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"carrie solesky" Discussed on WLS-AM 890

"He would be sort of the last one all Between the speaker If the allegations are true, if, if McClain folded, there would be an easier route to the speaker's office. It reminds me of. I know McLane was reached by think, perhaps be easy or somebody, a Tribune reporter, and he said. I'm never going to offer up any evidence to the feds. But that's what Scott Farewell said about George Ryan until they took him on a little ride a little ride. Out to South Dakota and back and then that was it. He rolled over on Ryan. So is McLane considered to be the linchpin to get Man again. I'm putting very bluntly. But if he goes, do you think Madigan goes I think that's the only way It would happen right? He he could be the start of the blocker for format again. But the difference, he says he's not. Going to flip. But the tribute is also reported that his bones have been wiretapped. So I saw in the Tribune they had verbatim. So obviously have they have verbatim. The feds have The wiretaps of some sort of very copious notes. One of the other we're talking to the Chicago Tribune reporter Stacy ST Claire, The governor's walking a delicate line on this is well. John Dempsey. Yes, they see. The governor talked about this after the comet plea agreement when Madigan was implicated. And he was asked about the appropriateness of Carrie Solesky heading the Illinois Commerce Commission, which regulates com. Ed, so I want to play you his soundbite and get your reaction. Let me just say that she has served as a public servant. For the state of Illinois for many years Now, there has not been any allegation against her, I think would be unfair for us to hold.

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