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"carlos overconfident" Discussed on Kingpins

"He began boasting to his and meters friends which included associates of and Pablos that he was going to take a hit out on Carlos he was the reason for college is success and he promised that he could take it all away to as ensconced as he was in his. Norman's Cay Empire Carlos eventually heard about Georgia's threats at first. He dismissed them knowing that George was a veritable. Nobody now but when George kept talking smack Carlos started to get angry his ego which was getting bigger by the day couldn't stand someone else. Taking credit for his success. He was going to have to shut George up one afternoon. The Miami George got into his car only to realize heaping blocked in on three signs immediately. He knew something was wrong. He was a sitting duck for a gunman he reversed planning to plow through the small car behind him but then changed his mind. If that took too long it would still leave him exposed. He decided to make a break for it and jumped out of the car. He barely made it down the block when the car exploded had George stuck around any longer he would have died. Everyone agreed that Carlos must have been behind the car bombing. No one else had a reason to want George dead but instead of scaring George into submission the attempted murder only made him doubled down in fact it was the tipping point for him to finally follow through on his threats. George headed back to Boston. And early nineteen seventy nine and reconnected with a few mall. Guys he'd known from his Danbury days. They helped him put together. A team of military veterans to accompany him to Norman's cay where he wanted to carry out the hit in person. He wasn't sure if he actually wanted to kill Carlos but striking Carlos on his own territory would at least prove that George wouldn't be pushed around George gave them up team a one hundred and twenty five thousand dollar down payment to stuck up on grenades and bazookas to distract the guards while George took Carlos out himself but that was as far as the plot went when Umberto heard about the plans he scolded George for letting his emotions get the better of him. If he attacked Carlos it would start a war amongst the cartel in Colombia. That would get all of them and Umberto's family killed. George realized Burto was right. He was letting Carlos get in his head. His grudge had drawn him away from what he was best at smuggling drugs and making money let Carlos have his intrigue and Grand Schemes. George was done with that by nineteen eighty. George had refocused on his business and was doing well. He Mirta and their two daughters lived in a sprawling Mansion Cape Cod while his operation brought in millions of dollars a month but justice success had made Carlos Overconfident. It may george callous lavish lifestyle started to attract the attention of law enforcement in October..

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