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"carly tebow dodon" Discussed on The Her Hoop Stats Podcast

"I think 28% of players that transferred that's wrong. It was D two D two players didn't end up at a at a D one school. But I did look it up, I believe it is 43% of transfers at the D one level don't end up in another D one institution. So that's 43% of players. That rough count just from the stuff that we know obviously we all have access to the entire transfer approval. But, you know, it's like cautionary tales and I hope schools are making sure that players are aware of it. They should be in a bad situation for you, but just know like, I think Jeff wall said it like, hey, the grass is the grass always looks greener because fertilizer BS. It's hilarious if Jeff falls who has benefited so much from the transfer portal that we say that, but I think the point kind of stance wait, repeat it again, repeat it again. The grass, the grass looks greener on the other side because it's fertilized with BS. Even use BS, you said the whole thing. Oh, of course. As you know, if you're just trying to make because I talked kind of over the last part of it, so I wanted to have it clearly stated. So that's interesting. Folks, self censor, which we love here. Speaking of transfers, let's talk about coaching transfers. As I like to call them. Yeah. Carly Tebow dodon is obviously a favorite of this podcast due to all your mystic size. She ends up getting her first head coaching job at Fairfield. And Fairfield just won the MAC correct this year. They did. They did. So she's coming into a good program. Getting a good chance. So I just want to shout out to Carly forgetting her first job. Yeah. I am so excited for her. And Nancy was up there, Nancy T Bo, and Eric and Mike were at the mystics training camp, and I know they're going to be making that trip up there. Wearing their red Fairfield stuff. So it's really fun. It's forgive me, guys. I'm not from the northeast. Where is Fairfield? Is it in Connecticut? I believe so, yeah. Okay, cool. I did not know that. It's in Fairfield, Connecticut. Does that make sense? There you go. I don't think I've ever been to Connecticut for as much as we talk about Connecticut. Maybe I'll go up there. It's like in the beach. Whatever. That's cool, man. I know where it was. When you go up there. Huh? Yeah, right. I'm so wrong, you know, hang out. I do think I'm wrong. I don't think Fairfield will in the MAC. I thought they did. I think that they did. They did. They went 19 one. Okay. So they did. 19 a month. And they were in the tournament. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Because on the men's side, I would say Peter, you won. Yes. And made that big run, yeah. So, sorry about the confusion there. Shouts to Carly. Also, obviously, if we're not, if I'm not talking about Miami, I'm talking about William and Mary. Aaron Dickerson Davis is the new one's basketball head coach at William and Mary. Yes. Seems like a great hire. You know more about her, so I want to get your take on her, but she's a northwestern grad, played at northwestern, spend time with Taos in Georgetown, most recently I wake forest. All those schools really make sense with William Mary, which is a very academic first school art, every school is academic first. But William Mary is like, the classroom is way more important than the court. And I think she can handle that if you've been at Georgetown and wake forest certainly. And she can help bring in recruits from this area. So I'm excited for it as a William Mary alum. Now I love her. And I think she has a tremendous opportunity there at William and Mary. She was at Georgetown when my daughter was being recruited by Georgetown. So she was on staff there. So we spent a lot of time talking to her and being on campus with her and she was just amazing. So when she went to wake forest, I know Jen Hoover very well. We played against each other in college. And so for her to go down there with Jen, I thought was really special. But now for her to be first year head coach, I'm super excited for her and congrats. That's going to be fun. It's going to be fun for you as an alum to get down there. I'm going to try to go to a lot of schools around here. But yeah, I'm definitely going to definitely go back to William and Mary. So yeah, shout out to her. I think there's a ton of other news that we can always get to. There's a ton of stuff that we leave on the table in these podcasts. I don't think I'm missing anything you got anything else, Christie that you want to yes. One of my really, it's hard to call, you know, players who you recruited and coached, it's hard to call them Friends, but that is a great friend of mine. Sarah Jenkins, who played at Riverdale baptist, a recruited her when I was assistant coach at Maryland for her freshman year and she decided to leave after a freshman season. And I took those two years off in between, had two babies, came back and I came back and coached at Georgetown, and then that's where Sarah had transferred. So I coached her her freshman year and her senior year. But she was assistant coach at Penn State before that she was also at Georgetown and Delaware, but now she is back as the head coach at Delaware. I'll talk about crying when Nas noman's name was being called when that news came out that she was going to do that. I mean, Natasha there, she took the head coaching position at Arizona state. She was at Delaware. They made that run to the tournament and lost in college park. But for her to be able to come back and coach at Delaware, I'm just extremely thrilled for her. I was talking to texting with moka, and she was this excited to all the DMV years or just over the top with the possibilities with Sarah Jenkins being there. Her dad, reverend John Jenkins, said, first baptist church of Glenn Arden, Maryland. Her mom, like I know their whole family, but he has a mega church in PG county, Maryland. They're going to have a lot of support for her because that's not too far up the road. It's kind of Delaware's kind of extended DMV. Yeah. We count it when it's when it's beneficial to us. Absolutely. That would be a matchup that we can go to. Down there, Williamsburg, CA matchup between William Mary and the Delaware. There you go. And then Della Don, maybe there too, because that's her. That's her. I thought it was a little surprised that she wasn't at the Maryland game, but I'm sure she had other things to do. She's working out, man. She looks good. She looks good. Whatever she was doing, it seems to have worked. But yeah. Jenkins. Shouts all the new coaches. It's really, really exciting time for all these new coaches taking over, especially all the ones we're near us. So yeah, that's all I got. That's it. This will be talking next week. Now, season won't be up Saturday next week. So maybe we'll do our season preview. I know. I can't wait for that. Once the rosters are narrowed down, unfortunately, I know it's going to be hard to do, but once that happens, we will bring that all to you, but we don't have to go home. Y'all don't have to go home, but we got to get up out of here. They're cutting the lights out on us. We're still sitting here courtside. We're going to walk off slowly and still talk about all these things. We've discussed today. But we certainly appreciate you guys. Joining us today right here on the her hoop stats podcast network for this episode of courtside with Christian Gabe for my partner. Gave Ibrahim I'm Christy winter Scott. We'll see you next time..

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