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"cara public school" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"A federal appeals court has rejected the Trump campaign's latest effort to stop the state from certifying the election for President elect Joe Biden. The case had been argued last week in a lower court by the president's attorney, Rudy Julie. Johnny, who claimed widespread voter fraud in Pennsylvania. But the third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that quote the campaign's claims have no merit. The number of ballots it specifically challenges is far smaller than the roughly 81,000 vote margin of victory, and it never claims fraud or that any votes were cast by illegal voters. TEXAS Christian Fischer Trump campaign attorney general is posting the campaign will turn to the Supreme Court. Campaign paid for two counties in Wisconsin to recount their votes. Milwaukee County has now finished and says the results of the same AH large victory in the county for Joe Biden, the elections director says they found no evidence of fraud. Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson, this recount demonstrated what we already know. That elections of Marquis County or fair? Transparent, accurate and secure, reaching a five day average of more than 4700 coronavirus cases a day Los Angeles is ordering its residents to stay home starting Monday, virtually all gatherings involving people from more than one household banned except for church services and protests. US is now eclipsed 13 million cases of the virus since the outbreak began, and more patients are requiring hospitalization. Nearly 90,000 Americans are currently hospitalized with Corona virus across the country. That is the 16th Day had a row. Those hospitalization records have been broken and the data shows That nearly 18,000 of those cases are in the ICU or critical care beds. Fox's Casey Stegall America is listening to Fox News. Now the latest from 77 to BBC and the BBC radio dot com I'm Bob Brown millions of people shopping online for black Friday deals, but many are still showing up in person, even during a pandemic. Why people keep coming? A lot of us have been here for last. Like six hours. People were waiting outside Willowbrook Mall in Wayne for stores to open this morning, despite a survey by the National Retail Federation showing fewer than half of Americans plan to shop in person on Black Friday. No one do it in person. Since we've been inside so much came out 12 o'clock until buy me a PlayStation. I want to make me some money. I'm Sara Lee Kessler for 77. W. ABC News. Well, things were mostly quiet around New York City in terms of shopping activity this black Friday, Long lines were reported yet again. A Corona virus testing sites one side on Staten Island, where the state has designated an orange zone. The wait time for a test. Was up to two hours. Cara Public school teacher hopes through testing schools can reopen Once again. I do think schools should be up in a few days, I saw.

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