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"kasey kahne" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"News starts Now It's three o'clock. I'm hearing vote topping or report this hour. Tomorrow could be the day. The state's 2021 budget is in position for final legislative approval on Thursday. It's balanced in part A $4.5 billion in borrowing and $700 million in tax hikes and democratic Senator Carroll. Sir Lo says. It's not something we should celebrate and the Hill oppose any additional increases. Nobody takes it lately. We never have to read revenues and I am hopeful that is the end of raising any taxes. Democrats removed around $240 million from Governor Murphy's spending blueprint but it's still nearly 300 million higher after other items were added. New Jersey residents will be able to pick up the opioid overdose reversal drug naloxone beginning tomorrow as well. The drug, commonly known as Narcan, will be free to residents Thursday through Saturday at more than 300 pharmacies around the state. The state has a list of participating pharmacies online. It's the second straight year that the governor's administration has hosted in Naloxone giveaway. Last year's event was just one day instead of three. As in this year, the number of participating pharmacies Also nearly doubled from about 172 320 in 2020 Anew. NJ COUNTS Report finds The Jersey homeless population is up 9% this year compared to last Kasey Kahne Bureau of Monarch Housing associate says the totals probably hire because this year's count was conducted over an entire week. Not just one evening. It really focuses on meeting the homeless where they're at where they're comfortable where their routine might be. The report also finds black New Jerseyans are much more likely to become homeless than white New Jerseyans. School instruction plans are changing in multiple district's around the state Ocean Township High School has looked to an all remote learning now until Tuesday, after three students tested positive for Corona virus, the district's three elementary And middle schools will remain on a hybrid schedule. Meanwhile, in Mama's counties, Marlboro Township at the Board of Education Meeting last night, the district announced plans to double its in person days. Room two half days to four half days while scaling back on live remote instruction per day that he's too was expected to begin the first full week of October. And another celebration goes largely virtual amid the Corona virus pandemic with the annual Times Square New Year's Eve ball drop, as reported by CBS to news organizer's with Times Square Alliance today. Announced it will be a virtually enhanced celebration, though they added there would.

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