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"carlos barredo" Discussed on Good Seats Still Available

"I gotta think that the memories of the people that you interviewed were both nostalgically gauzy and positive but perhaps also laden with some wistfulness two. I'm guessing right teams going belly up and and that kind of stuff. I curious to sort of the demeanor of the the first person interviews that you did with people who were there or remember elements being there. Would you say it was mostly though happily style or where. There's some real sort of negative pieces to to to those memories honestly What i found amazing about this was Almost everyone i talked to whether it was ray hudson or rodney marsh or clive toy or or Al miller everyone says it was the best time of their lives and that was just a common a common theme throughout the movie. Yeah difficult there were. There were hard times Very difficult times. The league almost went under completely. And the early early seventies late sixties early seventies And it was challenging. But ev everyone interview but said it was. It was the best time of my life the most exciting time in. Us soccer history. The golden era of soccer Those pele years beckenbauer and carlos barredo. I mean just. Yeah so i honestly can't cannot say there was any negative negative Energy at all with these interviews. Why do you think that is because of their. Because of their relative age at the time because they were so unknown they knew what they were coming. Nominee wasn't nearly as exciting as this completely on your a tory row. You know i think so. Yeah i think so. And and they were so appreciated here as well The fans loves them It there was a care even though they were serious about what they were doing there. Was this kind of care free Fly by the seat of your pants demeanor demeanor about the league. It was new. It was exciting They enjoyed themselves on and off the field. So i think there there was a lot of things but they love being in america for these four especially with the foreign guys for that for the americans young americans that i talked to or not young now but were the time Playing with and against these world stars. I mean they. They couldn't have imagined that in their lifetime so it yes it was New on so many levels for for everyone very exciting as as you put this documentary together. I'm i'm sure you're aware of the Once in a lifetime documentary about the cosmos beckenham. Six right. how do you using pele right as sort of a line of demarcation which which is natural and and makes a ton of sense how do you prevent yourself from. Making the cosmo's which for better for worse were gigantic part of the story. How do you. How do you steer away from sort of paralleling that kind of story and door yet keeping them sort of in the mix as well without sort of going too far right because argue arguably illeg league was much more than just the cosmo's but a lot of the i don't know i think a lot of the discussion and the the The the memories and whatever media there is out there around. This tends to always center around this glamour club as kind of like all and be all and it certainly wasn't that right and i think there's been some things having talked to some of the the the players that were around that time that played for the cosmo's against the cosmos. I think there were some things that were slightly leagues agitated as well You know this this notion that they were always out you know partying all the time. It's studio fifty four. Did they go to studio fifty four. Absolutely but they weren't. It wasn't something they were doing like all the time right. It's studio fifty. Four things like that but Yeah i wasn't doing every game. Henry kissinger wasn't always in the stands at exactly exactly it. Would it was something They were with atlantic records and it was. It was for pr purposes. But it wasn't all the time you know by any stretch of imagination So that that was interesting to to to hear that I interview werner roth and we talked about that quite a bit as well but i will say that The yeah the cosmo's were the team. I mean there's no question about it. They would be team and they were at certain points especially Sort of the second part of this film. They were an anchor. They they were an important part of the story. They anchored the story and then You know you you go up. And you talk to other other players and coaches at the time and and their experiences And but at the at the end of the day it it kind of comes back to the cosmos right So i i don't want to give too much away i feel like i'm kind of I'm not. I'm saying a lot without saying that i. I don't want to give too much away. How would you. How would you again through your lens. Literally and figuratively. How how would you describe it. Maybe maybe memories from your from your from your father's well how would you characterize the quality of play relative to where a lot of these quote unquote foreign players. Were coming from. Because there's a lot debate as to whether it was just a you know. Retirement league or people extra paycheck and that kind of stuff. But you know. We're talking about frankly. Some of the best players in the world regardless of where they were in their careers granted. The fields were not necessarily the best for playing soccer but the quality of play. I mean you know. We're talking about.

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