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The Life and Death of the European Super League

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01:57 min | 1 year ago

The Life and Death of the European Super League

"So adam now that we've seen basically all of the team's pull out of the super league as of now. I think it's just real madrid and barcelona that are still in it. Can we pronounce the super league dead. Does it still have a faint pulse. Where do we stand. I think we can say it's dying. These clubs will now have to richards. Ufo and previously. They have really significant seats at that table. They were on the board. They were putting over levers of power in their absence. Carrie sandra mona buying if take the biggest seats of influence because the other clubs they will resigned from that position is not a disaster for these clubs in that going back to but it's certainly intended and is the super league dead forever. I don't think you can ever say is dead forever because these clubs still have the most interest this still drive. The revenue drive the interest and if they were able to organize themselves. I'm putt larry. Goes to one side and come up with a real strategic plan an email communications plan. It's not inconceivable that this could happen in the fuchsia. But i think it would take very very very great. People to stall is compensation gain afterwards being the most kilometers. Forty eight hours. You a champions league is set to resume on tuesday of next week and at one. Point uefa the organizers of the champions league had threatened to ban super league players and teams from participating in the champions league rail madrid as of now has not withdrawn from the super league and they're scheduled to play in the champions league semi-finals. Is there a possibility that real madrid will get the boot from the champions league. That's a really good question while we're talking gone while we wednesday afternoon. Uk time as of yet real madrid have not withdrawn. But it's happening forty eight seventy two hours it's interesting in the sense of madrid's president frontino peres. He was the chairman of this new

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