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"carmax america" Discussed on High Noon

"And that's the question to me the whole point of accumulating draft picks is to choir generation. Talent you got one of those guys. So if you're going to give him away there better be a plan. But the best defense of the giants here is really that. They were losing with Odell that teams who are Super Bowl contenders. Don't need a top receiver that Odell miss teen games. Played in sixteen games over the last two years. But is any of that? An affirmative reason to get rid of all first of all those arguments are stupid you saw much better. He got the second that they showed up the problems. They've had the last two years that more to do with. Oh L being hurt. The the idea that having doesn't matter. It matters a lot last name lady on bell because he ended his agency by signing with the jets for four years and fifty two point five million thirty five million guaranteed after sitting out a year and taking this deal bowl. Was it all worth it for the man? I mean is that for me to answer? That that's the dilemma here is it for me to answer. He was offered a deal that was around seventeen million dollars guaranteed. Right. He got thirty five million dollars guarantee. He was not willing to play under the terms that the Steelers offer him he was willing to play under these terms to me kind of case closed. Yeah. No. If he was someone worried about the risk of playing on a franchise tag. And what that would do if he did get hurt. This is a risk averse move that got him more guarantees all well and good where he didn't seem to meet has Embiid, though, as stated is he wanted to set a new standard for the running back. He wanted to set a new standard of new example, set the market for Todd Gurley and for the Melvin Gordon's and for the Zeke Elliott's and that didn't happen here boat in the NFL cafeteria where the running back sit. This news is not great because there was a bitter in the jets where is there any others in that market. Do you think he really gives a damn about arrested? I do believe that you didn't believe he even liked to do something for the squad. But it feels dizzy genius people that you do if everybody else at all you do get paid. That's what hell of a consolation prize. All I did was get thirty five million dollars. I I don't think he was that concerned about this other stuff but for him. I think the part that people have a hard time dealing with is when I watched most evaluations of what took place with him. All they look at is what the straight ahead cashiers, whether it'd be the cash in the deal or the idea that the money he didn't make last year is money that he's never going to get again. They offered him terms that he was not going to play under. And he didn't he could afford to kind of know the terms and where they get trickier that he didn't get that much more than David Johnson. Right. He didn't get Todd Gurley. Right. Just made a ton of money, and he's already outpaced Levy got an everybody's already thinking was that worth it worth saying? But they keep saying we're not playing football. You know what I've been doing? He feels better now in the middle. Than he has been years coming up next can the rockets win the west as the NBA was written sports. Voting's a fresh set of wheels. High noon is brought to you by carmax, America's number one used car retailer. The right time with Bomani Jones..

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