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Apple wins case over $15 billion in claimed taxes

Hugh Hewitt

00:52 sec | 10 months ago

Apple wins case over $15 billion in claimed taxes

"Giant Apple does not have to pay a $15 billion in back taxes. Toe Ireland as they use Executive commission wants Apple analyst Carol Leto says the Trump Administration has been watching the Apple case closely have been very upset by this case and have said Look, this is an attack by Vestergaard but even known against the United States and against US business son against profitable US business So they will say, even on board Tramp mistress will be in favour ladders as the court's decision that Apple does not have to pay the 15 billion in back taxes is revealing that simply shows that said that we cannot go on leaf kind ofthe safe havens tax havens for businesses uncoordinated at the global level, the commission he claimed in 2016 that Apple had an illegal sweetheart tax deal with Irish authorities. Breaking news and analysis

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