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"carmen fito" Discussed on KPCC

"That in the day's news in actual california at nine am right here its members supported eighty nine point three kpcc i'm nick roman the ufc community has been learning something new every day since the la times expose last week about the former dean of the medical school at a lengthy report alleged that darker carmen fito was a regular user of illegal hard drugs and that he prescribed asthma medication to a couple of younger meth smokers there were many more revelations to since then some staffers some students and a lot of alumni have denounced the leadership at usc essay failures from on high have damaged the schools reputation well today on kpcc's air todd guest host liby dank been taught with usca alarms about it all she also spoke with simon barker he heads up the blue moon consulting group its crisis management firm with a specialty in higher education and libya asked him what the news about the former med school dean has done to us sees well tailored image i think one of the things that we discovered alter doing this for your fifteen twenty years is there's a lot more to the story than typically in the public domain adults the uae of red is what can the la times so i think we have to reserved trump pulled of judgement but i will say to the the the fact of the story a certainly quite his injury but really where the things we consider all how is the administration responding and in our view is always the perception of response raw them the underlying event dot create the reputational davidge and i think that the situation where we now when the story start to move from being about uh poorly fito to what the administration knew and way yeah i think that that's an interesting point because there are situations when you run a major institution like this where folks are going to run into personal crises into substance abuse issues into various misdeeds but the question is how then does the university respond you know in your view when i universities approached by a major newspaper and the la times as the preeminent newspaper in los angeles with a story like this how much information to you need from the.

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