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"caracazo bay" Discussed on WBSM 1420

"What was an element of truth to that because the incomes are equal there are all equal zero there's nothing left in the whole country all be the the korakas zoo has been eaten everybody's been eaten there all the animals have been eaten that the caracazo bay yet they failed that used to line up for bread in the morning they would have breadline says the associated press reporter uh who just left the country mentioned that they you that she said i couldn't believe i was seeing an actual breadline and then she said more recently they were lining up to go through the trash chaos they were they will they wanted to just look through the trash cans for crumbs that's what they had so here summit by the way bernie sanders this week was down in mississippi there's a you wait w plant that is of a excuse me a car plant that is trying to decide whether to unionize with the united auto workers if he was going down there to tell them the better how what a wonderful thing it is to have a union representation and another guy who was down there campaigning for the uaw was danny glover who was also a big fan of the socialism in venezuela the here's peers from danny glover talking about the manuel noriega not man excuse me yet hugo chavez i'm getting i'm getting my uh ten pot latin american left wing dictators confused here here's what here's what danny glover the actor said about the about hugo chavez his vision for humanity in the world can only be compared to that of leaders like nelson mandela he was a great man them i cried when he di he cried when he died died died the dictator died so you know this is but this is the way the leftwing operates they are lionised these horrible horrible people here is a gnome chomsky be linguist now retired from my mit glove far left weighing professor he said that the chavez who destroyed venezuela before he died in 2013 he hinted that the country over to the new dictator whose even worse and is about the beer revolution in the streets he said chavez had brought forward the historic liberation of latin america and destructive to the rich oligarchy so the rich oligarchies been destroyed in sos everybody else was a high price to.

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