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"capt gus" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"I'll tell you she I will tell you that our trip on the cruise was supposed to dock in port Rico supposed to that's right of all the protest the I didn't that's right and Capt Gus captain Gus art comes on and says because of the turmoil in all in now old C. as in old San Juan which is the only place it's worth seeing down there I it's a tourist place is our we're we're not going there we're by passing Porter Rico and congratulations you have another CD we're in captain custom for you can watch MSNBC and fox news and that's it well don't we missed we miss Porter Rico wow because of this beater oil because he got down really was caught with some other government officials exchanging very nasty mean spirited out right celebrates Arjun messages about the troubles that they're having they're the people that have had enough but he will not step down hill yeah but those that doubt you think yeah we think other week again or whatever and his go absolutely it's Saturday the in the economy just grinding and it's just it's it's it's things anyways there's allegations of corruption to begin with their allegations that Porter Rico the government didn't do nearly enough after hurricane Maria I came in yeah yeah I I think it's gone here's the here's here's what I want to go back on the cruise all right I talked to Victor Oquendo from ABC was actually there and he was there when the governor made his announcement and he said he was really interesting is that is there a bunch of elation and he doesn't know he said the crowd got really quiet and immediately was like that's not enough so they want him to step down immediately although going back to what you were saying handle about the corruption of the government there the next in line would be like the justice minister would step in but nobody trusts her either so then if not her who at the entrance way the entire government yeah and today the entire island is going on strike to protest thing I'm telling you he's gone and she probably if she becomes the governor and that's gonna be a problem to it was a mess it really is well the LAPD is investigating claims of the secret recordings now at Jose Huizar is office.

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