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"captain brodsky" Discussed on WGN Radio

"We've just given the office mishmash. Mickey kinda wants to speak to you. I'm sorry to bring back here at this on this me because of the passport is that it I'm not interested in your call. When did you last see Harry line two weeks ago? I want the truth. We know that line is alive. What did you say? Sorry. I just come from the cemetery. Another man was better than his place. He's a very Harry is what we want to find out. Do seem able to understand anything you say, I guess live. This is doing something Reno. He's somewhere in the Russian zone in a few minutes. Captain Brodsky would be questioning you about your papers told me where line is do. Not know if you will help me, I'm prepared to help you always said you were. City lime gone getaway heightened she would would be safe from all of you. Minore tentative. All right. I didn't Brodsky. I called on Dr ankle early the next morning. I told him I wanted to talk to Harry line every line, Mr. Martins, are you? All right. I'm mad. I've seen a ghost. You just tell Harry, I want to see him today this afternoon reasonable. How can you stand there? And I saw Harry last night. I passed the park a few blocks from here on news mkaku tell Harry, I'll meet him there. You can arrange it your cooks. A great deal for granted, Mr. market. Do I go Sony ride by night, Dr Pinkus?.

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