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"captain kirk akiva" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

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12:45 min | 8 months ago

"captain kirk akiva" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"Wow that is crazy I it works for anything. That's my favorite response. When someone's telling me a story I don't WanNA listen to take you're listening to? Yeah yeah a Lotta game. Wow so those extra buttons I like the Nuance on facebook. Okay so the movie credits one then a Akiva where you yeah. We're in agreement. We're going movie candidates so far. Okay perfect let me make sure. I'm typing things properly. Okay we need. We need a new poll. I think going forward we need. He's someone to like handle the bracket truly ever to this again. So the super taker. Who's been eliminated eliminated? There are other takes our and this is what I meant to put i. This is my own fault. Kids are easier to take care of the dogs and easier to take care of the house. Plants kids are kids are easy to take care of the dog plant. Yeah plants like go pretty be quickly but dogs like a third of the kid to either remind you if I e right a lot I do yeah. I've never had a child so I can't compare but I've never killed a child and I have killed a house plant so like maybe that's the thing. Yeah that's crazy. Could you just reset that that a kid is easier to take care of in a dog or a house plant and it may be easier than a house. Plant is definitely easier and maybe easier than hell. Yeah maybe if you're a Kiva it's easy to take care of kids because other people are doing it. I don't know I don't find it that easy. Does it depend on the type of house plant the give it's a succulent versus at orchid. Exactly that's another bad. Take then their other takes are subpar. Pizza is not worth eating. The pizza is bad. It's just bad. No Rob Yeah I completely feel the opposite and then I games are a part of real life so saying it's not real life life is just a game doesn't make any sense Kerr was. This person was not advancing. That was the Great Amanda Rubino. Okay Eh what's the easier to take care of the dog to kids. How many dogs accent and I'm sure zero house plants remaining No I bought her a book on how to take care of house plants last year for Christmas so she knows how to do. Well Yeah but see she. We needed that book for how to Take Care. How did you buy her book on rearing children? What to expect any interest in that? So yeah yeah okay all right. Are we ready for twelve versus five. Okay okay the first week is recap should just pick a topic already to podcast about and stick take with Jesus Christ enough with the wheels already. That's like saying my favorite murder should ditch the murder. It is the wheel not anyway already and then the other take is is Chris Hemsworth is not even a top five. Chris I'd put Evans Pine Apparat all before him. I don't get the appeal but you gotTA GIVE US five Utah. The three Chris and that's why I put that Stapleton where the other Christmas I can't think of any more it's not put Chris Brown has cancelled if he's putting Chris Brown them. I like Chris Bracket Mats so we have to fill in the other Chris Pine Pratt. And then that's only three right so we have to come up with two more cruises what about stapleton the singer Chris Stapleton. He's probably better Chris Stapleton Kris Humphries that's Kris with a K.. The Guy who like Uh. WHO's married to Kim Cordell and minutes? who were the three that made the the cut I Evans Pine and Pratt? I feel really put in Pratt high as a bad taste at this point. Yeah he's Chris Pine Nick Great. Chris Pines these very generic host. SNL Like they. They think he's famous this but I feel like he's not because he plays Captain Kirk Akiva. No but the other one is. We're supposed to stick to the the topic. He didn't tell us what topic we just pick one. So it's like lack recon movies are doing. Are we doing like the mass singer every week. Now Sir Paul could he Paul. I mean he's towards the end of his career. You'd better what are we doing. KRAS Kris Jenner senators better criss angel. But I think I uh-huh Aaron Chris. Chris O'Donnell Yana heaps on a CBS procedural. Oh yes as we all know. I'm very very familiar with those and love them. So much. Famous Chris Actors like Chris Brac which scrapped. The MAC is in the top five Chris Five I think but now you're saying that the Anti Robin Akiva person is it should advance. Well I'm intrigued. I'm intrigued by. Maybe we should pay more advice for US rob in the in the next three to Kinda WanNa hear where else this is going. But I don't know if it's to be continued this take So yeah I think I want to hear more from the person who is saying that we should just pick a topic. They were so passionate and I think that I definitely think it qualifies as hot. Take that there's no suggestions but maybe we'll find some more as we go on on. That's what they're hot takes are is just suggestions about the Ra and APA format can give no information on further. Takes until you guys make a decision. Yeah I think I think like I like people who listen to this show every week but don't really like. Yeah that's that's kind of all right so the keeping imagine this person on the mailbag with us. Yeah they could really tell us. What's what could we show? Stop with the ideas. Why do we need a new rely? Dea here take this one. Just run with it spin a wheel once but that's it his whole mailbag. Yeah could be season three episode seven or it could be you know we just watch. MTV dating shows of eternity. Could you imagine Leon a what stakes for the wheelspin of like okay. This is what what the show's going to be forever now. That'd be so fun as long as he's still been the we all got one spot. You already told me that week. The wheel yeah exactly okay. Chris play the Oregon trail every single. How many times that you die Akiba Robinson ways if I have to say about it okay the rise and fall in rise of every week all right so we're going to advance? The Person Says Pick Guitar. And then we're going to kill off the top three Crisci so the top five Chris takes their other takes were The final season of high metro mother is the best one. Okay okay. Superstar is a better workplace Sitcom then the office and parks and REC. Okay Okay and that are homeless are seriously underrated. They're festive and have good plotlines and some of the best onscreen chemistry that this person has ever seen a movie. Wow magic that was in the final movie. Can you unmask this taker. Take it take a play on words with the taking it off and they takes. Yeah so this was Delaney Lepage. Okay Okay Okay Chris. Please let us know that was. I was very curious about that. I was like well you. You haven't listed five Christmas letter better but okay Yeah I like the name Delaney if ever do if we ever get stuck on the infinity wheel doing maybe baby every single week. I'm going to name a kid delaney. The girl well and quite a people's take was that you guys need to do the sequel mechanism for naming a baby name a baby girl. So didn't didn't Rob Rob has said no like ten times. We've tried what to name a baby girl. You said no so many times leap baby girl. She's the house plant. Yeah Kamanda namely on his new one every week. Because I can't keep make sure you're getting cat safe. House plans have zero house plants. I buy the ones from my Kia. That aren't alive because because they cannot keep them alive. Yeah okay that's good. I think he's been house plan. Talk with Liana interesting. That's very very qualified to talk about how it was planned to have. Never kept one alive. No that'll be the topic on the wheel every week. You guys come on this spin. All the official APS spinoff. PODCAST is is Leon and I talked about houseplants you're welcome everybody really into horticulture right now. Okay alrighty what's now curson now we're GONNA move to the west side of the bracket and we're going to do to versus fifteen. Okay Oh okay it's a big upset Okay so the first take we are going to hear is putting silverware at the beginning of a buffet is the definition of insanity. Wow Earth specific and traffic circles slash rotaries slash roundabouts are a superior traffic control mechanism and should be used more often. Oh Oh yeah. It's not even so I mean it's not hot in the places where they have it. I think it's just like Oh. Yeah this is what we should have like zero stoplight Okay Alright Liana. Do you have any thoughts on this. I want to go back to the silverware. Take because I think I just liked the phrasing of it's the definition of insanity and it's putting silverware at the beginning of a buffet absolutely love it when people have takes like this just literally. The definition of Insanity Kennedy is putting silverware at the beginning of buffet. Also I agree with it. It's really annoying because then you have to carry it with you as you're trying to serve yourself food. I don't know if that makes it a hot. Yeah but I stand by vis opinion. Keep it any thoughts on the silverware at the start of a buffet. I just went to my parents. Were staying in hotel for a few weeks and we went to visit them When they were on vacation and so there was like all you could eat every night fe type thing and my bigger concern? was they give you the little plates. That's how they get you so I would always ask a waiter for like the super size. Blake the forks. Were the least of my concerns. I would have eaten with my hands if I had a big a big fan of this like yeah. I think it's smart. I like the take I liked the phrasing as Liana Liana pointed out. And Yeah 'cause to me like what if I get spoon buffet and maybe I'm not getting soup or anything. They need the spoon. And now I haven't and now. I have a spoon with me and I don't know if it's the definition of insanity but I like I like where we're going. What was the other take? I feel like I didn't like like it. The other tate was traffic circles. Oh Schroeder wanted to do a two hundred seventy degree reg never ever stop at a light the rest of your life. Yeah I never get a green light. You have to go around..