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Hour 3: 3/6/19

"The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking offering account with no fees or minimums that can be opened in only five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet, Capital One and a? Cried passion and patron Torri of college football ladies here. The Paul finebaum show. Our three podcasts are back. We cannot be stopped today. Even though we were they tried to welcome back to the show. Glad you're here. Eight five five two four to seven to eight five Sean farnum later on. We'll talk a little LSU basketball coming up here. Shortly. Max Mad Max in Huntsville, Alabama. Hey, Mad Max. Limbaugh. How are you? Enjoy show. Thanks. Talking about the heat. You see us close. You know, understanding those seats are are sold. You know? It's just like it's always mad Alabama. They Selo seed now that using the trophy over mantle and don't come to maybe four or five games a year. In those seats are are are always empty. They don't all from for sale or anything. Well, to me, again, I I realize them in the television business, but I'm not crazy about late starting times which Alabama had no excuse, by the way. But still it depends on where you live. If you live in Huntsville, and you go to the Alabama game. And it ends at ten fifteen. You're not home to what midnight later. You know, I've played a game every year last few years much Ville, and there are a lot of PC's, and they're not causing people until won't support it again. Get tickets. Yeah. Well, just yeah. I mean, you're right. I can't explain that. But I mean a couple of empty seats. Don't bother me. That's not a big deal. But that must fear is really, you know, for the fans at at listen out as really got a good atmosphere, especially for seven seventeen and thirteen and you're right, listen. The only thing wrong with Alabama right now is not having about five more wins. Yeah. If eight x more games expand that student's section a great atmosphere for I was basketball. We'll set max. Thank you, very very much. Good to have you on. Let's continue George the other ended the Alabama fair. Hope Alabama whole what are you doing today? Hey, george. You've been covering college sports in this state pretty good while somebody brought a book Johnson the while ago too. You have any idea how Bama came to for the services of buck. Sure, do George considering covered that story as a relatively young newspaper reporter. Can you expound? I will direct you to my articles from the eighties. If you'd like to read them, I've already gone through enough litigation in Alabama to to regurgitate everything I wrote and thought about that process back down. All hit us up with little recap. You don't mind. Yeah. Thanks your-. A listen. I mean, one thing one thing I tried to do a go through various phases of my career. I was the chief reporter on on that story and many others involving recruiting in the eighties. And it's a part of my life that I have closed the chapter. So you're, you know, do it. We all do go down to the down to the library and your hometown there in fair hope and asked him to get you the microfilm of the of the newspaper back in the eighties. You won't get it googling. It. I can assure you, then we'll talk about that until them lawyers advise me to keep quiet virtual is up next Virgil go right ahead. Paul. How are you doing? We're doing great. Thank you, take my college. You're hard Mangan touch with. Thank you. Appreciate you. You're getting in. I'm I I'm a big Auburn fan. And I'm we're real happy way Bruce Pearl doing fine because he's taking his shoulders the shoulders players and Ashley say, he winning games with them. And and as far as they were Johnson go, we don't want Alabama every John Scott. He's been player. We got what we play him. I am one thing. I like about this coming saving football Albro will win pain game. You think so? I do. Going ban those cigar game LSU for one thing. Well, I'll tell you. Remember, you remember when the Auburn drive the fire dominant over Phil? Yeah. That was in two thousand and three. I remember very well. They tried to hire Bobby water. You know, what happened near after that? Well, I'm Ann Arbor went undefeated that correct? And all the players don't like it when it drag it rid coaches, so they're they're gonna come back next year, and they gonna win at least ain't games. Okay. Well, I appreciate your confidence. Thank you, very very much. Let's continue more calls. David is in South Carolina. Hello, david. Hey, bo. Hey there. You know, I still bowl. Just listen need. Thank you. Thank you very much. But I've been listening day. Now was Alabama fans. They're willing to get rid of the basketball. Coach better look at all the other programs. I think clumps will be. Clemson Jordan was she Tennessee. And a mole might go fool out of myself. But if I had to pick one of teams, I felt South Carolina might win this year. It might be the Obama game. Really? And you're you're basing that on the last time you saw South Carolina play in the in the the they. Paul Johnson with that one. How about Susan tickets for about fifteen or is it girl on? And I'll tell real hard. Sure. But I'm okay old. The all I'm a corvette will win. But it was the quarterback at clubs this coming year. Yeah. Yeah. By the way, I mean, I'm making fun of South Carolina losing its last game. Alabama didn't look too hot either in its last game. So. It's first lady it's hard to predict. I do think that would be a. Bit of a nervy game for Alabama. I I remember two thousand and ten and a very overheated Williams Brice stadium. I saw that game up close like you did. And I know there'll be a lot of conversation about that Steven Garcia's in for a lot of interviews. Come come September. Many years. Limit in the source. Go. Unday we beat Alabama my daddy passed away that morning. Oh my goodness. And I drove up in mother here or in Alabama beating us pretty good. A win else came back out and they wanted to be. Alabama. And I said, I believe me Mr. up the south that. And that's not it's funny now, but it wasn't funny that no, I can't imagine. Now. Listen, I appreciate you getting into does. Thank you, very much and you call again soon. Thanks so much. Let's continue. How about another caller from South Carolina Sawyer is up next. How are you Sawyer? No involve it is great. Thank you for the call might. I won't talk about they had the Clinton fans think that site beat Alabama. And all that that the ACC is now the premier conference college football. Well, they have won three of the last six national championships. But they'd be playing the weakest and football. Well, I don't get. I wouldn't really. I believe I didn't see at least three of the year two thousand dollars a year. Hey, I like ask you a question. If had played in the last year, would you like to tell me who they would have lost to? Well, I believe it was in the west. They could had lost the Mississippi State LSU. Yeah. Alabam I got news for you. I think I think Clinton would have been undefeated last year in the SEC. I'll see the Pac twelve the NFC. It really doesn't matter. Well. Yeah. But I think the golf I'll thank you. I've got a shot up. Yeah. Sure. I won't say go dulls. Okay. He he certainly gave shout out Vernon. How you doing Vernon? Hey, what's going on? What's going on our file real doing great? Hey all week. I've been here in a very it LSU fan calling and complaining about seeding and stuff like that. And I'm just going to explain to of oil something, I they got a great team probably best one this. He see. But you you're judged your judge don't matter what anybody says you're judged on who you play in the non conference, and they got a week non conference schedule, and that's going to hurt him. And no matter what they do that. That is the reason why they're not a number one seed and any got nothing to do with bias. They've got nothing to do with. They wanna put Kentucky and Tennessee in their ticking. Tennessee played Fe every top top ten teen in the country. Last year Turkey, Tennessee, Auburn they all play. They played anybody. Now now back when Bill Brown was with down there. They played everybody. They've had holding home with Duke every year, they if they wanna put the failures that somebody pointed to to their ministration for having a weak non conference schedule, and that's all I have to say about. Thank you very much. We're up against the break. We will continue talking a lot of the college basketball college football. On a Wednesday after noon, we're coming right back. You listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Sheldon nichols. Joining us from down in Baton Rouge. She covers the team for the advocate show. No, he's great to have you on even even on Wednesday. I know I know you're states probably having a tough time today. Good afternoon. Yeah. It's a hangover kinda day in Louisiana, but I'm going to Florida. So it's kinda it's kinda strange. It's it's cold here in Florida. It was unbelievable today. I thought I was gonna get eighty degrees. And it was about thirty six this one and one woke up so kind of kind of backwards. They in Gainesville, Florida. It's been cold all over the world lately. But let's talk first of all we we were talking about. What's ahead tonight is certainly a big a big big mound over comment that mean Florida's very capable. They're also capable of not playing at a high level. Let's let's first of all it's kind of take take the audience through the end of the season. And obviously the SEC term before we start figuring out. What's after that? Well for LSU, you know, win tonight with lockup no worse in a second season SEC tournament. Which is you know, obviously, you won't be one. But if you can't be one to be nice, and you so you'd be opposite of the number one team. So they. They're shooting for this. This win tonight to try to kind of lock that down, you know. And then if they win that they would, you know, have a chance to have no worse in a share of SEC title, which would be the first value in ten season. So since two thousand nine so, you know, a lot at stake for this team. You know, they will pick six in the preseason. And you know, maybe they were expectations. But maybe some people thought that you know, it just wasn't the bad. Great. But it's turned out to be a really really good season for them. And you know, if if they get a first second see like I said, a win tonight would clinch at no worse in the second seed. So that's the immediate goal for this team tonight. I'm really interested because I remember when they were picked six I mean, you knew this program was ascending under. We'll we'll way based on the recruiting. But what what happened? What what turn this team from middle of the pack to a chance to accomplish what you've just got three saying winning the SEC? Well, I think one of the big things was they had to learn how to play together they had to learn how to clo- being, you know, they've been all on campus since June, you know, the ginning of summer school, but still, you know, you have to get that kind of cohesiveness when you play on the court and you play them at high speeds, and and you know, just just trying to get everybody to mesh find the rotation will Wade was trying to early in the season trying to find the right rotation. And I want to say, you know, back in late December, you know, he found he found an eight-man rotation that he really likes and one of the things he had to do is after eleven games. I believe he could your pay smart out even had been playing greed point guards. Devante smart, of course, foresaw freshman from Baton Rouge who who is one of their first big commitments last summer year before last. But anyway, he he was he had been playing the three the for yard and scallop as was too. And and come out waters was the point. The the true point. But they were all take turns. And then so they they needed a little more lanes. You need a little more out on the wing. Devante smart six four, but they have a guy named Marlin Taylor who's six five and to jump out of the gym as a lot of people have seen in the highlights in seen throughout the season. But they put Marlin Taylor in the lineup for that twelve game. I can't remember which game it was. And they kind of just took off from there. And they started rebounding the ball better. They lead SEC an offensive rebounds. They weren't even close last year to doing that. So they've they've improved rebounding. They've cut down on turnovers and things that just kinda come together for him talking to show the Nichols about the Tigers. And certainly made quite a lot of attention. They lost early on their loss twice in one weekend. Believe in November. I don't know if that was the reason why took to the national media so long to pay attention to them. But what what what is your view of that? Because it just seemed like we knew about them here in the SEC. But. Are the rest of the country was slow to the party. Well, they were ranked I wanna say twenty third in the preseason AP preseason poll, and then they went to the tournament advocate invitation on Orlando, and they they beat Charleston, which is a pretty good team. And then they lost the Florida state and triple over. I mean in overtime when it had a nine point lead with three minutes to go. And then the next day they just slept walk through a loss Oklahoma state, which just infuriated we're way that they just didn't play. Well, they they didn't have the head in the game. And then a couple of weeks later after exams final exams. They went to Houston had a fourteen point lead. If memory serves right with nineteen minutes ago of a very good Houston team, which has been in the top ten lately kind of drop out of the top ten week, but they lost their and when once once they lost their it seemed like everything kind of started the click after that. And they've only lost twice since then they lost to Arkansas by one. At home. And then they lost a Florida about five two weeks ago tonight in Baton Rouge when they had a chance to win the end the regulation had a chance to win or tie at the end of overtime and miss both of them badly. So it was kind of you know, they've lost to really close games that Omar why we'd be looking at maybe, you know, really long winning streak dead and one ten row before they lost the Arkansas. So they've they've had some really good games. And in a couple of you know, they wished they hit back, but the one I think they really wish they had back as the the Houston game and obviously Florida state game. But those games are the ones that really stick out. But you know, like, I said they just seem like they've just gotten cohesiveness about them and they play they play really, well, they hustle everyone. I'm hustle. They dive all over the floor balls. There's no lack of hustle on this thing. And conversely here you got the you know, what what was it the Missouri game where they came from what almost fourteen down maybe fourteen down to win. There was another game. Like that. So I mean this team has been literally all over the court losing big leads and and and coming from way behind yet. A Missouri game was the one that really really kind of you know, you know, they were down fourteen with two await play wind up getting into overtime. And then they won an overtime. And then the I think it was Mississippi State. They were down ten I wanna say what about four four maybe five minutes play got that one over common one. So this is a a scrappy team. You know, they've they've been down by double digits like four or five times in the second half of the eight no starred in SEC Klay on the road. And they've come back to win. They just seem like the never they never give up the other day Saturday at Alabama. They were down, you know, eight points in the midwest. Through the second half and six or eight and came back and won that one. So they they seem like they're never they never give up. They never seen like out of it. They all one of the things that we're way there's always preached since he's gotten here was six minute game. And if he always thinks that if we hang around hanging around the hanging around what six minutes the play we'll have a chance, and that's that's kind of been proven again. I'm and again this. Show before you go the story that I am confused by and maybe we don't have much clarity. As is the story that came out from Yahoo. The other day about him being subpoenaed for this trial, which is after the season. And I mean, this has been a confusing case for nearly two years. A lot of speculation a lot of innuendo. What what what are you hearing in relation to? We'll wait, and what is the level of concern about that? Well, not a whole lot. You know has come out of it. And and obviously use that talking about it wouldn't talk about it in October of say that you know, it was taken out of context. I think I think there's been a lot of, you know, they don't know the whole context of the recordings or whatever. But I just think that you know, he he doesn't wanna talk about obviously. And and there's a whole lot of gray area there at you know, we we just don't know the answer to and and is. I guess when April April twenty second is supposedly I think when the trials supposed to start, you know, I guess we'll find some clarity. Maybe. But you know, the point was back in October was the name was just thrown around. And you know, and no accusations made, I guess and the judge wouldn't let it in in the record. So that left more questions like you said, you know, the to wonder about what's what's the deal? But I would in that, you know, not a whole lot to be set on on either. You know, we'll where waves far out of school with part. They're all just kind of you know, you know, just keeping a quiet for now. And then, you know, I guess maybe we'll see when when the time comes Sheldon, many many, thanks. I was about saying joined the warm weather, but you've already answered that question. So enjoy the game that I realize it's a. It's a it's a nice day in Florida was sunny at least chilly, but at least in sunny, so that's best that there's a the upside of that part spring is around the corner. We'll talk to you soon. Hope see in Nashville next week. Thank you, very very much too little, okay? Great to Sheldon Nichols on giving us the latest on the LSU Tigers. We'll talk to Sean farnum at the top of the next hour until then your phone calls at eight five five to four to seven to eight five. Listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. And we're back. Glad you're here. It's been a fun show this afternoon and more of your phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five. Let's check out Sam in South Carolina. Hello sam. Hey there. How are you? I'm calling buffers to the referees a referencing the SEC basketball games. You're especially Mississippi State coach says a rougher he's on the floor as much as some of these players and referees. Don't call technical fouls on them and in the ACC to certain things clubs coaches on the field a lot. I just met one enough. You know, there's sometimes ruined with this both of Mike that where you're not supposed to your you have a you have a box in you, you're limited. But it's like everything else in basketball Sam how was watching the Duke Wake Forest game last night. And I'm thinking they ever called three seconds anymore. I mean, they just they just there are there are so many. There are so many things that you can and can't call and then they get ticky tack. But that's pretty well. I mean. The the referee is supposed to rain the coaches in. And when they don't do it. It's on them. All the other night when Mississippi State place, South Carolina. Yeah, they called one technical on. But it was for runs down from the pass along. But several terms even spending over the black line by the referee, roughly didn't say nothing to it. Now. You're absolutely right. Well, that's that's one of these as we'll we'll maybe get some officials on about every sport is difficult. I would argue basketball might may very well be the most difficult. Hey, thank you for calling. Sam really good to have you on. Let's continue with more phone calls. Kyle is in Virginia here on Wednesday. He Kyle you're on the air. They fall big fan of show on time listener, I just wanted to bring a point of previous caller had made about when they call the ACC one of the worst conferences in college football. And then the power five conferences, and I it is without a doubt be worse conference in all power five college football. I mean, they have. One team that has any chance of winning the Nashville Chebbi tip coming into this year and next year. Clemson and outside of Clemson. Nobody you have. Yes, PC you have Alabama. Auburn Georgia Tech saying him LSU. I mean, you have team after team that could possibly make a run to the playoffs and outside of Clinton the ACC nobody I mean, there's nobody. Well, you're right. I mean, he was the absolute decline of of FSU. This is become a one ball. They would call it. A one bid league. I it in Clemson has own the league. And I think you know, I understand the argument against Clemson. It used to be the same way against FSU back in the day. They would be Florida on a decent basis. And and Sperry would say, well, they don't play anybody. They have a three game schedule. Clemson schedule is a little more challenging, but but anyone who would argue that Clemson would have had difficulty last year anywhere. They they they they were in a different world. I know this struggle. Against syracuse. Listen, I I watched their season very closely. But that was that was a phenomenal team at the end of the year. But but my I probably do right. They can beat any team at any point in the SEC. But the Don let the SEC specifically the SEC west week after week having to get up for a team like in Mississippi State, but in their conference, I'm do they play Wake Forest. I mean that that they're they struggled with therapies last year. I know that telly Brian as their quarterback. But I I mean, I I just can't imagine them being able to get up to that level every week without any boss. Well, I mean, I'm looking at their schedule this year, and and they start with Georgia Tech, which is a joke. Let's be honest. And then they have am at home, and they go to Syracuse, which were they they lost its here. Accused two years ago, they have Charlotte which is glorified high school team there at UNC chuckled chuckled, Florida state at home at Louisville joke. Boston College at home joke. Wofford joke at NC state snicker. Wake far laughable route, South Carolina. You're right. They have about three games scheduled totally grew. I just I and then they play one of those tomato cans CC championship game. Yeah. If it ninety minutes from their home exactly, and I may come in fully fresh into the playoff. And I it's a joke. And I think that's one of the reasons album came in limping at national championship game. We'll be that's the part. I don't understand though. So Alabama has three weeks between the the the SEC championship game and the play offs. And then they have another ten or twelve days. It's not like, it's a continuous schedule. I mean. Yeah, that's true. That's true. But I want you know, again, I want they're not listen. I I understand the argument. I'm not shooting down entirely. I just Alabama didn't exactly play a lot of great teams last year. Either. The SEC championship that. Really? Hello brutal. Yeah. You can't you can't get any tougher than what. What obama? I mean, Alabama's last three games were against what was Georgia ranked number four five in the country at the time. Yeah, they played the. Four and then the two and number two. Yeah, I play Pittsburgh, which barely had a winning record and people mock Alabama. I know they played Duke next year, which is a joke. Of course, I still have not enough not enough that brought up about clemson's horrible schedule. Okay. Well, I get I get your point. Thank you very much for the call. Do appreciate it. Jay w in Tennessee up next. How are j w. Oh, wow. Afternoon. Paul can after name. Yeah. Listen, some your discussions today. I just won't know if you clarify or Tennessee here we football basketball school. Well, right now looks like a basketball school. Right now. Yeah, we currently we kinda real real please Rick Barnes, and and the players razzing up, and we'll see how they do. I don't know ex- predictions. Final four. It's a fiction again rest. We love it. Well it. Hey, I don't wanna say in mazing. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you once again for taika Macau now kinda still little Blake Shelton thing here. Kinda kinda like I feel like I'm in great presence listening all your your host. And we'll see you and Martin John Yeah. I've never been. I've never been in the same sentence with Blake Shelton. If you put the same sense with Blake Shelton Miranda Lambert, then we got something to talk about. It's all good. We're we're all connected pile. We all connect today. The main reason I'm calling. I kinda got I'm long winded. I do apologize. I live all the callers and fans, and I just love his show the majority of its great. Thank you. But anyway, the situation here, you know, the travesty on these weather patterns I had had assigned down there that got close to the situation in Florida here within the last year, and yeah, it can it can be heart wrenching, the worry. And like, I said, we all well pull together, you know, with minds heart, and so and. And I just wanted to be sure. And and you know, or or thoughts or with everybody, and you know, it just it just so sad. And and I won't ask you a question disease disease situations across the country the fires in California. And of course, I know we're sports platform. And that's great because I love it. I let her horse. I live all the callers. But you know, maybe maybe it's time. I know what the anniversary is over here. The young man the night in Mississippi. And we've all got some say I'll we really do. So I don't know don't say what j w I don't remember. Again, I've lived in the south. So when you live in the south you deal with hurricanes, and you do tornadoes, but I mean, I I was last fall. It seemed like the hurricanes were everywhere everywhere. I went or the hurricanes were raking havoc the tornadoes the other day or or just unprecedented. Really? We haven't had something like that since twenty thirteen. It's your we've been there, you're in your Tennessee. And I think I'm not that far from me. I mean, we when we've gone through the rainiest six months on record. I mean, I don't know. I I don't know what's going on with the weather. I it's it. It's literally out of control. I realize we're sports show. But. It's hard to it's hard to describe. And even California it's been cold. I think read we're LA has did not get out of the sixties in February. Do you do you know what's going on or any? I just wondered I mean, we're sitting over there. I thought you researching. Well, I do I do believe I I was listening. Download about a hundred things while the way to come on. So I don't know. Somebody's folk feel like going on states because I have such affirmation for fair buddy on the show. I mean, everybody's dry. Leather, collars, mature, thank you very much. It's nice to be true to your school. I have no problem with that. I mean, I'm I can't help but get pretty excited about what Tennessee he's doing basketball. Now at this point in the year. I think you're you have to realize there two more games and then the tournament. But I think most people have gotten a pretty big pretty big kick out of that. That's been a remarkable story to watch. Hey, thanks for the call pre. She'd appreciate your kind words we are heading to a break. Go meteorologist coming in. Here is your told me. What's your? Let's get you know, it's always cold in here. Because all the doors are open more of your phone calls at eight five five to four. That's what we can breathe. I five to four to seven to eight five mortem. Listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. We'll go back. Glad you're with us, and Harry down in the big easy on the day after how are you Harry? Good ball. I wanted to make a comment and see what you thought about it about basketball, college, basketball and more, particularly of coaches who seem to know when they get a technical foul. I one I saw this year with Jamie Dixon's TCU twin road game he was behind by by eight points. Obviously gotta technical on purpose. And it changed the whole game around and then west night coach girl he was behind. He got that technical and the whole game changed ball. Don't you think it's sort of a semi science, those good coaches? I mean, there is no it's intuition you, and you know, sometimes you can you can you can make a mistake. But I think coaches realized they have to do something. It's like calling an onside kick or fake punt. If you get it, right? Everyone loves it. If you in basketball, if you get it wrong, it just makes you just compound the situation, but Pearl Pearl knows what he's doing. And you know, what I think the officials know what's going on too. Sometimes I wonder if guys like Pearl don't tell if there's women beginning. I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, that's the way you do it in these guys are friendly before the game. I mean, they're always on top of each other. I mean. Yeah. And you walk over say, listen, I'm about and as long as you feel officials will let you know I've sat at courtside enough times when they say come on. You're not getting away with that. Again. You know, it's over. Think sometimes Bali get behind by eight to ten points, and they figure what do I have to lose? But when you have three good teams sometimes five up last night was a prime example of that coach Pearl did it. So I just thought I'd make comment, and I'm enjoying the show, and you have a good show, Paul. Thank you. Great to hear from you. Let's continue with more phone calls. Carl is in Kentucky. How are you Carl fine? Paul and good afternoon to you. Thank you follow. There's been a lot of discussions about Alabama basketball. I don't understand they consternation. I'm going to predict that they'll win the NC double A tournament the same year that Kentucky wins the college football playoff. You know, Carl I would tell you this Kentucky football came lot closer to this year the Alabama basketball. Well, they did. But that that's the exception. I hope we can continue that. But I doubt it, you know, six six eight seven five season for Kentucky football is not bad now, and you know, five hundred plus for Alabama basketball. The fire star basketball players are not knocking on the doors. You're right. And I've always felt Kentucky basketball in Alabama football. We're we're we're one in the same. They are almost impossible to differentiate and the foot. They all have basketball program has had success. But it's it's been so far in the past. You've you probably remember I mean back in I mean in the seventies and even the eighties, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee were really the the kingpins and basketball. But it it's they've been bad for so long that it's hard for anyone to remember unless you're. Fifty plus, right. Just one other comment, Paul? I'll let you go. It's I think it was last week, but I really appreciated the comments you get to the gentleman from Ohio who broad brushed the south home. They racism. Yeah. And I really I really appreciate that keep up the good work. Thank you Carl. I mean, there's a fine line in defending the south. But that guy just put me over the edge. And I I'm not one of the just blatant blanket blanket defense things just to defend them. But when you when you when you paint a broad brush, you're going to get you're going to get a response, Darryl is in Kentucky on the air next. Hey, Darryl night ball. Thank you. All right. I wanted to ask you something. I applaud Kentucky basketball for a long long time. But in your opinion is this maybe the best Tennessee team. Tennessee is ever put on floor. Very possibly, you know, I I was in Knoxville for the last great. I mean, Tennessee's had some good teams Bruce had a team about ten years ago that that was outstanding. But but I always thought the best Tennessee team. I've ever seen was the one with Ernie Grunfeld in Menard king they had about three or four other players on that team team never really seemed to do anything in the turnament though, which it was forgotten about. But I think this team is made may even though the talent on that team. I mean you had to NBA all pros. I think I think from a cohesive standpoint, this is the best team I've seen here. So you have I have thought of beginning to the season. I like I said I've been a Kentucky fan all my life. But I've had real uneasiness about this particular Kentucky teams here. Yeah. I just don't think this team is coherent or as strong as what Calabria's had for the past. Season. I think you're right about that. I mean, they have the potential, but I anyway, we have an hour to go here. Thanks for being a part of the show.

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