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"casey jame salunke" Discussed on Keith and the Girl Comedy Talk Show

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03:52 min | 2 years ago

"casey jame salunke" Discussed on Keith and the Girl Comedy Talk Show

"All right. Let's start the show, ladies and gentlemen. Today's guest has been featured on comedy central the Huffington Post. And the only person I will be talking to in this episode. Sirius XM the podcast host is the good the dad and the ugly with our buddy, Casey Jame Salunke will winter. Wow. Thank you so much guys. Lot of action. I I don't get taken the purse out like it is no CD thing is the world going to end if she keeps it in the purse. What's her deal is she high strung? No, she's pretty chill. She's pretty chill now. She's not. No, I'm I'm being told she's not chill chill. That's not chill. Shoes. That's you'll really come around. She is she with anybody. She sexually frustrated what's going on. It's gotta eucalyptus vibe to her. You know, I would usually say that terribly organized is not like getting fucked that be my general opinion. I don't wanna hate. I don't know Bianca. I got to watch you fuck. Throwing shitter my girlfriend was win more organized before we started dating. Now, she's just like shits kinda slide in a little bit. And she's happy. Good for you. Thank you. Don't really good about it. That's one way of telling a big. Nothing. I see I see dust in the corner. And I'm like good for me. Got a priority straight, by the way on your podcast. Speaking of which you do mentioned more than once. And so did the guests that you have quote, a showed I have showed its thicky not along. Okay. So it's like a short but thick. Yes. I would say it's like if you cut a king sized Snickers and have right. Not fun size. Okay. Where am I gonna like probably like five inches, but like the C don't show Keith? He's not interested. Okay. Think he's interest. He's got a very interested. No how much I'm going to go to CVS after this show and just hold onto knickers. What he was talking about two. Did you bring that up or like did you fuck a comedian? Then they bring it up. And how does everybody know this founding over time? I like I have had different views before because some girls are like not really blown away but length, but another would be like, oh feels big. And I'd be it was very confusing and then around like twenty six I was with a girl. Who is just like. Yeah. It's it's a thicky is not Alani. And I was like I finally have confirmation. It's important for dude to hear it from somebody else right there. Because when you're a man out there in the wild. You just don't know what makes a good dick until the lady tells you. Yeah. I mean, maybe that's why you guys keep talking about our tits as we passed. Make sure you know, we wanted to know, you know, it's it only matters when you get confirmation for the people that you tried to have sex with do you have to work harder. Do you think than most why I don't know if I have to? But I do for you. What's what's the move? I mean, I'm just like are here. All my friends talking about like girls being on top and shit. Letting them do stuff. It's like I've never been that way. I got low self esteem, I'm like really fucking working heart. When they go on top you push them down. Be like, no, you're a Princess. I don't I can't keep feel that much when they're on top really to be real with the like because I'm not getting the full range of motion because short so it's like kinda be doing my own thing. Make it pleasurable for me is it more instead of more thrusting more grinding, no the grinding is what is like I like that feels good for them. But I need the thrust to be getting off because I feel like the the moving around, and they're rearranging if you will more of a big dick thing that's the benefit ad in the big is when the sex doesn't stay spicy..

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