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"casa kameda" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"For you and for rick and the brunetti sal everybody the whole bar. Where's where's. Where's stephen taken everybody tonight. Actually we're going to play some branch. It's been a staple there <hes> called casa kameda most of the guys or hispanic to work for us when pasta or mexicans. The vote was mexican so that's where we're headed. I love it. I i tell you i didn't get a chance to talking. I've been laid up with this idiotic eye surgery so i can't come out but <hes> we had had the trip down for the haskell the food down there. I mean you you can't you can't go wrong and in fact the jersey shore is packed with restaurants where we went to the cards. I got the card sitting on the corner of my desk. Have you been to that semolina in red bank. No i haven't i've been there but i think my brother and steve they liked. It and we also the next night we went to <hes>. Speaking along branch went to traumas traumas pretoria. Yes that's not a good spot at the end. There's a place called in the last tonight with the families at end jellicoe cheap right. That's a that's an institution you but you gotta know somebody. How do you get in you. Gotta be actually actually unit we either you either need a we need a sacco or lou ferigno to get in there uh-huh passionate about knowing the owner i <hes> i said ray ocean city. It talked as a great. I don't know the president again. That place is what's. It's aw up spots. <hes> it's great great spots the jersey shore really we'll have have a wonderful time tonight and <hes> everybody so deserving and you come up to the spot and take home the money mind control adds a great one as a three year all to his success here in the hopeful greg congratulations and continued success. Thank you very much was replaced talking to you today absolutely absolutely greg sacco and the nice <hes> story of mind control the brunetti family. What can you say comes back and that was thrilling. Finish on a day that had nothing but thrilling finishes and outlandish performances we covered off quite a few we still got more yet rick hammersley standing by to try to reach each day as he makes his way to kentucky nouns announced and he reminded me when i was talking about all the great action saturday opening day. A kentucky doubts on saturday hammer. Where are you well. Put it this way. I just this past the dude ranch so <hes> gasol getting close to nashville absolutely you're you're. You're zeroing in impose. You've you've torn up the track. You left on throwing wow. I i roll pretty good. I had two great days of weather and then boy yesterday yesterday <hes> coming into oklahoma city road closure and a little detour and then <hes> near little rock yesterday i mean i'm telling you i just i got hit. By this hellacious thunderstorms for you know sir i can handle fifteen twenty minutes of it but it was about an hour of white knuckle forty mile an hour driving <hes> you know watching the white line and i said that's it. I pulled over. I was hoping to make yesterday but <hes> smooth driving today a little rain. Ain't i hope to be in kentucky downs in an hour. So tell you the truth. <hes> good run well done. I'm one of those one of those. That's actually pretty loves to be out on the road drive and so it's <hes> it's good and and i'd say listen to i get to listen to the replay the sport and then the the whole show makes the driving go pretty good so congratulations to to shug as you said and drake sacco to kinda kinda good and and i was <hes> watching the i guess it's legal i was watching the races and i was driving puts the bets in cruise along ny as so anyway it's been it's been a good trip well. I'm glad glad we caught you and we'll start to anticipate the weekend opening day. The five day meet presented by run. Happy at kentucky downs hammer hammer safe last section of the drive. I glad we caught job. Sounds craig entries are tomorrow for opening day so <hes> right back into and reaction of ready for it awesome those of you that.

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