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"carson wentz fever" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"No, It's not the Charlotte sit as coastal Carolina. The chandeliers and chandeliers, Right chandeliers. You know, you got not a chandelier. It's a chandelier. What is the chancellor? It's a bird, right? Yeah, It's like some sort of fast bird. It's like a roadrunner like a bird. That's on the outer banks. Carmen Carolinas, I guess Chantelle ear So you got bonus. Carmen and your co today. Lucky for you. Maybe not so much. If you're expecting to hear Greeny Greeny will be back tomorrow. We're going to go to White Sox pregame comes your way. Then White Sox will try to win the set in Oakland and they come home. They got the Red Sox got the Angels. I'm going to one of those games next week, Wednesday night. Looking forward to that. See Shohei sounds exciting. Yes, indeed. Taking the Children. Yes, I am. Is a viana going or Yes, she hated against. No, she's coming. Yep. She's bringing a friend on them. She's not going to monster, Jim. She's not going to monster Jim know me and my son are going to monster jam with just asking. Is that a boys only activity then? Uh, no. I don't think it's boys only I think the way they set up the deal was, they asked Danny and I if we bring our oldest and and bring a listener, a couple listeners they gave away some tickets. We're giving away tickets today. Do we have just one para mark? Yeah, Just one parent. One parent and I'm like I said, we're going to do that in about 15 minutes. Just worried. I mean, do you think I'll be honest? Sitting at home with it? A little grave digger? She does like monster jails. She dials a mud going. Jeez, I wish my dad would take me to this. She does like monster. Jim, I'm not going to lie. I haven't told her yet that she won't be going next Friday. Tears in the eyes on that day. What do you How do you disappoint a child, But I think she'll be okay because we're going to the Sox game Wednesday. And she's bringing a friend. She's bringing a friend. Yeah, and you're leaving the boy at home. No job is coming. Double dip for Geo. Double Dick. No private time between you and the daughter Geo does get the double dip. That's true. How about Daddy? Daughter dance? Karma Can you can't wait? I can't wait for the first daddy Daughter day you're going to enjoy that. I know I can't wait. I'm telling you, she's seven so we can go a little slow The minute you put your little angel in your arms and you start dancing with what? What are you waiting for? I feel like I had knocked out three or four. Well, we're daughter's daughter dance. I mean, it depends on what happens. You allow your daughter to join. She does dance She's in the dish is huge in the dance. We'll dance. It's not. It's usually more Vaca. Like an Indian princess. Yeah, we haven't done that. Yeah, because, like I'm telling you, she's seven. I feel like by the time my daughter hit 12 10, there's no daughter. No daddy daughter dances going on anymore. Gotta do this before 10 or 11 times. I better get on that then. Yeah. You got to find it, Carmen, and it's not going to walk into your lap and say, Hey, way there's a daddy daughter. I thought it was like something that school they do. You got to hunt it up, man. Don't you said you're right Clubs, Country clubs, that kind of thing. All right, country clubs. Uh, I have Daddy daughter dance. I don't belong to a country club. Well, why not had seen the palatial estate you live in Played five rounds of golf a year. I'm going to join a country club. Are you waiting for why you also called five rounds of golf. Here we wait. Join the second pool. We go to the pool community school. You get a coke. You know, whatever. You three drinks. Yes. Scream ice cream, though. Yeah. Ice cream machine Jack on the rocks, just saying stay out and pull those thereafter. Paul between one and 1 15. It's Caddy. That's catty. J. Patty Day between one away 51 to 1 15, baby Black hates that joke. It doesn't even get well, He black doesn't likes Caddyshack. That's okay. Different strokes for debates. The joke doesn't like baby rules. I come on. It is a funny, you know, Caddie Day 1 to 1 15. That is funny. Yeah, well, just the premise is, however, premises. Funny. So, like I was saying, we've got those monster Jim tickets if you want to win. Stick around because we're going to play a little game. And if you know, Pearl Jam, Monster Jam, Pearl Jam. See what I did there? Wow. Amazing the creativity that flows boy. So is that one where we can, where the it's dripping from the ceiling boys. So you don't have to love Pearl Jam now, if you do Might be a little easier, but I have We have a special guest that's going to help you. In the game. If you're stumped, Eddie Vetter himself will be on the line. I'm just kidding. We do have a special guest, though that's going to join us to help you. Secure spot in the finals. I guess you'd say or today qualifier to maybe have your name pulled for the monster jam tickets. So stick around, you're going to have given you our predictions for the division winners. Predictions on the Bears record when we think Justin Fields is going to actually be inserted as the starter, we've done all that. Let's do a few more things here. Europe. Let's just pick the winners and then we'll go to the awards section of the show, Okay, because it is the start of the NFL season. We have a lot of similar teams. There aren't too many differences here. You know, your co doesn't have Atlanta in the playoffs in the NFC. I do. I don't have Pittsburgh and the FC Yurko does. But by and large we both have. The Chargers may be a surprise to some. We both like the Chargers to win the seventh wildcard spot in the A F C this year, So we have a lot of similar teams Jericho who is winning the NFC this season. Oh, the NFC is going to be one by the Green Bay Packers also have the Green Bay Packers winning the NFC. I think I love my green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers is going scorched Earth Part two here, and then he's going to leave Green Bay. He wants to leave with the Super Bowl ring in a big F you a big middle finger. I love it. The green Band, Wisconsin, A F C winner York. Oh, it's going to be packers and the Indianapolis Colts. And you've got a lot of love for the Colts. You get Carson Wentz Fever, buddy. Yeah, I like Chris ballot. Wow. I got to say I'm a little shocked by that You should be. Good for you for going out in a way. Well, listen. I mean, you want me to take Kansas City? I will. I mean, I didn't either. It's too easy to take Kansas City and to go three straight years as great as they are As much as I love Andy Reid. As great as I think Patrick Mahomes is Believe it or not, I don't love their wide receiver depth. When was the last time we said that? That's the one thing you can nitpick right now about Kansas City. They're an injury away from like it really got to rely on Nicole hard meant a lot, and I'm not so sure that they're going to be able to rely on record could be the horse. I don't know about that, man. He who do you guys? I have the bills. I know that I've had some trepidation about like could covid wrecked their season. I think they're too talented, and I like the coach and Brian Devils gone at the end of this year, so if they're going to do it, they got to do it now. Brian Devil's going to head coach next year. I'd be shocked if he's back in Buffalo. So I'm going to go Packers bills who's winning the Super Bowl? York? I've got the Green Bay Packers weddings. I hate to say it, but I picked the Packers to Yeah, that sucks. We both picked the pack. Well, hopefully we're both wrong. I mean, that makes everybody happy. You know when I just gave him the Gucci Do you know? Well, do you know the last time we both picked the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl? They won the Super Bowl 11 4011. Yeah. What was that 2010 or 11? What we forget? It's one of those two. Maybe 2010. The Super Bowl could have been 2011. But it was after the 20. I think you're right. And you're going. I both picked the Packers to win the Super Bowl that year. That's the last time we both picked out in Dallas, right? Yes. And they won the Super Bowl that year, So maybe we didn't Gucci. Um, last time we did this, they won the Super Bowl. We'll see. We shall see. Who do you have winning MVP this year? York? I'm guessing it's going to be Carson Wentz. Carson Wentz is my m v. P. Wow, Even though his team's not going to get to the Super Bowl, I did go. Very chalky. Here. I went with Patrick Mahomes doing EVP Who's the defensive player of the year? A good kid? Amigo Chase.

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