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"carrie phelan" Discussed on Talk 1260 KTRC

"Good afternoon. Santa Fe, Northern New Mexico, seven minutes after one o'clock, gorgeous Dan San if it's a warm one. 48 degrees right now. Nice day today beautiful blue skies, light winds winds that are blowing her down from the north humidity. Winifred is 42% 48 right now Surpassed E forecast. I already tomorrow pretty much the same forecast Saturday. Rain and snow likely 44 degrees Sunday Snow. Monday. Snow Tuesday Snow Wednesday Snow That would be wonderful. What did not 48 degrees right now? Insanity. All right. We'll talk to Brandt Goodman. Here in the second brand is the CEO of Landseer Management to 30. Today it lies assault on And Attorney General Hector Ball Derris. We'll talk about a bill and the necessary bill for child testimony reform and three o'clock today, our monthly segment monthly hour on food, food insecurity. Food Policy Council today. We will have on Carrie Phelan and Wanna Leymah from President Harry Medical Services, and David Sundberg, who is chair of the Food Policy Council that said three o'clock today. Also just just recorded President Joe Biden just finished right before you in live with his co vid plan. All right, Hot off the press..

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