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"captain edward sparkle" Discussed on Top 5 Comics Podcast

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"captain edward sparkle" Discussed on Top 5 Comics Podcast

"Nowhere or the head. Nowhere in Guardians. uh-huh they live inside the head of a dead flushed. You'll that's what black is basically. Is He's celestial. East Plants Guard. The surfer was his the finer. Things the TERRIB- Herald. He's not he's not am. Joe Got a celestial what he's supposed to be He's one of the Group of God's basically turtles though immortals. This is him the Gardner. The Black and white knew that space in between her Eternity Guy The living trivial There's like multiple uncertain. He's one of the ones like one of the gods that like Thanos. Just messes up massive The kind of guy come to attack amuses ain't no no it wasn't that it was a it was What's what's your name Nebula? Yeah she's does it. They come to stop her. She's a mess him up in the ratings. Still using meeting. uh-huh crazy anyway. So yeah but most. Everything's back home so without I mean it was talking about monopolies. I think that's at one. Point is strong arm and his by Sony. Walk by you. I guess swinging spider and back. It can't do that to everyone though. That's all At that point. That's all we need to do than they have everything they need because Komo Literally Morrow versity DC at that point today by Fox already. Yeah they all done deal so at this point is Sony Sony habits like that. They don't when that's the need is big these we'll give you a billion dollars for Spiderman puncture. At some point in Romania Sweden hill the sewing just taking money. He's like that's why we're for that billion right in Knin will cash in. I think that's because they know that they don't get it of short. If they strong armed who will just buy all the land around around you in the end is like maybe we'll just hire holdings and it's like Whoa to avoid the monopoly aspect of by everything but the actual business and then the business. Like wow we can't shut down like we'll tell you what we'll give you five hundred million dollars Spiderman to keep you blow so by the lane strong arm just like the land and then get your rent is two million dollars a month. I mean really like Buildings relocate themselves easy entity because I am still still wonder under fantastic for isn't in the future plans of marvel face five possibly associate go. I know not I think it is no devil is I mean it is how far down the road. I mean if it's done right like John in charge of that not sure he's into because I think he's on that Lucas will. This is all the star wars kick her like necessarily in general if the turtles is space thing and it has before either powers from going into space so you be natural currents triathlon and right now more role warlock all that stuff so you can easily connected somewhere there but back to Maurice's yeah some more recently vampire your issue one came out about a month ago Coetzee probably you know nineteen he. December nineteenth came out the summer. Nineteen zero about a month ago. The one a good contribution. I have the date that that came out. Good Job Yeah. That's a good job I have. CBS Credit Credit is he. He deals in the three month periods. Like quarter 'cause sure diamonds catalog. He has to place the order three months before the boat actually comes I get. Ah Yeah so it's kind of all over the place. I just have to deal with the date every single day. And I'm like Hey I know that Captain Sparkle Park over. She did a good job. I got something I will catherine thin overs cap captain team. Edward is at my new name off Strip for this semi Rheinau. Kosovo next next week might be different. Captain Edward Sparkle Master flashes would actually called you team right now for sure. MASTER FLASH TRY A MORE COMMON GOAL in the first issue like just kind of a rebirth. I gallery or Jim. I'm sorry it's not really a reward at six continuation where he was new series. Where we pick up you Tori added Morpheus as it was August twenty thirteen's thirteen's last issue was last series would have been back to thirteen here but as far as an inning ever since he became the living Bam Larry's mental request to try to fix the vampire part of it because he doesn't want to eat blood or the other parts are cool in general people general? Yeah Yeah but like the other bars for the Mozart fine with me. Basically has all the damn barb abilities without the drawbacks of the sun's Kinda like blade. Except that he looks like Monster Blade for some help me please. Until way different currents for employment strike player whether he's living empire so technically not a vampire. They're going to get a blatant. We will see the New Hampshire MMA Herschel Ali. The things part of the same which really liked that guy allegedly see how it works whether he's he's blade later whether he's a junior for what they're doing. He's definitely taller than Wesley.

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