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"carlos government" Discussed on The Red Box Politics Podcast

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"carlos government" Discussed on The Red Box Politics Podcast

"Hello this is. Red box podcast. I'm match surely coming up. It's wednesday so it must be pm cues. I'm pat patrick polls. The action live from the house of commons. As case stomach challenges boys johnson overtaking the knee racism football and it competitive northern tapes. That's coming up i. It's all columnist panel. It's wednesday so must be cramp on crampton in alice. Thompson on thompson is off chasing in devon antonio. That's also rubber crops in doing so instead we've got an epstein add silvestre so the thing i want to talk about than necessarily having a cultural on the merits of mosques this concept of personal responsibility and where it sort of starts and ends and how even the idea of of personal responsibility seems to have become a source of battle and it's completely mad. They should have personal responsibility. You know somebody We can't possibly trust people to do the right thing on virus because one man put a flare up his backside outside wembley and that proves that everyone the entire general public apart from me obviously the charge under public more ones and they can't be trusted. We need rules constantly on house of all live our lives. What do you think where. Where do we need to be more globe. This concept of personal responsibility you some. Thank for as long as i can remember the cliche nanny states has been abandoned around for any moment at which the government is seen to be intruding into our lives beyond what's deemed acceptable and yet all bets are off now. It comes to mask sudden. We want the government to tell us what to do Corona virus loves people. We know that if you have pick. We have a risk of infection but equally the vaccine programs being amazingly successful. That's god every death is a is a terrible thing but the other day that was six. That's that's six people being more deeply but compared to the certain numbers that were earlier on and and as we know the people that getting infections largely are not pooling not see a massive rapid increase in hospitalizations. We have to learn to live with this thing. We don't have masks with the flu if you want to go into a crowded place without a mask then that's up to you. It would probably be sensible in the early stages of liberty to wear a mask. And i think there are certain places where it's obviously going to be absolutely necessary going to hospitals or any kind of clinical situation of. I think people have to think about it. I mike double laxed you know and my okay to move around if you want to wear a mask contesting but i think we now have to take Responsibilities this not let the government tell us what to do anymore. And where were you on this concept of personal responsibility carlos government on this because basically the about eight months of people saying stop saying silly rules my commonsense. Another month able to use their common sense. Ah now being barracked by many saying people for not setting out on a sort of itemized. Face this will. I can accommodate date. The might there. Stupid rules like unite the substantial meal and things like that. but it's still simply with the. I think shops this government has basically taken the decision. Now they can lead this in the hands of the From his law some people. Michael abdicating responsibility. Some people might say to normal life. But i think this been some sort of weighed fundamental shift in what we expected government over the last eighteen months bear on the economy will on a healthcare or on a whole number of topics where we sort of seeming. They're in charge in a fundamental shifts. In the way that for instance the economy works in the sense that if a company is struggling the phalanx game tons up and save some as bad things but just this offically fundamentally that has been a shift towards government stepping in to prevent things happening so now culture situation where government signed last breath. Things might happen. But you know it's Protect yourself people around you and and we will must call deal with being given that responsibility against lot we've become so kids scurvy now when you say adults on a cold for away. Jay partly functional normal adults who just waiting to be told by the event monitor. What's the guy at five pm. And if they're not told at five pm they become full year old soon completely. Without stifling to that. I feel i feel like you've got a very specific away day that you've been to their fifth in mind when you're talking about that. I mean i'm somebody was. There was sort of two different schools on the one hand. We don't go around you know. The government is telling us all the time you know how to do everything you know had correct plate ways to cost vote and all that sort of thing and then somebody else makes the point. Well we've got a smoking ban because it was agreed that smoking was was was dangerous and harmful health. They didn't say we'll just use commonsense on smoking decide whether or not smoking a is it a busy train or quiet train and so a little. There's a little bit of that going on his one and that's the reason. The smoking analogy is better than some of the terminology. Beautifully shot on twitter. Is the isn't paul about what you're doing on. The heart is not just about personal is the is the harm to others. And it's a question of personal responsibility but also sort of collective social responsibility to yeah. I mean sorry. Extensive of smoking. The problem with the difficulty with that the making analogy is a much the now what been butted on twitter about them. I'll tell you. I'll tell you so this morning and isolated this thing. I'll tweet about this corona virus. It seems literally than immediately regretted. As i said the thing. I find out about the mosque to mask. Debate carefully. is people talking if right now. They're working a treat and if we throw them off. We'll suddenly see a spike. In cases the in cases already happening. Maybe should talk about why and if it matters instead of having another cultural about that was making and i think this is a very fair point. You're sensible fano. I mean the is difficult. Twitter doesn't seem to think so but that's a that's full of armchair warriors sitting in that room if you met them in the street that'd be like a recipe drainpipe obscenity conference of it but So in fact because it has happened to me once or twice. And i said oh yes. It's kinda gotta go my mother-in-law sanctity by what you've met. You've somebody's being rude on twitter. You've met them a have a half and it was quite a highly placed Should i out to. Qc today sets of the nine route about my journalism. But she's he's entitled to do but he he inferred. Something was factually inaccurate. When it was which was more straight straying into personal kind of attack. And when i actually bumped into him i said you the person how dare you. And he was with the after go and he shot off. Today he go. He just makes some very very personal remarks and coolies people to account anyway that to side will will big big boys and girls now the smoking analogies difficult because obviously somebody's blowing plumes of smoke in your face. There's probably a very direct cause-effect issue in terms of what going to do to your cardiovascular and respiratory health And i do take the point about my slip but we all broadly vaccinated now and the whole point of the vaccination program was to help us get out of this situation. I'm not saying don't wear a mask their property times when maybe there should be some kind of mandatory mask perhaps on public transport on the cheap for example london hearing magister on the metro wherever you live a hospitals definitely but does that have. It's not a zero sum game any more so if you're sitting in a nice airy kind of office space with lots of open windows it's my took to it's compulsory to must..

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