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"carrie snodgress" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Here on seven twenty WGN live in the skyline studio here on a Wednesday morning warm yeah and that we've got to another round of know your onions that's a little game that we played Tom your host to read you a news headline and you have to re read a guess whether it is real or the onion and the I mean being a satirical newspaper that rights county and yes so we'll do around that we go Blackhawks press from last night's game as well three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number for talking text also coming up after two o'clock Neil McQueeney is are going to join us he's the owner of the midway dispensary on archer in Chicago on we're gonna talk about tell dispensaries ran out of cannabis and how you know Illinois dispenser sold nearly forty million dollars worth of it just in January alone so we're just talking about old Chicago which was this crazy indoor amusement park that was in Bolingbrook then I went to a ton of times I'm looking at I just Google image told Chicago and the memories have just come flooding back there are a lot of great pictures from from old Chicago from the outdoor with the dome to the indoor the with the rides in the malls in the mall so the idea was that it was be it would be in you know what I mean the only the world's first indoor amusement parks road was surrounded by a mall but unfortunately the mall itself failed massively there were no anchor stores are you know they were small boutiques really terrible stores and nobody booster people stop coming because there wasn't really because the idea was to go drop the kids off you know in the museum park and you can shop all day but in terrible shops that's the problem three one two nine eight one seven two hundred and we're gonna talk about some miles some some ridiculous theme parks to here's Rick on WGN hi Rick yes okay you're talking about old Chicago yeah and good to go there three times I grew up in Valparaiso we had to junior highs in the combined marching band we went over there and mark strong all of the spring and then got to go into the amusement park of course and so it was I I remember memory too but currently I I live in Lyle and I've actually been down there there's actually the approach road still culture cobble drive it's still there is that right and yes the role of the cold Chicago drive that approaches the building is still there that there shall be our building may still be there but definitely the doll and everything else that's that's fallen down that's gone yeah wow I can't believe it's been vacant since nineteen eighty I don't know if it has it may have been used as warehouse yeah this is the you know yeah but man space for storage more sixty million though Rick man that's a lot of money right yeah that that blew me away make any sense that would be the dollar fifty million may oh wow yeah well that's another thing seventy eight for whatever reason I remember you mentioned a little bit ago that there was a concert venue in there yeah and the guy who happened to be there saying in the day when we marched so it was Bobby right tell the guy in the fifties we was but the cameras no we was yeah wow lots of great memories thanks Rick I'm an old Chicago man the memories rushing back I'm still looking at some of the Google images here on the computer it's such a tacky looking for any know what man so that you know they're showing like people walking through and waiting in line and stuff the clothes the clothes we're talking nineteen seventy five to nineteen eighty a very special time in fashion maybe people dressed up when they went old Chicago let's get all gussied up in good old Chicago I will say this I remember loving the haunted house I don't know how to house was awesome I went to it every time we will go we will go into the haunted house it was really cool and it was a year round it wasn't just around like in October of that year round haunted house concert venue I never really watched any concerts there I know I some magic I none as some magic show their I'm but yeah oh and by the way I well I do want to mention if you would like to see some lovely footage of old Chicago rent the movie the fury find upon his movie from nineteen seventy eight starring Kirk Douglas interest even Amy Irving isn't Carrie Snodgress he was shot in the city lots of great locations our water tower place downtown the use the L. really well but they shoot an entire scene in old Chicago and it's hilarious it's a hilarious scene because interest even plays a guy was telekinetic he has powers and at the beginning of the movie place is Kirk Douglas is our son in the movie the beginning of the movie he thinks Kirk Douglas has been killed by Arabs on beach Kirk Douglas was like out I'm again every it was the a secret agent or something and so these Arabs show up on on these boats and they get into a machine gun fight and they grab the kidnap injure Stevens and he thinks the Kirk Douglas is dead so he's an old Chicago is walking around old Chicago I don't know I can't remember why they want to keep I think it's all too Kagel but they're walking he's walking around old Chicago when he sees some Arabs on the the swing parachute ride and so he had good it the interests even have this capability in the theory I don't know if you did in any other movies but he had that this we have this one vein in his phone his forehead in his forehead like between his eyes that he could pulsate like you could actually make it pulls it and so he whenever he was gonna use his telekinetic powers to make somebody fly across the room or whatever or make someone's nose bleed or something his main wood burning boom boom and they would John Perry wrote the score for the movie by the way it's a great score and so he's an old Chicago he sees these guys who are dressed you know they're they're at their Arabs it reminds him of the fact that his dad was killed so he telekinetically on screws the bolts that are holding the metal parachutes to the ride as its circling you know going up and down he unscrewed the bolts the parachute thing goes flyin it on hooks from the from the right as the right spinning around and these two guys it addresses Arabs are in like a metal parachute flying across old Chicago and smashing into the haunted house based on what you've told me about old Chicago probably didn't need telekinesis to do that yeah I know I would imagine some of the bolts just flew out by themselves I am I remember when I saw the fury because all check was still open at that time if you're came on seventy eight so we're still open it was still a place that I went to pretty regulars thirteen at that time and I remember going nuts I remember like a soldier colorful and that someone else you know ignoring the fact that the scene is completely ridiculous and years and years have passed and every once in awhile I'll pop in the fury and I love that scene in old Chicago I love it you miss Smalls I am now I hate malls Hey mom yeah I kind of miss them even though they make me a little uncomfortable like I kind of like the idea of a one one place to go the one thing the only one that I went to a regular to that I went to on a regular basis there was the brickyard because we lived let it like grand in Austin and the brickyard was right there and of course the hip that's the one I went to all the time and it is still here yeah the hip is still there and still good too yeah I would go to the hip and when we go to go to lans castle they had a of a video game you know Damon they're called lands castle yeah and I would go that was that that would be the most consistent place I would go to you know we've been to him we walk around see movie the Norge my record rolling stones that was you know that was a regular that was like a regular day for my friends and I there's a Saturday right there yeah filled yeah and then we go to Dimitrios at the corner of Montrose in central just sit there for five hours not there anymore to Walgreens yeah to meet yours was was great George was the owner of that place he was he was very very cool very cool we we spent hours in that place that was one of those deals where if if you know if you were out and of the other like guys that I hung out with we you know because obviously there no phones or anything there so you can like call somebody up protects them to go where you at just go Dimitrius one of us would be there for all of us it was seriously was like diner it was like a movie diner we were there like every night just hanging out you go across the street to toot beg pardon toutes two men I don't think to to still there to to to you get what you do is you DD zero at Dimitrius thank you Richard had booths and stuff you can set oops was a driving so it didn't have seeded benches outside but you go to to its for ice cream so you needed you needed Dimitrius when you go across the street to toot and you'd eat ice cream I don't know if to deserve close in two thousand six all but the no tubes listed as a little little nice little article here says Toots was not just a fixture of the northwest side yeah it was a grand Chicago hold out like hot dogs or video adventure the hideout yeah it was americana it if its existence fixed in time somewhere between the mom and pop drive through and the hipster frame I totally agree with that I totally agree with that what a loving tribute to toot toot Smith yeah yeah man yeah who's the best the logo was awesome every is there a picture of the logo the two Mister toot is is there a picture of the the the too slow go because he's all areas it is this kind of oddly shaped head yeah yeah there's Mister to die for two right between the Chicago dog that's toot Mr too that's right yeah spend so much time at the major onto its.