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62. Thank You Pikachu

Special Conditions - A Pokémon TCG Podcast

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62. Thank You Pikachu

"What's up pokemon on trading card game fans welcome to episode sixty two of the special editions. Podcast where a love for pokemon collecting collide supposed conditions is part of the pok. Mon professor network and today is november. Twenty six two thousand twenty one of your host. Adam tuttle and. I am joined by my co josh brown. What's going on what's up adam. Happy early thanksgiving friend. Well yeah for you. It's still the day before thanksgiving. It is thanksgiving happy thanksgiving. Yeah yeah turkey. Day man turkey day. Gobble gobble gobble gobble. What's like one thing you can quickly spit out that you're thankful for You adam You this show the community pokemon cards in general But you you got cards man. Like i am this for you as well and I know in just a few minutes that you'll open a birthday gift that i sent to you. Because he birthday was monday. It was a couple of days ago so happy belated birthday. Thank you sir via the podcast. I know i did wish you. Happy birthday on your birthday Just a lot of things a lot of love going around. Stay safe everyone. Yeah please having a family. Dinner is not worth risking your safety please. Arabi smarten safe out. There and look thanksgiving will happen next year and literally. You could have this dinner at any point in your once. It's all safe. You could do what you can do this in march. No-one will care because it doesn't matter but right health you could also face time your family calling them is still important telling them that you miss them and love them and still reporting. Yeah you don't have to do that face to face in restless safety of right but we're we're not here to to to talk about that adam. We're here. We're talking about being thankful for pokemon cards. 'cause it's the hype is real pokemon cards exciting. I've heard their big thing these days. Yeah here we are. You know sixty two episodes in. What is that like a years worth. Well yeah yeah. And then you've got some youtubers coming in and just being allowed like. Hey i didn't do pack openings. But now i do. Yeah and it's like a man. Can they just listen to this podcast instead. Yeah i mean they should. I mean they'll get more information out this podcast than they will any other videos. Also we'll handle the cards better just saying definitely for sure right. Write today's episode. Everyone we're gonna go over our pickups of the week artist week. This week is spooked at the courting. Pokemon card of the week is going to be done. Fan from vivid voltage. And then we'll end the show with our t. and comex pack opening. Oh yeah thankful for the guys over there. Thank you so much. Just everything comics is done for us. So far just awesome definite. Thank you so much that we have another cold. Pack opening from them later in the show. It's a good pack to open. It is going to be a good pack and then also we will have a vivid voltage elite trainer. Box youtube video up hopefully soon. We'll open them together and have some fun like we did a darkness ablaze. Yes that video was a lot of fun. E random question. We'll get to it later. But wise dongfan such bad pokemon and i will accept no other answers than he. Just is a bad pokemon. He's one of the worst. He's one of my least favorite pok ones. What i he's like buys that he's like my my semi semi likable like eight not semicircle. He's like in my top five. There's no way that. I have like a like a plush avraam in little figure you still dumb he. So did you watch pokemon the movie. Yeah where ashes fighting this random trainer like the. He's like. oh go done fan. Yeah the whole thing was like this new pokemon love cool and he did his rapids fin where he curled up. Like an armadillo. Just like came at you. I was like that's so cool. Hey maybe people out there will say shake their head and discussed at me right now but you know what i stand by that saddam. I personally like dongfan. Maybe that's because i played dongfan. Competitively are good along with How lucia sure. It basically had an attack that i don't even remember now i have to look it up. We'll come back to it next okay. Anywhere we'll talk more about dongfan later with her show like it or not. Let's get into our pickups of the week. Do it so this week. I'll start with me because i know that i'm excited for you to yeah. We'll get there to one atom so folk the calendar store next door to me facilitating twenty. Yeah right. I mean there's there's like toys and stuff to went in there there so sad that went to work on tuesday My break in you know. They don't have a very big like section of like pokemon stuff. But i went in there and the last time i was in there. They literally had a loan Flurry on darkness. Ablaze blister pack. So he said hey. I don't have that promo. I'm going to buy it. And then when i went to check out they gave me ten percent off and i was like whoa is that because i worked at the mall. And they're like yes. And i was like who think you catch me I was like let me know when you have more pokemon cards. And then i went on tuesday. They had single packs of darkness ablaze. And i was like what's the price and you look at the back and it said three ninety nine a coup. That's a good deal. I'm getting ten percent off still. That's better than getting a pack. A game stop. And with that being said i turned around. And what boxes do i see other than double from champions path. How 'bout that. I got three of those nice and they were ten percent off so i walked out of there with three double boxes and i was so excited as my son and i did open them. We did record a really horrible horribly recorded video. But it was mostly tages if i pull the charred To have it on camera and literally out of the twelve packs. Eleven of them were just hollis. Okay and the last one. My son holy gardner for the just the regular art okay. Okay and he goes l. At least we got something good and he goes. I kind of want to build a psychic now. I said okay. I have plenty of guard of worse. You can build whatever you want. But i was like a last pack magic then it was like b. That was the worst combination of double boxes. I've ever purchased. Sure i mean i guess. I shouldn't expect anything less because every double box i've opened has been garbage right right right rubbish rubbish. We're gonna do though and aside from that. I think the only other thing. I picked up where some pages for vivid voltage. Okay okay just some card. Holders leaves the ones he put in binders. Yeah just for the folks at home you need. You need binders to put the new cards in a syrup and you need pages to fit those cards in and i think amazon has a black friday deal going on four pages. Oh i didn't look at. How many come with it. I just saw that. It said it was a black friday deal. So but i had already just purchased pages so i'm like Do i need it. Probably not do. I want it. Yes right interesting. And then then the other deals that are going on I don't know how long but target has fall tins from. I think two years ago or a year ago with like sylviane glazed john. Leon ho nacro And i think marchetto g x her ex but those tins are nine ninety nine. Those are on and off on the target website. I know the hadarim box was going for nine. Ninety nine But good luck getting that. Because i'm sure every scalper and their grandmother has that Notify me when it's on just by as many as you possibly. Can they go immediately. Yeah it's hard to get like get the notification. It'll be like one. Minute ago. When i click it and it'll be not there And as far as other sales Came stops black friday. They're doing a like all the the joe. Dogs i believe the anti soo-keun req- like pack the packs themselves aren't good. I think it's sun and moon steve siege. I think it might be an evolutions but a even even that doesn't really make it worth anything because they just released the big joe like konta collection boxes so packs are out there now a little bit more so and then i think the other deal game is doing is the buy one get one sixty percent off so you get like two elite trainer boxes for like fifty bucks something like that instead of being eighty or he just pretty much anything any pokemon cards but you buy one get one sixty percent off so do check online. I don't know if you'll hear this before. Black friday hits but if you do good luck stay safe be safe make smart smart choices yes please and Yeah hopefully you're able to snag. Some deals yeah their sales out. There is just a matter of finding the stock to fulfill the sales that are happening. So yeah pokemon senator. Just you know now. Has this big orange symbol or banner at the top of their website. It's like shipping. Orders are taking a lot longer ten to fourteen business to as for them to arrive. And it's like ship and arrives. It's like okay. I got that as soon as you give out as soon as you give out. Rare pokemon cards New show that there's a charge card in the set her at like going to be released. I can't imagine people not wanting to buy as many packages as possible just to get it right. So i mean the way they. Could you know curb that is you know ceo of free promo in your order of fifty or more which would make sense but then that charges are instantly is worth fifty dollars. So then the first person to get it graded Gets to sell it for a ton of money question yes Vivid voltage The theme decks the are is that worth getting. If you could find it and a lot of people are just grabbing it to hold onto it just because the are yes okay. 'cause it's an alternate hollow pattern. I see it's like a shattered glass. Holler pattern so it's a little bit different than the one from. The senate is still a promo card right. No it doesn't say that it's a promo. Oh the only one. That's a promo is the one from the The building battle boxes. Okay would that wouldn't be worth more in the. Yes yes gotcha. Especially if it's sealed interesting. Okay curious because i've seen a lot of the dreadnought than i care. Not seeing any of the chartered's but i'm not gonna lie. I did fall into the hype and buy insurance card one. Of course but i really want the dreadnought one now Okay okay. that's all week. You head out of pickups would you get well i so i got email from the pokemon company About something that i purchased. And i don't remember what it was so i haven't received whatever that is yet because shipping is taking longer than expected. So that'll be a nice surprise. Never that box shows up to my house Let's see here. I got an email from amazon about a Order i had placed long ago for champions path finally got cancelled. So that's also fun I didn't get much new stuff this week. I've been kind of laying low being on vacation whatnot. haven't been out and about also were technically supposed to be in a walk down again on. you know. Nobody's really paying attention to that. So yeah just haven't been going to crazy going to stores trying to be as safe as possible you know trying to just Be my best self if you will But i did open some cards the other day because i have a surplus of an open products so i opening some taxes. I get rid of these boxes in paradise some this garbage and I opened to tins of hidden. Face adam to carry two tenths eight packs out of the eight packs in those tens. I pulled one gerardo s- g x and nothing else. Nothing nothing not. Why jesse. James not a shining Regular version much less a full art. Nothing i've never been so disappointed in hidden face as i was opening. Those tents couldn't imagine. Open those two tens like early on and like be like you know what i need more of this product. I'd be like this is stupid. Why why would i do this. You know. I'm sure. I just got too bad tens. I know luckily draw. I just. I don't feel like i've had that kind of luck within fates at all ever like there's always seemed to be at least one decent hit at least in a ten much last like i don't know probably to one of every other pac has some sort of hit. It feels like yeah. These were just garbage man. So i texted you. It's like how do i. How do i get over this feeling because this is a not a good feeling this is not more just. Don't yeah all this stuff. I'm like i don't want to open this stuff anymore. Because i'm just sat now thinking about this but it's a what did they say see. It's like you just gotta like not open things for free little while and then you open them again and you're like an. That was me. I said to myself. Oh vivid voltage. I'm not going to buy any like not not that. I'm not gonna buy any i just. I couldn't find it but i wasn't worried about it like i know that there's going to be another wave. It's a it's a it's a set. It's a standard set so it will be released again like it. It'll be in the stores. I'm not worried that i can't find it. Yes i can't find it right now. Christmas thing in scalpers our thing. It's just with all the new hype around. Yeah so it's just one of those things. Where i just said you know whatever if i find something i find it and you know what i did. I found it lead trainer box about it. I pulled a hyper chunk chew. Yeah you did like immediately after the podcast last week. Right attacks you the picture because you you pull the full the v. max right That like that was epic. And then here. I am like. Oh yeah hyper rare v. Max and then two days later on our zoom call. I pull a hyper rare leeann right like that. Like that just doesn't make any sense. I've bought less packs of vivid voltage. And i have the more rare cards from the set already. Doing good doing it. And then speaking cards. I did happen to open up. If you go into my twitter A couple champions path packs and finally after over hundreds of packs. I i pulled the shiny cars. Rv also i like how you just hijacked my segment to talk about your jars hard without leaving like tell you what. I pulled my champions path. But then i can't even tell you because it's not hard. Go for that me before you even had you. I can't. I can't follow that adam. You pull the chargers are i'm so freaking gentlest man. That charters art is beautiful. It is but it's one of those things where i pull the second one you have the hidden feats one. I'm sure we could work something out. Yeah i know. I got a lot of champions path to get through open in wise to before i started making traits like that. No i completely understand that. Okay to wild and crazy over here him but things happen things happen. Would you champions pat though. So i opened. The boxes is like i got a couple of marnie boxes. I got some halloween boxes. I need to get through. And just move out of the way. Because i was sick at looking at him I got some vs sort of ease. The way lord v which is hilarious the dreadnought the elder gos- creamy venus orbi which is a cool card. i did get the dread in the guard of war v. max cards was a pretty all right all right the full arts. I got three of the cursed ghost. Cursor la's part full like rainbow wish those those look so nice sir so pretty The grap locked. It's like a wrestling octopus. I don't know what it is The guard of war v fort. She's pretty cool And then i did get a couple. I guess you'd call these rainbow. Yeah yeah these are rainbow Do you call them secret. Hyper hyper errors i think. He's a hyper. Rarest pierce in guard of war feedbacks vipers. That is cool apple. Does hyper is a really rare. Though they really are. Yeah so. I feel pretty good. I feel good about champions path. I'm not feeling great. I would love to see. Some charges are get pulled. Obviously but no. It's a slow process of a move in at my own pace here. Adam what i can. Yeah that's all we can ask. That's pretty much it as far as pickups like you know what i've actually Intentionally picked up But i do have a box next to me. That i i guess would be considered a pickup 'cause you picked it up from the mail i did pick it up from the mailbox in it since from none other than adam tuttle himself who is nice famous. Hr guyana Charters left ride then pulls another one girlfriend polls on overflow charts. but we've. We've made the decision that we're not going to sell anymore. Unless i got a double. But that's fair so yes no. I have not opened. It's been sitting on my on my table for days. Now adam do you want to open it. Yes okay gopher. I have no idea what's in here. I did slice the before we started recording. But that's okay. I think i put some like bouncy balls in. There's some jacks perfect. 'cause i thought you might like those A nice little dry side duck upside. What a great little pitcher sidewalk. That yeah that was drawn by partner should now. that's wonderful. Tell her thank you for that i will. Is there anything fragile. I'm going to break. If i just start digging stuff out. No you never know with the atom k lot of a lot of loose wrapping material. That's the bottom of the box here. We got A pack of vivid voltage a booster. Pack oh god. We have a sealed guard. Adam is a case. Did you get what do. I even wanna look at him. So i'm looking at the back of it right now so i don't even know what i'm looking at. I'm super nervous. Oh my god. Oh god okay. I'm saving that okay. So it's a graded card even holy cow. I'm saying it's face down at him. I can't see what it is. There's several other cards in sleeves behind it. Also so we're gonna look at okay. Well look at the sleeves. I yeah foot these over k so we have side. Couldn't tell you what set that it's from another side. He's also sides. Oh this is fantastic. Okay okay these are all older sadek's okay. There's a hidden fates sidewalk. You need more. the definitely always get squirrel cars. Are these fantastic. Oh my god. These worlds are so great. I love the different color. Variations are deceased for squirrel. The squirrels are fans. So what do you know. i'll stop. you're not the top of my head. Because i'm not looking at them but i showed me the symbols. I'd be able to tell you instantly. one's like a swirly symbol. That doesn't help like a like a whirlpool swirl. Like water goes wonders okay. It looks like a kind of like a crab one. the doesn't ring a bell. Kk black white maybe half black half white. There's like a k. Backwards kedah frontward k. On it o like a team plasma maybe just an ex. I don't know i i'm not sure how there's like a crown with an upside down crown underneath it. Yeah i don't know care we've got hit phase Got something else. I don't know how to describe that. Describe that describe that Yeah after with these up. Thank you those great questions to have everybody figure you know he gotta start somewhere. Yeah and now this this this car that was said to you that was it was not something that i purchased and made and spent a lot of money onta. It was a really good deal. And i don't know much about g. m. a. guy but i do know that like it was just a good deal i said okay gonna get it and send it to you for your birthday. Her are look at it. Yeah go for from detective pichu. Jim meant ten sidewalk so cool. Boom it starts here collection. I know but that's the thing like i don't know much about. Tma sure but having a ten feels good. Jim minton yeah. That's so cool. Thank you sir. You're very welcome. I appreciate that. Can i open this. Yes gopher. I spent long time. Since eastern bliss blister pack yes Still have not opened any vivid voltage sands show. So there's that Code card don't give it away for t. L q be four. P r d. Seven t r. c. At the code is wait psychic energy. Matang kuna mu cheese chat thought jokic cottigny mud bray slug mma reverse hollow Striker and hollow zuri. Ooh that was that one psychic type that looks really nice the cool of card serious cool cool redcar thank you man. I appreciate that. you're welcome. Well i basically pick that up because you had been telling me that you had been able to find any and then after i picked it up you were able to find some so but still. I still just wanted at least get you a pack. Just had something appreciate thank you. You're very welcome all right well. Let's let's open some packs real quick. I know you just open vivid voltage. But let's do some some burning shadows here try. Let's try our hand at another charter. We opening here. But let's open to of these. If i could get the pack openly guys. All right. code cart is x. P. h. w. l. t. c. g. for n nine. Rt good luck fighting energy booth lot. Electric semi siege in k. Stifle brawler moral sandy geist. Beware rare reverse hollow an electronics. So regular rare wop wa. Okay gotta start somewhere shadows. Marsha hurt quickly. Another sale is burlington coat. Factory should have like a mimic. Your pika to keychain pen. Three plat three pack type thing. It's eleven ninety nine. If you can find nice packs artem berge. I don't know. I think it's burning. Shadows probably siege jer. Cocard are w. p. m. c. b. k. six xp x six p. Good luck Adam did you know that. I'm on tiktok. Now you're on tiktok on tiktok adam. I'm making about pokemon card. Pack openings. There are a little different than what you're doing But i'm having fun with it. I'm picking some Some old older essay older ninety s style music The play while i'm showing off the packs set of opening and spend a lot of tiktok is a very interesting platforms. Go follow me poconos. Peo- kelly in a y. S. e. has definitely interesting to say the least trying to do something different. You know Water energy olivia. Louis tone plumber area. As a trainer it's where do powder tangaroa right horn review. Kfi fly who've reverse hollow pikachu and non hollow letty on okay. That's not bad. The picket pitching okay. Yeah the reverse hollow to in. This is actually. I like artwork work on the speaker. All right code card is d. Cousy wbz c. b. wj w four seven. Good luck water energy mount lennon. Akilah knock towel ride on. Do biter tangaroa horn ray. Lou cutie fly reverse hollow rare liken rock in a rare shillunatic regular rare. Not good not good. You need to bring the heat. Commend last week was wow. These pets are hard. To open is go onto each other's last week was a good opening accords. I don't know if we could follow that or not. But we'll see r. j. w. d. n. b. d. nine z z g b. Good luck to you folks out there electric energy which will baton mount lennon akilah wiki. Tiny dusko enga- stuff will crap brawler reverse hollow tang growth and a regular non hollow tang growth. Wow oh gosh. so we're doing good now. i would not say that's the thing atom. It's disappointing disappointing. One more from this three pack. I'm opening it right now. I don't carry say. What does that mean. i guess opened another. Do you have another one on me. Right now. Available. yep all right. i'm opening this one right now. We've got a pull something. This is kind of really. We have our four packs are q x. Hd six l. Seven p nine wc. This feels like the other day. When i was opening cars was like i'm just gonna start opening stuff and polston fire energy gousmi On ruby curia merill pants age. Spur pichu knowing that a reverse hollow right to and non hollow mud stale. What the move. Yeah because it's like it's like you open up. A bunch of champions path in it's like champions path is like every close white so definitely can't be disappointed but you can be sure code card exc- l nine two b. j. to l. Bmx ride that miss bmx. Good days. really. Yeah yeah. I used to skateboard I didn't have the the quite the balance for skateboarding or roller blading. Yeah oh yeah and then it's like then you get older and then you're like i have bills to pay so i can't get her right and then you're like you just get scared. Fire energy knock towel. Desktops met a pod then appeared horsey mud break later. Bath who'd verse hollow hair across and crab domino's crab crab Can't even say let is six green codes tonight. Garbage adam maybe are. We got to open. It will be better. Yeah it has to be better comics. Come through as later this right later in the show so stay tuned. let's set. Let's switch gears and hang out with sue bat here and talk about the art of the week. I like this week is through the courting poco mantra at first up we have a bat from black and white. So this is like it made it to parents. Beautiful carton it's a. It's a full moon cloudy skies behind it. Just really dusky looking but very bright jackets. It's very bright. And i love that. And it gives you all the details of the actual pokemon itself. You get to see its tail. You got its wings. He got it's both of his is his mouth nose. You get to see it. And sometimes they don't do a good job like showing you the hoboken shirt i i like it. I like you said it. It's not supposed to be like a scarier. Creepy guard like the moon is like eliminating everything Looks like it's in the pacific northwest. A little bit I i love the trees i i. It's a it's a bright colorful poco onto it's not like hidden in the shadows or anything like that so like get gorgeous card adam. It is and it's like it makes me feel like it's in like a campground or something absolute that if that's the thing next that we have the swu bat from. I believe it's rebel clash. Oh my goodness now. I'm like. I forgot to write it in the notes. Don't hate me But basically i'll. I'll get set in a second but it is like a super hand sketch. Drying yet super weird man. Yeah like i don't understand and it's like this. Somebody's cooking like lasagna. On the sides of it or something and it looks like it will be like seventies the seventies. Yeah it's like onstage or something i just. I don't understand anything about this card by picked it. Yeah why are why are the wings crossed in front of it. Like what's it doing is sitting down like i. i don't understand it's from cosmic a clip. Okay if you need to. You need to get better in the you need to see this percent. Yeah it's almost like there's like red in the front i. I literally can't explain just random circles and colors and and just it's bizarre. There's no explanation for why this is what it is. Yeah it shows up at standing on a stage with red yellow and green like swirls in circles around it. But it's adorable. Yes and it's like there's no rhyme or reason cow i just don't understand it but it's cute it really is all right. And then lastly this is my favorite art and this is gorgeous. It's it's straight up gorgeous in. It comes from the newest set. Vivid voltage. don't stupid how pretty this is. Yeah 'cause you take such an ugly looking pokemon and made it absolutely stunned. They're like take the poco amata way. And you've got like the best sunset over the ocean mountains in the background. it's very red and dark purple. It's but like the sun is the brightest behind the su- back and the sweat itself is very well drawn. Yeah beautiful the colors of it are perfect like just the detail of of the bad is self is just on points. You could finally understand like its tail makes like a heart shaped like. It's hard to see that. In other pitchers specifically i don't know man it's it's again but if you take the puck away like that's a pretty card in itself just the background to bob. Ross painting and then you add this pokemon. You're like okay. I kinda love this book one for no other reason than this car right now exactly but it just pops it does. It's it's absolutely stunning. And that's why the one from vivid voltage is my number one pick. Well done. well done all right next. What is the next poke next. Pokemon for art of the week is going to be bliss. See wessie see. I can't think of any bluesy cards off. The top of my head i can. And so we got Let's see let's see policy. Can't wait can't wait to see what you got all right so blessed We will be back on the next one with that. That bellizzi being the pokemon to talk about I do wanna just read a little. Blurb from one of its cards from bliss says while from no from Smart okay anyone who comes into contact with the ultrasonic waves emitted by according male experience a positive mood shift tow he was so about what is up front x. y. breakthrough positive vibe. Me any day so bet. Right just I want to be in a good mood all the time. Just yeah you just catch a su. He just like send it out. And you're like do summating calls go court anita energy in new boost. A ha josh. You ready for a break sacred and we are back from our break. We that we just tick hayfield Exhausted i read up and down the stairs at least three times on that break. You gotta get gotta get your cardio steps it man. I've been lazy on my vacation. You know i steps in when you can well. That's why they call it a state case. Yeah well let's twenty twenty nutshell josh. Do you want to run through a little husky. You know why. Do adam you know i do because this podcast is powered by patriot. You could check ours out at patriots dot com slash professor. We could support this show for as little as a dollar a month. That one dollar will get you. Access to our patriotic exclusive discord. Which is a fantastic place. Filled with fantastic people like ken. What's up kid joint at our show supporter tier will grant you access to our monthly. Tc geo tournaments which is an awesome way to connect with the comedian chance to win some awesome prizes. A patron isn't your thing. There are a few other ways. You could help us out. If you're listening on youtube he could subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell to smash real good. If you're listening via podcast service like apple podcast. You can take a moment to leave us a review. Finally he could visit store over. Pokemon professor dot com slash merch. And pick up some special conditions. Swag t shirts hoodies coffee mugs and more war back to you. Thank you so much for that. We're going into our card of the week court court and this week is done. Fan your favorite pokemon at this week is from the sword and shield promo from the vid voltage Bill battle boxes. It's number sixty seven up the reason i picked this. I like the artwork to be honest. And i like honestly the vivid voltage like name in the stamp looked. So nice it just it just. It's red it is It so the reason we have dongfan here he is a stage. One of fighting pokemon with one hundred fifty hit points for retreat cost double wheat to grass. But where this pokemon shines is its earthquake attack for one. Fighting energy deals one hundred and twenty minutes. Oh so you know turn one you have fancy hall next turn you evolve into dongfan and you're like yo what's up hundred twenty damage right your move. What next that's insane right now. So earthquake like obviously. There's a downside. There's always the downside so says this attacked is twenty damage to each of your bench pokemon. Okay don't apply weakness resistance for pokemon. Okay okay and then you've got heavy impact for one fighting and to colas for ninety damage. Did you ever do that. Why there's no reason no reason at all 'cause it's based damage even if you're knocking out your own pok mon. I would rather hit for hundred twenty. It'd be able to knock them out the next right. 'cause two hundred forty into hits. That's not bad. That's gonna take out any v. pok mon maybe not whale lord but And then you got to be careful with the v. Max pokemon sure but i'm sure you can work around. It and there are some cards to help do that. So full picks from. I don't know it's one of the sets but it has an ability that says you know prevent all damaged under this while it's on your bench so you could be using earthquake and it does nothing and then there's also wish cash From rebel clash and that has the ability. That says do any damage to the bench. It doesn't take any damage so again to pokemon that you can play. That won't take any damage and it also has an earthquake attack for two fighting's for one hundred forty okay. Okay of them. Prevent bench damage on the off. Chance that you do get bench damage. There's a jinx that allows you to move damage counters from one of your like one once per turn. You can move one damage counter from one of your pokemon to another so you could be damaging one but it another right and you could This with something like spirit to tube does more damage. I think it does ted damage plus thirty her thirty image at ten damage plus thirty for each damaged counter on this pokemon so it has sixty hit point so you put five average counters on that. You're doing one hundred sixty damage for one energy which also like works with don fan that also like i've talked about it many times podcast There's the fighting doj. Joe ads ten damage to any fighting pokemon that seizing basic fighting energy on it. So it's based attack damage. Now do one hundred thirty. But if you're losing for one energy you could do one hundred sixty. Which is you put vitality band or something like that you could basically one shot a An eternity feedbacks. Dang okay. i'm listening right. And there's also the new stone energy from vivid voltage that says as long as it will now says as long as energies attachment finding pokemon and provides fighting energy The fighting pokemon discards attached to take twenty damage from attacks ball from your opponents attacks so it wouldn't help you in the earthquake situation but it also doesn't help verse the The fighting dojo situation as well because that has to be basic fighting. So it's kinda like a toss up like. I don't know which one would be better. You could probably throw two of those in there just for like attack. 'cause it's still fighting. Energy helps reduce damage. So if you're against another stage one fighting deck or another stage one deck like you could have the edge over them just by having those near death but yeah don van i think has some serious potential and i think there's a lot of one prize attackers coming out of vivid voltage that like allow. Some crazy plays so stay tuned. Because we're going to get into more. Maybe not attackers but just some support pok mon stuff. There's definitely a lot. Vivid voltage brought to the table. Is this set going to change The we ought dramatically change. But what it does do. Is you know. There is a coating energy that came out at vivid Which is a metal energy that basically says the metal pokemon this attached to has no weakness making any metal deck and eighty p z so ours iago pal kia and sasha or melle mel metal and ashen luke metal That's gonna be even better because now 'cause kazan she takes three metal energies into to do its attack. So you'd find yourself in this weird position would you'd you'd have like a water energy attached and it's like that does nothing or if you have the weakness card does nothing but this coating energy allows you to be able to play at energy in it still count towards the requirement for the attack so it just it just improves those decks. That much more. Okay so i. I don't know if it necessarily changes a lot of the format but there's a lot of spread decks. There's a lot of decks that do spread like damaged like there's an awful. Mx that once. Your attorney put ten One damage count on your phone pokemon. Okay which is really cool. This is this is cool cards in the set. And i think it just takes a couple. It's gonna take a little while to get you know heavy result said but it makes it makes it hard because you wanna play something fun. And that's why i loved smaller event because you could just have fun. You could literally play you know don fan and something else and just be like. I'm having fun. This is what i'm playing and you might go against all eternity feedback stacks and just beat them. All because you're fighting and your that one wildcard or you may lose all your matches but at least you have fun. You know and like smaller events didn't never count towards too much so you could risk it and like now it's like oh well there's there's money involved with a lot of like online competitions that go on right now like i know. There's there's like tricky. Jim does some stuff. There's hexter tournaments There's just a bunch of online organized. Play stuff that's not for play pokemon. But it's just like money's on the line so you can't have fun if that makes sense like there's no like basically i think the set is awesome for if you wanna play vs on the on the ladder have fun with it. Sure just play play whatever you want build build different styles of decks. Just have fun with it. That's all i can say. That's what it's all about right. Yeah because if it's not fun why are you doing for the clicks. Adam for the clegg's no not not us not us not us. We've been opening packs and sat episode one Adam you are. You convinced me. Dongfan may not be the worst pokemon awesome. Yeah that's my only goal from the start of the show. That's as my favorite but definitely not the worst all right. We've got some impacts here. Do we're gonna get into our t. n. comics opening what's up. Everyone's says ken from the poco professor network. And this booster opening is brought to you by t n comics teen comics. Dot com is our goto site when we need poke montesa g products and if you use code full he'll at checkout. You can get an additional five percents off your purchase that's full. He'll one word f. u. l. l. h. e. a. l. at for an additional five. Percents off your total purchase at t in comics dot com. All right. thank you so much for sending over each a champions path. so let's see if we can poll fire. Do you want to go. I still pull mine out of these. Tends if they were so nice to listen. Those tens are so clear great for shipping impact. Like this yes i like. That was such a brilliant idea. Kudos to team nine comics. But here's a code. Courtesy of comics all right for p. y. cheesy. Gt nine to be the six v. Good luck trainers alright. Fire energy sharp. Ito suspicious food tin pokemon senator lady carbon a- sua blue zillah peed wheedle glaring reverse hollow full. He'll what that can't be. That's like that can't be scripted. Reverse hollow full. He'll use it as a code full. He'll inozyme guard hollow right. that's awesome. That's like that's like the perfect pack for us. It definitely is yeah. I'll take a reverse hopeful. He'll any easter. That's better than chartered code cart. Six v. l. x. c. r. p. c. y. z. Nine good luck also white card. I get ready. Get ready for the instead was at least a hollower. Better energy hop harbach sharp pedo rock rough potion khurana e. coli polio lee chop reverse is a great ball and hollow much. Yeah are this week not good weedy to. We need to step up our game for next week. I wish it had like open packs within reaching distance right now. I try to make up for it but i don't so we'll we'll have to do it next week. Adam okay good. Because i have them within reach out. I can't without going to crazy not to say without him all right. I've okay with that. I think that's the show. I think that's a show all right trainers so remember. You can always email us info at special editions. Tc g. dot com leaving voicemail. Texas says picture seven three two eight three five eight six three nine. Hang out in the discord. Come to hang out. That's probably the best place to hang out with us and remember if you're effective is special condition. Don't forget to use a full hill. Happy thanksgiving everyone.

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