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"carmelo shod mary" Discussed on What Next | Daily News and Analysis

"The confederacy and many of the students wanted it taken down for generations. Yeah and and had been working for decades to remove it in a way that was legal and followed all the rules and they went through every process. They could go through the north carolina. General assembly passed a law specifically to protect statues of this type from being removed even by the communities in which they stand and schools where they are in court houses and to make it virtually impossible to remove them and so stymied and unable to do this in a legal way protesters toppled the statue on the campus. And so what happened. After that was members of the board of governors board of trustees in conservatives north carolina said put it back up we would like to redirect confederate statue now in the modern era and this was twenty eighteen and so this was for a lot of reasons. Very bad idea. People who are white supremacists or showing up sometimes armed on campus to quote unquote defend. The statue You know and it's just a terrible terrible idea to deal with any further. So what did the university do about this well in their telling to try to get around this law the state law. That's still in place that protects these statues. They made a secret deal with a neo. Confederate group called the sons of confederate veterans whereby the sense of confederate veterans. Who don't have anything to do with the statue assert that it is their property and they've gotten rights to it from the daughters of the confederacy which did in fact was the group that so many years before had had erected a statue and that they'd be willing to take it off the universities hands in a legal way if they would give them the statue and several million dollars. Technically for upkeep of the statue but still over two million dollars to maintain a confederate statues. That's exactly right and the leader of that group in a celebratory email. Said we're gonna use some of that money to build a headquarters for ourselves. We've won our allies in the unc system in the board of governors Simply helped us do this. It was a huge controversy and and the public only found out about it when it was done deal and it had been announced. So what happened with nicole. Hannah jones when i listened to all of this history is part of a pattern and it becomes clear like in the weeks after the ten year. Back and forth was reported on there was some reporting that for instance i think seventy percent of black faculty had considered leaving the institution. And when you place. What happened with nicole. Hannah jones into the wider context. You can understand why that it's just one more incident that might make that faculty feel unwelcome. Yeah in fact. A prominent tenured professor williams turkey in history. Farmer told me he thinks it's probably closer to ninety percents and their other professors who are leaving their Are publicly saying this is why we've got professors who they were trying to recruit who our top people in their fields. Who've said i'm not coming there and this is why so guy there's there's it's not a theoretical cost so for people who live in. North carolina is the solution to this problem in their educational system. The same solution. We keep hearing about for every other political fight. Were in the middle of vote. Like that's the only way out given the way the boards are appointed as you disagree with what they're doing. Yeah if you agree with what you're what they're doing and this is a. These are the glory days while their husband likes to talk about objectivity and reporting if i totally objective about this and i overlooked any number of things that are ethically objectionable or outright illegal and i just sort of look in it with the totally objective lens than what i see is a political struggle between two sides conservative general assembly in their political appointees and faculty staff alumni and students of the university of chapel hill in many universities in unc system who are are more liberal progressive and they have competing interests and competing philosophies about the university of how should operate what should stand for and one of them is in power and one of them is not a joke kellyanne. Thank you so much for joining me. Glad to help jokey leeann is an investigative reporter at nc policy. Watch and that's the show. What next is produced by lena. Shorts carmelo shod mary. Wilson daniel hewitt and davis land. We are led by alison. benedict unleash. montgomery mary harris. You can go track down on twitter whenever you want. I'm at mary's desk tomorrow. Stay tuned to this feed what next. Tvd is going to be here. Henry gruber is coming in the hosting chair. And he's going to be talking about what happens with remote work once we all go back to the office. okay. I'll get you back here on monday..

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