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"carola estate" Discussed on Unexplained Mysteries

"Their reproductive system. When a is killed by a Predator, it secretes glycoprotein which uses to the ground. There it reacts with do or other moisture and swells into a large pile of GEL. Another theory is that star Jelly is a type of slime mold. These are colonies of single celled organisms that grow together in soil, dead trees and on forest floors. Those slime molds, variant size, shape and behavior. They all share one thing in common. A state of their life cycle where they resemble and Jelly like slime. While frogs and slime molds might produce star Jelly. It's not certain that they're the only source of it. It's difficult to say if it all comes from the same place, or if different organisms make different star jellies. Just like the OAKVILLE blobs. Researchers haven't been able to extract any DNA from star. Jelly But while the OAKVILLE blobs contained bacteria and Lucas sites. Scientists, studying star Jelly could not find any cells at all. Which means whatever star Jelly is. It's not the same thing as the OAKVILLE, blobs. But there are other examples of strange non nucleic cells falling from the sky, and they point to a surprising possible explanation that perhaps the blogs came from outer space. In July two, thousand one and intense storms battered Carola estate in south western India. But this rainstorm was different. The droplets landing on the ground were blood red. Researchers examining the Carola blood rain found a microscopic cells floating in their samples. The general consensus was that the red color was caused by scarlet fungal spores that had somehow gotten sucked into the rain clouds. But some dispute the officials story instead they believed the rain had a more extraterrestrial origin. In two thousand ten physicist Godfrey Lewis published a paper on the Red Rain, Carola had experienced nine years earlier. Lewis was surprised when he tried to extract DNA from the cells found in the rain. They didn't have nuclei, and he was unable to find any identifiable DNA whatsoever. This proved that the cells weren't fungal spores as all fun guy have nuclei, Lewis performed a battery of tests on them, hoping to figure out where they come from. When he applied heat to the cells, he was astonished to find that not only did they survive the grew at temperatures up to two hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit. That's hot enough to kill most living things on earth. So. Maybe the so-called Fungal Spores Warren from Earth at all. Lewis proposed that the cells travel to our planet on a meteor that exploded upon entry into the atmosphere. The clouds absorb the alien micro-organisms, then later arraigned them down on Carola in July, two, thousand one. Like Louis scientists examining the OAKVILLE blobs encountered cells missing nuclei with their gooey specimens. If Lewis is right about careless red rain, perhaps that means the OAKVILLE blobs came from the farthest reaches of the Galaxy. Of course, this is all speculation. The OAKVILLE blobs weren't blood red, and they were more gelatinous than liquid. Other than the presence of non nucleic cells, there's no strong connection between the two phenomena. We can't rule out the possibility that the BLOBS game from space, but we don't have any strong evidence that they did either. Just conjecture based on the BLOBS mild similarity to another substance, which we haven't proven is extraterrestrial in origin. In short the things we don't know about this theory outweigh the things we do. The OAKVILLE BLOBS has stumped professional researchers and amateur theorists alike for over twenty five years with each new revelation. The solution only grows more obscured. Today. We are no closer to discovering the truth than we were in August. One, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety four. But the residents of Oakville still want answers, and in the flurry of gathering samples, calling researchers and tracking symptoms, a number of theories emerged about the origin of the enigmatic goop. I, the very gross possibility that the BLOB storms over Oakville were excrement. Commercial airliners illegally dumped human waste over Washington state which caused the spate of mysterious illnesses. Or blobs were actually the remains of dead jellyfish. These creatures were sucked out of the sea by a freak, waterspout and rain down on the hapless residents, inundating them with rotting jellies. and. Finally the poisonous Goo was the result of military experiments on the city of OAKVILLE. Answers have remained so elusive because the government covered up the tests. The OAKVILLE. BLOBS could have come from the see the air, or even the stars twenty five years later they still inspire fear awe, and above all a desperate need to know the truth, because the blobs rain down once. Couldn't they come? Again. Thanks again for tuning into unexplained mysteries. We will be back Thursday with part. Two of the OAKVILLE BLOBS for more information on the blobs amongst the many sources we use. We found the daily Chronicle extremely helpful to our research as well as sunny. Bark lifts account of the incident on medium. You can find all episodes of unexplained mysteries, and all other park cast originals for free on spotify not only does spotify already have all of your favorite music, but now specifies making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite park cast originals like unexplained mysteries for free from your phone, desktop or smart speaker to stream, unexplained mysteries on spotify just open the APP and type unexplained mysteries in the search bar. And remember never take, we don't no for an answer. Unexplained mysteries was created by Max Cutler and is a cast studios. Original executive producers include Max and Ron Cutler sound design by Trent Williamson with production assistance by Ron Shapiro, carly, Madden and Travis Clark. Episode of unexplained mysteries was written by Molly Quinlan with writing assistance by Maggie Admire and stars, Molly, Brandenburg and Richard Rosner..

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