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"caroline coca cola" Discussed on The Bechdel Cast

"Representation of women in movies ever heard of him movies ever heard of them. No, neither by new puffing Henschel. Year. I have two degrees in film. But somehow I've never heard of movies. Listen, I know I've I also went through the school, and they just don't tell you. But they don't I'm excited for today's episode. It's another hashtag current movie, not our normal fare. But this seemed very warrant. Yes. This is important important. The show is what arrived from hard to know really the hard to who. What who are? What are we point? Oh, wait. No. She's not next man. I don't know how superhero movies. As it's almost like, she some muted, and that's not disfranchised. No, no, no. You know, go bury myself alive. And who so we use the door test as a jumping off point and the Bechtel test for us our version there must be two female identifying characters with names, they must speak to each other and their conversation cannot be about men, and this is just a two line exchange for us solitaire. All it takes it takes a lot of movies manage to fuck it up and a lot of movies in the universe were addressing today managed to fuck it up. It'll be interesting to dive in and the movie, of course, if you've clicked if you've dared to click, you already know the movie is captain marvel. Yes, if you are listening to this, and you have not yet seen the movie, we are going to do a lot of spoilers. So just be aware of that unnecessary. The movie g the dorm V come on Asli. I mean, I the box of if the box office. Is to be judge. They don't necessarily need you. But you should see it made so much money. That's great made over five hundred million dollars while we will. Yeah. Well with much further. Do let's introduce our guest today. Yes. I'm she is the author of superwomen gender power and representation. She also wrote the forward for the captain marvel issue of Entertainment Weekly, which is unchallenged right now. It's Caroline Coca Cola. Thanks for being here. Oh, thanks so much for having me baby here time, we're so we're so psyched to have a true expert. Yes. On the cast Oakmont. So I guess before we get into it. A all of our experiences with this movie are are relatively recent. Yes. In general Caroline, how how do you like the movie? Oh, I was going to tell you my long five day history move, please. Let's unpack it. No. No, no. I'm kidding. No. I did like it. And I think kind of like when I went to go see a wonder woman. I was more worried than anything else going in and kind of relieved even though neither is perfect coming out. So I'll just leave it at that. For now. What's your history with the the property in terms of the comics and stuff for US Super familiar? Have you read a lot of them? I didn't until I guess about five years ago. So I didn't read captain marvel growing up. I mean, I did read some comics when I was a kid. They were mostly DC comics, like superman, Batman wonder woman, my history with captain marvel is pretty recent from writing my book, and it was while I was writing it that the character was sort of relaunched as captain marvel she had formerly been MS marvel right from for like forty years before that. And at the time, they thought well, okay. It's a longer story. But at the time, it was everybody working in comics, except for like one woman at marvel one woman at TC, they were all guys, and these guys I think genuinely thought that they were creating a feminist character. And that's why they purposely used the moniker, MS. Right. And you know, they had her first she was a security chief at NASA. That's how she's introduced. And then later, she's the editor of women magazine. The biggest bakery of ever heard. No, she's a feminist. She's she worked at Govan magazine. The first issue of MS marvel, she's fighting mean Spiderman editor j Joni Jameson. She she's fighting. And he wants to underpay her. And she's like, no you want me. You're gonna pay me this much. He's like, okay, grumble grumble. I want to read that issue..

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