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"carl hagman" Discussed on ESPN Pittsburgh

"The hall of famer himself mike lang well canadian struck first in this one at eight forty two of the first period when jeff patriots innocent shot along the far wall skipped off of guinea malkin off the post and into the back of the net for patriots eleven of the season brendan gallagher paul byron got the assist and montreal took a one nothing lead but the penguins got even just fifty nine seconds later as connor sherry found the back of the net for the second straight game the left wing and he comes in the emmy saturday friday terry terry white slot the emmy and the thing was made it one one stop the car able jerry's guide the contest sherry seventeen to the season riley sheahan matt holloway pick up the assists in the penguins had drawn even and then they got a power play just past the midway point of the first and thirty seven seconds after sherry at tied the game patrick work was put the penguins back in front kessel backpedals on those lakes to the corner fastest back out to show rebound the franklin judy log i want wanna see silly sailed sliding sideways and saw some leadoff greek orange west twenty sixth of the season for work west he also scores for the second straight game justin schultz and phil kessel collect the assists and the penguins had their first lead of the night it was two to one they tack on another to wrap up their scoring surge at fourteen thirty six of the first period when carl haglund worked a bank to perfection john again right down the goal when it comes off and did it get in the net or not i want around the goal then was think they've scored the river evokes thoughts bewildered by daily point santa said yes nicholson gave right in the face off in high apparently found that at taft five then minor damn so there's the goal carl hagman's tenth of the year would go in off the into the back net wedge there between the padding in the net for a minute and it was hard to see the puck go in but it did go in and the.

nicholson phil kessel matt holloway montreal brendan gallagher jeff mike lang carl hagman taft malkin santa carl haglund justin schultz jerry emmy connor sherry paul byron thirty seven seconds fifty nine seconds