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"carrie cummings" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

"And we're not really talking much football. We did a lot yesterday. We did a lot on Friday and then also the first hour. Of today's show, but I don't want to get some hockey mixed, especially Sal doing 10 to 12 little more football flair in that time slot than you normally would get. So we had Anthony Shandra from expected buffalo on at one o'clock, And now we bring in Joe Yard in the noted jerk AP died by the blade, Joe. Thanks for joining me here on the Western Hotline. How you doing today? Doing great job. It's good to be back on talking with you. You had a pretty good take the other day on the NBA Finals. I'm trying to make you want to make sure it was you. I'm looking through your Twitter throwback uniforms for the NBA Finals. 100% How good I need two bucks eighties jerseys, and then I need the sun, nineties jersey or even their eighties jurors and honestly, like, Yeah, just do it that way. I mean, I know some people love those bucks nineties jerseys from like the Ray Allen Todd Day. Days with like the giant deer on the front, But like I don't know, man. I'm old school. As I love those like Carrie Cummings, Ricky Pierce jerseys from the eighties and Yeah, just give me those all the time, man Like those are the best looks. Yeah, they are throwback uniforms for the sons. I love especially I don't think I've even seen The Bucks ones. I have to look them up. Um, but I have an idea of what they are in my head. So Yeah, I I like it for the NBA the NHL Finals. By the way, we were just kind of riffing about this in the last segment. Me and Corey. Like I don't know if we can figure out really like who were rooting for like of these markets, like much depends much like Montreal hasn't won in a while. But you've 24 Stanley Cups in Tampa just one last year. You have the Super Bowl. Whereas NBA finals right now like I could make the case that you should root for both markets, Phoenix says just the Diamondbacks Championship World Series from the early two thousands. That's pretty much it and then Milwaukee is one since the seventies. Mm. Yeah, I mean, Don't know, NBA one. I'm just kind of like I'm in that. I hope both teams have fun spot. You know, Like like, if either team wins. I think it's pretty awesome. I mean, obviously, you know, Phoenix hasn't won it before. And you know they're 93 team ran headlong into the bulls. So it's like, you know, Barclay had that unreal season that year, and you just say, Michael Jordan, and that's good luck. That's how you're not winning that. But like with Tampa, Montreal, I've been really surprised to hear a lot of people around Buffalo being okay with being okay with Montreal winning and I'm like they're way more history here with the haves like I'm surprised more Sabres fans are more like you know the hell with the house. Let's you know, Let's sample what it again. I don't care, but I don't know. A lot of lot of Sabres fans don't like the Southern teams winning For you know, for provincial reasons, which I mean, I guess I get that too, but but I don't know if he winning the Stanley Cup twice in 10 months. That's pretty special thing. If it happens, yeah, last year, too like they wanted in Edmonton, like their fans were. I'm sure enjoyed it. But not maybe the same extent as if you know if they win it tonight, especially on home ice. Um, Joe, we brought you on, of course, Talk a lot about the Sabres that you wrote about at the AP last week. I think it was about Michael surgery and the status of that What? We were just kind of wondering and speculating because you wouldn't really be able to know this without inside information. But doesn't it sound right that If the Sabres doctors are preaching rest and rehab that Over the course of enough time. I mean, if it's not working, wouldn't you think surgery has to come into play at some point? I mean, he might not be on the team. By the time that point happens, but it's just a thought that I've had. Yeah, To me. That seems like the eventuality Just because her knee I mean I said I'm not a doctor. I'm not even gonna pretend to be one on the radio here, but, uh, but I mean, a herniated disc in the neck just does not sound pleasant in any sort of way. I can't imagine trying to play hockey with that kind of with that kind of ailment. Because I imagine it's painful. I imagine it makes doing basic things very annoying at the very least, if not painful, um and you know, playing hockey. I mean, you're always at risk for having some kind of You know, some kind of injury at some point. I mean, we saw last season the last game that he played. It was against the Islanders and you've got shoved from behind by cases of Zika and then the last, you know, Last time we saw him on the bench was him like rubbing his neck just being, you know, and Pretty, You know, pretty considerable pain. So I mean, like those kinds of things can happen. You know if you're digging into the corner or some, you know, some guy comes truck it in from behind and plows you over. That could you know that could put you on put you on the injured list for a long time. So, uh, you know, I mean, as far as I'm concerned, but, you know, I get you know Well, all things considered. What Eichel seems to want to do is kind of experimental, but I know the view has been taken from from the Sabres and from other people saying that you know it is an experimental surgery that you know elite athletes haven't had it done on him. But I'm like, I don't know if an M A guys had that surgery and has been able to Continue his career. I would argue that Emma is a lot more physical and a lot more dangerous than the NHL is. Yeah. Where are you at in a trade right now. You would. Would you say you're closer to optimistic or closer closer to pessimistic on what the return will end up looking like if Michael is traded? I don't know. A lot of the experts seem to be kind of throwing up throwing a blanket on on things. And I should say the insiders and in saying that they, you know, the saber should basically take whatever you know Whatever good offer they get which I don't know. I don't know about that to me. Iculs, a top 10 player in the NHL. Yes, there's there's the worry about the next Um, but I mean, you're not completing a trade without you know, without him getting a physical without getting looked at in the first place. And you know to me like that's you know, I think that's the the thing that happens If he clears a team's physical, you're getting a top 10 player and that you should have to pay the price for for what a top 10 player. Get you, You know, I mean, that's at the first round pick. It's it's a top prospect. And it's probably somebody you know a younger, you know, top player on the roster like that's that to me. Seems like what the deal should at least be. So you know what? What? It seems like a lot of the, um Discussion about this trade is going on through reporters. Uh, um You know where, you know we're hearing. You know, we're hearing stuff where, you know, Um, you know, they're the Sabres asking prices, you know, super high and you know, than other teams. You know, other guys are saying, Well, these teams don't want to give up anything and I'm like, well Your your middle point in between seems to be where the Sabres are ultimately aiming because if you're if a team is willing to give you that super package that's the Sabres supposedly are asking for great. If you have to, like negotiated down to find that soft middle point That's probably where Kevin Adams is aiming anyways. Joe you're done is on the West. Her hotline AP Sports died by the blade at Joe you're.

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