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"carlos lloyd" Discussed on Puty's World Cup Podcast

"I've heard nothing but good things about blatko. I think it might be players which is coming out swinging with that question. Well so the the twist on this is black. The one that picked these players he knew how old carlos was alex. Morgan was open heath. Kristen press he knew it like their age is not a secret so that's so that's where i'm not sure where to go with that because it was the players to play the game the players. That didn't get it done especially offensively throughout the entire tournament. They did not get it. Done offensively but flacco was the one that could have brought some more. You know some newer Younger more use more new talent up in he didn't do that so i'm not sure which way to go. I don't think it was the age that killed them. Though i think it was honest to god the execution we had our chances In almost every game that we played. And i just don't i don't think the execution was there was something lacking from those players. You gotta you gotta remember that. These are the same players that just won a world cup. It's almost the same team. So how how much can you really age in that time And how much can you attributed to. Hey you just have to make play when you're when you're on the ball I i thought we played okay. I don't think we deserve to would gold's like we kind of marched into the tournament thinking we did Yeah i i wanna chop it up to execution from the players We'll be back. They listen there's a ton of talent it's hard to make that transition and did not make it. He can basically kept the the guys they've got the girls women from the champion the world cup when team. He kept them. I thought it was a risk going in. And i think basically you got proven wrong. I think he should wrought some some new. You thin i. I understand like the the mount converting thing which is absolutely true. They had so many locks and just didn't get it done but the consistency with which they didn't convert certain tells me that You know he. He may have made some bad decisions. It was weird though 'cause they scored every time they were offsides. They're putting balls over nine either like know side-netting every time they were inside right at hebrew skied skied it over the net. It was weird just a weird year tournament We'll see we'll see there's another question for deep. three is missing out on a medal. Which not necessarily they win the bronze but is missing the gold medal. A good thing or a bad thing. I mean it's like you always want to win i. I can understand it like this question kind of like when when when the men miss the world cup could be a good thing in that it like shakes things up and makes things changes things. But now i'm like early on the side of it's a bad thing i think regardless of if they win or lose the ruby changes in the player pool after this olympics. So i think it was just a bad right currently lloyd. They wanna win because this might be our last time playing in a major tournament for the national team. So yeah i mean it was funny Repeal was very like. She sounded like she understood. This was sort of or last go. Round whereas core carlos lloyd was like be back outplayed annoyed me and she was very adamant about. She is not she. she was running sprints. So those Listen i got to respect it. let's go permanently. Let's go larry. This is your this is your is your butter first questions for you. From james bond eighty nine question for how many points will chelsea louis. By this season. I love the coffins. oh man how. How many points in winner by an eighteen because there. Because you know. I'm going to match a match. My guys confidence confidence here cheese. I think it'll be now i do. Obviously i'm hopeful chelsea obviously right like city i just i just don't trust trust so like i think if we win it it'll be super close like within single-digit points just sticking with champions like there were yeah. I think he's still gonna win it like i think cities gonna win it like. I think we're all gonna know cities with it but at the same time i think chelsea puts up a decent push. Okay so now. Let's you go. Do you disagree. I don't know what to say right. Now that's why this is a preview. Because as some of the questions were about to get into there are so many question right now. The way city set like the way they sit right now they're roster runaway winner at all. I think liverpool is going to be right there. I think united to be right. There chelsea is going to be right there. Todd in so not going to be right there But those other four like a. They have a lot of competition and they don't have a strike. They don't have a week where i don't know what did last uses like devils magic or whatever and they just have scoring goals without a striker. I don't think they're gonna be able do that again. And that brings us to the next question so basically cities out there and they are apparently making a hard push british in kane and these were both these. Transfers will break the primarily record. They're going for to not just one but came angry list so For all three you hear cain to somewhere probably city in copied charleston.

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