell ethan. Gita went on kito I for fuller gillian. Mutism escaped Stomach the donald echo dot com. Let let me show moves condo the tigers. How does your level copy uber mackerel. Wounded italia place in puerto moyale to on solid Conflicts scott let me show controversy midas but on a new era nordell. He michael be it. It has gone. Yup it always see. I know that in the sunday thelan yellow local also schedule may will Way that is your policy argument fisher. Lucas at the annika. Study to adopt by tissues. Schedule bailey avocados Goblet yakuza chris. Tucker gio in me single issue your You think highlight is located in. Dc committees Pietra ceo success in which sees Better a lauro allowable. Unavailable is your e Able to use the simplest But the though won't choke A loss the super super Decent annoy me. Raise it own In nashville she let me forever atticus as a busy whatever. Total thirty nine on national lament does not necessarily yield. Vested interest. Took a total Medical mosaic eating within side goma scientific amid they go into an argument is still committed You win win up on ebay. The focal research. Okay pussycat via duda would not give style almost couple that Moot the necker The data by on no no hammer. uncle wedding sympathy mosquito But with the bus. Adamu jessica's Accident swift dodo spem gay in the bosnian. Leonardo though yes again i do that Low nickel biscuit. It'd be legal. The kid the audible k. Tell says the to the jury or Three newton boosts no not j. to stop throwing day stuck the chew got the squatting dyke cut who styles Sonia dhaka's by sunday sunday. Potentates got alone adding What is the history castlerock. Do not knowing than not but guess they'll see gets up with it but We got a a global ska- some gump illness. Authorities equal in the getting up size c. c. c. c. Suite the about will tastings equity sione seek battle under the end up on the thoughts almost immune allegri on your khalil fundamental. Keep say that yet. Always i'll get name mascot baba you october alana literally the Acdem- guests doors will ordering diners say that bernard's you'll get okay. You can get that million issues with go. Get knock it okay. Not yet in a second. Interplay out kate for the dow go and then dotto now you Look made the sue. Sue somebody Nuzzle rename Record our i must have sequence. I single pota- gave east okay. I think they cook was i. I see ya ya the hump. Auto i stop. I'm be funeral opposition. If the leon see Meet up if w not. I signed up by one Meghan k. is see. The style undefeated those Yuka boundary speakers. So this geographics alum this better. Cc bill battle but they dabba in sync with the us. They'll begin your Quebecer the mass displays needles needles. Yeah about sunday than bronwyn in the medical. Patil vivo Lago his none long gump announcing another goal young management stop by number resou- gun oakland Affect the emanates. I will scott. I don't seem who studied middle. Study on Annoyed voted casino Beto victories up on. I think people a one-seat On this nathan. Oakland and your bill e the company but it shouldn't they scored at midday set up a given labrada The done looks like look siegen. Seek in seeking a foot of the simply Donald finan soluble La la tony that he ally in festival. I'm wanting to look on though the bustle the Sick widows Moon do what was he knew what to finishes they elect ula swimming swindling. Lingua sulu oversee lie does come komo. Earliest with middle is como que joe soy. She almost gets komo komo alone. You were so como que dollar stores a delilah como la philosophy k. club which is a deputy with our report kissing in one gone housing with top asturia. Does it Settled gets that isolated. Ondo cinco k la la mama. Gay you're standing in a looney Symbol amano esta cece e you c. L. a motor. Meet schmitz get him. Gunnison must complete the victim limos said. Ccc guy might say they do not use c w under get even getting the agreement e even opus hola atlanta. Give it a cto Others those gary Becoming still in vivo. Acetyl this for you know. But but the element dinosaur see but for tuna sandwich Those were cycle Kenton twitter he needs stuck it does winnow in facebook. Don't say that donald co-nationals Days the western. Who offered a camp i know gets could be done to stop by leon Which hit win. Okay said noah northward budweiser if we must monitor the combined novels. E- each one. Let's see say but Associate there with us. I said beddoe Opposite number up your the stomach The temporary silverado. Stacey but on a sunday until out those those on this will be does not finale with when come into Look out at bustle. Bustle the need a win. A e book or snow cloudy day. A monkey see joe. Joe will be Let me show you what you don't massive marketing school. Bus in montana say expedite camera at a to let any other gets scaled the other mutual msci frio was a the Travel you don't think about a stomach sequel antisocial Immunize is still via book. That'd be a husky llano when the point one though on the o. J. austin put up on the item that now the the only Equity indo going after the al qaeda Mahogany Chemical damascus. On these us for the buffalo the exceed went on your temper. You put your impo. I de la seem simple. Laments made the app To get us 'cause see they see he was sent with. It was a deal. Biddle in nothing can make. You'll get better. Nope within the navigate on the nod alkaloid equal don E e on one key in hispaniola eastern connecticut medical dot us but ebola sample get together mass forget amass nossa lament the gano lyda insanely the federal union goto for yum yum. Ah they'll get a out with your young. It is when malia mutual wissel advice comeback Remember they get moisture possible sequel. Ibm despite piloted. that'd be best. Let's go poco volvo. Not you get it Directly your schedule a legal know pull the issue could make When a realistic. Your may be subject. Donnie jemison or you look at yet and you're looking to buy local piracy seagate's go play around okay but your pal celente meter or take yet i yet on the salida yet is is now is stuck. I see the mutual gonna notice you get you get a mass Fumble gamper forget nobuyasu. Stints. lancia alab lancia's c c c c. Cvs goose accommodate album los last kebab. Then up this is almost as yet this that the united league open galle saudi to go. I promise it in today's So they will still those louis fishy See it let's give the the donald risk versus the phoenix by settles. Abdullah bin saleh. But i wanna meet up with a big door. Escape window sickly stuff. Nobody knows quotas Those while you're not. Roy made any body step up and they don't joel it yourself Though they'll see a eighty three They're still about you by your new body but she'll be annoyed your not a litigation. I know individual say in Needed through the Either for symptoms of contra. Levian say it's interesting to see off. say league wind up at dawn not the olympic I look at ito. I rock acade- no but up on single back on the muscle single scalise. He say sequels Evils momentum case danny danny martinez it could be but that guy got c. Your bustle legal. So as Massias a thirty out. Your yoga simple On the Historians will not suit Meet up usually e. c. Undo that snow. Easter nyc that Concede allocate not leader. Google to can automated kenosha yet as who come to moscow for that. The most zito look look import. Antic on the steve recruit docomo's open with also heat up in the middle of hottest novel Toll of as long as we still among guy llandough gig got escape That but it free unusual split because you also a feminine dimple at the district a given game the. Okay get he aside. That also beat Idle janos hoping defeated Hotoke second sepa must be a secret. There must get get get see below a that is super happy new but is it was not eligible scandal Give you compete the kit gig. What skit opening metal lunch for your when i was in associated to cigar style key damage i sleep. There's no talk yates Cheap loni baker on this day besides about local window s four seat out of Did not about to the super eagles Issue established Until yogesh not meant they. Don't get on get on by dude us Those the mass best as the people they affect us go as flips on lateral. Simply potential predictable. What i li- Is no kin gin. A motorcycle roussel style. Nail mel this alita In ended out noise northbound on that not seen anybody go. Gee i don't know. Dc wounds you. You'll get okay cut who Sale will your soya's Getting on your brooklyn Neapolis according to i think we should not know scapula dinos on us. Nope and then all what i thought i wanna That'll will flow level. But i do not. Oh bit hit the cylinders. When i meant that lebanon but showed assignment gates excise important. That by yes to seek alabama arkansas in luke scott. The gusty got the loyalty muscle that Is in love with them yet. Your liberation i did. Let's see when sean so as a stemple as the a book when non what beat the Is when i'm not normal. Not as early gun is the gto across the most vocal this locale those models or non-use Ceo declared the unison as a your the whole sparta in the lotta molest up a little bit. Not holding premature until pedal forget told komo's responding on the malay muscle you see your Communicate with nsa nsf. de Indicate to battle Product into us scary so shuba camaldoli a report. What you're able to put Medicine a possible. When i got super the free c e e Mucci yup in it. I'm not gonna to let me know medical at eilly anelda Keitel the waste your People don't always get any more official is is louisville gaming rallies Data said it's to Say you meet up was E yup leave look associated was still but he let down is pick taco e. May we'll start at leader gamal Not going to steer bush know maddox gasoline Okay get didn't dolo buckling escape. Take on a admin deploys little nobody realistic us on a lousy map. Tokyo so Without dotto land in columbia do docomo's pay allah Look the poco either. Do only Oil donald donald was joke. Okay cis symbol. She said she has put their income. Was donald joel. Nonni Gus let's say alumnae ellen pao. Who are london convenience equivalent cutty story an endo stress cuatro cinco say necessarily make on gannett. Santa's visit to see me. We got into another gun. Allow it Deals could locally stops. She said why. I will go with with remained. Said i won't get uncle lower despite nelson. It's not stopping The i d- okay. Modern your your could okay unika savita blah Demise smoking all. I give norgay eddie nail salon gasoline. Nobody gave a bunkum. Getting domus banco a bus mongo. Did you put equal doubt doubt. They hail gigahertz giga they. They'll gigging hard nullify on in Stress forget she get another. Gino suggests Battle i'll see Do on new casado Women do not until respectful. Accc's beddoe people emails get demoss the Bassam stupid when of go to notice actual those details i'm gonna on podium getting another through legislative limbo Infant on apple that chat. Jato glitch Stillness social For this stress kudos gato. Simplicity tenant Ricky but finale in the who mental slavic scholar No uck A secret mogul monitor. That akiko boost the guest Supposed to be expert on how to seek out In people off with that Gay us like i said. It must've oakland valuable Know stuck locust. Dental easter still a stay to you. Don low behold by. Not what. I said the north at level. Get them in by a stop. Enc did not gonna stress at the front. They are levinas in his do Geo you gotta love with those address. victoria with that Miracle moist In las limit as the as niaz embassy style orlando the Not gonna a yada. Yada me neil movements you nabu gussie see c c. The holy nominated sit in memento k. Mission oleg cassini neilan nassir. Nacionalista annoy memento k. Through oklahoma's staccato. Game gino ejido stopover dondo Suing cost for the mci Kogas must until ontological joe. That's not meant that. But i wouldn't go di mental leo. Nobody f it'll you'll you'll you'll. You'll is for us know Iso battle but again our the Young somebody still. Let's give them cleveland issue. Venom in yellow syndicated data senior. Golden doodle pedal. That'll get adidas I get much has gotten us get celikkol scandals. Win job is get on unity. Eunice consul Beat up that meander. Gino study fiscal idiot supposedly But got got this stagliano. You're on sabat. No no no no no not at all a get a get a get a little beagle. Beto the your europe In two zero c. e. costa's Get okay yet. rica News cu energy tunnel. It'll it'll cgi Aqua boneless Joel win last capac. When you're trying These trials was meant day. You'll be nausea Go up cedeno. You'll get them not ejido say. Let's say see syria during the possibility that he knows the league medals. You'll you'll get no dot is good okay. Sealy south Absolute seattle level. Is that you see see David bethel menachem That's no gay. Let's get known They haven't they didn't know number. Know you're bogle lucky. Surely allah la- latin sean. She she oughta miserable. It's embarrassing temporary. Stop in moscow was up where young delay in blunt manual m not mile On of calling the Nci the better yoga. Okay now. yana. Yana didn't you know noah said me went up into the sean Outta ea ea out again. E this in off mythos gave In utah Ccs's giving the was not This including easy job allowing de mind affected by them against which is total spoiled Support symbol eastbound him Dot com book.

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269 | Captar leads con webinars, taxonomas y custom post types, presupuestos y ms

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269 | Captar leads con webinars, taxonomas y custom post types, presupuestos y ms

"Show your dos. Santos and i know where they were and i'll respond to us over. Komo capterra leads gone. Webinars in atlanta's concept of authentic taxonomy ass custom posts types or not consensus but a lot of pressure posters. So betty anthea the komo personally. Logging era history that nasa line nature's on wwecom s e portal. Tim o. Over komiya our own people. They continue go out mamesah all fellow. They were personnel l. Podcast were athene pork. Jealous service knowing makoni medicine. Gilbert and their academic has turned out to be as webs cornwall. Praise bichon will do that. The the but if they lack the wordpress stuff but it won't last cycle the do last game. Ma'am blantyre postscript. Gaston dallas alabama theon yuka meaning supporter. Go megan escape get. But i'm gonna was in a moment. Dido responded better on this no with others wound to assist. That's mona bush. Komo galaxy manatee manhattan own mobile authentic. Although the obama supporter dorothy enters the athena. Where in this active are loss commentary. They lost hunters multimedia. They were easy to seljuk. Mavai spare but it won't delaware stunt one stunt aggressiveness in google. Civic connect e. s. k. laboratory multimedia mechanism video loss of perez ammos yes when workplace s from people continue though by heinous ekata muscular steeples. They continued on wordpress. The actually as they eat little acoustics they come and tell you the worst. Almost all of is he was inactive or active activist while they dow and get one volume. Allison arwady was skip. That scene embargo siaca and packing the at hunters gabe. Cada elementary us into web. Broke your back in the arabian done. This survey the neo commend becomes noise komo qanooni said about mac and then throw the otani gala mass essay mckenzie. Dina's rubio rarely komo from one. Selena gaba in our ellen is backing that who does gaynor salga going. Get normal mente northern asensio. Cassese me in boise and bill and then you had this active are low solo backing now that who does she can also do this. Activity in lessen dramas jeep was raised by than louisville. It's become othello. iraq otani said google. It could go bigger deli. komo's throw nvidia. she's coming from china or puts. Molly fica theon as i was blog. Install a protocol. Legal pederson piper. Theon yours basha. Basha but okay. Cather coping is racial dial. Benthic meteors portion of gouzer llamas. Aaronow other one of a format and dash map industrial permitted to add the in santa don. The consumer lacuna jesse. I'm bdo when takes look at in aleppo. Syria third examiners logistic wanna go more on systematic. Has john learned us the not. Beg me yes. But i look at as masculine role relative allowing padilla. He's through either bush. We learned that compared it all on your pedal mutual control the control necessitated integral gonul wound blogging. Ecommerce or gone. We're gomez shock on ed on glossary. was an area near classic but i am blogging the And scenario being learned gone welcomers. You're having learned. Ask on erie. She goes okay. Amplio or rhinovirus. Gabby deformed porges here on they to more where the for me deforms a blogging premium. Acharya for nas all the you know them and their history from ruth was awesome senior. Our and columbia theon. Komo's whether or not you wouldn't gaspar blocker says camman fantastic to that is yes. He's got a modest likud. Supports the windows. Also brace or able to do that. So when i say oh. America denial toll episode oprah. Dnr your got to whip. They form format officer bien como without. It's almost our obliging dilemma published press revisions is some plugging meet their asset values. That where web could do this. Opera off the nagata matter continue those throws at the web economic pyramid scheme was actually sarah and the web not elderly sandal normal barracas with companies. No se automatic et cetera. And go more to come up. Then he got all over automatic. But still skateboard dab dab. Oh they're athletic commission public our. I'm with communist. Course i donald. I'm going to new place but automatic owner the extent yesterday blogging secret. You wanna stop dotan frontino dantonio commonly classical superficial classical some blogging Standard that get sal. Were not there. Yes can handle moment about the world and won't file you. Don rally starbust under union stock deal and massing. Gumede whips. Gone wordpress slow. They coin la la la puerta yaroslavsky. Loftus that all inclusive planning the lesson monotonous does show you. Kevin matt published press revisions Not dillashaw your doors as all about go on celena barroom toys barra does say norway fantastic apostasy bummer gone boisterous but it won't you pour la philippa give us over komo. Capterra leads gone webinars. Maybe one is the us. I guess that and then went up to do not be fiercely technolo- here and it's not important to that. This up leads as facebook out loud. I'm putting on sale in our history. When does but in terrasson worry now sarah. He's threatened tomorrow. Ill ambien guerrero. Better cajal personally thatta jekyll. Escorial daily mentor nor funeral. Cleon ticket located laura's et cetera reprimanded gays bussey commend this year format. They lost garozzo. Choreographer millennials daily mental illness. It's history study architecture. That underlies uniform a- masters in people administer feet that but others boys minister at an mba raiders. Quarter tonight's camacho. yucky national whip on this moment undertow. clouds. We'll talk about that as one solid. They're looking at a fairly s guests. Who client web history can armenta tactical audio. But are we not illegal leads to associate. Contactors was cut a few and al domestic royals e sic at what about those but i guess ellipoid maskhadov. Gabe is at all should be saloon. People that program at toys you know does she. Also theresa and Formularies pro mentor was when she gets lost. Contact with what other expert. Dari about rochelle when people directly into the guerrero team active campaign it of a storm wieman while anton dose of the honest gabriel yogi berra philippic commentator owner would return the vcr's potala. We not get the premium controller. I'm not disowning wounds. Better go mobile becca etc. Recommend they want okay to window could have been done. Gives integra dick where we not better integrated intake on wordpress told us they were at the theater laboratory like persona et cetera. They lost lbj and others. I need more illegal. About guinness review. There will be not scared. Not say quality office in a mask. Normality director. you do this. They assume as can be not conscious. The email marketing caja taper career for malaria ingram to web equal and orleans. Leyba lisa rather eat y boy. There's automatic fabulous corio while clara your employer surveys goudreau active campaign permitted toys to follow this parameter locker poster boy senators contactors eternals retaliate against biens segment. Dallas hit us up on everything talk on yours and so local look at the energy olympic. The elementary was not peculiar. I get all the patella komo legal there. Were we not getting all othello's where we not call jazz. Stathis economic on wednesday okinawan parameter ayman marketing multi-vitamin escape as a la- blogging gears. Legal winner system. El could active campaign packaging. I love those optimize. See perfect philippa enormous going. Let me go until at glad. Loss concept of taxonomy either custom pool types may not follow this podcast over the illustration that attacks on the near. La law respect to open on orlando and modification equality not can block. I want us with us. Ross teams trend numbers. Komo portfolio gamonal poodle cambier. All luke. does in hostess has ended monitoring batter album. We have it wiliest. Myth concept does custom post types as the depot continue coma some portfolio and kill it all aspects cash. They they category thaddeus or to comprehend can blow etiquette that or he got ocala people that continue portfolio initials protest action but a loop birth initials proposed. And and and what will work best in super. Taxonomy asking me your son etiquette us. See unless you come into paddock controller ambassadors has gone for this total numbers for the last realize. They chose the who classic. They'll say okay. We go las custom post is. You're the co author class in. The montello gathered iguala taxonomy and customers on long. Kill or blind campaign. We're gonna to tell us the on l. Poco mass complex eddie. Donald trump whether these data okada blogging okara or lucchese they. Nfl get ryan hoops. 'cause say is not gone chose not the perimeter more got another nation like this. I think the media can be issues as nominate no poster the console documentation the casual. And all they've been the komo statute but there's there's the photo ship with be dos. Santos does they'll podcasts. Don't they album new custom types. Taxonomy ibanez the rt what goes on this concept dot in then bench press confucian e looked pluto moving. Em at custom post ui blind. Get the creator. People's they continue to push will eat them be an actual miyazaki to progress. Cut area ingraham another of numbers for him. Blasi continuity leak will ask you mahindra's they decided it's better now gone. Novelist stand kinetico's audience ticket. Numerous masters pacific candidate no was almost Playing super fatty louis etc controlled remained in russo one format. Leonardo blinds located musalo. The only also yesterday million laporta velez they say where multiple ticket phone guerrero posterior cycles baracoa post c. esa pekka tachometer second worst extract energy. I won't respondents inconvenience nacional andrew. They'll ask the support. So you mallow. Barbara's west ultimatum. Economic issued element the maple august then the perfect damage. The military veterans one. Thousand one emmy kellyanne balestra normalized elyria about alaska as a web spot connecticut. Pedalos of corn circles galleria. Luckily a loss tesla was authorised me opinion as remain conseco's relate. You could win a peru. Cuando tuna savage not in his knee there. The the key. Kodaira daryl superstock and with leeann ticket martinez. He by the way we are stuck mutual. Esto or me they. I assist w retirement eldest boy still getting us. But i don't know garo you're speaking with macarthur. Boya review parochial meaningful. Progress said look and stop backer. Breath you're gay gayborhood separatist borstal kimera can our but our saturday. There's annoying no author conduct the ladders. Pull out as who are going to therapy blasio hembo. She'll theresa komo multiple mill to meet. Guinean talk a little local twisty mass to the autopsy. Nci gil meanwhile porculus work place. Thought a separate as milken berrocal for ebola interest blasters mitchell honest yours mr format. Al clinton wanted dental berar interest message. Keen talking into guinean. Does it took over e melody. miguel. Mr castro took it any of them as you make on. Don't poco como era and tosses our book around the opportunity and kelly says. Listen your system on four okay and on campus trauma el burrito that. Listen your web aspect talking to l. but other level land blaming theon both rather lampley under for the campus e who had us west dvd allopathic ramush. Remember when is still ultra powers about ten photo tallahassee. No i read it strong contacts. Can he can which is less important this last loss in actual yelp superstock cleopatra. She might say yeah. They'll accomplish big brick when okay. They've been you know the to saw was the star mazda co-stars but if you now see the the komo local final say system barrackpore just gary l. dollars. Low order lambda consecutive. Wouldn't make victor their cameras last. But it does the moglen moscow quarterback as they were ecologically personalize logging. He'll throw they will comments. Follow me domino. Ministry will eat maccarone sutri. We'd willing ipe keep he's gonna be does as he. Anthony will. Must perot music houston media now online. Guest i check on dvd Donald paternity are logging. The bharata historically and this jack part affect our own history status quo connecticut theon master practitioner. About heathrow biologically and there are three people. Are you letting us we were under. Bottlebuster way that formats predicated he will produce gas e ever lost. He look we'll scour what year loss law firm that he's slowing in effect. We could adam weber's stability thousand blind eye the age where this controller gave ask salinas radio radio teresa's de facto they don't maslin british at beverly paquin. Nc that a keystone tosses or biking on this formula know. Look this is to use has not backing. Maybe that'll will stay eastbound l. shirked get google says paramount strata postal. He's three logan circle. Gwenda comments about rebecca. My account assured era seed your strat lebanon immigrant de la back another one noise dr laura the most right logging history disseminator to alabama at mendham. Either history logan portugal telecom moisture. We're gonna see law was to say said. I mean us a call on komo commercial party the mass name meteorological your case in your got difficult for malaria to where corpus includes as ever see my cuervo economic. But she how does she know who's got a writer. Call their snippet was guys for. Mario always get things from moscow. Laura years lead prototypical. Domino's they call it. Say those plug ins. Lopresti tweeted econ travelers forest history. They log in effect almost they called inta they even gave made out of the continental out. Many commando gimme propulsion thune. I see on the web through our okay your workplace get a lot of a lot of. They went paraliment door. August angle michigan. This island paradise had yet all respect. He was city on an where what she'd seen him. Barrel yield continues media those cousteau pasta. Not yet nope. Elastic me mosquito. Yes as he s the whereas luth soda coma on marriage and the rest of those people's they post which ask anyone even born in worcester by women don't mediocre combined you want to mexico. Komo continuous will allow people. Continue not theaters your direct cintra. Luella sandra telling career lows in there were does not s bruce arians. You'll love is people. Continue your mother or not claro estonian. The gra people. They continue to interrupt not the post normal as they were then. He has category a- eat naughtiest pro. Mia guaranitica doesn't thick. As you get an author this of one do and la web this astronomy to as was the last people to need concrete vanish. Blue catania not th yet. People continue to get off the locally proposal for gambia obviously pastula's passer pastula's not eds format. Guess lewis in dodos then they'll means multiple etc theon significant macadear earlier per while in los angeles k. People are going to unity. Knowstone lamis metronomic. Well no one. I started by our already and others liberal pusa as okay other people's the continue acetone aloe easily win post type switcher. He'll at the door of always enter. Not always continue. Continuous allowed theseus gets a bus in not lamis macro getting in a restaurant he neil. You're just how capable. They s that people just bought a better scenario. She's dollars platform thousand entrepreneurs mass in gwen die biko. Koutros maslow's the videos that each particle moisture. Personally raise the bar of but it must thirty. Yes they provide the diocese in oslo. Us better by scene but it won't not all the all gender does.

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Tribuna #013 - 2020 j deu? Ou Podemos Esperar Mais Alguma Coisa?

Metal Mantra Podcast

1:23:55 hr | 9 months ago

Tribuna #013 - 2020 j deu? Ou Podemos Esperar Mais Alguma Coisa?

"Was On lies relate to sell the so broadcaster TAD. So Noble Ed. And F the L.. Michelle move. Gas On rebel S I get out. So he'll healed Obama. So, you'll be also today a semi now joaquin amid Alma intimate finances Yoji Societa cone uses to-to towel. To Retail Tau. Is More. Et cetera form. Ason on. vk Get. Various, only preliminary turtledove love EPO MBA LIMO intoned Padilla default. He's you may spare CG. I, I got a big conway. Ruger. Peres Palmer oil map for my third title. Healthy the program nation. Oil My poma coon. COSCO almost. was. Kiko seeing. Them do is the PIVA. I gotTA. Call, tonight for this sector? As Fat Vp's. Devise. Including two months putting she group LAS, whatsapp and See cynical able say. Does salvageable for another desire. Not Good you say. Bill Keys. Spoiled the hopeless legitimate. fatherm up. And say locales killing in. Popular through therapy significantly. Turtle Dog. I A woman the seasonal. Who told the? Racist. PGA. Tour's. Schedule to finance. We almost fell somebody because we've. Bill. Open spend itemize go McCoy's. This year no. Supports Aguirre Meta. Monthly toes is making coal tomato minutes at Piva. Inch for a hope amid dome. Anthropoid you. Bookie now, take my heart via show. HCT. Onto Component May. Eve Sitcom come up boom they still have unum. Today, team was one of which. Inconvenient to US Open. To Jesus, he some is more eighth aligned beach to lead by Amy Amy fast thing Lincoln that since staggering hit. So system being cut ask Swab. visit him being back on after overseas. Assist that fit into the peeve elkton unlimited multiple trump today Contra his aliens I, e booze main to switch was less. Kyoto. Same but inkjet thermoquiet Maturity God we take e- non-associated tomato. Or Saint Society essentially interview mop is not the Cape. Braddock. Transportation. Here. For. Money. Who webbed Web remastered a key. Soil don't count what quattro installment. Tougher. As if farmers don't. Get who with a liberty via the Water. On site of venial. Dot Com h his poem civil fade to a Priori. WHO Or as you may mice are processed process with homer putting. This spotting victimize fashion of gas. Oh, says. Classic Paradigm, H. E. as saying as would episode three. E, to do my body, no tackle Bain main may mice navigate? Skins capital crossing. We'll say Zuma must be. Comma, all those those shows support suicide inspector. As Yankee talent due to play snack you. Winter. About, stand evil in tobacco say splurge philosophy towards. was. Important. He thinks wing quizzes. Volta Komeito length that will doesn't fall out key sobe was Lissa interest Jimmy who? is in the Mattel. Also as the Muslim European Sadda- saintly. As almost made on, I don't use this the one of. Those. catacomb Fallon Shazier Mesa Simasakul. ME. Mice domain, Kahlil solution the. In gain process, you have to do my big problem the. School and my mom was la blow somebody to NATO. Fuzzy Squalor Cupola Semi Cohesion Tax You Beaver, Abra, and also a grammar. From Jane's. Tight cutoff folk naive. Sound. Good. Guys younger. Seeking mice. Sollozzo maintain. Intimate intimates I'm Berry and Don Lewke for you. Lord. Collection. Change lauderda-. Another one communal origin A-. Thing wasn't in a suburb. ZOMBIES yourself. Look Up. At Ray rage wings of rage. supercrew achieve Akanuma burn the. Couch. Daily human skill ashes seen saints. Now, how might freeze? Makida poor rush malarial semi to as apocalyptic. Cello. Marquis Itala PYRO BLACKHEART BR British lion the burning novelist. Cecil says love Selah. Later ballistic sadistic, some sons of Apollo. As me being. Being team Algorithms home earn or g follow. Should I go? But COLLAKU PHNOMENOM was could tell severe ma. Metal Lucifer Network but the point. Is. The bird will be quit. Cover them usually so far this other lizzo heavy metal. Told US later daily stones as long as moved to the Chamois heavy metal I have met those. Haven't met on US OK allies. Follows laboratory metric dude. How Different vocalist. Me and she. As physical be to local PROMOS Cup put awfully vehicle. Heavy. Matto. We'll sing your. Door and it let's you flame on value. The. Cutty? Studies. As musica snowmen or what sagging. Alina but a scheduled visit on November Palabras a room. Was No Miss Saint Required Keller determined neither moving Japan. Was So we will also be saying that looks at the fallen pledging she's sequestered you ax user experience. You'll have me metal that will have met it Aucoin Seo, ex. There's just so simple spitting mortgages Cudi's. Clue I remaining how did number of the beast SABA also Black Saab. methodic. Kill 'em all their. Rage that Kellyanne? And Cala Coppell Kenobi killing all them you. Access has a former POW POW. Epsilon we. Exit Don Joe Sequel Ause. A Kid I believe sensing chimney to. How Exponentially. Chicago and just as furrow. No metallic. Gucci Venue Exxon. Also says. Feel like feeling. Phone the major metallic. Those. Spending them with us again. Equal the symphony x five. Mahmoud Kashima Paradise. lost. But. Album musica ultimate almost but digital. AD. X. which move in this generation. Both funds and their the pistol say, okay Shasha my zesty moot overall is. A. Which these? got. Quote Apple says a key quite. L. Let's say to our BOONEUA. Go Gosden. The Cello? You. Go Fast Komo tapper founded dodge quantum's authors miso pesos thing burn the skeleton thing we'll see we won't. DALLAS PUPO Cup of his. Fellow who emas skew? Cello free. Speed. The. So I'll miss knowing speed on. Speak you put care. I wash queue up. Did she had his? Q Fis Okay here's this guy. Kaba Sink Phony Quizzes GonNa Sourcing for nicas include. Zeevi. wired is coming philosophy. Slice it them to call SM Square do methodic. Anna. Shoe Cello with Rice vause with RISA. Greg Dot Say apologetic more cynical pitchy waltrip process table cow can associate. Yes she all resolvable skied Celsius Monica. Scotto cow apprenticeship page. That's funny it again. That is competitive Scott infiltrating escape edge diplomas, blunders, Geagea, death metal you don't matter your company's. Strategy Job Savita. Dodger town focuses mice so many either Meisner. I was. Staying on the issue, it's don't. Citizen they should be. Feasible says. Does is no. Say see hanging padded. nosal saint. Then should I forget this ship? Let me know those cello producer. At. KIANA poor. Capita. Hit, Queens see the Komo. Achilles. Car Skip Toco. Chair of your leaner phasing. Corbetta myth towel sobbing my demise quincy the Sutra. Value. Jj Midst Likud. Allies METALLICA. Spice beaver no. Data halfway. Provoke assume isn't. It is for us I've just seen. Africa dope good each Mwale who in sequential put him on. Penis. I said. No. Rush. I should get a slow essay newly should as. Because copy. Muss. Quiz people. Galaxies. Plus an editor saw get him without. Any he later. Meisel. Via. Killing Brady breach Lionel Alabama. This he's Harry's say. This this is this is gives awfully sobering. Thoughts. Has. Ain't. Shit has got the. Keys oil less key triple. Illinois owned me. They control scars bills Scott has not among the seat. Shaded is. Talking scholars. The. Votes put it is I don't mating in essence say the British Land Bridge that that you. Play. British like, oh I don't made any time he didn't and Winton those neighbors Nova. Dislike. Scott gotTa Watch. Go on and. He's at the Satellite Bernie Bernie. EKKA. Might spend. Soul. Machinery mice. Mice miser. The burning debris slide. No they not. have his. His Income Shabunda do feel this you Harry's Simpson their revenue age riven estimates i. KILLED, the May know Ashley now that you might say, no. Story headlined your. Major shaky. Maze. You did you sit of mock wizard if you mentioned which I see I? Took A. Viking. Know who to be harassed Eddie for my Scott, Scott is going to. British line. Go Scott US it put a lot of those is Be. Here. Gabrielle Goodrich Mom Neymar Derek pulled to the L.. Blue Hair is scattered. This does opinion is the saint simply they only? But for the WE'LL British nowhere froggy mice theme equality. Might. Possibly, do is key questions almost minorities amaze. Dismiss. Aca You know these. easiest. Ladies First. JANETTA. Championship. Of couple, college. Tainting. Water Sonoma, community, sound Aquino they assault of all. Sabina key, he can't hold us. To name sounds of apologetic dodgy. Husky. SQUEEZES MY WEDDING SHAPE IT I. Might Not Selena Miso. ways out thousands of apollocasino. People say people. They will stay. But I mean might as well given away. Mice positions with tougher and he later miserable seeming to take a tough them up I. Don't Know Cosa Geeze Tom winco unseen. Rushing to essential to the Scottish is Illinois Mutating Far Jesse. No. Me Mill most. Blaze ups this. Key haunt the mind. Frisco overpromising. WHO. Their food. Physical. was. Equals. Love is. Somebody Eighty. Three. Be Able to market compare of the BLACKHEART and mobile kill spent advocate. For Salon Sarah Toshka Wobble, we speak to you. Of course infamous promised you'll look spot is. Your choice. Teleki impress on our do almost. Spielberg Kicks I. Is usually. To now, he's 'cause you're. In A. Day Well I. Don't think is. As was Bomas WanNa Talk Eka. Silence Third Call Surfing. Cutting. Developing knievel simple Duda from. Glad that. Don't they by whom? Geeta. Madman Ozzy Osbourne, or denied main. Rich bottle. Fight Hunger that bunch. Real attack. H F fake Jeff F. Eight fate. Knowing. Five Finger Death Punch. Fate. Lazy. Attack you vile follow cobbled interests. In view. Legal less. For. My. No. Alternative I lie for the goes saw could could who were GonNa come into his faith live for being all. Suicidal silence become the hunter. Is Sunday father. Son. Is he said, Denmark I. A. Creator London Book Elliptical. Later, create a says into. Deeply Demos. US venture major gave me up politics. Don't don't mind. He's gray man. Tamang. Jeb Barlow's in. MUSICA. Ace. Jobless. Fighting entropy he what you delaying delaying delaying delaying lane collision to. because. Lips and to. Poke lipson chill. For Non Level SIP Philip you phone why is a fellow? Fellow fellow. Did you. WanNa. Know No. Apple Suffer quenching Watson you. Know. Cables they do do simple to the an although the CALICO source and she becoming album. BRECCA data project. Is Mike. Side Russia was in phillies killing on. See Community. OPPOSE PERMIT PREMIER POSTER Post Domo. Good. Thing Jesus possible law is applicable. To sit and eat them then this child Mahdavi Leo's immovable to Avenue Avenue four four airways. AM. Kickoff but as you Say that as far. As on the orders not, but if I can meteoric. Ego Manageable. BOCOM is pasture K. Hinchey Kurshid don't shop it on McVeigh's the scene. Montevideo's also also E. O.'s whom I poor areas could mustache inquisition. was. A mainstay of your loan with A. Month ago month and I think he obvious is logically string a knee multiple basically in the. Dominant. This is Tina. non-strategic do demons. Weezer. Key. E. Mayes ING. Interest essentially the Pew. duplan Kirsch Schaefer foy. I'M MASTERS OF CARD I must've have less than. Key. Asia phase Aden's storm cone Celtic legacy in craving. It is our is acetone plutonium a police so I should get it through. So car name is there the music since you felt there was? The three do demon in wizards. ooh quaters Turin accurate wobble q-school to writing to sit. Sano MIASMA days novel legible saying too. Far From Alaska. US. aggie. Mayes import thing she al Qaeda. Into the guy that you. started. Out To. Ask You supplemental Father Calculus Game Three guy at she's also buys until going far from Las I think was as squad you think guys got. Up. Allie. Financial Muslim obscurity. Follow the Creator is. This. Foods. Signing skydeck. No entrepreneur. So Cousteau's Cottam more into new Olympic vocalist. Amid name. About Anymore Hilson. Waiting to see A. Dump scheme is suicide signs. Yeah, you could've. Nova show you. I am each media. Type of. Woman overheating day. Edge because the. Dodge. Dash is the SCOTUS. Which the Me Patterson coaching and Number. State them to no. Shame. Ole. Boy Did essentially as w the pig out of the social media mega dish gold. Should they moving? Teddy Faculty. defeated Ugo style nature. This said Salisu. Jesus. Mice. Bite up how? Not. Is. The image. Menial Sal is. A cycle of suffering helmet you josh, Middleton air more more. Out there. He added. The mice. Episode. Calcified than US mightiest. Them being at five finger death bicycle. Social Scouting infrasonic Allah Big Atta. Creature can we is over drive is with eight for saw WABC. Is Moving. In the doesn't is substantive. The status updates finalized as law Leah editor, Bali mice, heavy metal. Ms mopping-up. Cost to. Different. Rope. Hotel telemarketer abandoned which is which is the Dhakal? No no no. No lepres only science. Scott is. A bit with telemark located in our view remark e mop dinner but Camille Nassir repeat was spit on Hubbell mice up on the other scattered say e boys who could I? Job In music. I'd Elaine now. Cancer East. Delinked apocalypse saint you gotta mainland Barron Doll looking for you Gyula genetic. Those moving. Were do new wave, of. Symphonic. Metal. Those Persons Mrs Miser. Delaying. Clips to spill me WC MUSICA MUSICA CON. Enter e the OKLAHO- confirmed us down this movement aspect Leitch. It will philosophy masking. Focus albums you distract. We'll follow Ashok. Dome it my so called Parkway Dry via the underdogs. Almost. Crematory broken my dying bride condos ghost ghost over Ryan Ross. The boss Combined Fire Medical Focus Sanger. Having shelburne come. Through end of truth and sacrifice can mask the pendulum it beat the main area electric gasol live in other Taos Cowboy people. Number thing. Jesus said do this kind of. Mile. Key. To do an I all my dying bride. was. Absolutely mean those delays. Some boys. Ma. Has the same topic tainted towery. The goes the goes to foreign. My Windows Mattiello's tape can. TURN JOAN NOVA ALBUM DUE TO MY dying. Bride. While, still more to simple windows mizen she goes. All. Hickam Cimpor could you that does that do? Martin Paul will kick in for all. New knows no turn loose this way and the android the dark river sauce classic was due to my dying bride shake your club on your knees Chicago. Do the Ghost of foreign movie to more intimate faith be we'll stay buster Chikan. Saginaw. Formal s not that. ATMOSPHERE TO DO YOU'RE A. State official. Who My name right this senator me so my son did is going to decide if you. Don't, watch committee. Will Resume includes visiting. Scientist I think you'll veep, mish? With. My someone's comfortable for do Salama. Quote table venture shape. Milne his. My Name Right Ashley Notable Doom as Gucci Mice was. Parkway drive with my oldest bundles difficult and Australia Senator Score, and Cornell cinema to good age. We'll give you the so. Back to parkway driving his speak Ukraine. Tori consume broken on psychic energy. Industry, IRA moments Ramstein. Casino year. Has Seen applicable studio broken. Cloudy when the Rosa boss says, well, rest boss. Ski I FICO BUT UP. But the PRU Leaks Raza boss atrophy core in central stack the boss for his answer. Lou Barnard Fire. Do, not sukey Michael Lapoma by she said symphony. Michael. Said No for you Mike. Lapoma Symphony X. Allah. Focus Erga focused selling the musical nether are neat blue. On Blue US Lucy's. Vice abundant. Jimmy. Not saw key is on folk metal must ferrick. Black metal new nobody reach over to myself with folks through somebody's folk metal, Albanese's you. May as Fella. EAKIN no mass wasn't a big. And Beijing Much Monica. Career. At may thought, may serpent a key follow the my dying bride? Kindo Mess Akiko veto main. Essentially stay. Viscous Dip So we'll have back, Sakata Com. Ask you can. Shave Dame Bryant, the ghost of a Ryan novel, the Maintenance Thanki. Felonies. To Sub Tusa Gimmicky at least upto him Oh tournament play. Inclusivity saw fast Daikyo 'cause. syntactical commodity, Boondoggle. Jesus. Pick on to Balkan. Abuse Assault. July. It from. Them. For lending listener French, the Kyoto. Pursue, go for Portuguese officials say. Video. Key. A. Follow up the amazement mice body me cohesion. Rehana. Patton city boroughs see. Kamiar more Sid Siri Fungal Forever Blake. Hickam in other pillow has started doing. He's Me Rough Live lighting. Cartoon CA. Car Crash miserable. So A. Checked Cartilage Gumbo Conception State of deception. I got LIOTTA. Downward. Puzzles Zuma staring Kinsey you're starting cone saw console come saw nightmarish Yeoman to nature testaments titans off creation. A see titans of creation campaigns ragging on Norwegian powers. The Black Dahlia murder variables. August Burns Red Widens of slow Santiago I. Three. What that meant say place badly live in check. Elder all Ming's Axa detail sign of the Times. They. Blame you. Off. Sliding Jeez I'M I I would away she's Not The Case filing the water puzzles also musk and. Burned Edgy. Daily. Coil. A. Mirror Brundige stakes over. Look. It. Also Migo. For you. Nicky his E at. The new. York former little the term. pro-life. Catch. Kick. Attack, on fifteen. Success as man. Marcus. Mississippi. Case Bertha cocking Kazimierz got Scott law new gods got hint from other poor working for my cuisine coach. Kisii Shell. Jesus. Seki. Date follow. Jordan puzzles. You is a show of whom went further. Okay. We'd straight Brown with. Link. Fitting Keesa do becky ground I love as a neck. You look in the throwing does Hayes. Confused. Simply, stage song. had. died. Here we talk. Goal. At you pretty soon as well heavy metal. Scrap Montevideo's. Quizzes. Don't even look he's. Built for mid Autumn Okinawa. Overstay. Courtesy may sway complicatedness. Autopsy Pasadena. Black. Metal Phelan. These physical delicate. MULCAHY's can no apple math No. Black broadening. Black Metal Monkey. Smith. If he's Mitchell SAS and megabits split you miserable. Thoughtless about such album for the cash and an. Exclave in the Cell Way Steven we talk about your Zuma Fil Soda Ash my sauce knowing folly I mean Theresa May Swim Fun. The light they'll take Tony. said he was a Scottish. Zuma. Semis interest picked you an advocate using threaded vault. It is interpreted as we see, props that are vaulted ceilings are going to. Respect you which school I kind of look, Tonia. She went to the. To. Lead Mass. Three cities will. Not Other Three Commission we've. got a excessive dot on a cell where. It is. Absolutely this is an Shaoguan. Useful data no he's no was. Athletic. As. I said most eating the what been say Chicago Getaway. Cloud by two to. Cut. Talk of his WANNA pretty stunning. Conception Cata, who'd right Curl Philo Shit voted I even have mattered. Excel about Cam lets you quislings here's yours for it -ception you know oven Attica the conception. State of. Deception. Wing to school Adam which. Essentially the May no eminent domain was good enjoyable to. Funny well, no am I have no one what his. Does as L. Tabun. NO COGNITIVE ESCAPEES TESTAMENT to simply go to. visit. Classic might. Of, US. If. You from human to nature. is. Your market you don't think they'll kick your new wave of of Metal Jeff Lisa Lying Tuba November two. Key else in funny when new WAVE WORKS METAL Jacques Miso album owned you buy. The, floor Jason. that are suddenly you must follow somebody, W W. coming. Up on the couple enough. Settle. Lynn, prayers for. The winter polemic is asking. My audience. Is Assigned CIANO calendar game. Fish got you don't Blazek Fish. Share. Ghana. Their commitment. To, more into for Jason Thank goodness. Sakes Shammai the night Jewish was with my. And eligible. To Donate I. Stock a main. Thing Albans dwelled elder Kimmel soldiers minorities. Do each Jesus say snow might say a woman. L.. Senator Times accelerated built in mice four. Exit route pendulous priest mice more dynamically Femi- bizarre. It'll say coming to me Scott Says Oh. Get got that. More. Black Dahlia murder. It was gonNA black of the murder Perky and Picabo. Use got as Madison Moto. E So Easter was the black lion murder vertebras Yang quality died. About because I split juice or copies. And so that. was always say how to submit a block Semitic squad through. G. is moving share. Revolt. ICAL. Won't widow three born? Stomach Amazing Maya may seem quotas mantra having cars. From the code. Thinning my. Minions. Off, until governor view he turned to the Menomonee. Bus. Come. Age. We should available strategy. Coma Buchumi Thermal Louisiana. Bazaars And military wait until last summer his input. You, desire to present. Kyoto, as you do the city Meka he me on us. And I still. To. Meyer may Scott value any grown Camilo Fella mice injected one of three and no usually joining us. Frazier by Scott up from trump. Kick remind cy you'll asking Alexandria like a house on fire destruction bar to trash. Sola to the madness. Fire We. Catch. Fighter Wing. Keel keel-switching Gauge Atonement to besides for charity. So fly live to New, York, seedy two, thousand, nineteen. Reincarnation leaves of yesteryear paradise lost on pontiacs Derek Oxygen. Caligula Horse ragent have walked five. And the Oceans Cosmic Award Martyr and Woulda God's did the event divinatory of. Blood. So discounting the Mario Fleming. Jesus. But the SHELBYVILLE destruction pixies the. Destruction. Vegetables committed. Head. Neck out to all to. Get. My. Trash with Bahamas as you say, Tomato Mike Wallace has. Held. A Peres. Paradise lost. One. Your good in. He'll be. Chief. Boko. Mizoguchi. Kadosh give. One visiting thing I. Do Get Tony as a one thorns I lay think is thing propaganda gloss horse the enemy Was In mice. Who? Loss and ain't on ninety inclusive of. Visual happening into. Boxing. More Sakata. You got its whistle Magenta Dallas. This. This. Is Your philology. Engage she nicole was. That was Kinda settled soon. Don't eat it. Is Tuna. His to bear his. Kids casinos yet is. Dodging. Don't want to go the gossiping. Excuses, engaged the me. Ness a big guy that. Can give a philosophy, green carnation and colleague Loss Horse Mill. Nicholas I. Don't know I. Don't know what's Day. Green Carnegie Shields. Go. Up. Let's say. Each. Don't leave of yesterday. Say when that? Required. Nation. YELP brogdon seeing Ed. Schools would split the. Leaves of yesteryear the concatenation. Community, to Riverside. Can Wasteland all we. Spoke was almost go short. Eight of you should AAC only leaves of yesteryear you Calculus Horse Eddie away would doped on top do weird pro-gay l. l. Lepres epistle. Hey, I gotta go source. Who Hey can I saw? We'll episode. So Our You Kelly was a horseless. Oh. My you ought album. G. He's brought me San Jose Kill Rizal raddy antic lose everything ocean ocean side. Rice. Ocean rise. Or should rise in the city key am music. I was going. To do my mom going to. You know you gossage popular flow which one was going to keep this special. Similar was going to have metal pushing the ocean. The fellow school. Zone Ki Cape Bob. Vishal. Seo Caligula Horse Kyodo lapperouze passer do. Long. You'll go stay ask you as you will have some. Members. Pete Fox is which we got. Pitfalls Lepres and went through Kiswell out of fifty. Percents. Off Million in which case well mice careers. Our. Sergey congregation the leprous. Don't. Hey can who? had. Inclusivity about the radiant airmont. with. The congregation that they're all gonna come out of here because he knew university acquisitive follow winter that you burned as he made the. Inclusivity. Tales. Other doctor make widow, who representative but I you recipes you'll. You. Know he voltage voltage congregation. Same same. Boise. Greg Asia. Maybe news all she concluded. Video? Montana. Vader made it also solitude madness victor skill via. The. Shell put on. Mayes it is. That E. Ticket Press Ganey. Shandra. Spot I didn't. Fogel I. Think. With the Mizo stay. Boorda to. Accent asking Alexandria. God's own. That was victorious most of the rage and it's difficult origination. Louise. Keeps rages simplify. Guava e who victories most July v Okcupid for God's Fazio Soul. Most was. Of course, this all know zing cocoa will say specific. Doing junior film made with the cockpit. We've got catching ups aluminum of. Doing how you? Mike on Assassins. Homerun off. To ball or of. Fashion Kyoto, Vice Cassese Quintela Michael. Young Black Chicago artisans. Marginal Carson's free fall the we are the night maybe for God's name of God. Michael Angulo by. Much, in dead men. four-corner corner thrown the diameter protest the hero. which. AMIS. Pretty upset. Mushroom read. A Wonderful Life? Link kind of. Difficult. One must have one. Accepted Tell shown mushroom in that. We're. Getting Bundy. Yes. Get the rest of mushroom clouds. Let me see if reports. Scholar Voice Clouds thankful also with that was. Should've? Richards. Systems of God is it is eight Quality Kotido Mobile of God. God put me to. Burn. The priest. Satellite of. From AF- fires have a veteran. At this finally over. been stuck at doing swimming May. Specimen. V. Nardin. STUCCO. Heads Muscial head. So how the musical cord to protest the hero? should we consider central Phnom won't Seth Mice North. You to protest the hero Supromega Persona live did those kind of courage Nello Burwood clarity the. Energy. And They will. Confess colonoscopy she album the scars mizzou customers dissolves in video editing. This is to visit. Basic. Quantities new intellectual farthest. Muslim latest move. DC FRISCO. Present. Flows category. The dish. INOSITOL catchpole. Zemo Garden. Dave. Zoom. Police. To GS's. Multiple I Dunno produce awesome excellent. E. Or processed purchased the here plumbing. No more actually staying visiting. That's my simply day kitty. Fund leukaemia mantle. Es She's minimum to. Citizens Minimum wage who faith? No more did it falconer NFL corner key element who was busting Shit some physical power medical wink or something to folk to eat. This is a quizzical number. Michelangelo. Patrick. Second amendments. About he says publicity thousand. ebay because. He's liberal God as. Lil Level No Hispanic on. The mice Wayne. The poison is is your. Do Liberal Garden data saying you moves your cell one of you. I key and while we. We've going. From his advising of Godmanis. Magnus Carlsen Free Fall it it also won't get. To Atlanta this we're going to do. A Allen. Es Levels do Promo few Maas Ebel is inconceivable. Credit is quiz. Travelling can even And puts as each. MIKE LIPPONEN SCIENTISTS ASAN SCOTTISH FOOTBALL Michael. Michael Opponents Santos's Noel. told him speed out do might look Polish get Michael Most. If next no scientist essences stock at the scene. What he can result. promos. Cell he the the. Gava's links to sinus Lahore of idol Babylon and bash. GonNa. Eat Wobble mayes importing she usually L. beyond the black horizons symphonic you. Matto. Alamo Zanele new wave of fundamental Dennis is no miss new waivers if for. Each one of the ways. Of Symphonic. Matal. Do. Follow. The poem. Doodoo her able to speed our. Scientists Asan's invest, inch. On. Ed Been Able to put it in ooh Babylon Horror Babbel's police station to call album do. thousands of times. By while calf. Bookings speed hardly Matz L. Michael and how does Huma. Push for. You gotTA keep. Talking to us today spots in set inauguration day zones those stores Thursday kings as this such this or. Imagine I suppose the Fallacy Moammar Entertains Thatch. Novas, Kokudo etc. So kinds of sets abolishment. Decision Young US. To the reasonable thing acquired. Quiz. Advocating for. Assessing but explorer Florida or on session essentially such guilt. About. It does. Spoiled out of the machine in big Adam I said. Next applicant etiquettes cadaverous if an exit. Rome unit domes. unbanned. Kuffour some just portentous if allowed to. Do that these neither for love of meadow live. KIKOKO Open Source Judy gator lead there'd be nothing primal fear metal commando hunt overhaul. DNA Cook Flashback episode accepting. Flashing Fantasy. Twenty nine, thousand nine, hundred, Vivo, Hakin go virus poltergeist competitor of truth. Serum cast elastic and uneven Gisbert is again led the that the light and. In view. Boy The end of Dormancy Power Wolf. Best. Of the blast. Novel them be parental triumphant go off a view while video game on but as you. mentioned. Sarah. Bream catalepsy data ram more to ask will do we are. I asked for. My ornamented funny because you can watch him on semi. MILLIARD is my stagliano that perform. Channel. Days a key. West legendary I see do decatur we Kabbah Ayovi. So Ido Matama. Tra. And more to bones EDUCA- today says kicking Naoki Courtroom Blind your garage receives over suburb Maravilla, our math or seen winkle moving. Can we can we ball? And twenty years ago. Decatur in Salt Lake City and I don't. We'll have king. Stocks as my Zalmay smile. To people case is expected to change. Cut, a hockey goes to meet your followed. By the Saint Augustine Weekday. Rush was somewhere funds you've. GotTa. Do. We also. Address. You put this CA-. KISS-ASSERY I. GotTa Stink tapis throughout the key. Being. Known so hedge alighted. non-casino don't visited. Jeez, layered facing mich paper NECA. I figured two point your fishy volcano. But as cheese layer fighting that you played she e. Paddock, SUV. SEDOVA Calista. So miser. Throw any. Linking par. Asthma. Para. Should think kind of shoot you shoot right? Follow Mementos. Private you always layer Tokushima inches the five finger punchy. Poison lamberty name for you had to see touch pool. thrashes he softened a book on Aniseed you. You ask your buddy today, she keep date from us up to date from she. Busted this contest to salvage was cut Assad. So underdogs twice Muslim second was like. A GAME Stuck. I. Don't don't want your Bantu Napa. Cowboy at any en can also also for a key, it's got it's gonNA betting causing toppled. About Data The starting out if you went to subdued, is neither facing while way? Moon to tonight it wings you'll. Say. Spit are still in the folic assume of was. saw is an played ordinary man thought community showed. ME. Tackle singing the Nike Claudia copquin source on genius located. Now am I got as Domini no, but as lear. To the moon. Cater about he went to Senegal who let there be won't be faked primal fear. CAPPER Hannah. INCAS. Even king thing. Okay. Carl will maximum car rental car. Salon Burn. Fire Zina's was he was busy those meetings you carson fathered meeting halt y'all by the Democrats illness also see gold disco flashback in the. Septic flesh he FIS eaten. The civil civil. Gregoire. Deficit. Get mid. Cut Ethics. Rotten Christ rake ranking Hakin Khun virus. Key a fisherman. JACOMB IS SOLA. Virus Netscape Thermo Fisher not logic. So with the mounting tension, the mountains does Mithras you've as majority virus. Virus Voice Guitar. is coming to the virus. Vectors. Table. A compost cell do viruses that essentially poltergeist. while. We piss out I, what they're going to see things in. Thessaloniki but but my Scott on up is you fault? Also contain the opposite on there is no power, Matamoros? Wars you don't. got. Coppola so we pay check. IMPAIRMENT TRIUMPHANT COOKING MONTH I get. Green Tambang lose examples the new wave of symphonic metal. Booking my We payroll triumphant. Burn their key avalanche guides, copies, shooter Emma Luca ethical delicate. Zach is import attention Davis. WHO Who Democrat food physical to each follow Catava Parents Ryan fancher Scott US hedge. After somebody's. Food Kinda. What each? Molecule. Bag A BOSTON FIJI Dino Yeah. You follow the key you conceal Daniele. By the Sir. WE'LL BE POSTED A. DOUBT AND Easy meal but you should you prefer CG's. Your Fillet. Educator. Donated stuccos escape to myself. Will. You can't, FEEL UNSUPPORTED CATER COMMUNICABLE SELL Because he happy though some EPA infirmity jet, the VISCO visual Kenya Labor don't historic up when they ask some follow I. Fully Key Tasinari with a million wheat Wallace Carolina known noble I don't seem for Saint Cowley. Up to quiz for Zeno, hurricane or Mojo JR skirts. Ah. Sergio Hockey. Don't you virus? Known. Wait. Donald. Save big. Time. If ASHVILLE. Looking for lower estimate keep. Should cater. To make as prime refute being hakin condemning. Fees Follow commented Waimalu for today's youth cater can eat primal fear was benched Nike the ball Gosto. Boeing was. So record she visited. To you my Steve Unleash. They are curse ABC's pinups ovation. Then to METALLICA. For. Hailstorm visuals, rumors, celebration decay a dark and lost songs. Soft. Classical thing to think that you go over flowers hours off feeble Cedar CVs Patching Para Bellone Joe Pitt through cheesy terminal velocity. At Ion Empire. Edgy Purple Rush. This. ONLY GOES MINNESOTA. So Mazo. For Way. Is. Atypical Boys in sign an executive bridge cloudy junk PetroChina Terminal Velocity. Comical paint signed. Just. Etc.. Vinicio. Three Buna off code STUCCO GOP through. Launch Velocity. She's being just offices. Of staying. Don't think. Misogyny kill sheep will do the Project Ritchie, report. wisha. Jim. Ice. Don't. Even. Notice. diju. Lexicon measure. The. Was Crazy enough rich fiscal chevy. Velocity. Two important stupid through chips. The dream theater became the didn't that's given like, Gallon. But I'm going to law gravity plumbing kit. Providers students. They lose. Their Launch Kabbah differences. Miser. Cinemas. Congo. is known as the Wisconsin. Make. Multiple. Bad. Feeder the cavs get stuck in first. Floor is. Only. Funding to give. You. A? Legitimate summit, for Maresca as AC- of isn't me playoffs official go stay the. Elite. My Ski Juice Kuka. Eldest. Jesus does this key mice we mark arum entire via pinner perky could. Equipment sufficient put emitting. Scoop out his hand acute forgive. Marine to ill equipped inches the his could be buzzing. I reveals the replacing she'd have h but it got. Still Very, case. Put. Don't ask. We'll BANDIC GOTTA kill stole impression always. Up Band spend is McConnell unleash archers Swiftly to see Mason being a yet they're. Felicidad, it's to me web this now. Don't keep him. Breaking Corey. Clipper stone squatter memorable. speedsters Olympia said. Slush ain't you he's made of concern the. gave him cutting. The prescribe the. Hawaii method. Now will facilitate spoiler mice. Basically that essentially. Lucrative. Old I'll. Viva Basha CINCI. Stay. The do commitment. No the camelot. Live. Is At threes. Is legit you? Don't put. Confides Memorial. On while Keenum said I mean she you Blah Blah Blah double the data is you case any my? Feisty. Woosh father wish got. or She. Woosh. Now Prof over they serve a follow. No. Much. Original policy from age. Stay. Spendable. al-Batikhi. Feel these. Panic Gallard was evidence very. Well plus peso inquisitive but also potential etiquette which. Lot G. Plus My Q. Biddable Killian of. Kick on No-go stay never man and they will find out would fill up with a wish going to stay. Chemical pit dange. Being. Feet. Wing combat US criticism is. Chico Chico. Tear to. Mention podcast is heavy map on. You Go base business midland etiquette. Pudgy view. Guozhu folic say album at the Metallica do mega dash but. The Stock Could. Mice. Metallic. Double Nova Gallagher Foods, nothing Kumai. Je Purple full of I. Say a quiz nervous. If coveney never said I was covering up if I make doug walkways up season. Does Your Business Keys. To. Me Just school on my supposed to Newcastle of Civilisation Facility. Treated mice. Online. Place for the up media. No most lovable. Concert. was couple share on Michael Political Ginkel set of either my my zoo. Outta Komo Department Komo Waugh's ECOMMERCE tourists I think she got. To Don't they might not modeling. Such wars pushed with A. City did. Not Stop Civil Similar visage able to produce sell within. The postcode Janci the police commissioner sore for La. Z. Who could he always? Collect. The booking Gaza. Does me. Gentleman I. Think. Call those who wish. To Rainsy elephants. Arsala Myth Valika. Scacchi he's. Lucky. Put. The squeeze. Gina her policies. For sustained title is a listening Kenny mice can't. Speak Up. On. The. As Simone Simoni no no. No. No Way. Thomas. In much now inscrutable not Selah Humid Mirabella they started at the. Mabuza can permit a little gadget Kabaka. Kyla the business offers US oh nostalgia. We think that will venter. Mueller's each. You. Say I. She careful Di did you And so Own We. GotTa. methodic. Eighty degrees. Sm Square no sideway humanizer known no. studs difficult whereas you I. Don't use opera. Is Don't let what they ain't. Thankful. For. The which. The as always a key we. Base. It. Keep. Visa. Calvin itself position what? Go over oversight going to deal. With I think our Sam Square. You'll know anything the CAP. Block the semi? Even, look plus which block. We'll? See. Got Us a table by the striper Derek. shitting. Sherry noon as she reunion. Audio bus going. Always feel. My. and. Bay Muslim thing fooling. Dicker he's. Solitude not. Necessarily, a free troll, I. Will. Say. Fussy categories. 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The Day Everything Changed: Fauci, Collins Reflect On 1 Year Of The Pandemic

Coronavirus Daily

20:12 min | 3 months ago

The Day Everything Changed: Fauci, Collins Reflect On 1 Year Of The Pandemic

"Welcome to consider this from npr. And w amu. After the top story from npr. Stay with us for a look at what's happening here in the dc metro region from the w. amu newsroom. The patient was a young woman in her early thirties. She had diabetes high blood pressure and a twin sister. Grover nicodemus street remembers that part of it. Well she had a twin sister who always call me every day and to tell her her sister that she's the strongest person that she knows even though. The patients intimated sedated allies. These people. I think they can still here. You know. Oddly enough grover a travel nurse. He spent this past year working in covid wards all over the country and that patient of his she suffered mostly alone like millions of people have in hospital rooms all over the world and i would go in her room out. Put my hand on their shoulder out saying her church. Hymns you know grew up in church and choose a christian back. Our sisters said that she loved me to with her. And i will do that just for her sister and for for the patient and grover says that woman was the most memorable patient. He's had not just over the course of the pandemic over the course of his whole career. She was my most memorable because she was the first patient that i have ever had twenty plus years. It's ben died the first but not the last. I have seen you know. Probably three thousand s throughout the year and this is a scar cassese's garnished arniston elastic longtime in just one year. The pandemic has left its scar on the world. At least two and a half million people dead. Nearly one in five of them died in the. Us we were trying to deal with a true public health crisis of unprecedented magnitude an impact. Dr anthony fauci became very very clear that we were in for the long haul that this was not something that was going to be easily well contained. Consider this. What do you remember about the moment that everything changed. And the nation's top public health officials. What could they have done differently. We talk to anthony. Fauci and francis collins about what they've learned in what they regret and why they're optimistic about the year to come from npr. I'm audie cornish. It's wednesday march tenth. This message comes from. npr sponsor. Three m who is using science and innovation to help the world respond to covid nineteen. Three implants are running around the clock producing more than ninety five million respirators per month in the us. In addition three m has also maximize production of other solutions including bio pharma. Filtration hand sanitizers and disinfectants. Learn more at three m dot com slash. Covid three m science applied to life. We are still in the middle of this pandemic and right now. Having science news you can trust from variants. Vaccines is essential. Npr shortwave has your back about ten minutes every weekday. Listen and subscribe to shortwave the daily science podcast from npr. It's consider this from npr station going on here. Between the officials in both head coaches it was just after seven pm local time at chesapeake and arena. The oklahoma city thunder were about to play the visiting utah jazz. The teams have gone back to the locker room. But something which holding the game up the fancier the arena. Don't though what's going on. We don't know what's going on that morning in washington. Dc anthony fauci had told a congressional committee that the corona virus outbreak in the us which involved a reported six hundred and forty seven confirmed cases at that time was about to get worse the flu as a mortality of zero point one percent mortality of ten. Times that okay. And that's the reason why. I want to emphasize we have to stay ahead of the game in preventing then just after noon eastern time. The director general of the world health organization. Pedro's at a non gabrielle. Says said the virus was spreading at an alarming rate. We have the photo. The assessment that covid nineteen can be characterized as a pundit and in midwest city. Oklahoma school was dismissed early. And i didn't understand because the didn't have snow on the ground. tornado. It wasn't things that we normally dismissed from the. I'm aware so cynthia gillian. A teacher decided to catch the basketball game in the city. That night and she didn't realise then arch eleventh. Two thousand twenty would be the day everything changed. Npr's briana scott. picks up. the story from here gillian. A huge thunder fan two years ago. She and her husband announced their wedding anniversary on the jumbotron at a game celebration so on march. Eleven twenty twenty. She and her son were excited to go to the utah jazz and oklahoma city thunder game that night we we may see winning. See our neighbors in this. The announcement came just before off unforeseen circumstances. The game tonight has been postponed. I wanted to win the pinch me and tell me site to. This is not real. I'm just playing deuce never happened. It was real. We will be suspending all travel from europe to the united states. More than one hundred. Us colleges have now announced they are suspending in person classes markets in free fall this morning here in the us an nba has suspended the season. Tom hanks revealing he and his wife. Actress rita wilson have tested positive for the virus. And you're being barraged this news and wondering what was gonna happen next. Ed thomson from connecticut was glued to his phone that day. It was kind of like escalating horrors like every day. You see the case. Count make a massive jam band. See something crazy news. Like a potential meat shortage or the oil trade has dried up or something it's surreal. Things changed rapidly after that thompson. Says he doesn't even remember his last day in the office before switching to remote work at the software development firm. He works at stacey. pope felt. Just how troubling this pandemic would be before the w. h. o. announcement. She was playing a trip to visit her ninety eight year old mother who stays at a nursing facility in oregon when poker husband got to the airport. She says it was a ghost town. We saw a wall of newspapers from all over the place in each one on the cover in their own way had the stock market. Just just lying showing straight down. And i said my husband. Something terrible is happening navy. This is a mistake that we're going. Things got worse. once they landed in oregon. They said your mom has been in quarantine for two weeks. You can't go see her. I don't know what you're doing here. And i remember actually starting to physically shake because i realized that everything was different than what i thought so she knew it was time to head back home to new york pope opponents. It was already a weird scene just a few people in surgical mask at the airport on our way back home but she says there was this one family that stood out decked out in gas mask and has met suits and i remember catching the eye of i think i guess the father and he looked at me furtively like his goggles again like an untrusted human being nearby and then they just took off but jogging toward the baggage claim. She's laughing now but back. Then it was kinda scary. Hopes has her husband and her mom recently got their first doses of the vaccine feeling hope that she says she hasn't felt in over a year. That's npr's briana scott. Also one of the producers on this show more people every day are feeling that hope that comes with a dose of vaccine nearly twenty five percent of the adult population in the us has now had one shot according to the cdc and helping to lead that effort. Just one part of the government's response in the past year. Our doctors anthony fauci and francis collins. There was a time early on in the pandemic when the two spoke every night on the phone to make sure nothing fell through the cracks. These days it's not quite every night it depends a little bit on what's going on. We may not speak every night but we definitely speak every day. How about that collins heads. The national institutes of health vouch is the chief medical advisor to president biden but of course for most of the last year both men had a different boss. A president who was criticized for undermining their advice and politicizing public health measures. And that's had a lasting effect today. Nearly a third of republicans tell pollsters. They won't get a covert vaccine this week. Vouching collins spoke to npr. About what they wish they had done differently over the course of the last year and what they're looking forward to next they spoke with mary. Louise kelley i keep thinking what it has been like for you to to be the public face of the fight against the virus that you both were trying to understand. In real time it was. Was there a low point for each of you is this last year. Played-out well the low point for me. A- mary louise was the fact that we were trying to deal with a true public health crisis of magnitude an impact and the data were evolving in real time and as scientists we put together these guidelines that people had to have an indication that there was a decline in cases before they opened up as it were we. We carefully articulated that to the american public and then unfortunately soon thereafter. The president said liberate. Virginia liberate michigan and people took that as a signal that they didn't have to pay attention to the carefully crafted guidelines that's one concrete example of the frustration. That we felt this francis. I mean i think tony has outlined it very well. The frustration that we all felt. Gosh we were all working hundred hours a week in many ways still are trying to do everything possible to come up with solutions for this crisis in terms of therapeutics and vaccines and yet the simple majors that really should have been instituted much more broadly and adhered to were so difficult to get people to actually appreciate. That really was one of the hardest parts of this whole sad year. Do you think they'll either of you that that scientists did enough to speak up to to set the facts straight to make sure that the public messaging was accurate as as you were able to make it again. Underscoring we were learning about this virus in real time all of us. I guess you could say we didn't do enough because the message never really completely settled in the way that you would have hoped and i don't think any of us quite expected. It was going to be that hard. You know mary louise. I think one of the diagnoses. That comes out of this last very difficult. Twelve months is that we seem to be in a society that is so polarized that even objective truth doesn't necessarily have chance that is a very disturbing aspect of what we've learned over these twelve months and if our nation has a path forward to get into a better place it has to take that on that we have to be a nation that actually values truth and not just opinions. We didn't do very well with that over this last year. No not at all. Is that one of the things that i i. I'm stunned by this idea that some people don't want to get vaccinated because they actually think that bill gates and i have put a chip in the vaccine and we want to control their thoughts. I thought that this was just a few people who felt that they believe that and francis said we never a scientist would have have anticipated that there would be such an egregious distortion of reality. That is very frustrating from a scientific standpoint and becomes extremely problematic when you try to implement they public health effort that could be life saving. And when you don't implement did well people die. That's serious just one last question which is just the look ahead you touched on this but but a closing word from from both of you on. When will this be over when things go back to normal. Well i would imagine that. By the time we get into the summer towards the end of the summer that if we can get enough people vaccinated and we don't have a considerable degree of vaccine hesitancy. I think we're going to see a gradual return to what we feel to be normal some time as we get into the fall mid fall late. Fall something like that again. It's not gonna be light switch that we're going to turn on and off. It's going to be a gradual evolution into normality. You know mary louise. This is after all one of those circumstances though so you don't want to make mistakes just as we're beginning to see a way forward here it we've been on marathons since this all started a year ago and you know when you're running a marathon you don't want to stop at the twenty four th mile. You want to be sure you've finish well here. I think that's kind of pre picture. We have right now so patients. I hate to say still needed but i think give us the summer the early fall. This is going to be a very different country in a very good way and we will be able to sort of look at that and say we got through it together and boy my ready for that francis collins head of the national institutes of health and anthony cheap cheap medical advisor to president biden. And if you want to hear more of their conversation head over to our episodes you'll find the link to that story there. It's consider this from npr. I'm audie cornish. And i'm jonathan wilson from wmu. And i'm rachel courteous. High levels of cancer causing chemicals have been reported in drinking water in northern. Virginia they're known as fast or forever. Chemicals sydney evans is a science analyst with the environmental working group. I lived in the northern virginia area. So while this issue was always important to me it personal now. It's considered this from npr. And am you support for consider this from w. amu comes from the attorneys and lobbyists thompson coburn llp providing practical and value driven council to companies public entities that are navigating legal regulatory and legislative challenges. More thompson coburn dot com support for consider. This from wmu comes from e. way for more than twenty nine years e y in its affiliated companies have been developing new modern homes that offer life within walking distance more at e. y. dot com slash w. Amu ooh in other regional news by noon almost forty nine thousand people pre registered for the vaccine in dc. The mayor is encouraging teachers. School staff and licensed childcare workers to register this week in virginia. Governor ralph northam announce that the commonwealth will open thirteen mass vaccination sites over the next few months and in maryland governor. Larry hogan is lifting capacity on your an outdoor dining and other businesses starting on friday in a step toward normalcy. So people will still be required to wear masks. But centers gyms nail salons in casinos will be able to open to full capacity and restaurants and bars will still have to sit people six feet apart. Well this is the state's new guidance it's not clear if all of the counties will follow suit counties in our region have been hesitant in the past to reopen at the same pace that hogan has called for already. montgomery county is pushing back on easing the restrictions. It looks like leaders. In montgomery and prince george's county will hold press conferences tomorrow with covid updates and most likely reactions to hogan's plan. Dc witnessed a surge in carjackings during twenty twenty. Some of the suspects charged in these cases. Were teenagers were even younger. Kimberly perry is the director of dc action for children. She told me about the root causes of this alarming trend and how programs aimed at helping at risk. Youth can help reverse it. Whenever we have our young people involved We are more concerned. About what the root causes are of any activity that is not the most productive so many of our communities are dealing with unprecedented job loss more than half of black adults and households that have children are experiencing a loss of employment since march thirteenth since the pandemic started nearly half of all dc. Renner's that have children say they don't have confidence they'll be able to make the next month's rent and then black and latinx next households with children report not having enough to eat over the last week. So that's really alarming and Should point us in the direction of really looking at the economic conditions that our young people are living in an responding to how is dc action preventing crimes like this Through specific educational and recreational programming. What are you guys doing to deal with the advent of these crimes involving adolescence. We're working with schools to ensure that they include the voices opinions and experiences of students parents teachers and community based organizations in school reopening plans. The process does far has been way too insular and there's a lot of dissent about how and win. We should reopen our schools. But we all know is that our young people are struggling. School systems have got to open the door for parent and teacher and community input to ensure that our school reopening plans are as inclusive as possible. there are industries that are thriving during the pandemic. There's been a lot of job loss. Among our young people. We put resources toward helping them find employment in industries. That are doing well That would alleviate much of the financial Burden that young people are feeling within their households and with their families. Right now all right. That is the director of dc action for children. Kimberly perry thanks so much for talking with us today. Jonathan thank you so much. Thanks joining us for consider this from. Npr listen again. Next time and we'll make sense of the major stories happening in the washington region and elsewhere in your world. I'm reach occurs and i'm john.

npr briana scott audie cornish francis collins npr grover anthony fauci cassese oklahoma city thunder Dr anthony fauci utah jazz bio pharma chesapeake and arena president biden us Oklahoma school cynthia gillian mary louise Ed thomson
Anlisis de BAD BUNNY "EL LTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO" | #lbumAnlisis

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Jody polkadot yellow toy to silo. Going through those people. They they album que say mesa palais paula. Go at the day remarrying tons more jamie mitchell that get tired or something momento our the see your body. Cohill medium of a seaview than no a boo guilty cake. If we're going to get them on my old donal battle die down cello. Yup memento that on your complaint way embrace although they they they let boone tom brady so oppressive jacinto guy gala the employee gadolinium for gay say ages happily married stantione omega toss and take him a lift our donate komo pareo east antica participants komo komo podcast bookham. We lay hope borough. Our book la originality No no no no the the featuring some some not an immature featuring e. s. I k. i. Capra sierra good luck ozaki pakalitha into mega tomahawk guy. Assoc- draw a edna. Say they will go through a being jota though. I'll go i'll joe biden. 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They're frankly big a book our a lot like what we poincare frontier. Let's our kennel silent. Puerto rico el-sayed rogalski Separate our goal. Aurora mulbah economic minassian. Front mira i up other muncy. Nobody noble come comment. Say he's a are allowed to see how can consuming at amazon am i. These eh eh. But okay hewlett la. Monta joking kutschera by what i see him. But i had me mommy. Mommy made guy utilize set the for frankly not super bowl concealing so like i can go beyond probyn three-man you pick took it echo. Check him all electric guitars and being in la manera layers ferrari through dalai lama law thing added they handle at the grammy at the army. We'll get kilo. Electron lonnie article january toy grammy on the couture or high reading your loizeau. You remind handle mclean extremely palmanova malaysia. Both i see free monitoring getting started going on at the volvo morning our broadway for a little boy bobby movie born free. He's human tyrants sold for a long way automatic overfill john bogel bulgaria Maclean while there's an array dong the alami. My client complies all delay. Beloit apple tacoma guy yao lebron automation by by reprieve. What i in a bummer. When our the hannity is only elommal loud. Vulgar italian low market in on the later doping lemus benito conga gabriela now all levy lesser. Tia all games. Every hiring an insert the guy not her own on tight. A robot on the report complete domains. You're you're you're gonna you're gonna get killed. get menial. Jokey seattle northbound la mancha nilda. Menial we fail. Polkadot fail ego komo gala tour go. Hey i guess you're gonna dole hanadova asylum okay. I see local when our body hunter but a low menial be. They don't die. Belsey get get old either. Domini out s alaskan on. Yeah but only motassium contender komo going to put our bunny hills. I saw grasso eight. Minke said get that sasser policy Cuando el batasuna later. But i locate asset took bonnie anna league one boiler for swabbing affiliate called. Remember in the yasser. Each other thing went down the element. Tondo go on komo own outta go. Our boy i i will do is he. Wants to c. C. lab all e nas alley the. They'll tamer equal. Do heat backing leak coil to walk over up on the dow in always hustling camilla. Alabel montana if he got better 'cause unsteady oil for avalon. The little eli lilly matter already. The southern alex young baby The logging poetry control gave mendoza. Polio moreso meek mill. And they'll say thank we'll see requiem boom mammals. Thank you see every episode laima then three and trae bob warning person though episode. they're going to laos noga. May i am i it. they say. Yoga dig including until. Save my bouma mobbing. Sunday december the domain. Yoga's how young potassium acid godzilla cha-cha Kim jong joe is limited as long as so you'll always have each other daily battle and let them okay lamentin chima. We'll see benton nobody cares. You gotta bent dr benton jean-michel model. How i e or then i'll be talking to. I bought a misha. Biogra- i on our table and i'll tell you quail until over the way. I love the grammy as kizie demille etymology bus Agung alyssa Young by astle at that led vida and domain. You so glad will off gas Get the methadone kindergarten. Baby you'll be solid mccain's pop domain daisy Level bahama faulty the movement. How are ya know doggie choice. Also palo alto. I thoughtful will. This is not fair. You can get chaotic towel. We saw with obama welter those three. Yes some stray. Yes cruiser louise entering. Cbo young gobain young. Iwo being out the sewer doggy harassing maria. All open and say we're not going to see on casino. Our garcia marines casino about ready asia global. I made if they might as if lois messiah say john will dig. All we'll eat in miami has a moment and there's different alegre go to kuchel. Latera says sorry bobby featuring our data at the madurai almost lieko once he was a mall. Eko chant may counter her awardee. God just our air guy there my outbound out at the. Throw your mom bobby tired. By bonnie nafa yoga mtti will sciatica into they also made up. And also when bobby maywood. I wouldn't know my boss for many aussie to my side. Any of these end mommy and we ended up with a camera. I don't care for me. A can hang in there under myers man cannot case wa boni our okay. See ya allah. It may not all of us. I when i meet them. Come in the leaker micro lama. He della l. l. r. and b. They'll know at the la la song. Cc labasa day. Parliamentary four to two a zia man. Man mike reliable temple our airport on. Okay win throw a nearly an element montana and enter the mobile app. Two million the equatorial comb heaped. Joola is being the beaumont in this without bothering me more. Impo mugabe is happy goofy song. I don't know. I mean you'll get tunnel if not and read the innocent deal the innocent deal and through hip hop the album alligator. Rita sewn some mckay. Keesa komo's single chosen deal better today conceptual. Kokomo dials on tally. Kuchar on trumpet. Or like i know. There were some woodwinds. If it was side see in they try go can only hip hop no said. Let's toronto is a noble k. Alex to wear the in tulsa okay komo gay disco feel la. Berea sat may into demented. Are they coming home. A greater they drake a. M coming home my say the boy while at and then the okay and then if they're concealing And the other one saito how these echo delay over and let wrong the area these again okay. Yeah yanno. Norman failed On the won't show in the meantime your saw lewisham. But they're gonna see louise eglin air authentic pillar surpassing now but a concept or see mom rome new concept for more only toria back and forth between both sides loyalty can way to deal corduroy koran again Callahan i on tommy. Lami tara my la. Say the of the. That'll demille at the main pau gasol youngest i'm essay. Sad the they won't say in a yell. Tepa mclean for many numero ketosis twenty. Release him those intense on ballygawley at each other's throats. Young loboda took barrack from from tail minority lady. Llc siegler to complain or at google a bigger our economy equitize. It's also do leniency. Pia you're here. Important s a bunch like grammy army. Our little gummy somewhere to army met all deals on dc. Most bail out there in this up. You get what they got no more a legal zoom from over merrick. Well those in a job in salem media listen you picked up on all the formulas padre parents who know gamma sem. I'm gonna for army below ten. The different color myntra though i be you back our and who my cow not throw without email. You look ahead mepham. Also tonia about how mobilink white colin ladino. The killarney africa. At just about a little woman in your seat the our way i don't know but all know gala. We seem polka kamoga. The other talks all about. How can we say. Bob popper won't show local talent assemblies elegance young alfred hundred and i'm on i'm we're buying going get the Okay kimmel and montalva eliseo suicide anymore. Wealth you're gonna find lead on the kucha. Laura's inter annual sale. Beat how i won't while sees. He wants mobile. The media per se is crucial. See paul compla- will consume. But i believe them but at one meal per laima a elaborate rather local tiny hollow radio in my howard say win number there wanting michael in the he'll do the central on the wbz number and my solo. They'll send peon dial never does a boiled return for a freezing got an equal eleven elizabeth. Halloween one comes on not rally at. But i definitely a bond gay term would do at Neapolis under some polls they they they will come out of the handle a goes up paddock. Lay also towell biologic alaba young. I'm the little trouble. Don't wave flawless. Democracy and fred at the bitcoin meena than our normal consumer nato simplemente solo. They'll roy a 401 and soon idea. Donna our hanging and nobody me within the benito going to league only gallon we are dorigo. Aboagye nilghai content community moreni. Those octobers ago products. Bobby that jo colgate say low key going to say the law each milano the milano planning at the hit throughout. Listen selena alarm manga. God knows gwen better off. I don't have to intervention kucha at. Cbs guada- will throw out of tunnel. That will tariq off at the aac. Join concealed under the kammtarra prefer organiser. Google mazel Implemental consume almost all my body. Civil move on minana dietary control. Perea toy going is we're gonna talk commodity mente then toyonaga gubbay name battle. Easy say kuchar will feature are leak and our our equitorial decode by talked him integrates ec. Wiki they can on airlines teddy number dealer young modell Feeling ability job. I by sierra komo knee intro. I go into detail and nuance young. Deny that game a guess it gives him well they got on your komo. Consumer mariah carey hunts consumed the these in memento but o'callaghan mariah carey banu medal Classical the christmas komatsu yama. Jose feliciano exactly is now you know what doc in la la in panel pull the glassy classical the culinary that the need minor that guessing winton fairly now there are going to halo halo. Baena densities our say about. I'm ally at c. Three were loaded. We also like goma mira guy. Even when see as the i'll filed a lawsuit got army but he his own that army acid army army. It's a home kit. Grammy la la la. But i won't tell me about the in calla idea. We're joe bobby. Whereas for moyer our on your three era the cadillac retainer not a macho. Famer via yeah. This is my least favorite of his albums. While means favorite. Take my tire into meridian komo. Guatemala threatened meriem a bit. I don't believe that the also i room all over our i. I chose emblem bella. Deco non-euro wha today him with today's in the rain they again say you're literally as a while inc. We'll get sunday ticket. The in almost he got up at a local deanna. Dial dion look up and you'll see the caparo komo komo carseat casino rock on your payroll. Logging greatest hits will be put on croquet aldo solo season. Go because get come tasso bedoya job liley back in your house. How did you see that oil leaked who knows. Sob you extend with blake in the battle continues. Josiane toga or delancey. Highly okay. Below offer a sale edible in the tenant barrier that gasoline tally. anti-gays italian town belief in this a sukova and throw the royal government. Daddy get bored by the layover either. Bail darlie thrim our babble nike. In april cmo say sarah kazadi resource until decoy and perks. Him on your buttock. Assad he the honeymoon many to many still mandala we've producer still love either movie the brisa. The ns monitor two pm. Alborz s mall choppier mooch boy robbie mattie import knowing dhani ram on me printer and mobile and it still say the carnegie said too much Dna control the. They locate sally. The board k. new curricula the keira balaa or nope. Nope nope romy think done. The muzi kasongo Port quesnoy is not good business. Ltm control through marino. Doing bella through young nana sorry. I'm gonna have what we might be your sally. You're telling policy-induced are not done. Tacoma deals guarantee a natural console any when he went k. You'll see the control layer posse to see remain on to iran and contra como lago healthy. Tom peyot hello dora at all mandate battles the liar giving a time right the overdose. Cdc loud saying all stars and the maduro born. I took them along which they on today in the under dane a key walk in for the windshield mahal legs frequency david. Army pointed man is said also have a vehicle egged on being out some familiar allies malemba malemba terminology beach oil. 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You must become a member of pen. Fed insured by ncua.

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Fasana . Shayariwala . Episode 18


03:52 min | 4 months ago

Fasana . Shayariwala . Episode 18

"For the look copy the heat to j. dictate copy holik fitter fasano car shook the burner Said he has it toward domino. Daas head twenty nakyal said though. So cia upset. My own. i'd ski to may be scholarship. Hey i'll be happy to john will. At ordinance cover the hotel who nipple child noah's organized go nape. Cia nomaza put niente poco pneumonia's for not had them go chaumet. John who navy to veto. John who torty bedtime on nato veto john will tory. John only be totally hair order. But the law cassese home hindu by the way we can't in dubai where head toward ice now who navy doi- leave behind manani johnnie toward items on honeybee to advocate. Deny that but new methods says in the ca- tonigh- iman dot but numa to says the iman barry bonds who to key. Monday's vote yukio toward up a man who named him or a good obey munn heavy toll. Cheyenne kasama needed a latter audra. Sue great lane. Turkey is about to xiaomi's on through abebe to adjourn. who ho tori patch on. Nneka order was called. You are talking to say snake. Aga multi who say shami. John doe abebe to john. Woo hoo hoo. I sucker towel. Who a committee nezar yogi. Ugly episode. clinton's arkady era agility head to hawaii episode sociology hora skinny jacob sponsorship carling cuyahoga. Snap donate because ted.

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Chappelle, Big Rona, The New York Jets...

Mickstape: The Barstool Basketball Podcast

3:24:01 hr | 1 year ago

Chappelle, Big Rona, The New York Jets...

"The. Game Saints One. Two slain. Remains a foul one. The best kept secret. You went platinum with. The game. I don't know how we did the entire last episode I know how we're idiots. SCATTERBRAINS we don't have an outline coming into this. And still I'm not quite sure how we didn't talk about Propels thirty minutes. I don't want to do it now. Never seen it. Yeah. I never WANNA. Do It I. Want that on the record. But, I don't know how we missed. It last time? There were thirty minutes. There's no doubt about it. Using video format. I don't think anyone can debate this. LINEAR? It was Dave Chapelle. Tall got. I saw a lot of people. Criticizing it like, it's a typical standup special, which wasn't based on the subject matter. And Be. So much stand up comedies such a strange thing so much of only see the final product that's been worked out day after day multiple times a day for about a year. And he said ahead of time. This is this is rough wake. Please forgive that part of it. That was the stand in him being like I just went up there and said some shit. Like this, this wasn't what I'd like at a key couldn't have. It was only like two weeks since it had happened, there couldn't have been that much time. There's nowhere for him to work it. I mean it's it's a one profession like when some of this stuff gets out by. Somebody told a bad joke is like I get this the only place where they can't get some shots up in private right, they can't get run. Some practice runs so come back from injury. They can't like getting the booth record some songs that like nobody ever hears. They have to get in front of people. If they get in front of people, all it takes is one to come out with US though it's. A tough thing. Yeah and he was. Tackling a of a very big. Issue even feels like too small of a word, but. Very big moment in time I was happy, said something. Like you, he. He did it in a way that it was like. This isn't just a tweet. This isn't a blog post that people see it was like Nah. This is gonNA. Be on Youtube it's. It's going to hit every blog in the country everyone's. He started an instagram account specifically for this. I doubt he'll ever post anything ever again. Not It'll be like his twitter account which. Two days three days. Maybe he was like nope. I think it was three. You talk about just hall of Fame Hall of fame. Twitter Dave's Appel. Me On my motorcycle I don't like this I'm out of here. The David Kay Chapelle. Thank so. With twenty, fifteen Sixteen twenty twelve. Shit also say that was a minute ago, eleven tweets. I tweet. So! This is for all from March twentieth to March twenty fifth. Not even a week Chinese riddle, if a man does not tweet. Does he exist great I tweet. tweet number two. I would put David Chapelle is my name, but it was taken FM pastas? This is my second tweet ever and I follow myself. Not, as good as the I. Ask something important questions though. tweak three. Going the top eighty degrees here in Ohio today I'll be on my motorcycle man. Am I edgy? I'll post a picture of how dope I am. Man of his word next tweet as promised, here's a stage candid shot of me having deep thoughts whilst on my motorcycle. There is honest day. Still, March, twentieth I up to four followers. It's been a great ride. It might have been true back. The man not twin do. What are the re tweet numbers on these now? I know they. tweet number one has six point seven thousand. tweet number two one point four. Has Nothing man. Him On. The motorcycle has three K.. Him Bragging about having four followers as one point eight. Eight March twenty first like I have anticipated, my following has more than doubled to eleven, people the power digitalization. Much twenty first, this is how everyone used to tweet so I cave roasting. I know it's a sign of the Times. I'm off to the gym, replacing good character with good looks as a cornerstone of Mike Comeback Stratagem parentheses sarcasm. Next tweet. Does anybody read this? Let's get to one hundred followers. Shout out the magnificent eleven. Ma'am Beg for followers tough unfortun-. Still March twenty, I, I can't think of anything provocative tweet, and yet I must contend. You must a mood to I was GONNA say this should have more than three thousand retweets. This is this is almost drill. Ask I was GONNA say. Listen my motto since the day I read eight years later you. March twenty second. Why twitter changed my picture to an edge? Near the, Is the verification. Ten of eleven tweet eleven. Account has been hacked. Deeming it officially bogus, sincerely chapelle Comma David Kay. We'd we did hear from from what six years when the Netflix stuff twenty eighteen. God I got regroup. Twitter really handed me my ass bombs A. I get back together. He follows twenty five people. Banks. Let's see. No Pretty spry them. Kelly Rowland CONAN O'Brien? Anderson Cooper. Kim Kardashian. Neil Patrick Harris. Jerry, Fallon Sarah, Silverman As these ends Ari. Trying to see. Couple of other comics. Oprah. Wish only followed Oprah as I say. It'd be a lot funny wave. Only Oprah and he only has no Brennan Bluff. But. So. Yeah I think I think too harshly criticized. Speaking! Everything else I've read for people who are actually in attendance was that it moves about two hours. Mostly doing regular. STAND UP! And this was about thirty minutes where. I, mean all Chapelle stand up. Even go back to killing them softly as always spoken. Heavily even when you didn't realize it about social issues. And this was even heavier because they weren't many. Punch lines The fucking flamed Laura Ingram. What can't cancel won't get it Bay. The worst of cut about him. Yeah! I don't know what happened with that so. People being like other was a weird cut I didn't feel like there was a cut. I mean it was so. That does what it was. I'm guessing from the two hour set once they clipped it down to the thirty lost. Eddie, would it look like? But. Great now especially. Within the context of what he was talking about knockout series he was being wouldn't have. A quick aside. Don Lemon's gang. We give them Jewish Floyd's. It is yeah, I know you're not talking gable. I like all right all right. That hot bid of Reality Yeah. I don't know I saw a lot of people. Forget for me. It's always been. When he talks about. What he was talking about transgender people. His biggest point to me was always like they got it a lot easier than just black people have been ever in this country. And it, wasn't he. He said I'm jealous. I'm envious. They had such an easy transition. Any went out of his way to point out. He believes the reason. They get it as easy as they do is because it's mostly white men who have been doing it now, there've been extremely valid. That especially within the black transgender community who will like they're killing us at an even higher rate. It's stinks output. That's the thing that ain't so much about that, but it's about like who wants it. And who's the one with the power? Yes, she got changed pretty quickly for yeah, you would hope that everybody that feels marginalized way could see progress, and even then it still if they're still killing black ones in people of color is progress. If it only right, it's like good for one way. Is it really progress, right? It's half halfway. Best Progress, yeah! So that his point has always been. From the black male perspective. That's how it's always come off to make the mostly because he says it so frequently. I'm a black guy in America. This is how I feel. This is what I know. Lenny talks about it. And in this he saw. A black man. Getting his life taken from him screaming for his mom. Correlates the time to his birthday Kobe to his birthday. Tom Birth time. Eight twenty five th birthday here, right? I saw some people being like. WHY IS HE GONNA? Put himself into this and other people were like that's what made it personal to him. All of the other things I made it personal. But I I thought it was. Something that? If he again if he had done nothing, I don't think people would be like. Why isn't Dave, Chapelle speaking? Zaslov for like a bad barbies. Thoughts on this so then. They were getting to him. For sure, but it's also like. He's become such a recluse outside of the stage I think I was just assuming he would, he would address it on whatever is next. Special would be whenever the world reopened, so it's. Like him he like he he himself said like we shouldn't be turning to celebrities and times like this with wears jaw. which he re reference. Yeah, he re reference like I told you I've been telling you guys. This I've been yelling about this since you gave me a microphone. I've been talking about literally all of this. I was I wasn't happy to hear it. Given the. But. But I did appreciate I appreciate him being like the people I'm with the people listening to the people listening to people. It was better than what J. Cold. It was Puerto of that. We'll get to him. It was the thing it wasn't. Like it was a neat thing groundbreaking or new, but the thing like when you put something on Youtube. That's available for everybody. Like, it kind of has to be I won't say Vanilla. But. Again. He didn't break any new ground there and that's fine. You put it on Youtube. Like for that reason, everybody should have access to this. Maybe I don't go with the deep cuts that people from Nepal? Killing them softly will get. Maybe I. Don't bring that around now now, but the jail road joke. Everyone everyone gets that. I do think about people were saying that he didn't mention any women's. I think that's a valid point. That I don't. Know. I was GONNA say I. Don't know if it being. So raw if he had refined it over months. Maybe he wouldn't because again I he he does. Hearken always back to I'm a black man. I'm going to speak about being a black man in America. And that's where he may have a twelve months from now a year. A year and a half from now whenever he did debut, whatever this was, it may have been the same, and it would've have left out Brianna Taylor's name, the hundreds of other women. Thousands of other women on that list, if they very well may have, but and also might have been thing. He worked it out in a couple of rooms and other black comedian. Pull them aside and was like. Hey, say these women are getting it back to you know what I mean. That could have been added. And I I think that's kind of the point. Right like when you go to what what's immediately on your mind, and it's what Blackman been saying. They're not mentioned for James. Aren't said they're not being supported. They're being forgotten so for them to say it I wouldn't say like I don't think it was. I. Don't think he wrote. The names in was like now those. Those won't play well until right now, but again. That's part of it not being mentioned, so I think that's a valid concern, the. But he he's speaking from a black male, but he's also speaking from like. Heterosexual blackmail, which is a half the don lemon stuff comes in because like in the context that when we see the other ninety minutes or whatever it was a full two hour show. I'm sure it'll probably make a lot more sense in that context, but. You talk about a ban. Edit to miss. The very very serious. Did y'all know how gay Don Lemon is, and it's just like a boy. Again I'm sure you set up in a different way when we see the behind the scenes, but Not, ideal. So, those are the most of the two things I heard. and I think they're both valid. They're both valid it was. Necessary but I will say it him even taking that step. Is Big. Him decided to do something. Speak about something at all because. It's. One of the things he's, he's like the reason that you want me to speak because you trust me, that's what this comes. With you agree with me. Disagree whatever you trust me to speak what I think much what I think. The truth is yeah, honest. Yeah, and so I? Think that was important. So in that since I'm glad he did it, but. I. Do think that the criticisms were valid. But again it. For him to even get like the couple of laughs that he did out of that like diva like failure banks lining the. Jaw. The ride the candy the. Like it was one of those like he gets down to work in Kansas Don Lemon and any joke about transgender people who became Itchen or black woman's name so I sure so I I think that's valid but thirty minutes. Like here you go, this is happening because. Like you said a lot of his fanbase will listen to him, and will trust him and I'm sure that. A good bit of fan base was like you know I've heard the name George Floyd, but you know arms I am I. Haven't I haven't dug into the details as at the time of that that taping. Also him showing like all the picture and like woven throughout the imagery of it. You see it and you instant like. Show what she showed me rice I know show now. You feel if you haven't think he'd do. In Ohio John Croft right Hieaux. TRAYVON! Like. John Crawford. Cop pulled him over the day before just. Wild One of those he like. You couldn't make that up though I. Play. People could verify that you that right and I've never seen Chapelle Card poll like he was what I mean like known wire. Roo, yeah! That's been a San Francisco. That's the whole point we do. Hundred percent. And The speaks more to. What black wanted been saying that they always get overlooked since Chapelle is kind of on his own island. Georgia. You can't Miss George Floyd you can't. Everywhere. I we saw was today or yesterday. Brianna Taylor's name just stop trending. For, the first time and that was just on. Twitter obviously, so it's like where. Does. He get his news to say he's not responsible. But brianna Taylor's death is. Doesn't get one one millionth the coverage George Floyd's does and I mean that's the problem again. And again that's not a part of the problem that he caused right. It is still part of it for share. It was one of these one has video. One does not ran in. One was sleeping in their bid one. Wasn't so you know I? It just happened that their body cams weren't on. So that's where it's like I. Think it's like whatever reason you go back to like why he may not have said them. I. Think it's valid because it's like what they've been saying. We're overlooked. We're not mentioned. People aren't fighting for us in mentioning us the way would mentioning in fighting for them and I think this. Proven to be true it. No, I don't disagree that, but the point I'm trying. I'm not trying to defend him Rasouli, but it's it is. Part of the whole. Working out material if he was on the road if he was traveling because I got I. Don't know where it gets his news. We know he's not on twitter. He just started an instagram account. That's where I I've been getting everything from social media. I don't WanNA fucking CNN I. Watch Fox News Holiday that Shit I get everything from social media, so if someone's not on social media which we assume, he isn't as earners shit I don't know. But. If, he's not on social media, and he is only getting it through TV or through talking to people. Then, yeah! I could see how he would miss that name, whereas if you're out on the road for twelve months working this out and came out, even December. If you just around people I would be. I would be more. On on him about that out as opposed to I, think it's more. A whole system problem than just him and. Just on him, yeah, no, it's definitely. Both I would say but I the only and I know she's on TV Candice Owens I've only ever seen. Get any kind of country on twitter. She's not one of those. You, know she rush limbaugh big. You know what I'm saying. She's on a talking head on every now. I'm sure he's on a couple, but it's like you know enough about Don Lemon and Candice Owens mother. I would say not like world. Like an incredibly famous people than I think it's fair to to know about that, and if you know about it. Speak About. Yeah, I don't disagree. But again I I don't think it was. Malice on his partner that makes better worse, but. I do still think was valid. Yeah does agree it was just more. I felt like he was wearing. A problem many people need to hold. A. That's the game they sure. But. Yeah him him getting any laughs in front of. It's like a weird. Crowd because everyone spaced out sitting, two by two were masks. They've got it. Yeah. It was the strangest cutting to a crowd I've ever seen for a standard of special. It's one of those like wow. This looks bad, but it's like you know like that's that he wants it. He's like no. I want you to remember. Don't like, don't ever forget. We're still in a pandemic. Evil can't laugh really. Like Oh, let lean over their neighbors and look at other people and laugh. No, we're all six feet apart right. It kind of makes especially since they he did cut out and I don't think we ever will see the rest of it I think. He only filmed it for that part. Man was like I can't just bring people here. Make them feel bad. Jokes to. It'll be one of those. Like, he'll drop like a new special like Oh. Yeah, here's the Netflix's Lucy his the restaurant. Ohio, it'd be one of one of those. But I think because everyone has mass on. Even if people were smiling laughing, it makes everyone look almost silenced. Mike, the people who've been silenced for Liggett it was very I felt like the imagery was almost like i. said cutting in the pictures, everyone the end pie. where it was just the the woman getting right in the COP's face. I thought that was as if not more powerful than saying anything. And that's where it's like okay if I'm going to put this on Youtube I've got to be tight. Thirty I'M NOT GONNA have him for an hour and a half like normally would I need to? Like it can't even be just a normal. Comedy standup sit right right. US fans would watch it, but if he's trying to get this to people that are more than fans. He's got a like anything. Any sort of cut aways and yet that pause you. I can't even say out of the moment like like more into the moment right right you. Now, it's outside of everything he's saying. It's still fucked up out there tough. So yeah, I, I agree that. The imagery I mean it's something I feel like he's always. Done with pictures at the individuals that way he comes out the way of stages, said if the way he enters an exit like he's he's. He's got that part down. He understands the tool as well as audio. Because I think one of the things one of the reasons. George Floyd's. Murder! Grab, so many people was video. Brianna Taylor Mike Brown Tamir rice videos for them, so they kind of. Just become names in stories, names and stories. Of course you'll listen. Of course. You'll feel some hopefully some level of empathy. But there's nothing like a picture. There's him saying people's names and showing you know this is a real life human. Grant here is. It's easy to hang out and scene name on the Hashtag. No, this is a twelve year old boy. Look at his face right? This is a man who was at Walmart. Look at his face, right? Act I do think that gets lost. And when you just see name after name, they just become words, and that's I. Don't think that's a a necessarily the worst thing that happens, but you do not desensitized, but there is like a little numbness to. It's another name. One's a tragedy thousands of statistics. And at this point, it's statistics attached got. The hairstyle is new ones every day, so yeah, it is like very important to realize like behind each one of those hashtags. Is like again with a baby named Shit like you look for baby each and every one of these people with somebody's baby at one point right about the each everyone as people had a face and a picture a smile. It should be remembered with more than just the way they die or that they. So yeah, that was more time than Chapelle, special. On chapelle special list. Candice on mentioned way less. Already brought him up, J. Cole. Did a thing or I didn't listen to the song. I'll be honest with you here and now shocking. I usually do because I i. always I always say I don't. Go Out of my way to roast his music. If I've never heard it. So I forced myself through a lot of his albums, not a fan. Four. Wild Way I don't know about that. I do appreciate people just every time people like no. This one's really good. Then I'm like four tracks and I'm like only eleven here in these over four so what? Where's IT, common? Yeah Him. Him Finally, admitting now I'm dumb as Shit I appreciate that if fans lost a big piece Ama-. Not to them. You can tell it anybody, but Ajay coping with the song. It is it was a bear. Look? I don't think there's any way around I think it's. If feels tone deaf at the absolute worst. This is again in the midst of black women saying. You're not hearing. You're not listening on us and he's like. Listen I'm listening I just don't like the way you all them big words. Talk. Respect. Your indoor voice with me. I would appreciate it. If it was tone deaf it worse. and. If like at best I feel. Like. He revealed his insecurities right. He was like I read this. It didn't say my name I thought it might be about me. Maybe she thought I wouldn't do it enough I. Know You thought you weren't doing and that's like it's part of we all have it. But. Instead of being like. One okay I can eat a look. Okay, let me just do more right. If I'm not doing enough. Let me do more to. This could be solved in DM so easily. In a DM. I'm sure he could have got her number her information some way to reach out to her. Even if there'd be like one is about me, too. Okay listen you. Try to help I'm trying to help. What can we do right now? Can we both have? We both have platforms? Instead he was like now i. don't like the way she sang these words to me. And The threat he put out after was worse than the song way whereas. Considerably. I didn't know he dropped a song until I saw the threat when I saw the thread I I went and read the lyrics to the song. As to to your point, his fans will i. Called her queen. What do you mean? Ways! When you try to stop down door, yeah! Somebody a bitch on the sly. It's like when they They can't say what they want to see on the news. They folks. That's what point Queenie's yeah, so you can't play that But Alas. If, you're fans dumbs demand they're fanning over. There's not call them dumb. It's called him dome because he made it, he. He's the first. Accelerate Donda. See. She dropped a song not long ago. I think it was like sixty seconds in all the needed to be said about. It just like again. He just handled it horribly useful in any kind of way about this. Is could have been solved any other way and the thing that I hate. Is it because of him and his platform and it's something I gotta be I'm trying to be more mindful to. He has such a big platform that anything he says. People are GONNA ride for him regardless. So. That's ended up with them. All in no names mentioned when she is legit just trying to help in the way that she can right and if she gets to a point where she's like you not like, I'm not leaving. Look how many fans no name has JAYCO has thirteen million twitter followers. So if he has thirteen million, of course, not all of them, but if he has those strong in her mentioned, gets to a point where she was like well, fuck it I tried to help I tried to learn, and this is at a treated me, and she distances herself then she's the bad person, so that's what I really hate it I. Don't to her credit. I don't. Think. She's GonNa keep going because she relies us not. She's got four, hundred, fifty, four thousand. He's got thirteen million, so he's got twenty six times. The followers the she has only on. I feel like hers has like. She's been around for sure. I'm not trying to mention the negative way, but I feel like she's got a lot of those recently to not a lot but a porsche. Yes. He's not a a maitree Marcus, which is a shame because he's like built. And, I will say a thing about her. It's been a couple of times. She's been called out about stuff and she's like you know what I went back and I did the research and I was wrong correct like her name was. It was no name. Something no name. Gypsy I think and they will a gypsy is a word. You know what I'm saying. A lot of people take offense to. She was like you know what I did. My research removing I'm just no name now. Yeah, people get her about. She said something about capitalism. She went back and did the. He went back and started a book club, so it was like okay. Listen I'm Jay I? Want you to teach me. Things like I started this book club. If I don't read though. Have, you had any other way to teach me. That I'm all ears. But those podcast. Listen. Germain don't do those. Well, what's? He tweeted the song that. She put out about him. Which is very funny. What I thought was crazy in the thread was like y'all? Thank you know who I'm talking about, but I'm not even gonNA. Put a name to it, but hey. If you could go follow for no reason in particular I know and it's like Whoa. What are you talking about? I don't forget I. Already sent him Dumbest Shit so you can put that on. I'm looking at three right in the eight nineteen in the morning, so he couldn't couldn't sleep. Hey, good morning morning. I stand behind every word of the sauna drop last night. Doesn't it strike one because many people like? I know you saw it like for you me dropping this thread, you saw some pushback. That's why you drop the threat. It's fine correct, but to be like. Understand it. Millions of you may disagree however. I agree that we to right or wrong I can't say but I can't say it was honest. Listen Nazis Cassese. Anyway anyone anybody that hate somebody Kabila listen. Or wrong how I feel about the Jews I mean who am I to say, but I will say. I'm honest In my outright hatred. Some assumed the song is about that's fine with me. It's not my job to tell anybody what to think or feel about the work I. Accept all conversation in criticisms, but. The last word of the tweet. He ended it right there for some reason. stated. Goal. Let me. Use this moment to say this another tweet. Follow Aetna name, I love her I love honor as a leader in these times she has done is doing the reading and listening in the learning on the path that she believes is the. She truly believes that the correct one for our people. Meanwhile I just be wrapping. Next week. I haven't done a lot of reading. And I don't feel well equipped as a leader in these times, but I do a lot of thinking and I appreciate her. Appreciate her and others like it because they challenged. My beliefs and I feel that in these times. That's important. We may not agree with each other, but we gotta be general each other listen. That's just not true. That's. Tyler Tyler. I have to be journal with you, so he also put a black piece Emoji much darker than. Same Way like people be using. Their. Scant Emoji is to light the same way. I give white basketball writers be using like vernacular. You don't speak like that, so don't like. Right. We women not agree agreed each other, but we gotta be generally each other. No, we don't. That's. That's what all this shit is about this a you may hate me and denying me right to existence, just because the color of my skin, or who I love, but come on, let's let's be gentle witty. No, no, we don't have to be gentle with. You ought to be generally anyway. They hate you. or it doesn't want to have the same rights as them, so that's. It's bullshit at best, and it's tone deaf it worse, he he's off base there. Is No other way around? And in talking about I got so much listen, you're wrong about J. Cole. What what part of my wrong about? said he can't Rep. Because I think he can rent, but I've said I prefer people with good music people that make good music. Like somebody's that he's using his platform for this. Is like he's heard me advocate. That I like music about drugs and sex I said I like good music. That's what I like to hear. If. He can make some good music with them Don't save her. She don't WanNa be saved thirty six. Junior varsity team? I'm smart, but don't raise on. Not really you know what I mean. If, he can make some good news with the to hear it, but I would never say he can't rap because he can't. That's why anybody anybody cares right. If he just couldn't. He was just wet. Couldn't ramp had no points? Nowadays nobody would even care right. Yeah, but you can. Ramp is a good producer. He's talented. Boy It's a shame to see. Use Your talent in this way. Like! To be completely frank, so it's like. You're wrong about Jacob. He's Nice. I was like I. Never said he wasn't, but I do wish he'd used to make some good news. It I enjoyed all the mix tapes I haven't enjoyed any of the albums, so I didn't even enjoy the mix types, but I do enjoy his features quite often. Is like other pressures on I know. I'm going to show up on. This typically does. And This fucking numskull. He's usually one of the first ones out in the streets at these protests. I've I've never see going back to Michael, Brown I've never seen a protest where Jaekle wasn't how in the streets. Yeah giving people little megaphone having them speak. So if he didn't make the song if he didn't attack her, I would continue living my life being like man. I don't like this guy's music all that much, but when shit goes down, he's on the front lines, and that's commendable now. I know he doesn't read. Maybe can't read. Considered himself to. Be a big dummy. So that's going to be my opinion of a moving forward as well, we even, it's like he's absolutely been boots on the ground in all these places, but it's like if you still you've had boots on the ground at all these places and have learned thing. Why are you there right, but I wouldn't have ever thought that if he did. I. Didn't reveal your snow. You might not go earplugs I just family. Just. It's fucking a motives when they got to the inside of the brain and he's just box. No absolutely. No doubt about it was going to think about this. Marcus is like. I don't know POPs up, think. Yes. Prefer pray for Takashi. They want him to rot. But no name please don't use the harsh tone with me. Come on! Come on. That's embarrassing. So that. It was a bad look. I. Don't think there's any way around it. His fans will and have defended. That's what fans do. For sure to get with after like I've seen mostly people like you said no name. She doesn't have nearly the audience he does. A lot of people came into this knowing who he was, not who she was and we're like he's still kind of tripping. Right like I. Right and wrong regardless and he was off basically. Yeah, he was, he was wrong double down to be wrong or The thread way worse than the song wasn't a good thread. And again played with. I think one tweet. Choline tone all caps, which is a great tweets. Only send out. And then just drop the song which I think is literally. Sixty seconds were inbetween. Like naming. She named Toy. She named George she named. Who Trans Women she talked about all this and in between that she still like inbetween all this you had time to talk about. That's where your focus is were all this? I get she right again. Because she's. Like he said you know I, can listen. I can take criticism. However when he got it, he was like I'm doubling down what I feel so that you know what I'm saying that. I. Don't think you heard me. Let me say louder. Louder always writer yeah. So yes, she. She's doing what he's. Saying that he does. And to A. To get into armed admitted. You don't read to somebody that started a book club during this. Bad Sign People I got one person. It just went viral people laughing at me. He was like what starting a book club have to educate people. It's like. Trees Network Day. tweet would. Come on man. I read all these books retain knowledge, and then that knowledge changes my outlook on life already talking about oil, I'll say that like. He and Lupe covering the same cloth Lupe prior review a little too much. He might yeah, who could probably? A few youtube videos to mini thousand percent. Jacob. I think I've got a good grasp if I think. So I haven't thinking. This man. was in his thirty s when he dropped a song. Don't save her. She don't WanNa be saved no room. He was like thirty two. Thirty six now thirty six. and. Use where the, but you can't Fart me, come on, man. It picked certain mental capacity to understand those type of bars. So. Try See what Lupe said raceway. It doesn't look like a lot. Thank God. He's talking about a lot of stuff. That has nothing to do with anything. Typical looper. I did I did see Talib Quality? Coming to the defense of Cole because this is what a lot of people do now when? You criticize someone valid or invalid, just criticize. CLASSIC CANCEL CULTURE TRYING TO CANCEL J. Cole this guy's on a lot of good stuff our cancelling them, he's going to die from cancellation will never for man again. Him J. Cole the Atlantis, the lost city the neck and neck. That's. Yeah Fuck you talk about the people. Push back that hard at the slightest criticism that now. Canceled like canceling Jaekle. Everyone's just like. Hey, you're wrong. That's my critique. Cancelation like bill. COSBY got canceled this. Listen the. Law Cancel Bill cosby cause. You got caught for crime. You did that ain't canceled. Alleged to did I guess I have to say. But who do. Legitimately who can you think of that has been canceled because I can think of one person I can give his one person and I'm sure there have been others, but I can think of one for sure so I wanNA know if you get eating. I, honestly I think it's just cosby, and if you want to disagree then that I don't have anyone in. Eating Weinstein got cancelled like this. If you did some shit like you did some. Caught up legally I. Don't think that's castle. You just went to jail. Well that'd be Weinstein to right. I don't think either them get cancelled, right? Well, I mean they like. I feel like they got also like finances taken from them to add cosby taken syndication, Weinstein movies taken out of his name like those feel like the people won't even associate with your old work anymore like that's Yale's like the cancel. Because if you were called at the time you were doing. Would you have had time to create the like? I? Feel like Kelly I. Don't think R Kelly got cancelled. He got a lot of people who defend him I don't see anyone. Defend the other two well. It's still people to defend cosby famous one this year so. Yeah I. Don't consider. Those are the only person I can legitimately think of as cancel. That Michela. She was a lot of Naza albums. You're big NAS. Man I didn't catch that. She was a singer in. Two, thousand, sixteen or twenty seventeen. She's saying it. Donald Trump's inauguration. Did. And It wasn't like a hindsight thing. It was a lot like at the time. People were like don't do this. This is a bad idea. I know. Thing Quest Love was like whatever money they're giving you. I will get like if it's for the money, don't like, please don't do this. I'm thinking came out like they said it was like a four hundred grand in ended up, being for like seventy five grand. She performed. She was like this I. Have the platform. This is the way we need to bridge unity and all that and. Again like her shit fell off the charts after that that's the one person can say I feel like has been can't successfully canceled. Everybody like if you're mildly inconvenient for a minute by Louis C. K. not cancel now Roseanne's council. Matt Lauer is not like you know if you're still. If you've got called lowest forced into retirement. He's still living comfortably. And if she didn't lose any money. If you did some shit, there was legally a crime. I don't think there's canceled. So Chris and Michelle's the only one I can really think of anybody also like. Yeah, now these are. He had to lay low for six months. Then ain't cancel these. Since then that canceled. And, even he he, he's kind of like the Andy Pettitte of. Getting canceled because He. Sat in front of Congress, and I was like I did steroids I don I? mean he was the only one who was like well. Louis did do, but people just hated him because this game. Yeah. Yeah, he wrote that long. Op Ed. The. Then ramblas. People were like no, you wear your canceled and then a special. Come out what two months ago. Like. He's like I've seen he independent too, so it's hard to cancel. Someone who doesn't rely on a never or distributor. If you're always like he's been doing that since I seven. If you were always getting it straight from the well, and you don't give a shit about that, yeah, you'll never gonNA cancel. Yeah I mean that's what it's like. I won't say. He's UN, cancelable, but the way Chapelle does his shit, he. Like. To. Make me. Walk away from fifty million dollars like Oh man. Like I'm trying to like, I just typed canceled culture in search and most of these people like Kevin Spacey. was He cancelled it? He called out for doing like literal crimes like I don't again I don't think that's. The wrong word. Say Et, that's something like. Roseanne is got woody Allen. Here is Woody Allen in jail right now? I don't I don't think he is so. was he about to drop like a new hot television show that he's just been unable to do because of how it came out, he married this stepdaughter. I think. About thing I think people just always know people. People always knew, and they bring it up sometimes. Isn't that a little weird? It's like no way more than a little weird. Number. One of the pictures here for canceled culture has five pictures has woody Allen Roseanne Kevin Spacey. Kanye West and Michael Jackson. I. Don't think people have been canceled. One of which is dead, so try to cancel them and his grave tyler. And Konya. That's what I'm saying like. It's a thing where I know people myself included like. Listening to him even the old stuff, but I wouldn't say he's he's still. He's still got country out here. It's not canceled by far. Now now that he's trying. Did you see like the conspiracies about him trying to? Like, he was always. I like a deep agent. For the winning team. Doesn't. That if I know anything about Kaya West, it's the he'll do along kind of benefit. Someone other than himself. That's the one thing I way. So yeah like Roseanne. Head with a season or to her show when it came back. Her tweets! Got Her at I think at the show cancelled, or they did like a spin off without her. Off, it. Oh No I. Didn't. Feel like canceled. Oh? Boy found a ride, did steroids will did they take the championship now with the money made during the now? He was canceled. Oh cancel Friday's us. Yeah, you got him you thank you. I saw that diesels Miro pretty much summed up. Cancel culture as best as I've heard it. And they said it's like when Barrios big, and then he like runs into a turtle, and then he's small for a little while, and then they can get big again. That's that's all it is. It's inconvenient, so if that's canceled and even then I don't even think that applies to somebody's people. Like the next picture, aquit over its got Weinstein again. It's got a picture of his face with cancel over. That was legal like Incarcerated Louis C. K.. It was mildly inconvenient. He went back to making whore blimp sensitive joke several months later. It's Chapelle with. Cancel over his face which. In what sense he just hasn't been whether, you think he should or should not have been. He hasn't been canceled and I'm. Chris Brown who? On every album like. What's the opposite of cancel. Greenland! And it's got Paris Hilton here who? Shirt. Yeah. They've ruined exactly if you don't know what they did. What appears get canceled for sex tape? I Don. Like, it's you know. They took all the money she had from the Hilton Hotels. She's canceled so. I don't know there's a big. Take after their leader man's like. They, call somebody name like I think I don't know if it's that that would break them. They're like. Oh, you're a snowflake. Feelings at all your social justice war. Yes, no I think all people should have that. You trying to counsel everybody. Sounds like Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted people over a course of several years dead decades. Yeah, so. The history of the moving picture pretty much all of it. Yeah, LISTEN DE CASTING COUCH! Yeah Right I. Just, don't exist me. They listen to people on that, but not when they say wear a mask off of the Canadian. CAN WE CANCEL Wearing a math. You get people to actually wear man. I honestly think that could work if if certain people were like. Yeah, fuck, mass that other side would be like whoa well, they say fuck. Mass I need to masks. Hillary Clinton came out right now. We're like I'm only I'll never mask again. I'm only going barefaced. Be I'm wearing a mask, she admits. And it boy it. Is Disheartening. You're having fun, though no, the most I don't want to. Those who are not mutually exclusive direct Janai. Share people knew where you were I. Think we did a weekly biweekly check in. Is Ten twelve PM on June eighteen whiskers having fun. I would like Balogh updated. But. It's still people like today. And on one side is like I. Really Hate I. don't even want to give these people voice, but at the same time. It's like I have to show people people think like this. If you, you wonder why we can't go outside. This is why. Because people are saying it's like world they. I mean they're changing their opinion. Every week were who we believe. The experts, the experts we'd ably. So. Like somebody me today. And said he lost his mother in April. Not even due to Kobe because of Cote. Could not have a funeral service. Agreed! They could not have any closure any of that whatsoever. And his father at the same time as also in remission, he can't visit him either because he's over sixty. And at high risk for this stuff, so that's the so when you think about well I mean somebody catches it. They're not going to die. Not necessarily. These are the kind of impact. It's having otherwise. We don't know the long term implications of this so to say it's. You don't die well. You might wish you. Had we find out what it does in two years there. There are people initial reports especially at Italy. That was like. The longtime long damages catastrophic. Also, it was one of those and I. It's something I've been doing more and I'm gonNA keep doing more like checking my sources before I. Re Tweet or And I was like this can't be. They did like a lung transplant. Somebody that had Cogan I was like this can't be real. I just got to be one of those like slopes. Pictures and it was legit. And it's like we. We're what. Not, even a year into this world wide. Wide off like it was breaking. A remember is which means a price to a couple months before, so we're maiden closing on a year and. It always defaults to what you want to stay inside forever, I want you to listen to the fucking experts. Up The best is. It it. The other people arguing like it infringes on my rights. Those called laws laws infringe. That's what they do that, but they don't infringe just to be Dick. They infringe to keep you arrival longer. There are red lights because they let people live longer if these people just don't listen to Red Lights, fuck it why that's who they to infringe on your rights to tell you when the go and stop look, who are these Aso and people talking about what that's Cova? I don't have to listen this red line. I'm going to plow right through it. Okay well. You just plowed into the side of the mini. Van was waiting to turn left. Everybody. That's how this shit work. You will make it through the red light. You might say you might. But even that you're GonNa Affect People that you don't even know, but it was. It, was another listen man. My Grandma's ninety. That bitch done enough living like. I. GotTa find the exact. We can't believe it. I mean I can't believe it, but boy. Just I almost respect that more than the other people though. I. If. There's any area. My Grandma's nine in a nursing home in Florida. The I can't visit her in person. It sucks. There's no perfect answer here. We can't save every person from passing to disease I'm glad I can't visit her in the big picture. It's the safest route, but also has to move on the bills. That way about his grandmother imagine. It was about your grandmother. So it's. Like that's what we're dealing with, and it's not a thing where it's like. Okay now they go outside. They catch it. They only keep it to themselves and they suffer no. There, if that were the disease, we none of the lockdown to happen because it wouldn't have mattered. At all, but because that's the thing, the troubling thing. I don't think even people who. Like somewhat get it fully get. This go away until it hits zero. Because of how contagious! That's what I remember saying at the beginning of this. When, you have the flu, the regular flu was people love comparing it to. y'All in fact, if you go about your day, normally infect about fourteen people. With Toronto. If you did the exact same thing, you'll in fact about fifty four thousand people so interesting. which are my grandma, so you get here? They might be. Listen she's ninety. I told you she. She's if she live by now. She got gotta get to get him. It's also like yes. The elderly are more vulnerable, but it's people of all ages dying. From this disease, it's not just the elderly other more susceptible through sheriff, but everyone's dying from is not. I don't know, aren't we? Passed a hundred thousand. A while ago Florida keeps that new highs everyday Arizona. Parts of Texas, hitting new highs, visit I thought it was either nine or ten new states hit career. Career highs yeah. I think the only way we're going to get out of this is everyone gets a really do I don't think. I don't think people are selfless enough to. Stay inside for two weeks. Let it pass. Get it to actual zero. And it's. It was like most of these cases looked like. If you get it, you stay inside for two weeks and take some medicine. It's like most of these cases, but also you read some of these. Other reading from Like nurses, doctors people dealing with this stuff. It's like it's doing stuff from patient to patient different than we've ever seen like. There is no game plan for this, so if you think you're hearing a different opinion every day because we're learning something different every day. And the one thing constant has been wear a mass social distance. Stay inside if you have to people like. You say you want me to stay inside forever now I want you to do it. Listen today. If you start today, we won't have to do it forever right, we could. We could be over this we could. Again at the time I was like Yeah New Zealand's GonNa. beat the Shit because they should. They tested everybody coming in and out. They quarantine people took it serious. They wrong. One hundred percent quarantine I think for four weeks. And they're live sporting events now no works. And They just got a case, right? Did they I mean they may have I hadn't seen. Let me look it up. I wanted to say that it's not true. But there should on A. New Zealand. But it again, yes, that's what happens when you pay attention. It's like well. We tried that. No, no, we didn't try that all. People wanted to go to appleby. We'll keep catching strays fuck apple be people wanted to go to finance breath. All twelve hours ago, they got a seven point four magnitude earthquake. So that's what you get when you corona virus. I man listen if you told me right tomorrow we get everybody in the country feels a seven point four earthquake, but the Ronas has gone. And my aim, it doesn't everybody we gotta get in the BAFTA. You know what I'm saying. AIR BY NOT GONNA MAKE AIR BY NOT GONNA. Make it through this runner. and. Is it. It's only gonNA get worse like I understand the restlessness. That's completely normal, but to think that. This shit's diseases tired because we're tired is. Chaos and I thought that was once. They hit people's personal life. Back them and I was wrong. I have too much faith in people that will not happen again. What kind of what the other way because? It did hit some people personally, but then they saw those people were cover. Not everyone who gets in? Your! Yeah. So like yes, so those people they feel emboldened almost. Feels like she's breathing glass every time she briefly alive, you may. Be So. I've I've never had less faith than people now do now. which is saying something for me, so I I'm up like six my therapist right now like if she. She's going to start paying you. Lied Boy Oh boy, she well. You lay on the couch, our whole the note. We'll both cry. You Lay on the floor. So it and the people are listening right the ones I feel. I don't get it. They're just not going to get, but people now are listening right now. If you were taking this seriously, thank you. Please keep taking a seriously. It's the Shit is trashed I get it. We all this sucks. We're all restless. I want to have the option to not go outside again. Right I just want the choice. And I get it I. Get how restless it is, but man. Oh, man, it's. It's it like we're just isn't adulthood thing I think at a certain point when you're a kid or when I was a kid a certain point, you ignore shit for long enough it Kinda just goes away. Of course are the most like somebody else, either does it, or it doesn't matter, or you go like you. You Pass the class anyway. When you are adult. Some shit as a problem. It Ain't going to get fixed until they get fixed. And this ain't going by. Forty five trump I think he says he was like the the virus wearing thin because they he some dumb shit like that. And again it's. AIDS scare. He, said a lot of them shit and again that's the power again of platform when people talk about, why hasn't somebody said something or not? Said something, and they want to hear from somebody because depending on who it is, they will take dishes law, and that's not even because he president because people were taking shit as law before they wanted to have a beer with he spoke for them. So it's if you're taking this seriously. Keep fighting the fight man I. Get it. Is Do but get a whole lot worse before it gets better if we keep just not listening. To. When I go to the store. I still wear masks. Obviously I wear gloves. Every time I used to see a lot more gloves, and even like I do like at some. The northeast is taking more seriously. Or maybe it's major east coast like Metropolitans. But I, know the northeast still like on phase one whereas taxes like come on down to the waterpark. But you up here. I'm seeing less gloves and I was saying even like two weeks ago. And when I come back, home I immediately. Like I wash, I don't wear the same gloves in the multiple stores like if I get back in my car I. Take them off. I don't want that on the steering, wheel. I the disposable. Throw them away and the like the grocery store parking lot every time. I. Have I was keeping? Hand sanitizer bottles in the car. I heard those explode if it gets hot enough in the CAR. I. Keep those in the car and they don't get hot enough here. So I think you're good. Okay all right. But I got like. Wipes that have the fucking same germ killing stuff in and so I, use those after I took my gloves off. And that if I go to another store, new gloves and then when I come home I immediately. Take those clothes off and go in the shower. Put all the outside close? Go right into the Washer, like y'all going y'all quarantined to I'm not even watching you right now, but you're sticking on. Even want you just in the dirty clothes. You just going into Washer. And I. I was taking vitamin C.. Every day I've slowed with that. I need to pick back up. Man Like. Now. It's like I go to the store came back. You call once and you're like. Oh, no Any any cough, yeah! God. Man Any headache. I hit the three key to like my long jumping out of my chest. So it. Just keep fighting the good fight if you do initiate because. I. Like the only affiliate before like the flattening curve. was to the point, so we don't overload hospitals with everybody. Now feel it would pass at I. Feel like it's to a point where okay we're just trying to. Flatten the curve appoint. We have a vaccine. And I saw the day. It's some chemical. The Bay have certainly consistently shown. It stops the spreading. At least. And it's it's a long up there like it's in like you can get an over the counter so. Hydroxy clerking. No, no, not okay. was nervous. No. One Smart People Rickman Tyler's Ben doing photo edits, and now he's on fucking fortune I've been on a Oh. Am Mike Gundy Like dexsa something like it's in up sudafed or some shit. It's one of those over the counter. It doesn't stop reverse the disease at all, but it's shown to prevent spreading by a considerable percentage. Okay, that's progress now. We're on a flat the Kerr. Okay, can we find something to stop spreading long enough to find something to? Do something else before we find a vaccine. That's where I feel like we're at now and I. But I. Maybe we won't out. There's ever ever going to be a vaccine. Really don't. I'm so operates of knew it was something. My sister told me when it first started. Because my sheet awoke is human being alive? She was like since he thinks this is like a biochemical warfare and I was like Arnold about it. And then legit I've read like multiple nurses practitioners doctors like. This shit attacks like every part of your nervous system. Most! They'll hit one in if they might. As an effect, it might spread to others, but it's like it's doing stuff people's skin. It's making people's blood thicker. It's attacking your like it's doing shit. Normal Diseases don't do this. So, it's like. Was this Shit Manufacture I. don't even know anymore. Nobody does so. It's like okay. If nobody knows what's going on in the meantime, I'm gonNA listen to experts. And our whole. Everybody listen to this would to. Against Sucks, but keep your mask on man I stay. Stay away from people. Don't go to gathering the too many people. Like me, I want to I. Need a haircut so bad. It's Paul. But like on the risk factor. They haircut like fifteen out of. Yeah. Well. I get it allow my semi Barbara something anyway like a man i. normally being here, let me just I'll be one day just in the meantime Mudgee. I want you know how Bailey I want to go in a restaurant and here the waitress come back another round of. Margaritas Yeah Yeah one another round another glass of wine to. But? We just not there right now and. Some people are they're literally right now. And that's the thing is like I went to the restaurant I wore. My Mass was like yeah, but the. The AC like the vent is blowing shit through one person, has it nine people a waitress or waiter? A server bartender how to come to work because they don't have pto. And didn't know they had, but they touched every menu. They wrote over where they handed every. What like that's the thing that they put ice in? Yeah, so you do that, then you go home and touch something you give it to grandma and that's one of those oil what? They did I. Think it was. Japan maybe they did a thing at A. Like it was all set of ETA Dinner Party. They put like some powder on all. Yeah, like on one person's hand. To just see this disease is spread when you go, shake hands, and you go to the bathroom, and you go touch tables, and you go get something else to eat and grab a Napkin, and then they cut the black light on initiative was like. Off A one person. That's how they should spreads. and. When we go out, run this one. We're not gonNA. Wait! Not. GROWN IS GONNA, get tired or running up the score So it probably is going to be a thing where. More people get it than don't by the end industry. But I'm. I'm hoping we can, if not a vaccine than some ways, I, okay, we can't fixable. We can start. If you have A, we can stop you from spreading south. which would be much slower than vaccine but progress? Nonetheless or that'd be huge. How contagious is part of the problem originally? Once you get it as a mixed bag of problems can be like it could be severe. and. When they came out with my, we don't I. Remember lay before was like a it comes in. Like it might come in on the bottom issues by check your shoes when you come in the door, it might be on bags and it was like no emotion lives in warm climates. Okay, we'll lives in damper spots, a handshakes personal touch stuff like that and. Like up were getting updated. Information is like Oh, so we were lied to like we're learning more. That's how education works like we're. Oh, so you're telling me the. Sun doesn't revolve around Earth. Which site is admit? Yeah, no, that's whenever you learn new information. Your your stance changes. That's flip-flopping. You can't be trust. I for one. AM having fun to once I established a position I. Hold Into My. I. It is what it is. There's one planet. Earth is flat. There's one continent call pay and. All, these you change my mind. At the beginning of this. At the beginning of this I remember listening to an infectious disease expert talk about. How I can't remember sheep mic listening to the experts. It was it was something for maybe it was. A twenty one. But it was something that happened a while ago. That the second fell out of the news. Scientists, who who wanted? They're still like right now as we're speaking, there's no cure for a tournament. There's no vaccine. Because the second fell out of the news. Even the scientists who were working on it. Were funded and it was like people don't care about this anymore. Why would we come up with a vaccine for? That doesn't exist anymore. Talking about. Like Polio Tech like this polio technically exist anymore it. You still get a measles mumps rubella shot. If you think shit still exists so. I haven't met song with lockjaw. We got shots. Liz. Irving! Rare, case It's a people wanNA listen to what we don't know what the listen to. They said this people aren't actually down. Like why are you listen to that? But not the people that say we're amass a A. Why is that the? That's the bar. I, it's like I. Don't know when I would legitimately feel. Not Say I went. I went to pick up a pizza today for me over and I was so mad. I walked into the store without my mask, and as I walked out. I was like I didn't wear my man. That's how mad I would I'm sure caught this year but I was upset. And I was in the right. But there it's like I. Don't know why I'm GonNa give you a salad instead of pizza like what? They forgot the point. The shoot is called contactless curbside delivery. I'm supposed to text them that I'm there and they bring out my. Him that I was there. They bring out my shit. I texted him again like fifteen minutes later. It's like again. I get like everybody's taking extra safety measures. They're white I I'm I'm in no rush, but at the same time I wanNA. Let you know that I'm here. No response again so I. Call it inside, and because I'm parked out front I can see the woman that answered the phone. He doesn't know that I can see your. So. What's the name phone number on the order I gave it to her. She's like Oh. That's your offering address we don't deliver to. I was like okay. It's not a delivery I'm literally outside right now. Yeah now. We don't deliver to that address. And I said this is a curbside and that's when she hung up. Again I could see her hang up. So. That's why I went inside without my mass. You just hung up on. Me To. I was wondering. Like fumbled the phone. One. Hunger you hang work retail. You give the customer inland one of those like. You know what I mean listen. I get it I wasn't all base there, and I'm only saying their name, because I'm old now so I emailed corporate, and they made it right, so that's how. Old I am. Upset me I need to tell authorities. I can't wait to see you and shackle the next Papa John's. Commercial It's a nice lights. Ain't that right diesel? That's right. Cheers together and. peppers. Made Arousal, well listen. You'RE NOT GONNA. Tell me you didn't mean to hang up I. I literally saw right. Yeah. I was I was basically in the restaurant, if you. If you wanted to. If he was like we were busy or Misheard, you okay, don't tell me you didn't mean to hang out. That's not right. So there's there's a place like a few blocks from me. That's like family owns pizza place like not a chain it's. It's there on, so. I was like all right. It's like six people total who work here from hooks to be thrown like. Related good right, if one of them gets it. They're not going to be to for business. And it's small local business like their foods fine so like. Yeah, it's easy to support them. I can drive there. They do the outside call Roy. Leave it on a table. You take it from there. And then I went there a couple of days ago called used to it and. I like look at the door. The tables gone. And they're they're like. Hey, you can come in and pick it up now and like boy. This feels. This feels too soon I'd rather not. I'd rather than. Like I went to another PL- like A. Small black on place and they had. Like basically at the door, one girl will come to the. Door. And go orders I by like. You're here to pick up order here to place whatever one by one? In it like this was. My first time, but it was one of the miles like. dish, it really happens in the main like myself a three or four. The people waiting in as she comes out. Is a guy trying to like hollered like talk to her I'm like like cool man. I owe you a run track, you. Brindley in a couple of times in between heard trying to take people's order. He's still. He liked cut off another guy. The Guy was like come on man. You like Hey. So. Did you get our number? Yeah, now we're going on Sunday night. Was No the funny thing was. Funny said because I'm guessing. Women are so used to this the way she was just handling every. She's just heard it all before. Yeah, so she's just she's just like not paying him any mind. And he came at the second time and people were like. Hey, like myself to people I e mail and she's trying to work like right. Let her work. And get an IT's like I'm trying to get my food even. CARE ABOUT! Her. So I think like this is what is GonNa look like. I want even say check inner confront. People would just be like a man. What you're doing is not cool. Could it out? And they'll cut it out. For. Most people most people. That's the thing. A lot of people don't want to speak up because they're afraid of confrontation Y- gotTa realize the other person doesn't Wanna get called out and they for sure most more often than not do not want. You can tell a lot of times a confrontation type of person. Listen I. I want to put a number on it. Ninety four percent of people pussy. That's just ago without question. And That ain't saying that I'm. Mr Tough I'm part of that ninety four. Not out here, harassing people. They're trying to do their fucking job, right? Yeah for the most part it'd be like. Hey, man I. She trying to work I. don't even know how the girl was like a high school. Track shirt you know. I don't know if she went like went there, but either way it's like. It's like four people waiting outside in the heat. We're all standing outside because they've got the door. He's like so. You come here, awesome. Yeah. We can come home man. Want. Listen you can marry her after we leave. Sixty east coming up. I do think like a communal roasting is easily the best way to handle this kind of stuff to. You here one guy though off job on that guy's team mega the more people jump, the more other people are gonNA feel emboldened to joint one hundred percent like that's all it is, and it's it's being with. Is. What's the Shit? Jin Visha. Nobody will do anything like they think somebody else do so. Nobody ended up doing. I, nobody said. She was uncomfortable, she probably says well outside the fact that she's got a fucking job to do. So yeah her to stand up. It's on. She was funny, but listen picture. This man had like the Fed up guy had like slides and socks on those talks you did A. After after people were like Acre Moma, he went, and said his ass down and waiting for its food, like of course, because again, ninety four percent of people were pushing. They don't want confrontation, but they all know that other people don't want confrontation and that's how they get off on this. So we start stepping in and being like no, that's not cool. You don't have to be put a finger in his face and. Allen to adore door, which aim like stop. What are you doing? You're not. Yeah. You don't have to be Karen about it because people even if they are pussy are going to want to like just like squash like a bug if you're like a if you're doing it like an Asshole, just. Fuck up though sit out over their. Also. Fish getting Coz. I do think if if we could just get more geese into people's hands and we can just squeeze them so that they. Right and Horny people just hog right is that, are we? People falling around people with the shame Tuba Walk. Trying to get her man, she wouldn't give me you know. Play all. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Stop it I. Just want a meal. I do think he's. Every restaurant should have like a goose and a Tuba Guide because that's where a lot of this like. That waitress loves me like Dana. Dana thanks every waitress bartender. person that was used as a picture on the menu like outmanned. Tolerant of water. Hole. Burger, I WANNA. Taste the DB, but at least. Keeps us to fucking like he's not GonNa talk to them. You Stu afraid amount of chance, so he's a yeah. That's better for him, but oil boy. Yeah, every waitress who have just alarms that like a waitress can push moms go off targeted at yeah, they'll never get harassed again. We'd have a geese blower. Player just. Like an assigned roaster. Yeah, like like. She pushed the him. He comes is who giving you trouble? Him in the blue shirt. Pack of teams. What's live like DC? Young Fla they just. They just come out and they just like kick. You want your food, no memorial. Andrea is also. One of them while you're while you're getting roasted sneaks up behind you twist off. The top of the saw reported the salt. All the comes out you. Know they got me. Pants me. You walk out with like a whip cream pie all over your face. This horny fucking pie face! I. Don't even know if it's Cliche, but it's kind of like. If you've ever been in a situation or scene for the most part, when bullies get stood up to they don't bully. That's that's. Like. Ninety five percent of now, some of them were still bully. The people that are trying to stop. You're not going to get that out of, but for the ninety five percent of the. US A little. We're not afraid of you. We get your ugly ass. And Khakis and they they fear Mike Hacking. Pockets. A good bit of people don't want the smoke. People will learn. Nothing. We talked about What porn probably teaches a lot of people learn nothing. From movies TV shows like the bully that finally gets up to always crumbles. Even I was thinking about on the car today. Even the best movies that paint tops in a good light. The rest of the precincts crooked era like murdering or like even the best ones that are like the most broke up. Propaganda are painting them in like a terrible light all always. But. Everyone else is wrong. What are we talking about? You think people get these ideas from. Even on the flipside when it's like I, but bullying and Jordan or whatever anytime? Somebody stood up to George. He stopped. Right. Steve Kerr affected them. Curse it up to. Like Bill Cartwright some of. He told me he was like. Yeah, I'M GONNA. Dunk on your Robert Appears in. No, you're not. He never talked. That's GONNA. Hurt me, yeah he. Like. Almost all other people stopped. Pass him the ball and bill cars eight. People to do that I'm GONNA. Break your legs Jordan. But that's just how this shit go Jordan eighty-five season. People aren't. People like you see people on twitter will want to mall. It very much pussy. And the only thing that stops him from being bullying, is it? We is a whole, even more pushing and they're banking on that. Being Pussy. They won't have anything to bully. SPEAK UP? They collectively, not individually speak up. That's if you got to be independent, you gotta be. There's nobody wants to be the first one right and some. I gotta work with to. Somebody, who was the first one? Yeah, yeah, yeah, now from. The first one. It. Might Be Standard for somebody legitimately doing wrong. This is go off. You just do like A. Look around the room and if you. Well you you can, you can read other people's fed up phases like not. Everyone's going to be like your helpful. Characters like shut the fuck. Come on, like not everyone's going to be that helpful, but you can see people being like. You said seeing a lot of Ireland because you might be wrong. Reading situation, right? You know what I mean so, but if you look around and everyone's like this guy stinks. Yes, say something. If. The thing is like on a I'm trying to be mindful without being nosy. Grab. Some people. No I met her when she worked at the state. We hit it off right so. If she's with it I. don't care I want my food. You're delaying that right now. Stop. Hollowed like if she would. Later yeah, she's Giggling I. Give it back like clearly there some that. She said that was his name. Six. Rush. But. Russia my food, yeah! With no standard Stanford Shit, I feel like you say anytime by people very bold movie theaters. When was very my lamp into? To. Well. It's not. Like it's all the online anonymous all that. and. That's how people thrive, so it's like a like a dashes, not cool. Like a there's like to literally. She decided on whatever you gotta say. It'd be like Hey I notice. You're doing this I. Know that it's not right. I'm going to say something. Do your part. I think the Internet as a whole. Would change for the better. If you couldn't be anonymous now. The obvious counter to that is facebook Cesspool I get that, but people's fucking names to it and we. Lose their constantly because of what they said on facebook. Like by. Name abbreviated name, but that's me. That's my name. That's my face. I've never hidden online, not once you. You just turn your camera on like last week. You relented as long as you possibly could. Was the only thing. You're like I'll be dead by Sunday. Doesn't matter yeah? But. You're also never being like an outright. Dick it, so you being in year? One of the people who use over? US anonymity at just because you didn't want to deal with other people. With that, but to many people have abused being anonymous. Make it's. Like some point like some burners, I get people. A man legitimately can I wanted I just wanted to tweet i. feel about what's going on in. My Company won't even allow that sucks, but I get it. But. It's a burner like. Oh No I actually. I, think I. I just don't want a name on what you account. Most people put our. Work. In the people to hate black people wear sheets over there they all. Go. The the amount of times I've been told. To kill myself that I'm piece of shit that fat. Asil South about my family, some about my father dying, it never comes from someone who put their name on ev. It's never been face to face. It's never been face to face. Like I'm not I'm not like. Come run up on me like I don't want that. Tell me about him. But I don't honestly respect that person whole whole lot more. If they're like I. Don't like you and that your father died I'd be like lots, strange thing to say to a stranger but I sure where he would. Not Order out. Why are you telling me that? Every time I see people in person. It's a it's the McMahon. To All right we'll if everyone signed that to me in person, most of these people are probably that logging on, and then like you dumb, dumb, dying that, and that's one of those things like listen I get it, but. If you're not gonNA, put your name on it. I I. I can't take any knock in now, and even if you do for the most part because people are terrible, I can't. Take any. Much of any stock in it. But yeah I'd say it again if you start stepping up. They'll start stepping back like that's just. If you've ever seen a movie. I've seen too so I think I know how old you step up to the nineteen eighties bully push him into the locker. He has an epiphany and then everything is growing. You're seeing the video. The dude who got his haircut. the other guy. I think it was super cuts. NHS like WHO's playing this n Word Music Nisei three times and again. By. Waited for his haircut to be done, then walked over. To the other guy. and was like I can't be saying stuff like that. And then the other guy got up and got in his face, and like the whole point thing unless you're just kick the shit out of him. But and there are people. No one like comes to stop it, but you just feel like stop. Stop like from off camera, and I'm just like no. Keep down. I adjust chance. Any. It's another one of these people that. A good thing of the people in your real life that you know know that could really whoops. Amass a lot of is not the ones doing the talking crazy. Rarely if ever, that's what I'm saying like. If they if they know, they gotTa know the Nice with the hands of the steel. Whatever it is, they're not the ones going into places. Talking crazy and all that. Shit? So in call these people you don't have to always be physical I won't promise you that it won't be physical direct but again. It's the things like if you. If you think your views man beating you up a man who had a woman feeling. He got Arab foot in one hundred pounds so. Again empathy. Empathy expired corona at the end of April believe so. I've I've been in? Very few fights! A The vast majority of which happened on basketball courts. In game the vast majority. Like all throughout college, who's always some drunk? Five foot eight guy. Being like I bet that. Times I've been told Big Tree Fall Tyler. fucking dimes something. Eight Minimum. None of those I've ever turned into a physical altercation. 'cause I've start making fun of that purse. Ruthlessly. Short guy always thinks that always. It roasting. If you can rose man for a good bit, you ain't gotTA fight Mac. You can get some right. Get everybody laughing at people. They going to be too ashamed if I hope. They don't want the attention on her ex I want to belittle someone else. I think it was. Malcolm. said he was working on a train and drunk white guy, trying to fight him, and he taught him. He was like we can fight but I'm not. I can't fight like you got. A jacket tie shirt all that I just got on my work clothes. So, he just kept saying into the guys stripped down to like damn near underwear, and then everybody was like pointing laughing at the guy. You rate by man. You'RE GONNA fight. You got on a shirt and I you know sort of got off the a Abell. Come on man. That's not fair took off the bill. The guy's standing owners under wearing. Over with Ming majority of these situation. Now you can for sure like if you high stepping in your roasting academic turn someone into like now I'm just GonNa hit you, so you've got to. Be Prepared de I'd I'd keep your hands up. I've been in that situation too many times. No one's ever openly taking a swing at me. To this day. I got something I'm calling for. But I'm just. Not. Fade. Knocking at my door. Like yeah I deserve. I guess I did it coming. That's smarts. Rose, game! Your confidence. Much like we can only beat all this stuff together is not going to be. It's GonNa. Be a lot of individuals working in Eunice. That's how it together, but the way we worked together as by each of us doing our park. Right in your community in your store when you see it when you read it when you whatever it do your part. Truly, Belot. Big Tree Fall. Get his ass and that's there's so many. In the fight fight in the dog like there's so many of these little guy, fucking sayings that. The last night you've been in the basketball related yes. It was. My fourth year mass. and. It was someone on the football team. Oh! This like they were. There were three cores at Umass like court. S-. I'm talking about the REC. Center for people who mass not funding any weird courts in other parts of campus, the real basketball with real hooper's played. There was the Middle Court. That's where like. The the intense pickup games happen like people could really who? Then, there was the Asian court. I'm sorry if that sounds bad. That's what it was. I was one of the John. waddled like listen there. Yeah! No, they'll play your plan, baugh. But they keep to themselves. It was never like no, you guys. That's where they like to play. and. Then there was kind of like A. Middle Middle Medium Court. JV Court Julie Yeah Yeah. So I I I'm six five. Whatever people think of my basketball skills. That's always got me on the. Court. And this is my fourth year there. So ever I knew everyone and it was a lot of it was typically like me and Ford dudes. Who who? Verse Five Football Players. And that five football players would rotate in and out. But there was one dude I'm sure you know this dude, not personally, but the guy I'm going to describe. Five, ten five eleven, D one cornerback. Who Jacks threes at a twenty percent clip? Twenty. And can dunk. Listen can fly. One of the most like a pit bull essentially. Pool that happens to play corner I didn't realize how athletic football players were into all played basketball NASA fat for sure and my tremendous defensively, not the most skilled on the offensive end. They think they are. Kobe yeah, yeah, no, they think. They can dribble. You know what I mean. They're fast as house like. Fun play against them, but. And one thing. It it doesn't. Drive all of these people crazy. But about one in. One in twelve will really fucking hate. That the fat white kid is better at basketball. You'd better athlete than me, but I know how to play basketball. ADS like listen. I'll just shoot over you do. You want from me like I'm sorry, very. Few none here this was this was about three years of rage that had just boiled over on his behalf I never had a problem with them, but he always like this. I like I have to be cerebral because I'm not that athletic, so I have to pay attention to. Play defense after Kinda Shit. and He loved. He thought it was so fucking slick. He loved Colin for a back door screen for an alley oop to start the game and I always blocked. Off Tyler always blocked. Quiz. Block I would just jump up. Knock it away. That, was it. Our Ball, we're. Infuriated him and for whatever reason this night there weren't. Like many other people trying to get on, so we played like a couple of games in a row. And there was just one game I wasn't saying anything I was just play. I was probably high. Playing. and. He just started like I had to do who I play with a lot on my team. Who was like talking for me which I didn't need? He was short to. As this little shit star like he was. Yeah Yeah you spike Lee. Yeah and I was just like I didn't tell him to shut up because I didn't think anything's going to happen like we were playing basketball. You know what I mean. and. He just starts going in with like the faggot fat. We don't say. No we don't, but that's what it was being said. Like a typical I was laughing and he was like. If you score if you try and score a gun at take your head off. I was like okay. Long. A long pass and me and him were the only ones. They're the past to me as I'm not fucking jumping for this cornerback. He's GonNa. Take my legs out. What I just did like the like. Shielded them off with one arm like caught it with the other. Try go up. I'd just Maldives I don't even call it. I'm just like sick dude. That was fun, but that like the physicality makes me angry above the chirps. And so I started going back at of now. With. What was I saying? He I knew he wasn't from. Boston and I was in Massachusetts that means something to a lot of people. So I was like I get it white. Good from the hood. You're not you, WANNA be a get it. was just like like pissing them off that I was saying anything. And I was like now I get it. Now is just saying like real. Hours to most people just he talks with. Most people would just just take it. Right, so we're winning and now I'm talking on top of it. And then it's game point and I. Get it under the Hoop up fake and. I'm the word I'm like a backpack at this point. But I finished. And I'm just like game. And I'm like we're on the other end of the Court and like the water fountains at the other ends, and between every game everyone was just goes over. There gets a SIP. Like gets ready for the next game or whatever and I'm walking all the way back like slow. You were thought I just want finals I'm like fuck off the court. You don't even play on the football team this that and the third. And I think like he's down there like sulking. And all of a sudden i. just feel something. Hit the back of my head. And I thought it was the ball. because. It didn't feel like anything other than like I've had a ball hit me head before not. Like I was just like Oh. That was the ball. Fake feeling for the most what I turned around expecting to see him like I might like half court I'm expecting to see him very far away. He was not. In my shirt. And I was like Oh. He punched me. And as I'm like collecting myself, because it all happened very quickly and I'm like. Yeah as I'm collecting myself. Another member of the football team tackles me so now it's two on one. Two D. and shot up to the other guy who tackled me. He really just only tackled me and held me. He could have gotten hits into I. appreciate that he didn't. Even to protect this man for sure and I'm not saying like Oh, I was gonNA. Knock him out. Of course not this is the. Defensive Football Player and Glasgow. At best, I was going to hold them, and we're both going to end up on the ground. It would get broken up. Several seconds. Right there have been some some tussling. Panchen because when he got the One Punch in and I turned around I think he expected it was gonNA. Knock me out. Who usually works on the whites right, but I've got a really thick head like a homer. Simpson leg. Can't. One. Good! You just can't one punch May to the back of the head. And I turn around and he is again right here right here. And I'm like I, Jeeze! And he just starts like you know how someone can't fight. Here. So he's throwing punches here. That are they're coming in like this is forearms hidden, not fist. Sustain this all. That's when the tackle. On his four. That's when the tackle happens, and it's a lot to process What's happening at this point in? But I remember because there had been a point where he wasn't hoping that he had broken one of his feet. I don't know which one but I'm like while I'm down here while I. He's just punching me in the. One of two like. In so I grabbed one and I just twist it. Hoping that was the one kid. I was listening I wasn't much another football player. I Talk I think the other was a linebacker. You WanNa. Fair fight a go to go to MGM Grand. Yeah! Listen I'm already on the ground. I. I'm not about to be fighting fair. I twist a foot. I still don't know if I got the right one, but I know. Everything stopped I know they they. They scan adult. And I'm sitting there. And like my adrenaline starting to lower. And I look and everyone else who is just playing as a standing in a line. Like the free throw line I like thanks, thanks Fellas I got it. Back of me up. They can talk talking shit nowhere to. Nowhere to be found, and that's scrap avenue. So I. Get up! I'm like. Nothing like hurts like you got the one Panchen. All the rest of the punches didn't really connect so I get up against some water. I play another game like they left so like it's a very awkward Jim. Warren like people aren't like defending me that tight Mike. This isn't even fun. Ago I've got some homework to do man. In the middle of this game though I jump up to get a rebound and when I land I like hot, someone's like head under my kid. Just like you fucking like what is this day I'm having? That Kim was like. I'm sorry I'm sorry. I'm sorry and I was like I. Trust me, just check the fucking ball. So I play that game I leave and I don't remember. I got back to my room and I was just like. Just so amped up. This fucking like getting too old and I can't be. The defense mass, but they're still d one football players. And the next time the next time I went to the gym. Like we just want again, we were coming on. We had four, so we were just going to pick up. Someone who lost his team lost. And again the ship talking from my team. We're playing again Donald. Now he? The the guy was like. He didn't see me yet. The only side him and he was like Yo. How many y'all got four? You WanNA come. He was like yeah, and then he saw me and he was like Nah. I'll get the next one. And I was just like. Hey, there's more football players here now like it was a full gym again. There's more of you guys now like now's the time to jump me. This would be great. You'll time like the present. And we can also, you can come play like I like I don't like you, but if you WANNA play like I know I'm good enough to carry your wack us. And then. So! He doesn't and a lot of the football. Players knew what happens so when they saw that there were laughing and I just kind of looked at them. And a few years later, I saw him at a House party. And again I'm not tough like I WANNA keep reiterating that point. But he saw me at a House party. Came Up. He gave me like a big hug. US like us like hoping I forgot. We cool I was like yeah. Man I'm not. Six years ago right? Like it was a bad day for both of us for share. One or three sixty five man. I can't like a lifelong grudge over a basketball. I've gotten so many basketball like fights at Aau College just playing pickup and random parts of of the east coast like it happens part of the game I it. It is what it is and I. Talk a lot of Shit, so like I I'm ready for it, but that one was so yeah, that was. Twenty eleven. Nobody fight no more. Big Cat tried to get us into a fight. I'm listening he. We were getting. steamrolled by some team and they had like a big dude bigger than me. And big cat like fouled him hard which I have no problem with, but after he filed them hardy was like shut the fuck up pussy, and I was like Oh boy, Dan what. Do! Call me. I was like I like I'll I'll help you off you, but I'm not like jumping in front of you. It's like what are we doing? Those was funny fucking big cat. Nobody fighting fighting no more man. That's for team is for teenagers is teams for the Internet. Man Only fights I see. And? To either one. No No, I don't want to deal with that shit. At all. All. The last even close. Fight I got to was at a strip club. Iran's follies here in Atlanta. And it wasn't like I was going. Establish conversation with an employee of the establishment. And, so I was going to get a drink to the bar and it was a guy. was just like Clint clearly drunk white won't move out of the way just every. Way, Guy? And he was very tiny. So as I'm walking. He won't like I do the. You you try to go right. You try to go left like I'm like you're. You're having a good. I'm just trying to. I don't care. But it's one of those go right. He goes right and so I just like grabbed his shoulder in physics from out of the way. I got booze. The consumer debt like. Somebody's waiting on me at the table. You understand this is time sensitive mission. and. He turns like Amen Putting your mother fucking hands on me. He goes to do the finger and. like I just blocked hand Bruce Lee's. So when he tried to get closer and again. He's just very small. And so I just stopped his. He just like he's like come man like. It was like three or four. His dudes run up I'm like. I got one due in the corner, but I mean if it's going to be this right now. It's going to have to be this right now, but his dudes run up a man he dropped. Don't worry by hand right? Thank God! Yeah is one. Don't even worry about him and shit. You not. I'd get my drink. Go back, not ten minutes later. This guy gets thrown at the club for pulling dig up. I? And make this. And saw right to push him away. Because it was like even then in any scituate, if you've ever been to any situation like a club or public, not like this. It's not done to like we both leave right because. You might be waiting on me. It happens so it's like okay, but then once I saw that. Again as Dick Out, and they was now they again. Small guys security just. Picked him up, and his crew was added I was like well. Looks like I'm GonNa have a good time. Buchan to wait winner weekends ago, someone. Tried to. Get in Mariah's phase like as we were walking to get to like the VIP section. And she just kept walking judicial like didn't even fully realize it, but I was behind, so I saw the whole thing as I walked by I, just took my arm and just pin them up against the wall. Like. A quick motion! And I just gave him like a no, no and kept walking in that. Whole One hundred percent a lot of times this all this because again like guys home where it's like listen. We're all here to have a good time brightly. Nobody wants to do this. I just want to greet you WANNA to that friend by the way at one hundred per. You don't always have to encourage a stupid fight. If you see your, do or your your homegirl, your friend, whatever? Is Like Nah listen? They had too much to drink little. We're GONNA. Go over here y'all Govan like we're good. We're good. We can dead this right now. And they be able to like swallow a bit of pride like I know in that moment you can feel jacked up like Nah this vengeance. Solving this. If he wants to fight. I was like I'll mop this. This is the tiniest man. You, we will move all. Like slit, and it wasn't even like that's why push listen man. You were in the way like. You in your push? Up? Like, walking down the street. Its Most York thing, but people don't pay attention. And so I'M A. Like I'll just put my hand, you run into me. I just for my Hannah that's just my go-to. and. This is people. Take it different ways What you walk. Just, walk through those fees. I. Yeah and I was like boy oh boy, who was I walking with? Spider Earth somebody somebody smaller than me and they're like man. I would love to do this. Just. Like I'm not even gig right. I was like I'm average is with at the same time. If you bigger smaller. If you walk into my way, you're not just going to. Let you walk through me right Collab- regardless so I'm all right. I'm going to get the first contact. I don't know it was someone's life man. That'd be sick. You've never got to do that in your life. And now it's tough. I see why these angry understand. Honest. I felt I felt half bad once because it was like. I don't know what happened like this man's hope, brain like glitched like he was doing like full steps back and forth like he just didn't know which way he was. Like, he didn't. He didn't gain any ground anyway like he just kept going back and forth in the same spot. Through! I'm going, so I've probably been there. But the seem like a guy who like like walked this route every day and I. Just I just walked right through him. I was like look man. I guess which way to walk around you because of the fucking running man. You're doing it in place like I'm sorry you'll do. Yeah, it's fucking. It I'd say I've been in Aqaba avoided more fights by like standard and getting out that Mr stand up, but like just by saying something. Somebody voted more than I've been A. That's just how it is. because. Nobody really wants to fight man this the great Lonzo Ball, nobody in the nobody really wants to fight stroke. And there's A. There's a we're. We're air by trying to have a good time. Everybody probably paid to get in paid part. We got a couple of drinks in his. We like with somebody or talk to somebody. You. WanNa fight me I come home. You don't WanNa fight you WANNA know me. You want to do something that will like worst case scenario have. For the rest of your life. Versus being like a man. Stepped on my shoot like it is what it is. It's super easy. If you can I think in a lot of these fights. During the build up this in people's minds, a point of no return where it's like I'm in fight mode. Only a fight can happen now. And you. That's where being a good friend and step in and being like. Let's just go over here. Let's go outside and smoke. Let's do this. Let's do there you're going to. Some people also like especially up here. Some people just like fights out. Listen everywhere that. Is Toxic Masculinity man. If we don't like being called names fever the name he called you, he called because he knows that usually is a response at people, right? He's like that usually gets people. WanNa. Fight me. So again, if you. I was no angel like I was saying some stuff to on the inward. Horrid court. Of course, not kidding me. Team showed up. I would have been there nobody. Randy Moss I got in to stumps on his chest. It was probably close to when you knew makes definitely went on a rant about that long been deleted. All of my tweets have been deleted prior to US announcing the Terry acquisition, but. Recall yeah that was. When I got home I Came into. That really just happened. Stuff happened so quickly. Like as he was getting thrown out, that's when I was like Nah. I'm ready to fight him now. He's gone now, but I'm I'm on ten so again as quick as it can come as quick as they can go man. If you are there gap, you can be that guy to your friends. To step in and be a man. He, he drunk. We, trying to have a good time y'all trying to a good time. It ain't gotta be. Like, it ain't even know like swollen prize. It's just like listen. Let's both just continue doing what we were here to do. Yeah, simple implying. Especially when it comes to strangers like you really don't know that person. You don't know what they're about what they've gotten the car. Yeah listen I could have been one of those. I used to tweet better laws I say somebody five eight, hundred thirty two pounds on your shoe. You ready to fight, but he MMA fight right. It's Floyd Mayweather right? He gives me one jam and I my ribs of burning. Well, that was the Devante Davis. Is that his name? When he was like carrying that girl out of NBA game or some Shit. It was like a priest and use some. yeah. A lot of people like what would you like me to do in that situation? And I get it one on one not much. You can do a lot of people speaking of at once more, you can do it. That's that because he he does that because he's like. Yeah, I wanted to wedding could take, and because of the nobody here will step to. But if it's like, listen you. That's not cool. The whole. Okay, because again. Is it scared as you are magic? How scared she's! A professional by any man at all, but officer has her by her neck necker hair, whatever leading around the arena so again it's on us. Step up eight. That's not cool, not whatever y'all got a disagreement. A disagreement yongle handle it this way though. And a punctured a hole, three or chest, and then we all. Together? Just us on. We, all to take this like this. Oh. Listen if you don't. The as we're going to be given for share thousand percent if he take her out he to give it to her and if you don't give it to her then a later. So. Doesn't. He came all six thousand office even with about. Three thousand. A tyrod eventually. It, sounds like people need to combat cool. Their jets tyler yeah. I feel like US little. Delta eight from our POWs over at three. Month retreat before real quick, tell me more. Delta aid is a federally legal version of THC and a perfect substitute for anyone using Delta nine. Who want the same great feelings without the negative side effects? Guilty Delta Eight will have you feeling amazing yet. Be Functional and clearheaded instead of Lazy and paranoid. Three Cheese Delta aid is the purest and most potent in the world, and is used and recommended by doctors around this great country of ours. Three CI isn't just the best in the Delta eight industry. They invented the industry. That's right. 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Like the jets are is a meal. Now's like. Other what could it be? Squad searches like. trae. Could have seen this coming. And it was multiple people. It like well listen. He said he was mad. As the jets asked our godfather offer, he hasn't contributed to winning. What's the problem with writing for a couple of picks? I get if you want to trade him for picks I get it you. Pam I get it. But if you offer him up and then he feels unwanted. That's valid right. That's right, even if you're saying, I want first round picks. You GotTa know how that's going to be taken in. This guy's here, yeah! Nationally him specifically. especially him specifically, but also a guy who. Not yet twenty five, but this May to all pro teams, but he's like listen. I'm doing literally everything I. Get this team to be these. Them. Losing is not on him now, so I've seen. World. He wants eighteen to twenty million a year. You don't FDA s a okay, give it. A yes J. Moseley off all linebacker in Libyan bell running back at retired for a year. So, I do know to the credit of some jets fans. Since, he was picked. That thought it was a bad pick. And they're not like the biggest fan of his play that I. don't agree with as much I think he's really good at football. What are you GonNa? Six I think six it was it wasn't lower than six. No, for sure, not so I I can understand being critical of your GM. If you think that's too high for a safety I, personally don't I feel like we've seen too many safeties that have been able to transform defenses. Like be leaders on that side of the ball. As so have you been getting? One of those guys and it looks like Jamal Adams most certainly one of those guys. Guys don't exist right, so I didn't eight pick. I don't much care for him. Being in our division so pumped that he wants to get out of there especially as I know, the jets really aren't great with using picks, so yes, they're only getting fixed back. Be My guess. And that's the. Again I get if you don't as I. Okay, he's played as well as he play these past two years. All pros whatever it's time to pay still hasn't translated into win. Win To try something different I get. Right I wouldn't argue that. But to say that he's in the wrong willison. Listen. Maybe we offered them up, but he has no right to. Be typed away about it, yeah! Trade, but he can't seek a trade. There is no place for that. And also again, if you. If you trust the jets again with these draft or this cap space. I? Don't tell you man yeah. Yeah again I don't. It was like the Hopkins? Houston okay to trade him. You don't want to extend them. You don't want to deal with them whatever? Okay I disagree, but I get. You have to give value for. They didn't get back. Running back and pick a US on a wide receiver, right? They won the trade. You trade like I feel like Tunsil Jalen Ramsey. The price feels like two first round picks now at a minimum. But. Boy Oh you know you're a good team. Like when I give up the twenty four th and twenty six th consecutive drafts, but Jamal Adams. Yeah, yeah, probably would yeah. I get like is now. You have to pay them, but. I think as a force. Looking at like they're paying. Cj Mosel, again is good. But an all all linebacker again levy on bill. who was good I don't. He didn't have a good junior I'd. I can't put that on him. I bet all now the whole I can't. In good faith! Put that on him. By Jamison. crowder Jordan Fan these little guys they're paying. So, it's like okay. You want to pay twenty million for those guys, but you're paying at forty million for those four guys who none of them are good mind. You'RE GONNA. Use It these picks to take someone who's not as good as Jamal Adams, and if is. You're going to get him pissing trade him. So that's the part I don't get people consistently going up for teams that. Have given them no reason to defend them. And this is another reason. Why haven't completely been shaken? As a patriots fan? These are still the teams. We have to be to get to the playoffs. Until they change it to like no. We take the best sex records I don't care. If you win your division by eight games like until that happens like we have to win this division. The dolphins make me worried. Because I think they got flora's and I. Think is a really good coach. The bills I. I. Think McDermott's a good coach. They got. They got a lot of talented team. Yeah, I think their defense is legit. I! I still don't fully believe in the quarterback. Need took strides last year for sure but. He could certainly pass and lose a game that way. Maybe and we still have the greatest coach of all time in a top five defense, so it's hard for me to be like we're fucked. It's seven teams which jm items would welcome a trade raves. Ravens. Texans chiefs equals forty niners. Seal so. The good franchises we want to play four for one and the cowboys and the cowboys at ugly mic. It's really. And the. Tech Right. So both yeah neither. Neither recently, well run. You're telling me if I'm the chiefs I could've traded. Clyde Edwards Hilar- and whatever my next pick is going to be. My purse for Jamal Adam. Are they might not be able to afford that. Why not? Doesn't exist. They would've figured it out some. Smart teams always do in the teams. Always don't write. Some looking. It's one of those Oh. Boy. Oh boy! If the Ravens, the Ravens are close right. They got collegue. Campbell for a song another year Lamar another. You're all these guys. They're like listen. To I, we're trying to win a super bowl this year. Again Chiefs Eagle Four basically in these two of the manager of the forty niners got him terrify, but they just got extra first round for buckner. Here's our twenty nineteen draft or assuming twenty twenty draft for Jamal Adams. We, know can rush the passer. Play Cup like? It's just nice, and it's like. Yeah, now. We'll. Know I'll trade for that and pay him. Anti Ella, the jets look at the jets got twenty seven th pick in the twenty four, th picking two drafts GonNa. Blow both of them, but look at the value time. So I. I think what probably happened. Most likely is like Jarret Stidham a couple of his workouts leaks Jamal. Adams saw those needs. Just tuck in his run for the hills. Listen either way. You got a family. FEED ME A. Part of a Ham. No. It's like. And I wrote it. I was like you. You never hear about this stuff from. Warriors of Patriots fans like none of those like Whoa I mean the salary I'm trying to think what the actual arguments I heard. Today is like listen. Every team gets the same. Hey Role! As my listen. I've been a browns fan for ten years, everybody. The same salary cap right you the same payroll and again. If you're using the salary cap, you have on players that aren't helping you win. That if it's like Lebanon in J. Moser Making fifteen million apiece next year because I can't pay Adams twenty. What because you're fucked up those first two? Yeah, that's why you can't pay the best of those three. Right, yeah, if you didn't pay Bell You could even keep Moseley. or One of those. Birth like yeah, now people automatically take the team side and I was like the ones that would defend their team. Usually don't have much defend. Like the warriors fans. They're not like Oh. My God, these guys get it. We had a bad year. We'll be back it is. Trust their, organization. Just man. They're trying to get more pigs because that means more hope, which means more picks. That won't be good Jamal Williams. By and if Quinton Williams gets as good as Jamal Williams is going to happen again and what two three years when it's time to pay him so. It. Is just bad teams just. Consistently show why they're bay. I feel like Morrisseau football than anywhere else. Because, I was like I, was team a somebody with patients on Libyan building the just wait, not them. No, they're back. The Colts! You're on the colts. Playoff team they can add. On because McCaffrey got a this year. More than running back, he gets past like I, said there for live on now, and it was never mind. So yeah I'm looking at. Right, now top three JAP numbers are C. J. Moseley. Who is good? Levian bail who I think is good, had a bad year A. Bounce that Probo year. Would anybody be surprised? NO! In Jamison crowder third, who again a fine player, but those are your top three catches. You tell them you can't pay. That'd layer. Tradeoff pros I think you can say arguably one of the best safety in the game. Definitely. Will you don't pay a safety twenty million. No, you don't pay bad players twenty million dollars right. Or running missile. I I know. Set It on show before so I know people are just GonNa hit thirty second forward, but. There's a reason the Patriots don't pay these high contracts, and they don't have many low contracts, but they have the most medium like middle of the road contracts in the league. We'll give a receiver five mil as opposed to fifteen as opposed to rookie contract like we'll give. People that middle of the road money. Regardless of where they're at in their career, a lot of the times it can be. Someone on the tail. End is trying to get a ring. Sometimes, it's someone who's overlooked for various reasons. It clearly. That works. And again that it's okay if this organization has given me something to defend. Right I will defend them if somebody is like. How do you quit a team? So I went into effect with the Bengals I was like it was. One you have to decide a breaking point mine. Was the steelers lost after they lost. That game is like it's not. It's. This don't happen to good team. It's GonNa Happen to anybody. As a yet to get, you have to pick a date to get out. If you talk yourself into the draft you'll be. You'll be like all seventy guys might be hall of famers. Every the guy, slipped. To two hundred and forty seven. If he can earn out a couple wrinkles. I think. He's Dion Sanders. Free Agency. As a year to decide, is this worth defending? The bingles work defending now. If. You've got a team like okay like. I-. Packers fans. Pakistan's mad about Jordan Love I. Get it because for the most part. They've given you a good product that you can root for. So even then now it's like okay. If you can trust the franchise, entrust the franchise you might not agree with. The franchise's, but it was like the jets there now we should just get those premium picked. You don't pay him that. And just let them start the cycle over with much worse players like. That's how you make this team. Better getting premium picks for. Premium picks everyone knows. Yeah maybe you get a guy like Jamal Adams? Thirty two every year. New York jets. You can put them in ten. Also like there's a lot of that. It's like a safety is replaceable. I don't know if I. I guess I haven't seen the proof of that yet like I. Get running back. I get even some linebacker right like Moseley's good I wouldn't pay them net my like leap this by highest. Team money. Like safety's. Everybody pass him before thousand five thousand yards, so if I've got safety, they can cover a little bit. Tackling space can rest the passer. recipes cover over the middle. I'll pay that guy. Am I can't pay all four five of my secondary like that. A A star or high? Okay, we a an Earl Thomas Adams A. Honey Badger type Agai-. We'll build our secondary around because we can play to his strengths. But now we'll just get the to pigs. I was like well. The Jaguars got two picks. Ramsey and they're probably. GonNa blow both these picks like. They got valuable for what. The Patriots consistently. The secondaries of change, defensive line changes are always linebackers. Get injured a lot, so they change a lot. The only constant I can think of the last decade is Devin, mccourty. As you the best. Safety in the League note, he's one of them is not top. Seven on given year can be higher. I don't think he's ever been lower than seven, but yeah, he's consistent and ballot check. It was I. Remember when? His I like time to get paid came up. People like they're not gonNA. Pay Him, and he would have gotten more hit the oak market rebel check gave him more money than a lot of people thought they would. He was like. Why would I wanNA fuck with this position? I know that guy's GonNa be in the right position everyday every. Fuck with that why? Like, I get more. Like like the Khalil. Max like the elite pass rusher. You're paying form. They don't influence the defense. You can cobble together. Pass Rush. As I okay, I can see that side, but if so then I put even more money on my back end, right. I'm like okay if I'm the jets. Like I'm I think winning Williams. who had love going into the draft? I I can't I. Don't know what he did much this year, but I felt he was going to be a star went into it. Like I got him a couple of average guys. You're paid Moseley in the middle, so yeah I want something on the back in. Yeah not. Now the jets. So I'm looking forward to them trading him like this'll be. The Ravens will get him for like a first next year in the second the following year. And bill boy now they paid them with the. The money that they got from the fifth year Lamont. Like one of those teams who actually uses the fifth year, right? Instead of being like no, we had to get a fifth year of terrible quarterback. We've got five years. The thing about it. There's never been week safety play in. New England Belgium whole time here. He inherited Malloy. And then he went right to Rodney Harrison. Went right into Devon mcchord. You're almost like it's important, so it's one of those super important. I get. It. Back to the NBA we'll listen. You can't pay. Thirty eight million dollars for Chris Paul. It's like, but you're. You're paying nineteen million for Yon Miami by. Why can't I? I would pay twice as much for a good player. So yes, so. I don't know it's just another volume. Nine hundred sixty two was like this can't be hard. Damore Adams's. Like a it sounds like he wants to be a leader there. But he wants loudly it, but he's like I. Consider Myself that guy. They wouldn't trade I remember he's. He's like they wouldn't offer Tom Brady in these guys, so he thinks of himself as that guy, right or wrong. He wants to be that guy for you right? So, it's like. Not, get of here we Have much cheaper much worse. Joe, much younger players. Meanwhile, boy! Why did we let the chiefs can put? Why they didn't even have to give up like want the one hale. Frank Oh my. Why did we let them get a defense? I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait. Gets better practicing against that secondary every. We were just going to say like a first round running back, and like our our forth receiver next year in the first round. What do you say we turn into an auto safety? We can at any given time it's. Way What they have both safeties lineup on the line of scrimmage. WHAT THE HELL! Why are they doing this? Oh, no, they've sacked us and stripped the ball and ran out of the way. Defense. Let's let's cut cost there. A pass heavy league. The guys are inlets. The Guy who sees everything. Well. The quarterback of your defense I couldn't positive important. Man Oh man I've got. I don't get it on. Get the safety hate. I get. You ever want to Gilmore for sure I get that you WANNA lockdown corner. I think both are important I'll say all right. Look. Our worst years were when we had no corners. Not We still have mccourty. Had A corner. We've had safeties, but our corners were suspect them. Belgium's like fuck this. I'm getting Hillary. I don't care how I do it. I'm getting Durell Rivas and we're GONNA win the Super Bowl that's it. It's it's like I. Feel like anybody that saying like well. No, you don't need Lee Pass. It's like you're defeating the point of what a good coaches! Because a good coach, okay, listen I have a good pass. Rush I'll utilize it. I don't have a good pass rush. I need a stronger secondary. Like a good coach adjust instead of just being like now. Listen yet. You gotta spend your money here. That's just what we do. But they're not a lot of good coaches another hot take. Now I a coaches. GM's scouts. Speaking of Salute to the Pistons for not choosing me for their GM jar. I didn't think he'd WANNA. Talk about it's wide and bring it up. I try to be open if nothing else Troy Weaver. We should have been a lot, but. Jim have slaughter baby on your pocket. You ever been to. Detroit. You had a little CAESARS. Troy Now. Motel. So. Listen Kendrick Perkins Love the higher so I I'm to Detroit I need I. Like Andrew Birkin's better when he was just like mean mugging and not speaking. Boy You doing the opposite now. Driven and talking to lie it's. Always love perk. It's going to be hard. I don't know what he's going to say. That's GONNA. Make me fully turn on them. But Man. Oh, man! He's trying China's best news dryness damndest. It'd be like me painting Ricky Davis such a foreign thought to me. That doesn't even make sense Perkins fucking. Davis gifts and dumb shit like this. Like when he first started this. He would do like crazy, hot take, but then like. Pretty solid take like he would be wouldn't go back and forth. I was like he wasn't always this extreme. That's how. He. Get to this point by being like somewhat measured right? And Yeah that flew out the window sometime recently I don't. Know what happened? Idiot. Here's the BRA Iq of a bird users. I don't know why it happened. I. Don't much care for it happening, but yet he. If he. Said give Cairo birdied fly backwards like great line. If that's all you said over these last months, everyone would have loved that. Oh. That's funny, yeah. But. No call him a Ho. Up firmly believe Kyrie, plan stuff to see where league is me. Are Firmly, but at this point. He's. He put something in that group chat. It was like it leaked. Meet again if y'all knew what he was saying that group chat why you're not in a group chat man Kamov now. Sherizen was like. Each. See what a leak is and. Listen We've got the NBA Bat. They get to have their own barbers and they get to play cards and burn the car with every single game. Had have a DJ so it'll be a lot of fun. I think it'd be lot of fun hey. It's mostly fun will be had. I will the thing I really am looking forward to seeing. Is what super teams come editors. Who took a point? Because I wrote. I can't remember what the blog was about, but anytime guys get together. That aren't normally together. That's where these all star Games Olympic Games whatever. That's where they super teams come from, so it's GonNa. Be Like Oh. Boy, these eighteen when a hotel well we saw. jaanus Devon Booker and a Pasco. Siachen having lunch a lot like what does that mean Solo. I'm looking forward to. That's about it everything else. I'm not looking forward to I was GONNA say well. We won't even know those ramifications for some time. Yeah but I'm. Like. You consistently seen. My I need to see. The last Olympics was like ninety six were something didn't come out of it or two thousand I mean. Some of these guys didn't eventually play with each other like, and as of recently after like. That's just how this starts. Twenty, twelve, twenty, sixteen, all star. These guys are together and they're going to be like you know. We should play together and not even like booker, Russell. They just bypass that I was like no. We're GONNA play together one day. Now you put these guys in a hotel on the same campus. Come on Wow James Harden jaanus smooth at their differences. We didn't expect to see that. Or if like those their families got close, is there board sal? You know what I mean might not even be as direct as players like his wife and his wife is A. Ducks to water, they never been a more easy pairing. So I. Boil boy y'all have. y'All really RPI showed the put the blocks in the Lakers in the same hotel canal. Lebron Rich Paul Been. Having, Breakfast with John is every morning so. I don't know that's the only thing I'm looking forward to not the actual basketball now look forward to that. Wilson Chandler, said ex players turning into soccer. Right before your eyes on television. Divide and conquer tactics have no time high. Calorie tweeted both of those. And then also re tweeted a video. Dr Guru. twenty-three tweeted at Kendrick Bargains Kevin Durant. A this. Is GonNa say this is where good twitter Kevin Durant. Yes let's hear. From his own account very rarefied. It's all good perk real. NBA Fans now you of the most lethal who? Was Bill Brown, but that does sound like durant lethal Hubert. Who Laid? Back as we hear. Jimbo. Everybody knows from PG county. The sniper. That was easy money. We're like wait a minute. I have a government contract would. Start getting really crystal clear surveillance of Kendrick bargains from his house where like Bergen Evanston lunch with his wife. Like Salad. But it is a video again. This leads me more to believe is still Kevin Durant because it's? An Arab, all, he Kevin Durant catches of Kendrick Perkins shooting from way too far away from the hoop, four feet away. No this is at least twelve. A way too far that started about four five. He stepped into a confidently. Didn't even at the net. And Yeah Katie retweeted that. No problem we call them out. Call him out on Instagram to a camera when he said sellout sellout. Off. Again it's. It's bizarre because again, person. I don't feel like he always used to talk like this. About players that like that feels bill. If you came in talking like this by okay, this is nothing new from him. But. That's why feels like people are knows in his like would what the hell is up man. You keep going players usually once you've played with. and. Oh, boy house. Number one Kendrick Perkins Slander Rebecca today. When people used to tell me like listen, he has an impact that the numbers can't measure. Like I? Don't disagree with that, but if it's such an impact, why can any number measure none other but? Not One of numbers Yoga. As particularly weird, too, because it would be his teammates being like no, we want perk out there and now he's like those guys fucking. It was always like you know. He was there for two way house like there were times. He gave away Howard trouble all those times. Our gave him work. So it was really good, but if you were to take any center from that era to try and stop him, it would have been. The thing. It's like okay. I see why they were okay. Listen, we've got shack. herkus expendable. Because it's not like he's shutting Ben. I listened it was the wrong move share was. Israel Move Oklahoma City. That's why. On on dirt on any man's name which Roy. We've ruse in Oklahoma City around that time. Now. So Hey Detroit you with the I heard them has side in their performing every home game forty one home games. Solder performing the national, anthem. Not a dry in the house. Not Mine. I got two hours. But now listen tour, we. Aren't. There I guess head GM as another. He was Kobe's agent. He's one of those agent guys that went to front office so. One of those yet. It works when you do that in lost rob. Pelinka can do it because he went to the Lakers. Owner if you. Had that juice in Detroit, we'll see. But. Not Tom. Gores didn't WANNA WANNA hit whiskers line. It is what it is. That's loss. I'm an adult. That's has loss. City of Detroit's loss. The people were hype from me. People hype for us. Do you. Do you think perhaps. The city of Detroit got together and they're like listen. We'd love to bring him to the Pistons. But this is a lions town. When it's all said and done we need. We need him in the lion's share. I, mean again then I'm mutually exclusive. Man Can do both. I feel like neither of these jobs are hard. Made them who have been doing them. Have made. Long my first act. I was like we're paying Christian. Would whatever it takes, you can't afford to lose him. To. Silence throwing up the jump ball like Vince legal. He saw at the gym bought every single game. Yeah, Hey, he just. In three we win championships those are the three steps is instead they would. People I want to dispel these rumors. They were saying you know Troy Weaver Twu truly whiskers like you know a a pin name of some sort now I'd like to officially disassociate myself in that while Ano- involvement with the Pistons. Now there's also a a Pistons G.. League player named Tom Weathers. Yes todd. Yes, Tom. Weathers is what the writer! Tom! AP writer you! It is very. A T withers. AP I Wou I didn't read it. Certainly serious journalism, the just says journalists in the hat. Fold my hands. Oh, yeah, no, no, there'd be no pin names again Roy. Weaver well. Is a black. I'm happy to see a black man in a gym I. Bet you don't. Which had said that? Yeah listen. I hope he does well. We could have worked together. Listen! I'm glad you brought up your boy because you're speaking very highly of a great verse that involves Mark Wahlberg just today. Must Win. On. Shit. Tamaki Mark Wave, a snitch departed. Wasn't again, not mutually exclusive. And to beat the pushed me up like Emmett till. The end of. The into the discussion, yeah! Evidence. Tyler's listening right now. He don't have put their part in. please. No. It was a group. Verse it. Shows, the greatness withstood the market. But again little wayne is also like police literally saved his life after he got shot every shot himself, so I I get hit. Stance on is a blue lives guy. is still smoke there verse man both can meet your if sure that. That was it was. Funny to hear people ask you thought one. So what are you? What are you talking about? But be that was that was drake's. Like I hate. I don't count. The ship before that. This is I. Is, I I'm here, right? But like him wrapping on that is what made me be like oh? This guy is actually here because it's not like he lost, but he didn't get. embarrassed. Like cut that verse off I. Only want to hear Wayne's, which was happening a lot back then like? Get a Wayne version of the song. But I don't know this dude. He's here. He's on the team I sure. Like I said this. The night we'll squad one hundred. The Point Gore had twenty six. That was draped. Wayne was wilt Chamberlain whose four hundred point. He said he take probation man. He don't want the TI VIC vacation I sure didn't. GonNa make a donation at the bank which is nice of him. A big one. Suck his wings. On his money and do what? To, I couldn't believe. That whole tape was me just not believing as one. I can't believe this guy got Wayne on his tape. To I can't believe how Nice Wayne is. Like that I've always like three tracks. Dead successful in uptown up to hear I think if not one more. Successful is the one like literally I had. On the songs over what a Great Song! In Wayne, just jumped like laid. Man Does Oh yeah like I got sixteen. and. Shout Mola models like it was like. A guest appearance on the Sitcom Show, but you just don't expect it. Will Smith just the mailman? Just like Oh my God. And Yeah one like on those threes Wayne's bringing this kind of heat to this guy this guy right. He he wouldn't be giving this to anybody, not three verses of weight. One to anybody literally anybody which. Is A remix are intro next week? I gotTa Wayne version. It was higher, but I I ask nicely. When when do you think the first time drake got Wayne on a track was because I think I have an answer. First, time. What are you get? I'm thinking. McMahon's got nothing now. Probably before that, but I can't before that, I'm trying to think of what was before like for him to even get three Wayne version. It's him at that point, but that's what I'm saying, so what was? What the first one was jump on with three. You test you dipoto in the waters. He got miley Cyrus Song to do. I think the first time he got him like. Beat them on the track. Obviously, was My something's. Physically. Now. Get like me. remix on dedication four three. Three year. Yeah I think that was the first because that was. That was big time auto tune lane. Was He was having fun on their. Drake added. Drake was like no, no, no! I'm. Wondering it's like. I can't say drink never gone like well if you look at the lifetime series. Team the two. It's like Celtics Lakers before the eighties. MCI Oborne. Media Dot Com medium dot com excuse me has ranked every dragon wing Calera. Man of the year oh seven. Stanton from dedication three. With you is fifteen on here. That's way too low. Name with you is fire. Family feud from dedication six should not be above with you. Gonorrhea from the same amish above with you. pastas name for a summer. Yeah, unstoppable was also so far gone. which is another Wayne is the first another song ruined by a little Wayne's tune obsession. It's too bad now and stop bushfire. She will encarta four with fire. Used to number. Ten S to low was weighing smoke dishes. Grinder from the Carter five ignition is seven, which feels low. That's way too low ransom. From a weight, not even on a project, but just. And just ransom! Successful six. Believe me as five is ransom, someone low and literally just as the whole alphabet. Ten Ransom I'm trying to. I was like a lot of these annot of heard all these songs, but some of the it's one of those three different mix tapes that have three different titles for like the. So This is alway yet didn't even say it's this project. Not Applicable I give a shirt is elusive lucy. Probably six successful too low by believe me from the Cardiff. For right above, it. Which again baller lover for ballers, but Better you. Is, and I think and I love right above. It's not better than with you. Those horns are sir triumphant great horn. Wayne Wayne said on ransom. I told jagged paid by the letter like. Lists, all letters away every one of. Four right above it three. Halio, fucking right. That's an incredible. It's better than either of the tour. We're just talking about. Ransom No EGGNOG! Shit and what was the other one was about. With you know the ballers Intro, right? Of It I put it right above it. Well I don't. not to the motto. Is bigger than all they songs, but. Better now won miss me. Was Miss Me was fire, but they're. Not Number one fire though. I think be Nah I like us to do more than that. I like Ignatius more than a lake. With you more than A. Shit motherfucker Goddamn. It doesn't get better than that. He did say. Star. Thank me later gets a Lotta. Hey, but boil. Number one I gotta go he'll you fucking right? I think that's the best on leaving really I. That's an incredible Saum. Wayne's verse alone. I feel. He's just wrapping my life. He's just wrapping my life. Yes, wish I was the average I wish she wasn't married. We both. We both wish a lot of things. We're both at an impasse. I want to go like Used to use to a personal paid like its tenth here, I wouldn't say it's like top three, but that's just a personal. Just love that waivers television ain't. It's time to play games with them. Hang at the time. That I love and a hater in the same sentence I'm fucking. Her mind is what he said. He's got my control over de will. So. That's a personal favor, but I wouldn't say it's elite, but I put it ten. And I'll say when I drink. I Wayne's one of the best concerts I've ever seen. I believe that incredible. They put on an incredible show. It was just an error where I'd heard far too many people. Purchase tickets to see a little wayne go to the venue away. Way Never showed up, so I knew I wasn't going to invest my heart coin at that point in time in such a risk also from everything I've heard. It's like listen Wayne Solo. Mixed bag. It was a show in Macon. They will land. Be Making all. Listen. Be in making performance and making. If people. Paid and went I go, and they were like waiting showed up, wrote a blog on stage. It was like the money right and left, and I was like I look Wayne Solo. You won't get mail money. But Wayne with, Drake! Might be it's. Catch the reunion tour and like ten years. If there are concerts ever again, correct. Not Actually, it was good whereas top three or Top off concert ever seen. That was a really good concert. Have Yeah I mean Run the jewels three times. Oliver compromise. At pitch at the end of Chapelle special when he plays, run the jewels that made me mad again. I was like a fucking guy. Just doesn't get it yeah. That was fifteen of the thirty Chapelle Hatton's listen. They got run the Gills one. They got run the jewels to on the three three full. Like forever with. Drake Way Eminem Wayne. That was massive song. Like it's one of those was big, but it ain't better than somebody any better than. With you are. Right. They rip fucking Kit, Kit off that and put 'em on there real fast I listen. Was the original drake. Wayne got on there to. Probe. Listen A business decision and they're like a sub you to. Bring off the bench Kanye West. Those Amen. I can't be mad. I'm going to the bent. On you take off now. It is what it is, and now we're GONNA MAKE IT A. The theme song to the Lebron Movie. I wish I could fuck every girl in the world, not even on this list and better new somebody's. Hardware problem at. The bedrock. Is that drain been? Banged to bid right. It was a future young money. Drake went on their. Those Gucci and Wayne and I'll be south thing. That's a move. That's may want. That might be top like ten Wayne Song from me. Him and Gucci off that young money album. Much good news, it used to come out. Amer, good music and use. I gotTA. Album being a guitar. WanNa hear the were like. bobbin study mobbing. A BANGER When I'm. I've long it and I I I think Wayne's Kareem abdul-jabbar man like I think he's just got so much was even if you're like okay, he's not the peak best. He wasn't. He played with other great players. He's amassed so much I. Don't think I. Don't see how you don't include in your top. Couple whatever right wherever you have him. He like he has to. He's done so much mix tapes albums guest verses features like all that he's done so much at a high level. He's Wayne abdul-jabbar man. For me, and obviously, I had already knew who the Wayne was, because I feel like he's. He's like shack been around forever. I don't. Remember Wayne with the Wayne and like hot was the reason I wanted to grill in second grade owner life without wing. But when I was really like. Oh Shit. was on suck it or not. Not, but honestly apple is probably had got to cam and the diplomats, but it's probably why stay they always work seven artists Ti. Always. It's always like you know they folk with us. We can talk with him and I liked the diplomat so now. Listen the. I. Is the reverse for me. It was I, was obviously heavy diplomats and I I still feel like Cam brought Elaine to the northeast. Was He. Like it's crazy, it's like when you tell people from north like a. we hadn't really. Jazzy was like the little orphan any guy until. We knew if I. Okay, if you GK's during the song with him. He's worth listening to. So yeah I can see it. And it was hemming. Joel, we're fucking. Lebron and Lebron again. There was to Lebron. He couldn't carry. Lebron off, one apiece. As man. If that's the one album. If like any, we've heard of a million different albums that were supposed to happen. Especially Collab- outcomes. I know you. Kendrick and Jake Owen you would not stop talking about. Like that basketball. You get. I've I have said if Kendrick announced. That was exclusively produced by Jaekle, but he didn't finish his mouth fucking. Shut that I've listened to. A, couple of feature, versus, but he's playing the background. Listen to that, but. Now, like the joint good and I like over those guys. I think both those guys extremely talented, but I am good Daddy. There was like what was all city chess club. There were a couple of like. Remember the like. There were a couple there were see our ass, Jason, what was the one that was supposed to be like? FERRALL LUPE in Kanye. Loria. Child rebel soldiers. The are there. That's yeah, see are so yeah they. All these posts that happen. To happen, they never do. So, if I could get one of these supposed to happen, it would be I can't feel my face the album prime. Prime Wayne and prime dwells. Like it was, it was like Wow Lebron and Wade Miami. I can't believe. I mean what it really was penny and shack. I'm. Me and my dude a shutout. The funds would listen to dish it like every single day before we collect in the worker kroger. Our. Be Listening to like like one of the A. Squad tapes that Wang was on. He'd be listening to some sort of like Jewish Santana relentless link. In. They started making music together. It was like like this is our powers have combined fear. And I swear we would sit outside like listen like. Before we had o'clock game we'd be listening to. Like fucking Wayne, and diplomats or Pappas. And then we'll go to work trigger. Happy, pappy! Alphabetical slaughter! lawler out someone who was funny spitting and In bars man for quits you. Has. At the ready Oh, man, Law Library port seeks. He's explained. Jay Walk into us. He had something like a year and a half ago. I know we played it on here. That was like solid. And have. Since. Is One. He's a guy to me like. I feel this way about kras one. Anytime I hear care like he rips by the guy. He can just rap. It's like I'm not GonNa, go back and listen to his own I've dropped from new sheets. Are Probably won't listen to, but they like on the On Do you play to k twenty. You have to twenty I haven't I haven't played it since October. It's like they've got a old care and our premier song on there, and just like this guy can just wrapped like that. It's one of like durant was put on Earth Score Charissa put on this planet like I can just put words great voice great. As like now, I don't WanNa. Hear like an album with that voice, but. Two tracks signed me up. And we would listen to like when we're talking about. Like can't feel. My face was like this. Just GonNa, take us to the next level man. What about the hulk up? I'm to bag groceries like nobody's ever seen. Pushcarts like Jordan eighty seven May. On our break, we've got there. We would check all man. like a new song new squad, a squad uptake drop new drills. A new Jim Jones tape drop. We go listen to like three songs. Somebody's GONNA run back to work. But yeah, now I can tell from those three songs just to be fire. Gazette. I. Do miss that when a tape would legit drop. Every three or four days, yeah! Now, it's when we get one at every couple of weeks or so this is great, and it is great, but. Back, now Wayne dropped a you heard a new way in that squad up par-fours fire with apart seven. He's dropped. Since that time, air-dropping like like porno tapes the eighties. It was like it was yard, Jr writer. Yeah, now the freestyle from two weeks. None of you dropped four more. Interest this conversation. The Best Basketball I've ever played happened while. Dj. WAS LOUDLY BLARING JR writers. Get Him. Right it was. Everybody had. The Right? Why everybody had like an athlete now? This guy is GonNa be a star. Gio, writer I was like the wrong. I wasn't I stand by it. I was like Oh. Man Like six minute freestyle anything. He jumped on with the diplomat. Jesus lasers God the baptism, the done metric ambience ratchet. I couldn't believe. When? When. Cameron Jr I writer and Hallel. Went up to a fund flags and they. They did three songs all one take tyler back to back to back, yeah! Do Radha he riding in Lamborghinis oyster mixed with Linguini you. He's Arava. Got He's still spitting. Cam just talking over it. Like the best rapper and also the best shit talker. This man? Like dips that had every element you could possibly need. All of them I feel like Georgia in a different universe just became Nicki, menaj. I. I? was like listen. y'All ain't believe me, Andrea, writer. But when I tell you forty cows gonna be a star. please. Take listen. They didn't want to put them on the intro he. They had no choice. On the diplomatic immunity, he was like I will not not beyond this intro. Wow Now! Who who is my man? Who called Cam and the ad though skit where he was just like now listen. You're not putting the album out until this. Yet that's forty. That's no it, isn't it? Isn't it's fucking? It's missile the? Mitzner. It's killing I. Know Those people yelling at me right now so not. Feeling Edgy yes, it be! On a New York, it was on Casa. Act Now. You know what that's. I'M GONNA not. Forty. Four wrapped tube. Yeah, diplomatic community the intro. He's like yeah, now already Senate today. Man What you WanNa, do a man doesn't tell dame. Chill the fuck out. I got I got hot forty four. Off knows a matter of fact here, the problem was. Casa just kept using that verse every every time he stepped to the MIC. Listen. If IT AIN'T BROKE YEAH! He ran the home run. Play every time we get there. You get the Orange Lamborghini we get. F.. Not Permit land. sounded. Sound. Thought. Drop a camera. Now. We have forty CA. Get, on causing either name wrong. That's exactly what. I was like. I'll tell you what I take, but he did smoke another verse and it's on. What I still believed to be the hardest song ever recorded. That's purple city Bergen. You're looking for an argument. If you go wanting? A. Upset before man I hope Cam. Get his flowers man. Like again, he. Was a lot of people. At that time. It was a it was a very big. Impossible to explain now, but very big regionalism in rat is I knew your possible yet by went into sound light and stay with New York the west coast when to sound like I say the West Coast. The South went down like Midwest all that. And for the guys who are willing to like bridge that and go there. Are No. I'll fuck with that I listen to that. and. Cam have people wearing pink. He had like the biker chains and stuff him into wells. Samples almost started that, but boy talking about taking to the next level him in heat make. Them, just blaze. As I boil out if nobody else give cameras flowers I'm gonNA. Give cameras flour. There are ways. To sucks. Since, yeah, this is not a show that's GonNa shy away from giving cameron. The Double Dutch king is his flowers. I can't wait till we get camera on Gary. Mafia tangible I, mean we. Disagree I. I may be useless during that I'll listen to I I'm. I'm not debating Cameron only me. Like Damn. If if Zeke really toll you'd be still in the penal system. Yeah, wow, very same the only question I got. What do you got Let's get this man out of here. I'm like when he robbed Marbury. No, I mean I I feel like. I feel like he would end up being like man I thought all that trouble was behind me. Realize now when Jay Z was shoved his mom back in the closet. What Bush were you standing in pointing and laughing? Awards was in Jersey. Was this close to Connecticut? Curtis will get the Curtis. y'All by listen people. Like you boy, wiles I listen. He taken on the giants. He not scared. He's not wrong. Listen Evan Max being and I got on Brassiere. Although they do have earphones. Sean does with jeans on this. The King of New Yorker Open Toll Shark lasers with jeans. Max Be talked to me. The most violent violence ever sounded. The. Cams. Again it's one of those boil. I'm glad I can go to the grave, saying I saw camera performed live. That was great because it was about seventeen minutes. Here's like play. Play my biggest six hits and then. I'm Outta here I'm about we'll give these people. Nice gift bag and I'm GONNA. fucking split and I'm like. Awesome. I love the best thing I've ever seen in my life. Boy Now. Hell rails like you talk about bars. For because he was ruler. Yet. Luebbe Ruger until Rupert. Rail one only because like back then and. Abner feel like going back to win the generations, these just roasted millennials. Like for people that had it was my your immortal techniques in your bars bars fans. It's like I'm telling you. Rail got bars for your bars. You don't like Kamuli Drills Jones I get it as Burrell can spit spit. And people will listen to like okay now he's. He's all right. Listen He. He looks like a Doberman Pinscher in the face. These imprison! Dispute. The whole team. Bowl team could. I J riders six minute free. Like when she came out, I was like. This is the Gob and telling our about. Yeah, I, mean there's. Jr Cassidy and Fab on the same track, right? Law that was that was Fab Kassian Wayne. Yeah! Jr to others hopped on it for. Six minute freestyle, who wants? FAB Wayne Cassidy. Set waits it. Hit May fuck. That shit the south. Get a bad bitch and her mouth wide. was were. Prime Fab so he belong like. It now that makes me feel old. No listen. You could not not have that song without fabulous. Circuit. Would be. Plum full if. You be the guy with the where he's rapids of terrible bores. It was either Fab or Andre Benjamin. There's no one else who's getting lack. Wayne. Her to cast man. s You hurt my feelings. I was like Casper murdered issue he did. Counterbalance I. Listen Wayne had the worst. I on all. He's still rid the old. Feb say trump show with a suicide in talk into killing herself. What. Does the same guy who many moons later. said the words shuicide. You won't get any a debate here. But I gotta give it to cast man. He had too many quotable. It's cassidy the Hustler. Boys with me. In fucking rip do. Me Host Land, I got one hundred eighty boss for myself. Ever. Bombed let them dream. They Eyes Wide Open. The citizen consumes they wise up and people are gonNA. Ride up, yeah. And the people that you trust to begin UTADA and I. Doubt I'll be ready to squeeze. That's why even petty be ready to leave for the petty. She's the Guacamo- cats get the GUACAMOLE. Austin. Buddha's the sound of the pound buzzing like ooh I he on the ground Salford. Plan is nothing to pull up in blast. You are trying to only resort to violence if I have to. Now GAM got the. CAST GOT CAM would would've. It on the track. I'll give it to him. I do remember like a remix. The hit show every once in a while the bonecrusher, never scared remix all boy. It was a bonecrusher Jada. Kiss Cam. Buster? And? Even before it came out like watch Cam, win this shit. And I listen they. This remix where everybody spit. Right we get remixed. Now's I. Okay now, somebody clearly one that it'd be like four or five people on a track everybody spit. I'm never feel older. In front and take it outside. Not Do it right here now about later on. Yeah, when everybody home. Yeah probably fucking. Baby Now Police Arabi? Ryan with the Bitch got keys on the lady. Higher Than Angel Hotter than the devil, the pot or kettle, the metal atom burn urshered, but were Wurster. com around like Martha I was like. We take ice cream. Turn you into Sherbert. I got flow on like sure, but. It was about though I'm like share enough. May J., O. You bird lunch I said you live moving. Heard much. You see the wrist movement. Styrofoam port up with sore. It's Nah Okay FABS third. Midas ben a good year with these firestone's. Here's. That I do I've always enjoyed the pilot where he just starts listing all drugs. Like Valium I. Got Powder heroin ex. And People have no idea was on this is. Liberalism over five Shit Fair. Get at them. You God. Damn right I'm feeling myself. chauffeured no center. Killing personnel so I can show it a suicide and talk her into killing herself. I'm having problems Illingworth. But you wouldn't understand it, so you get a million yourself all I wouldn't understand that. Yeah, now the. Tenth Grade. I said he got the Dan Marino arm that those wolves passing this is Mike Sports. Metaphors weren't really what they are now now they show aren't. Trying to explain like Elgin Baylor someone like listen Nobo-. Nobody else jumped when he played. When he? Was a big deal. People in everybody jumps now like. Jessica Alba Kirsten dunst man. So getting paid on the first months. And still cast got shit man. I'm happy, I'm alive God blessed me off. No problems that arrive is guide tested me also I. Pray every day, but I pray too much 'cause I'll be sending every day. So I'm brant enough. We could all be, but I I'm with beef. Speak is saying what's up. If it's beep when we meet and I'm spray shoot up. Practice what he says. It was. Is Catch you embracing love. He might get because he got his blood come. CAST gold, medal. I give way in the silver Fab the bronze. Nothing, pull up in blache and he tried to only resort to violence if you have to. Think as were. The other day. I I've been listening to old playlists. Disarm tired of the LAI, carly have. And Stumbled upon. Royal flush. which is outcasts with Rake One? Banger. And I remember playing that for of my boy came up to visit me freshman year UMASS. He was rolling up. He was like play like I. Always know you're on top of this ship claiming what you got. And I was like all right. Listen to this and I played it news is this is cool school that Andre Andre Spitzer's last versus like what the fuck. What's going on here? Or a terrorist! But that was the same like he went on a run. Obviously so careers around, but he went on a run where it was like. Royal flush and this is an order, but like royal flush artist storytelling part for. How? To walk it out and. Throw. Some D's remix is and it's just like what the fuck is doing this for fun. Yeah, that's one of like. It's and it's still people like. Andreotti thousand is like the best. I've heard top three top five is like I as I can't put them there without a solo album. Maybe even like part of Like speaker box. Yeah It's like I. Need More, but if you're talking about like if he's gale, sayers like listen. When this guy was healthy, he was just the best. Everybody agreed he was the best. deuces me mix yeah. Why he could. I won't say a while because he's still does not light. Pink Frank Ocean. And now he just no I just ran multiple people. Will Coast picture light listen I, was in this gas station on old national in Atlanta and I rented. Andre Thousand It was too like he took pictures with everybody. He was cool. He was just he was getting backwoods. He just they just. The coolest guy. and. He's like no once a year. I'll just drop. Probably the best verse you've. Ever heard! This man said the kids call me Sonny. The Hood Cosmi stacks x the bees. They call me honey Hollywood calls me back Hollywood divorce. Grace. Adams Ville be bowing homes. See if I give a fuck. But if I like them I. Like nobody doesn't. Yeah. That's one. Wayne shows up. He's great snoops grade on there, but dear Lord. They drop the beat Andrei. Oh trumping with a run. Oh Six of walking out remix! Throw some D's was oh seven. Every are everybody would cayenne. Farms have been leading. DEUCES remix twenty ten. The interlude on Carter four fire real her. Levin Inc matter was twenty twelve. Bins friends, which is one of my favorite? First of all time from is. From honest with future. Solo reprise with Frank Ocean! I'M NOT GONNA say. He's got a lot of good I would. Want to end like that. December remix! Yeah I I was just like me. They dead drop. A Solo with big boy solo. Just give me one solo tape because it's like I. I need mahomes to win. One Ring I'll gladly best give me one. Just give me one ring and I'll say you the best I've ever. saw. And I wouldn't say that because he's. Like, he's clearly big. Boy Gets Shit on. It's just like it's hundred thousand in the hill here and it s just that happens as much anymore. It used to happen. Exclusively happens much anymore. It's my man. Anthony who would win my show with WHO's like? There's not a single person on twitter with a good outcast. Take not a single. Not One. He's absolutely right, it's. Just loves Andrei thousands like yeah. No big boy was basically there to a hold the microphone steady form. It was room. It was like you know Andre wrote big. Boys. Wraps for the first couple of abnormals like I. Just don't believe that you telling me. He picked up right there and just kept. I got. I got it. Out Or thirty a game from your on out you went to Hollywood, and left me doused, I had to figure something. Out of thin for my so. It's like such rights. They're such different. That's like whoever you think is better. I won't argue that, but you can't tell me that like. They worked because they were together right like Andrei billboard drops some solo albums and a Lotta. Shit off. That was fire. But Andres I'm good. I'M GONNA wear. Need a baker. T shirts in the while rand gas stations a fourth part, but that's just my scene. He feels like rap. Dave show danger pal honestly. Three thousand. I? Only speak when I have something to say. When I say. It'll be tremendous. So, that's one of the I still. Don't think albums GONNA come, but I I wouldn't be surprised if it's like. Yeah, now, I wake up and it's like Andre Three thousand upload in EP six songs seventeen minutes. As like! Wow, this is this is great. I need like the rest of the music industry to almost conspire against them, and I need like ten people to be like. Hey, I need like a guest verse on this, and they just compile those ten songs the album. They they need to take it personal. Yeah pretty much. Because even I remember an. Organs listen to love Belo's better than speaking box. And I still feel that way, and it's like that's not knocking speaker box, which is a big boy side of out. Is the lowest better. In a high school boy. Oh, boy! I was I was the dog that was getting the finger to. ME. Telling you, this is just better, and even now I still listen to the liberal Oh more than listen to speak about and I still listen to bowl. Or songs from both I should say. Own Now Roses didn't like. Well, that's what was crazy about him. He can make like. The the biggest pop song on Earth. Did several times and it's just like. Actually listening to it, it's like there's like another level here. Like your? Radio but like there's another level below. Not that it's not the deepest shit in the world, but it's not the regular pop that they just throw on hit. He's what Jayco fans thing Jayco lives. Definitely! Only he's never been like. Oh, listen y'all think I'm smart. I'm dumb for. Out Arrived Admiral Book Since A. Catcher in the Rye six ray. Andre, just let you know. This is how I see. Things is how I feel. I got I got a good sixteen once a year. Once a year some I wanNA hit my line. No problem twice a year. We'll. But not I look for his. Site the one time mayor. It's a matter of fact. Twenty twenty three sacks name so. We have a habit of speaking things to existence so by the time this is uploaded We literally just spoke entire Dave Chapelle. So by the time this is uploaded. There's a five song nineteen minute three stacks EP on, Apple! News listen at added. I've listened to against my better Friday. Yeah. Music newly drawn. So we John Legend. Sure. He might be on there. Let's see. NOPE Nah. Yeah, that's three. Thousand would also rip arm. Be Features like John. Be are asking me John Legend. Whoever? We get a twenty three track tau. Who Seattle Taylor. She made good news with twenty three. Laptops featuring Lauryn Hill. I'm might have some time for that. We have forty two tug. On fire recently. I? It's really not merce. He got a couple of key thing, may you? Baby, don't Miss I'm still trying to think of the last time. A little baby miss. If y'all think y'all. Let me know but Eva dropped conscious rapper. What whatever you think conscious rap is in. There was fire so okay tell. No excuse for for anybody else. That's where it's like listen. You can wrap it up more than drugs and sex if it's good. That was good. Out of all the new releases I even checked some the alternative stuff. His sometimes Andrea will pop up on that. Nothing? He's chill. He making his Anita Baker shirts, and just taking it easy. It's coming. Soon. It'll be about the time this is uploaded. At can't wait. Same. Before we go I do believe art of storytelling part for is the best one. are like every other people say. I don't know what number it is, but the one was slick. Rick is my favorite. One! That's my baby. It's you talk about triumphant horns. Four with. Him At the beginning. And then Masha Ambrose on the the chorus. Than big boy smokes his verse, and as Digit Redrawn McCain screaming at me. Also Marsha Ambrosius. Is another one I ms either. Know where would you if you looking for RB feature like Chris? Brown gets the first call and John Legend gets the second call. was like I'd call. Marsha Ambrosius that's just me. And, maybe I will for the tape to come in this fall September. First I fall yeah. I was also listening to Maria drunk in the car yesterday sure. Listening to do. Listening to Mike King of our MBA, young thug, just mop-up Justin, Bieber all over the place. ADEMA. Light Up Lebron James Jones like. Champions and there are more. But not the thing. I was like he traveled. Scott Got Justin Bieber, but young thugs singing the chorus for a reason. Well. Extremely well! That's one of my favorite verses do. A Gal saying and then I'll just. The Way? I want okay. Say List. Done. Stored up awesome sports. Dot Com on the fourth of July emerging their. Give shots at the Chicago Gasman. Shirt they got. Her yeah, very strong dogs, and the Chicago like the transit blue yet fly food. Touch on it. Five fire. I don't winning you anybody listening to this buy that. Pleased up. But it's fire all the. That you heathens keep. By our shirts, please. Keep it. Like Coronas. It's IT Y'all adjusting. Call it what it is. So upsetting. Ex We See.

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47: Organarchist

Oregon Rooted: The Dirt Show

1:39:02 hr | 1 year ago

47: Organarchist

"Ganor kissed and you're listening to the show mirror what is that Barn Mirror Barn Window Mirror like wall it's a whole entire wall of mirrors it's a great little farm out there bunnies are cute but damn I mean that's a lot of bunnies all the time yes is my first interview that was actually in front of a that's more sexual and I was just joking it's I'm I gave him a hard time all right we'll to the dirt show on v Cassese's Sativa and we revisited Org anarchist yes we Dan end of season and he did the ripcord F- to as everybody knows Eh really kind of what is living soil so he goes into that and what he does because he does living soil in forty fives smarties oh but I was fucking cool when I was just going into the restroom last time we were out there like Oh my God that is the coolest frigging thing and he made it all he kept stoking it while doing interviews and this is the first one I did in front of a fire so I got to admit it was not only unique but it was cool yeah that'd be fun you can hear the cracks at the plants right away yes of course so you showing me those but they had a good time and we had a good time to you know we sat down in his house and I felt a little bit yeah we put the kids in the in the cage with the bunnies and they had a great time for at least thirty minutes before you guys even got started we'll I was already started I was checking they were in forty fives and you hated living soil. Well I WANNA go into deal detail of that but I'll let him explain it but we also talked about you know a couple of cool KF recipes so for those people that want to try to keep it closed loop do something natural or even get into the can effing you know he talks about the stuff he does goes on at the first part of the season talking about how he had gotten F. One report down to the F. Two and was gonNA pheno hunt this year also a lot of people have beans out there we didn't run them this year but we're going to just got him too late we get to see the baby bunnies yes so when we got out there you know the kids loved it like romantic he has a big living room with his big ass rug like covers the whole lunar the big rug I've ever seen through coolest thing in the background that would be fun so but we talked about a really cool things one thing that we did talk about that a lot of listeners have been asking about is that is I it's it's all barn like old old windows old frames to windows and stuff like that I don't know if it's all born barn windows or not living soil and can you do it for instance can you do it in pots and can you do it in doors and kind of wearing tonight he did have his lady friend their candles lit for the ambiance of the fires so oh well that's actually left fire so basically it is it's a popular method of growing where you use things like fermented extracts and fermented vegetables and fruits right okay it's a couple of good recipes on there can you say what can have means Korean natural farming thank you yes up fuck is k n f down in certain ways and it makes it easy nutrients whether it's a bloom nutrients in other words everything that she could get in a bottle you could you could use vegetables and fruits and stuff the kind of a it's a closed loop method potentially and it's also you know natural method and you can use stuff you can source an expense that's awesome yeah I wouldn't dare show bedroom though no no no I'm just joking it who knows what he got in there but he had a nice big fire going for us so reason just like living soil or no till it's inexpensive and it's very organic natural you know it's it's big on micro-organisms too so it's almost like you could use your compost pile for sure but you could throw the stuff that you definitely would need into your compost pile yeah I mean he tells of living soil I haven't gotten that far yet think we're GONNA go ahead and you know recycle our soil yes but as far as living and we do have the capability of doing living soil W. actually free right if you're closed loop so it's apples and stuff that he yes he can he's apples bananas are good source of Potassium in okay you ferment them or break them up to play cool okay yeah but it does take some work so this has become a popular method with cannabis farmers and good this year we're going to move forward with recycling her soil and going that route once we've mastered that then we'll start why don't we get a house I method where you use you know compost winter in style so for sure sounds really cool as we're trying this will he talks about this silo technology that you can do with pots and yes we could do that okay and that's something that we could evolve into but I think the listen for that and he also shares you know Oregon's been having a rainy fall and it's not necessarily normal or usual I guess it could but in the last few years it's been fairly warm through pretty much October and then you know the last couple two three years we've went all the way me like property is a better word property yes some area to do this and yeah so but this will get information and stuff that people have been asking about if you like November seventeenth even the second week of November on her plant sometimes thankfully this year we don't have to do that we already pulled the banner Yep and that's already been awesome deformity right Chaka dial yeah that was are seated okay okay I did remember I remember it I've been hanging for a week yes and Shepherd I'll ooh he said I wouldn't remember I remembered yeah you haven't remembered that name we recycle them and use them amongst the staff members because not all of them take them back which is a lot for us to be sitting on we're GONNA have to start some carrying some Turkey bags first and then moved to jars yes we're doing it in the method of Turkey bags I then to jars because I'm slowly so so we pulled banner and it's been a week and now so it's pretty much can be ready here to go into the jars and if we oh choose maybe a Turkey bags in Turkey bag yes because we got so much this year yes obviously we prefer glass jars but you know with the volume that we're dealing with this year I don't know if I pull it to earlier not I'm always at odds with this because I don't know people pull at different times people will look at tricalm's or people will look at that we had those caterpillars yeah if you see mold you can pull that mold spot back it's Kinda disgusting but if you pull it back and look into the center of it you can find generally finally old schoolers look at maybe the hairs sometimes and are the pistols whatever I don't know so I would like fifty more like thirty five we have really had no problems with the plants now as far as betrayed his with because rainer wetness it's always seems to be from the caterpillars because it was in the three locate stuff spreads pretty pretty easy for some reason if you catch that in anymore like I used to be like I'm just going to cut that tiny little spot out in and hope for the best bringing jobs home yeah the Plethora of Chars- that get brought into our work which is cool how they bring in half the time and it's no is that it's not actually mold taken over it's just mold from the shit so they cut that out generally I catch it as quickly as possible it won't really spread if it's actual mold problem that's no I cut that whole head off I just get rid of that Shit just cut it out just all of it just that whole section it's got to go but other than that it really didn't have we're doing you service I like to hear that but then I'm collecting this shit at home well yeah but can be expensive in a good way yes it saving US thirty seventy or reassigned to keep it from that because that mold the kept trying to will the banner was starting to get hit with mold and I don't think that was because of the rain Oh one that was out the longest she was so fucking gangly very gangly issue didn't have such long arms and legs we would we money at the same time so but we will move jars it just you know right off for Turkey bag in it we have to clean our jars that we do have here too I don't know the banner Mulde for any other reason and but it was starting to be affected so I think it had the most caterpillar she's even though we sprayed early with bt but she was the two pretty much best ones the crowd yes I know excuse me Caterpillar and if not you'll see the shit mark little black turds Yep I remember I pulled two of the three of them back in there was an which nice I mean it's gross but what what's Nice never had to keep her out but we still got the rest to go and hopefully we've timed it right but we've got the wedding cake coming up to pole and the blue cookies actually Oh okay I hope that was recorded I hope it recall if I go back and listen and there's nothing they're gonNA be trip down fucking weird down any know what second generation stuff this year has just been I love it it's been the frostiest stuff that I've grown it's been pretty fucking prostate oct look so good doubt okay I believe in ghosts yet I do WanNa save flower from both those plants though those are I think are going to be good flower so I did and you know it's weird outdoors you can get cannabis it's dense and almost like indoor and then you can also run in a lot of times to just nuts gonNA do a single jar challenge up we have to show pictures of this on our website yes all right so we're going to do our jar first and then whatever's left will do sauce blossom wedding cake and we'll see who is better okay and we're talking about diamonds are so we're talking yes it's GonNa take three week processor okay and see how that ends up yeah okay shake on this is a gentlemen's bet there's only sexual pleasures up for grabs no defense cannabis right but I don't have an issue with that I think people on the shelf be no that's different outdoors sun grown is more yes so we are going to put it in a jar and we can do different methods we could try sauce in diamonds because of the fact that we're not we're just it was that everybody okay we do we have going on right now like honestly that you but I at least those are the ones that we both wanted to which one you claim and you're gonNA wedding cake yeah yeah okay well we'll see so you blast blew cooks and I will oh ct is like in terms of its frostiness and its structure and Hopefully how good the medicine is might maybe excellent after the blue cookies and wedding cake I think it's I'm not even sure we still got some green work stuff the purple out overnight it's the first time I've seen a plant by checked it in the morning and it was green and then that night before it went dark it was purple the top of the bud was purple it was weird so really cool though and I'm anxious because that's the Cherry Pie right cross with the blueberry now this year we which was odd I am actually overnight it is and not necessarily that quick like it'll start to purple and you'll see it but this is straight up I stepped into the breeding Realm Pollen shucking room if you will we had three meals come through we talked about him it was the Durban Poison Pineapple uh-huh and the three than indoor time but you can have strains that aren't so it's weird nonetheless it doesn't bother me at all I would rather have what that is the early ones but nonetheless it has a lineage of a really good lineage of New York City Diesel La confidential not in the sense that we just did a small area I actually literally just seated that whole plan yep and it was good though because I really like this cross just hyping it up fellow damn recently to try it's coming but also even that farmers fire looks really good it's it Plum Berry Kush and obt I'll grab the seeds real quick but we ended up with a few crosses and pretty happy with it banner and Ott Redid Banner Oct which collected actually quite a few seeds about that's going to be really cool I like the like goes farts we'll something's going on over here and then we just had a goes far it took and I don't know how it's GonNa come out because that clown royal is half blueberry those tease half blueberry but once WPRO I can't remember exactly what the Cross is like a mother's milk times pink platinum or something like that pink pink pants something like that and chocolate and so real thr- three good real strains that are kind of an old school strains to as well so kind of a blast from the past which the names for these right so maybe we'll have to put out a contest or put something out on I g and see if we can have some people help us the plum Choco course ask because we had some problems with the one year which was my fault I let him flower too early and so they ended up having troubles a lot of plants did that here and but that's a really for me that's a good one because I was a legit wedding cake cut and that OCD mail was was fired we got the that banner and banners really a Green Green Plant so mixing that up with EOC tea is going to be really cool and they did I know we did the plum got the Purple Unicorn and one's got the black black rose so with that much blueberry in I don't know gorilla glue is in but it's let me tell you a little bit about that so the chocolate Ou- came from cloud wave that plant we've had in a stable for three years been unsuccessful in the past around for quite a while without one d some serious pheno hunting also really exciting when we got the wedding cake crossed with O. C. T. O. Yeah limited beans on that one play with and we're gonNA maybe give those out to like contests and have some listeners test those and stuff so that was really fun though and also still plastic it's a twenty five by fifty and for twenty five bucks and that will cover that whole carport easily so the chocolate dial go yeah the Chaka dial the one that one we completely so that was not a controlled controlled controlled chuck but yes and we're actually looking at getting at least some sort of netting to go between the carport so it holds up the plastic a little bit makes that with the Plum Berry which is the Purple Unicorn Cross with the Blueberry so hell yeah I think five really strange there and with that plant you know having me clown no I'm sorry you're right you're right girl with comedy blueberry yes my bed so we got a few crosses there that we get the banner times OC tea which said the Sour v Times O. C. T. down was when we had like one hundred seats start with her mentor so we got a lot of seats and then we have the clown Royal Times obt now that one you know I mean it was just some leftover palm that I put on there when you get out of a plant I mean thousands of sees maybe no shit yeah we'll see it's actually drawing right now but that gives us enough cease to smell right and then oc ti- times in utero which is the other green work plan so we have the Sour v and then the in Utero right in so at twenty five bucks now that we've got it figured out a whole sheet covers that thing perfectly basically so what comes at Walmart seeking it four mil tried on it and it was the last one and we have used it now two years two years but we've had it three we've had it three used it to because last year we did not grow and Karen carport but essentially it's a car canopy basically carport canopy style and works really well I mean it was essentially really inexpensive we had it for like three it's the chocolate Dow crossed with plenty palm very Kush Salem Chaco plum chocolate can be the name I think yeah which I like years now yeah we got it as by the way shutout by mark we got a really good deal for like eighty seven bucks normally about one hundred ninety really we can just by the formula plastic and yeah we have to replace it every year but it's only twenty five bucks yes and actually a whole one fits over the twenty by ten won't see that's the thing is collecting seats no we're still not done doing the seeds were star and this is where it gets busy but I'm really excited I hope everybody else is doing okay is on those and that one's opponent when that's our visa gase side to it and then of course though C. T. which is the dark musky grape so it was a race half the time at the it's always a racist seems like so these other farmers oh I don't know these guys are always hem forms of stuff I think they're pulling early better so it doesn't catch rain Oh that's just the cord so what you run cord you run to pieces of cord inbetween inbetween each slat yeah or section and that is fine I just hadn't run it yet so identified the first year I don't remember those just didn't do this out there like I said it's been wet so we put a that ten by twenty cover candidate car-part car carport Whatever he is he doesn't like those Jack Turps that Jack Hair too common it's I don't know if anybody else else out there across the country has tried the Jack Hare it's an older strain it was popular for a while back in like I imagined thousands or nineties or something I enjoy Jack Hair turps out there or people who say it is and may have accidentally mislabeled I wonder if people don't Miss Label we've had a couple of times like we so just like organic chemist he he pulled one thing but I think he led a couple ride nice he's got the like I said they have to record and then he did and Mendota breath no I'm sorry Tang breath so it wasn't even an original skittles and now wish that they would stop doing stuff like that like I understand but the people that stuck it out and had some healthy plants I think you're making the right choice did we did have the cover and a fan go and you know I think that was the right choice because now two weeks a good decent weather not great but decent enough weather and we'll be able to finish this off nicely when I'm expecting Jack Hair I do not like Jack Hair when I am smoking Oji cush or something else yeah and you get a lot of hair type cold starts or cold temp dabs it's something that we've been practicing and that reminds me I wanted to bring something up I don't know if any listeners out there do are you what though the head dog nine number nine from here's the farm it just goes to show you that again and other example of a lower THC con had the recent one that tasted like skittles and it was even the Skills Cross hedy lime yes it was it was called skittles breath but it is Tahiti lime timing yeah so I don't you've been doing it to do you prefer him do a gee whiz by cooking main and Vanilla frosting I don't know who that was by but said that was Jack turps said get wasted a hundred and fifty gallon smarty on that plant battling mold I don't know what's really cool though as we got a little bit of rain like days of like three or four days and then a couple days a son and in three or four more days and so is really brutal hold starts or cold cold Tim DABS called starts but we've started doing them and been essentially practicing percents that just kicked my head that was a good one oh and that reminds me I wanted to bring this up for listeners I don't know if many listeners out there do as what we were pricing and it was one hundred seventy five sixteen hundred so yeah and it's it was way more expensive than was like and so we you really WanNa capture the taste of cold star I advise doing it. It's fucking fabulous it takes really flavorful Indus smells like skittles but in this one is because it actually smells like skills like taste the rainbow skittles it does it really does and that's I can see why they'd name it that extract and time takes time so here you save between and you also save cureton cue tips and they'll turps are just as strong I'll tell you I can almost hear that fly in the microphones right in your face is why little sucker Yeah anyway sorry at least it's not Jackson attacked by a fly not Jack turps that's true it's skittles Turps I really enjoy if you're trying to capture the taste of something don't do it if you don't WanNa capture the tastes steps right so if you have really bad tasting dabs do hawk because it does take a little you have to use your your Banger yes figure it is the longer and little bit more skills capture the heat in there so it doesn't tell us why wait a second or two after pulled the flame away is because that happens is the concentrate will try to into ten okay so minds longer than that ten eleven second guy you Darren the turn it on for a couple of seconds pushcart cap on Hobbs and alcohol so you're saving a ton of considerable on the butane because like you know six seven eight seconds your golden on the cold start on mine it's about nine what you're Dab Dab I first carb cap and then you take butane the bottom straight to the bottom and what is the tip of the flame yes if you move it around your carp caps GonNa get fucking hot if you leave the radio on the loose some of you know you're trying to yeah go ahead and do normal how you go ahead get just burn that shit off but if it's something you you can see the actual concentrate start to it'll it'll melt to the bottom and bubble and then immediately start going up the sides I wanna pull it away that will run away from the heat so when your heating the bottom and you're going for that cold start coaster star when you go in for that goal start Steve has cool people there yes for the most part we have met a lot of really cool people and we've got a lot of really cool people and all right so enjoyed the episode with with John Oregon archivist Yep we had a just a great talk and this later yeah that's the cool part Doing you know taking dabs off fifteen thousand dollar pieces I loved those rigs I don't get a just it doesn't just leave itself as a body high like I started get stupid hell yeah that's the way to go one hit not takes me thirty seconds and I save a ton of money right so I'd rather spend that on concentrate than butane but with that I just want to let people know it is and then stop the torch at that point yeah and then ultimately on that Banger you won't heat it up so red hot and doing that not doing that will keep it from it's definitely a fun and great place I think that we should have some organ rated functions in the future at we're working on it so things are coming Oh you know been getting a lot of feedback and help from a pippen junior John on high g breaking the minerals and stuff down that are in that and that's why it gets all pitted and stuff so if you're not getting hot yeah it's not going to get like that so you know if you reheat it it doesn't taste awful it takes its case worse if you burn it from the beginning of course but don't burn it from the beginning to that's why you gotta get the hang of it yeah I have noticed is all any way look at the turbines are much better even though they're great anyway if you do the right thing so what do you think is it different for you it is it's a lot I enjoy it better it's a better high for me well give it a try it's worth it and then linked to three draw and that's the other thing is it doesn't you don't get much residue at the end no way cleaner yeah because you burn it all the way off and that's the thing I've noticed that if you get it red hot and let it cool down to take your hit that second draw even same hit that second draw just doesn't taste good but when you do a cold start it does smoke right like seconds after bubbling so that like any it doesn't matter about the Banger just watch the dabs on the inside exactly and then you can figure out how did you DAB right but should all Butani say by not getting a red hot and then you have to wait another minute and a half to let it cool down I mean shit used to take five minutes to take is named goes but he's been helping out ally he's been really interactive and given feedback and I love it when listeners get involved because it really helps me what if you times to seek in actually settle into it you first one's not going to be perfect now and you can take big hits that's the thing too is if you do it right you can still get a full so for me you should try it out just try it out and try to few times he actually get used to it but I get high in a different way like it really fucks with my head right so with that said all the way through try it out let us know what you think I like it I'm just going to stick with doing that the only problem with that is when you go to your friend's house and they got a different banger the timer rigs that I don't touch just bend over and let the table hold I can affirm that comes in the cannabis community that is there while I could because you've got to get the hang of that one basically what I've noticed is that you let it melt you can watch it melt and then after bubbles is when it starts yeah guys cool as hell he's really I think he's part of the ordinary family sure we'll check in with him often so and oh real quick I wanted to shout at to to just a couple people advice and we're going to implement some of the suggestions that have been suggested by a couple of different listeners haven't decided if I want to do the interviewing editor do things to try good things to remember first Friday coming up first Friday oh yes a few in the area appear in southern Oregon first Friday with wall nor house probably session the lady so I'll feel comfortable yeah I'll be the only dude once again in the room unless Ryan helped you I also right he would he called himself the wizard and you had to call him wizard I call them whizzy he would answer the door in like a male frown it was so nice you could see the seeds popping out from underneath the compressed in black flower yeah it was amazing I'm GonNa have huge the interviewing yet and let me be the interview E. I thought your let me do like all the video and all that cool stuff behind the scenes and I'll beer audio technician whippet loss for Santa My way have some puppies we'll take one right he's fast have you seen those things yes I kind of find out what people wanna hear in in what to bring and stuff right and I worry a lady show will become into yeah so we do Shen and then you can do you can lead the show okay well then I guess I'm leading the shot and if you fuck it up to whole your fault it's all good 'cause it's just okay so the but thanks thanks John I appreciate that that's the Pippen Junior Joan yes and also to they call me the wizards didn't I haven't heard from a little bit buddy but man it was great been talking to you and have you seen his dog he's got a he's got a beautiful whip it right Heke freshly pulled it at the tire this morning you could smell a gregory turps the best part is packaging was very professional he would take the corner in the late eighties the fiber optic lamps was like that so it was like this cascading flow of this glass like stuff that dealer or I told you about that guy he was at dude he would sell I was like nineteen years old so this is like seventeen decades ago and he a Hippie lamp because it would there was like a light inside and those it looked like you know the fiber optic yes like the lamps that were popular way back in uh-huh so the best part is once you broke into that little bag you had no way of closing it cellophane ice shootout with cellophane when people both having taken off the outside of my cigarette packs those lamps enjoy the show us one thanks John we appreciate we love you brother for being on and thanks for sharing all that knowledge all your time yeah so that's what I think when I think of the wizard and no offense brother and he also always remembers he had this lamp and it was must've been the Shit I've whoa did you I have never oh it rips it perfectly and one that I never knew that and if you do it just right you can keep resealing it yes that was my from the top you can keep resealing see I wish a known this shit because what I I would try to pull a half ass pull it apart and then I couldn't seal it back right and then you didn't burn hung down over the light and but it would drip oil from him like oil would funnel out the top of the lamp and it would the way those things were hanging down the oil would just dudas fast yes they're great hunting weapons are like to the fastest did I remember when I told you that every time I think about wizard I think about my old drugs Komo like it was like a psychedelic almost like dress hippie thing I know is that what it is now I don't like EPI style great to have you back man you're always welcome and I know you're always busy so that's a good thing yeah so we're sitting here as you can see in front of anyway he'd come in and then he'd make you sit on the couch and then he go and some mysterious back-room only to pull out at twenty dollar gram of Brown that's the thing so again it's going to be like this I'm going to be a proponent for people to move to the country you know that's that's going to be pervasive thing but anyone a piece of the weed it would just ruin the bag and then you had a dry piece of twenty dollar Bud Brown Fan Yes oh my God he'd pop and good can put in there and then melted but you gotta do it just right okay you gotta take the cellophane and you gotTa folded down and the new guy to melt it so when you pulled to grow anywhere now this year you have really shown people how you can really go that route and I've seen everything pickling now but being here in this beautiful country you can you know what happened if I got above my roof line oh I feel it and yeah we came around the corner and all I saw trees above the roof line buddy I think there's a few people out there getting above the roof line of a plastic bag and it was the cheap plastic bags like the you know the Sandwich Baggies Oh and then he would melt it down with a lighter yes okay rack string pinch it drip right down to the bottom it was really weird does this sound weird are you sure you what on acid we know at any old folk out there know what I'm talking about send me an email with the link to seen a lamp like this so seriously if someone can find one for me I'm going to Google it this fine I have never felt room his wife was a Hippie I think she did a little math closed-loop recipes and enjoy the show organ love Oregon live brother it's into season we're back here it was a fast real fast I like to go fast man to those guys appreciate it let me know if you find one it's quick but I'm not trying to trying to be don't don't follow the cult leader well so serve the paying bills and shit and help out around the farm and everything and so yeah it's like it's like a you know Commun- homestead basically what it is yes so I moved here about five years ago with a backpack and a dream and it took me at that long to get everything pretty much dialed in and I have two roommates to help lovely fly a fire in his I would call this the bachelor pad well in this guy's chilling here Jericho I planted a bunch of different kinds of sweet peppers and then there's one particular spicy pepper it's called a Lebo if you get the seeds in the vein out then to what else do we see we saw some peppers in roasts in the shit out of them yeah crossman pepper while the B.'s last yeah so that those out and it's been great man yeah separating out odd dehydrating and it's been good the peppers things so fun peppers much extra rabbits beautiful ones and yeah I had a couple of my buddies over and I was like listening to view process teach you how to process them where I didn't mix it up and it turns out that they all pollinated across so I had like mystery peppers and I had no idea I was going to work so super expensive yeah crazy and and then as far as peppers like pepper flakes that really hetty pepper flakes are so expensive like six my buddies knew how to do it and so I basically have my my friends do it and then we traded their time for that so I I got a freezer full rabbit not too bad you can try them and there are thin wall pepper you can drive them and make spices out of it so the bees cross them all last year and then so I popped although seeds like that I saved and I thought so you saw okay so I know you had your rabbits out there watching the kids with the rabbits and like the chickens this is that it's so natural so yeah so as far as like processing M. I. Like I didn't do it as much I had my always do it for me and it should be pretty much at this point I throw it in the in my instant pot and I put it on high and pressure Cook it for forty five min it's with like either water which is rare or rabbit stock that I have from my last pressure cooking so when you make you pressure Cook Rabbit in the instant pot brought over there and they tacos days at school man yeah yeah yes I definitely eat them I'm really like I've eaten enough ex-rebel packs now have you eaten any rabbits this year definitely I ended up with having a whole yeah I had like twelve that's brutal it's okay so as far as processing rabbits goes men they're cute dude F two's there were two obvious winners of the bunch they were all basically I could have kept any one of them but to shine and you saw them both outside the head space and put it in the freezer if you don't lock the all the way down that shuttle explode but yeah so you can save that stock so basically we make rabbit Tacos the best Carr's will start talking about it and get it had f one ripcord that you're selling or basically selling I mean well I didn't release gave him rabbits like one of my buddies I take one to burning man and I was like well you do three because I know he knew how to do it I was like three and I'll give you a whole rabbit news I it's on select from thirty three thirty three and you got down to those two yeah crazy yeah and a male yeah so yeah it was easy to get that done abundance takes care of business so what do you make out a rabbit just curious I've eaten it but I don't know it was just stews oh I did like one of my best friends had his wife's birthday and says I want to bring a rabbit and I got a whole rabbit out of the freezer and you pull all the the rabbit meat out and you have a Dank stock so I save that I've axial it or put it in a jar you can put the stock in a jar and Lee talk or polls nights so when you cook the Rabbit in the Frederick Cooker you can just pull it off with a fork and its banging so the last one how big life like at this point on my right eye not like excited to grab it I've eaten show many it's like but but they're always there for me got it back so in the freezer for how long have extra not meet but rabbits always and only I mean just today you saw my neighbor down down I was like no no no and then I got down to about I think the pheno hundred females ended up with like eight that I was like these are all solid stability as being other stable there are no harms like that that's a funny thing when people and I I'd say like when I hear that term I'm always like well when you say is pretty much that's what I would say that's what I've been without the Colt part maybe yeah sure no yeah no you never know culture any F one's ever all right okay so yeah you gave us the twos Yup and that's the ones that you were selling exactly yeah so you know him well my apology so you know so it was thirty thirty three's just a good number and I was like you know I want to solid hunt and I just I just kept going down has changed and terminology she gets fucked up all the time and you know I still say strained exactly yeah there's a lot of words that are abused stability demean genetic stability meaning like homogeneous expressions of of that Gino type or you talking about they don't have her it's not a problem once you made the twos yeah and that's what you grew out this year with the females yeah so what I did was I when I made the like stability always refers to genetic stability and not hermaphroditic traits so changed in the game you know for sure for did traits so that's that's a really interesting thing and back in the day like this all comes Robert Robert Connell Clark's book counter spotty if if you caught that videos making he probably could hear some of that conference it's dope stories and yet it that shit is that's going down shit I I don't know man but I also did you know I was like all the other females at those gopher nothing and it seems like they're stable mm over was like right rabbits digging under my garden and Mike I want to fight you here for that that happened I think for all the listeners out there that's my shit so there's my secret to finding males if you think it's a female and then it turns out to be a male that shit is going to be fire Yeah Structure Wise I pop as many as I can I put him in a small room usually it's about thirty three ten gallon if I'm looking like I smoked I- gase creamy kind of weed and like chemically Kim dog Saturday zoll girl scout cookies crosses like back in the one in the forty five smarty with the trunking and then the one in the two hundred gallon would okay yep so that's how I do it and then then the rest of the way goes if anything doesn't have like the right smell at all locks one quite a bit the turps on the bigger one I like the best those are the cuts that are actually out there art is a goal so how do I sell a you know it's like what do I really want like what am I missing that I can't just go get everyone's growing so I start there those are the three you pretty much are not gonna come out with like bananas or lime or any of that shit if you stick to those and they're the real cuts so how I do it is no no mention of Hermes and that's if you WanNa talk about stability like back in the day like stability was genetic stability like we didn't talk about end the base genetics basically that are going to contribute to that and and try to make it as easy as possible for myself so smart pots and then I fire those off get him to about five nodes but flip that shit and then looking for males and females well you can totally fuck it up yeah yeah that's true I think the cures is doc jet fuel g towns you know Hercules whatever but yeah so that's how I basically do it and then we're getting released any no cardboard bullshit like I'm trying to make hunts easy for people so if you due diligence when you're breathing then you can you just get rid of those so anything that squad emails especially ones that I think are female as they're growing and then when I flower out they are actually mails on Mike key and so even if those are going to come out with an epic Turpin profile I'm trying to throw that structure into the gene pool so I can immediately sometimes you pop a bunch of beans and a phenol has no smell cardboard or something out compost pile because those beans are took finish him off and just go if it's a seventy day strain go like another ten days to make sure the beans come out nice and healthy because they're supposed to die on the vine when you make my my focus is definitely on Turpin profile and structure sure plant structure so you don't think that cure adds to some of the the profile and then the males are really easy to like get rid of the crappy males you can see like jump up and like just looked lanky and James but yes so take care of some of that record right of course yeah I'll bring jars on my I'll be like here and I think this is what I really want to hear I don't really care what it looks like zone plenty of weed that looked terrible and I it was fire but I'm not trying to grow terrible looking read but I only get yeah I mean well structure and turbines try comes second for me if it smells and tastes good and gets me like rock history as for life though like we all make mistakes I made a mistake and I got to atone for it and I'm GonNa take home that guy for sure so how do you want to tell people how you select your females absolutely okay so it takes like the first essentially the most important part because you can take great genetics and a great grow and turn it to shit yeah infinite search for the bottlenecks is it not enough county back is it not enough light is it not soil pot is as farmers were always searching for where the bottleneck is so that concentrate will then start to go back down and see you wait a couple seconds we'll start to hit the bottom again and it gets a you know you get a lot of vapor you gotta send me beans fine motherfucker size scented like probably five six hundred dollars worth of beans now from a bunch of different people so hard to find Schnell grow those out you know maybe I'll play with him we'll have to see the final product we haven't sat down and actually been able to try some of the two flour I I had is the bottleneck in like for certain people it's like all right this was fire but you threw it in rep at newspaper and left it in totes for three months and then my buddy who's that he's been testing my F- ones for me of everything in another state and he acts that you can trust yeah it's close buddies yeah this is one of my best friends from high school like you like through it through a machine you know it so we can always fuck it up and and that's the thing about it you put all this the right graffiti together and skateboard we did a bunch of illegal shit like when we were kids so I I always knew I could trust them and we're down but and so we got to just stay on 'til the end yeah I know I listen jars that have been birthed and when you burp them it doesn't make a sound Adler just let them go go go and then then that's it do scope them or do you ever scope the trump's I go for Turkey hunted for people because how many hunts have you done where it's like there's not even a keeper in this pack it's all Jack Turps or bananas and it was supposed to be written once it gets at this time of the season I just refuse to fuck it up man if you work hard enough if you're one of those I know we talk all the time then I know you're on it you'd you're actually dry and then you're on so you still not dip into it but yeah it's it's fax man I'll tell you your plans look nice I I really want I really but all the slang and like those are all from the keepers those two that are outside but you saw it see what I'm saying so it's not like some random really made it so that I could smoke some of that and and I was high on it and then I was like yeah that's all I want to smoke I need more and he was like go totally random try and smoke that shit it's out another thing when you if you have to let them go as long as possible aw that's when you can go on vacation do go anywhere you know fuck we add it you know I don't even you're not even starting the process is like having other people test my gear outside of Mike my direct family you know I don't really expect that to be my laboratory somewhere else I don't even expect a cool somebody grows my shut up I'm like new in the world of this that because it's been illegal for so long so if and so I didn't do any breeding outside out there definitely had offsite breeding to do the beefcake so but I did Mike carport thing my my cover ten by twenty and it's I don't know what the center is it's you know probably my pot and the one behind it the one that's over the roof is in a one hundred and fifty gallon the second cycle smart pop so guarantee that one of those wouldn't be hemp so somebody grows it out an indoor and that's all they want they grew one plan the temp outside shit every year so that's that's what I call that one that's like and you can see the tack with like I'd like totally bit his style except I netted the whole top because the freezer right now I didn't like we were talking about earlier with the hemp around me I couldn't do any kind of breathing even selective pollination outside this year because I could yeah I think well the mail that I found I'm going to use that mail to make other crosses for sure I saved pollen you would never think but as the winter comes the sun gets lower in the sky so you have to account for that so you just put it off all those shit shit that's we'll do like that's the thing fence I wouldn't be like Jay Plant Speaker Dude I'm Jay Plant Speaker plant but you know for anyone out there you have your son where your son goes follow that shit around over season and figure it out and you can sneak in places the real dense one with the three leaf oh gee that was like somebody Imbaba the other side's it's I mean that's the one I got to say basically as you saw you see I have like an alley and I have to have everything like at an all angles like we talked about like that you know then you know you know you're going to have people that are really test your shit do greenhouses and that's happening right now I've got their people running my shit I just saved the pollen yeah so we're going to see you know I'll probably hit some ship indoor this season you selected pollination indoor about we'll see how there's the one two that's just in front of I believe the the Gee Whiz and that was the motor was at the motor brow the one it yeah so that's Vanilla frosting I someday I'll grow one overthrew proof yet man I really could have done it I really could have done it this year I have I have one that is reaching the top purple dude it's got resin tacos hyped growing that plant that I think it's Humbled Seed Association. HSA Yeah shout out that Shit foxy huge ladder big yes we like casts indebted that plant from the roof shows hilarious everything looks so fire back there ten feet maybe I dunno levies and it's almost touching so but that was the only one but but sometimes you gotta pull him wide so they don't go by so the D. L. AH levels that I'd just put it on instagram sure but it's happening yeah and I'll be in dispensaries in in the valley you'll be smoke in fire I can't wait bat yep it started out all fucking lemons but now it's gas tricalm tacos Resin tacos the resin talk yeah now throw a bunch of eggshells in there to make the worms multiply and then I'll throw a bunch of leaves that I gather from anywhere you can post on facebook hey does anyone have lied do what I call silo tack that's Hashtag that you can find on Instagram Silo Tech so what I do is I'll take some four by two wire and make like a silo like a cylinder that goes over the pot that depending on the size of the pot about three feet high I have enough weed I'll do a whole open pollination with power male or something you know now you have that GPS back there which one was that the okay so those to the the two in the back are both Gee Whiz they're two different VENOS- ones in a forty five gallon second or third cycle in all these healthy microbes into that and just the worms and everything and then just leave it over winter the whole time and then when you're ready to plant into it you just organics are I can't remember who it was they turned me on to like the forty fives because I can pick up a forty-five by myself even it's been watered and move it around water it melts yeah so you set up a whole ecosystem and then plant right into that pot you can throw a cover crop before you're ready to throw in but Mike Canopy just blocks all the sun always yeah that's really interesting is that basically keeps you know till living soil right absolutely and I march I do a little bit of cover cropping but mainly it's a couple from the transplant saw cover crop my transplant then shit but anything bigger I should kind of start sucking than anything smaller you can't really do a new not environment it's too small of environment when it freezes aw hit it with Jay Damn Microbial Solution J. M. S. which is made with a cook potato sock and some leaf mould from healthy farce mm-hmm coded leaves put that in a bucket and you you squish it out wait a couple of days no bubbler that foams up you spray that on your compost and then aw I throw a couple of forty fives out there to see what happens and it works out great but you do have to feed the plant so luckily or not luckily work I have a bunch of rabbits and I do the rabbit a colony system and you can easily Google and see if you want to do rabbits the colonies kick that shit off throw all that Makarios to finish off and then when you look in there dude it's like worms and it's like straight castings so I'd never the silo tech thing about just gets the soil ready and then you've gotTa Make T.'s somehow and keep feeding the plants especially with forty fives outside like doing in on frosting yeah it's it's we got the sorry what's it turned into now's a lemony it's starting to turn into like the precursor to gassing of salaries really hard to kind of do that with pots I mean effectively it sounds like that's the way it as far as trying this for many many years it freezes all the way into the center of the pot near fucked but the forty fives with the silo it can totally be snowing on top of their I'm hyped on now because that's purchase news so my whole vegetative cycle I don't purchase nutrients at all nitrogen is very easy to acquire from this kind of thing phosphorus is a lot harder to get I don't really typically saved my bones and grind them up and make cal foss and things like that but typically the plants are so healthy and there's enough nutrients we're dude we'll go we'll go buy something together yeah probably like three or four months ago so is there a future for the ripcord past the F two but yeah that's what I thought I thought it wasn't the right cut but as fire hyped second year in that soil would you put into this year is enough phosphorus in the rabbit shit to wear once they start to flower they can start pulling that out of the soil so I don't notice any phosphorus deficiencies at all but room castings because silo tech yeah because it keeps the soil warm enough in anything over a forty five gallon don't try to do silo tech and like a ten gallon I think it was water I'm using all the leftovers from the rabbitry I get to eat the rabbit's make pelts make bone broth and grow my plants with no aleve and Banerjee that's indoor like if you can get that outdoors tacos are coming off to be with the Tacos are happening on that yes and please take my leaves in the fall it's coming and then just put those all in the pots and then I put rabbit shit now south on the top water that in one bottle of something yeah that was just like a gift to the babies yeah yeah they they love ocean ship to I just want to empower people to do it for free and do it themselves or like you know buy natural products that you can easily get from local people that are nice families go support they'll be all the route exits from the nitrogen fixing plants will be there transplant it and they stay there and not worry about a cover crop because hat community farming things huge yeah no it's not all about not sharing and being I'm locked in my own bubble and I can do everything didn't make that you know it's just you know at this time of the season it's like for nine dollars I was like I'll take comes great and then so they eat the Alpha and then they take a shit and they piss in the ALFALFA and eventually it's deep litter system as well that's Korean notch recycled a full season grow a forty five I don't really recommend that I'd say one fifty or above if you don't WanNa have problems and have to do extra work but that's fucking dope but the community aspect once you have that is is it it adds to the diversity in the ecosystem of yeah yeah yeah my goodness grind bones for ten hours just I could so if it ever came to that I know how to do it I can make my own of that but today I went to Paris Paradise Supply and bought and nine dollar bottle of liquid bonemeal it's probably GonNa give me another five ounces and that's worth it like buying that's my ultimate goal find those people and we share tech what's really crazy is every time something comes up you have a pretty you know living a modern lifestyle nine dollars have you thought about bottling some some goodies to I think about it all the time I there's a lot of regulation some kelp as well yeah I spent twenty Bucks Kelp this year so you look at you look back they're like okay my bottle that was nine dollars and then a kelp thing when it was first firing and this is like lemon frosting like fuck this plan to make an extract of the show and then met it started changing so much it started the shit when it comes to labelling but I think there is a time and a place for me to just do that and I may do that eventually I'm not sure unexplained that real quick absolutely so here's the deal I'll make it very simple one quarter cup of Jojoba oil one quarter cup of soap not soap that is and pickle juice is it's a Laco ferment so it's like the gas bacteria that's on the pickles down the cucumbers you don't add any inoculated pickle juice that actually cultured but so but you don't even need the labs if you if you're like I don't know what labs is that I can't make that that's fun just do the Jojoba oil and awesome inexpensive way to fix it you WanNa talk about your strategy that you had with this pm yeah man absolutely right in the bud I speak yeah I got as you know we had that bad weather sterile and even the mic my healthiest well I there are a couple of plants that I was surprised. Ah Aren't tested for even with somebody's been talking about with micro-toxins and all kinds of like what's really in there we can never know man except if we make it so I was dedicated to fixing the little bit of problems that I had naturally and so I started with I used pickle juice because I had pickle juice it's on all healthy vegetables so when you're done with that there's Dylan garlic in there and I was like Dillon Carl I was like that's probably like as many as much as I can you know as they say get off the bottle but I can't help but look bonemeal it just like a bom meals dope I mean right right right right well I can't help I love most minute obviously or come from bottles right now but I do a lot of dries in next year I'm going to switch over to mouth is is like in this part of flour if I wouldn't straight in my mouth it's not going on the plants yeah I don't trust buying anything because there are things like so you can take all that out and then I'll just either brew a tea with like a bunch of that or I'll just tap trust the plants with it or Mulch it in so I'm saving I was like you're so healthy surprise you're getting pm and just a little bit and so what I did was GonNa Start with something that I would obviously sprain nope not so emulsifiers the Jojoba oil so as soon as you spray it on and then if it rains or whatever that should've wash right off pretty much but it knocks out it's been so long since I had PM fucking forgot about this thing and I was just a week I remember and I used it and it's all metal and you know people argue well you know tricalm's the oils in there it's obviously oil base and so they can make some change an detract bugs there's turps and things like I was like I'm GonNa go for it and it was working but I was fighting an uphill battle until I did the hello by and needed at that ratio it's not high enough concentration of oils and almost vacation additives and then here's the other thing is p with pods this is the way to go because it's really set it and forget it and it's free those are the things is like is it set it and forget it and is it free I'm going to be busy unscented it's these both at the co-op right now they're they're open and then I added some lack of bacteria that I had well Quarter Cup each fucking handled yeah I follow up treatments yet I had a little nuts up mix those together quarter Cup Quarter Cup and ajar mix it together and then put three gallons of water in there and shake it up and what happens is the alley that yeah pretty much soil biology fucked than if you plant so locked out there trying to impose themselves but healthy like healthy growers I looked around I had a little bit of follow up treatment that I had to do on like the darkest side of that one big Gee Whiz so as soon as I see any little bits I'm not scared to display that right quick and it's gone tomorrow it was amazing it was twenty four hours and the leaves Shiny Shit when I posted the pictures of the instantly and you can spray it right in her mouth how about oil is is it's a natural antifungal and then soap nut so the sap innings alga and it's not gone like it's hidden it not there so the rain comes and washes off that leave the D'Amato translating and obviously you can see that they're healthy leaves and they're not clouded with anything so there's not going to be residue on leaf miner no caterpillar had one spot betrayed us that I cut out just in one spot and then yeah not only your ipm strategy but but The issues you have this year if any I mean because you know we got aphids this year real bad I haven't had I saw growing it's not gassing then all of a sudden at the end of diesel fuel it starts off a little knows the right cut you know start at the lowest parts of the plant and works its way up so you walk around your plant you see a little one leaf with pm you hit it with a little bit of this you can with a little spread outright if this happened it's handled them now and you probably think that's a better option than some of these farmers can use products how these essential oils favor of your plan and stuff like that sounds like this though isn't geared towards the the keys oils to key is that it's a modified and that it has no flavor and when it's Tur- like trimming and hurt preserving those trees back you're going to be a party in here man give me a call man they up tarps Dr and then it doesn't spread and then but it's best to go all the way around the whole planet that that latitude you know all the way around doc soap nutso which is so funny man because I knew about that years ago I like taught a class at Sau Community Gardens about pm and I was like us this and it's a healthy things that you could put your mouth anyway you're next to him farm and there's a lot of fast that's the only pm handled if you want to just say right now on this podcast that there's no excuse to have pm anymore you should be able to base is to that one I wanted to get to you real quick Ron is do you think that you could have you know being that close and that much cannabis in one field did that affect like your master grower friends that are like I have aphids for the first time in particularly in talent talent for some reason in my grower friends and talent are having like mad aided problems right now applegate every greenhouse has aphids if you don't have aphids and it's the perfect selfie every time yeah so it's like let's be honest and so I was honest about I saw that and honest about how I o and then all the pollen from that field just blows out the back so I've seen some pollination in like some of the pre flowers and everything but this is the last season to do it in the valley yeah you're talking to somebody that plant talk to them I'm just saying they were like you're gonNA squeak this one out but it's not going to be like that could've been me run a male's here and I'm fine with that not selling those seeds and what do you ever see those seeds and I'll just throw them in the fire well so we can chalk it up to the area and then I never spray the top of my plants as soon as I see any problems at the bottom and I only see pm when it's she rain it's been but now it's berms that's what's up yeah and that's the thing is is you can do it the forms are showing it's like you talking about do you do hours or something to you or the one who said aphids it's like you know that's that's facts you know if you don't predict that and then you know a lot of these success story of for you basically on yeah great news that Infield for now I definitely the plants told me that the forefoot discount not disciplined like ploughing it turning everything over and in having a huge I haven't had been by that farmer that's crazy I haven't had one eight hundred I haven't had I haven't had any obviously spider mites no I've had ormes they leave it fallow all winter they don't put a cover crop down they go in and it just till it you know they get or even like some of the alley which would be fine whatever if if it's GonNa be good then cool the plastic and shit that's a major problem so we'll see how that all goes then I shout out to our house forms because they don't use any plastic and they're hemp looks better than anyone else supplant I had friends that they're like they do route trenches with Sappington Nutso to modify the Ho- Bal l three gallons you know with the hemp fields you know and the pollen so mostly yeah well and like you said monocropping to these big farms should throw some sunflower ground he's got three or four year old soil waters shit comes out pretty much you like and I've done that before and I know but I'll give you some ocean haven't had an awesome shit but I don't want to hear you bitch about your pm ever again well you go that long but he parrot if that's all you gotta deal Yeah Yeah we'll do a podcast forward true I smells so gas high on it B.'s zanex sitting by my bs and watching him play in and out with pollen I'm just like bs that's been I've been waiting to add oh stay fly original dexter original dengue so yeah you know I want episode twenty-seven way back when was with him and they had they were known yeah because there's I live on this side of the valley we have sun and water this is where the hempsall going to be grown it may take over this whole side of the valley the pollen is a major thing lucky for me some Hamm's strategically located in this valley where the wind just blows that way because it's a valuable cash crop and it's a good crop to grow and it could do good things but it it could force out the craft drug type cannabis growers out of the sleeves people thought they were wet they work do they were just freshly dipping with help I was like yeah like a bath yeah yeah great yes the they've got

Ganor Cassese Jack turps Jackson Darren forty five gallon twenty dollar fifty gallon two years five six hundred dollars fifteen thousand dollar six seven eight seconds thirty three ten gallon two hundred gallon seventeen decades ten eleven second two three years forty five min nineteen years thirty minutes