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"carlos dom" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"carlos dom" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Fifteen minutes from now, John crisp black enamel dousing in for Johnson hood. We will talk about Zayn Williamson John Marantz a lot of people suggesting. People aren't doing that. But people are suggesting that maybe the better fit would be the point guard. John Mirant and says I'm Williams I wasn't going to give you the fake tease of the people are suggesting overtime Williamson. But people are suggesting the better fit of John Maranto resign Williamson. We'll talk about that at nine o'clock right here on ESPN one thousand like I said, I'm Chris black with atom of dollar here on ESPN one thousand the Chicago White Sox start the season on Thursday at Kansas City. Carlos Dom will be on the hill and Don Cooper pitching coach for the Chicago White Sox. He got chance to join Chuck are fine on the White Sox talk podcast on NBC sports, Chicago. Here's coop. Talking about Rodin as the leader of the staff illicit leader to staff, I I don't know about that term. All I know is he's going to be going in game one. He's he's the guy who's the incumbent. He's been around the longest he's doing well for us last year. And he's gonna use the guy we've elected to go one the thing. I'll say about you mentioned his name. He's never been in a better position to spring training albeit because there's been so spring training. We wasn't healthy and able to participate he had surgery last year. If you remember when he came back. He was rehabbing he pushed a lot of good ball games last year. And a lot of them against the best clubs in the league. I think he got tired down the end because of all that rehab program that he did prior to, you know, common. Anyway, he's had to winner off basically he's been conditioning. He's coming in Greek came in great shape. He looked great smooth loose..

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