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"captain britain ron" Discussed on Best Comics Ever

"Koa that means a lot. But then he was never seen again, he wasn't seen in the rest of that series. It was almost like the artist drew it in there in the editors. Missed it maybe some. Or my theory with that is it was intentional and they're gonNA do that every six months and make us think we're going crazy but they're going to be the shadow green just hiding his presence I think that we don't but. Probably probably was a mistake though, and if the shadow king's around like is even allowed on cre coa because if he is and he's hanging out there that to me says, will professor x probably as he's not connected at this point. If, we actually see the two separate from each other I don't know there's more to that, but it's definitely a complicated mass I think there will be good. I mean we know that professor X is out of that body. He's out of Phantom X is clone body and fancy Max's around to somehow that got reconfigured. Out so they're each in their own respective husk if you will But yeah, there's there's a lot to answer their. I think too like with the tele- paths in their possibility of knowing. There are possibility of knowing about what Mayer is doing some. She's got a block obviously on mute tell paths. Early, they don't address it. But what she doesn't have is like we got a lot of time travelers. Cable you got bishop around you got all the other time travel stuff that happens next man you've got time travelers and in sort of like you know people can see the future in the non mutant side of things you know. So there's this whole. NOPE PRE cogs. Cine allowed initiative because destinies kind of become I. Guess My rose like foil. She's kind of like the arch villain. But. There are other players in the Marvel Universe that we don't know what they might think of what's coming, what they might be reading, and again, the time travel thing to me is interesting because it's like. The will if they've seen the futures, how does how does that align with Myra stuff? My head just goes. You know like that just starts like my is cross and I forget what saying when I get into that but it's possibility there's a question to So they'd say there's no pre cogs. But then how do they enforce that do like is there a rule that everybody on? Koa knows that no precautions and they all just agree with or like or is this? Another is this something where you know Xavier flip switch. psychically where nobody's asking about pre cogs. I think. That's an interesting question. Could it be? Could that be part of the subtle shifts in resurrection is to to sort of placate asking those questions because right now, all we know is that Morissette it to professor x and Charles in regards to mistakes request to bring it back destiny. Bright. So that is not it's not like it's a law of I mean literally only have three laws like it's a very. So I. Think like and there are mutants I think Rachel Summers has some sort of like you know kind of like subtle pre cognitive abilities. There was somebody else. I was seeing recently who owes betsy braddock actually because one of the things she can do in the Alamo Al Davis Captain Britain Ron is she can actually See a little bit of pre cognitive future subtle..

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