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"capital beltway police" Discussed on WTOP

"But they do have some serious crashes to report as well and deal with as the icy conditions continue, especially on your overpasses. Your rants and your bridges. We're gonna start off in Maryland. Longstanding crash eastbound route 50 leaving the Beltway heading toward 4 10. They stopped traffic as we watch in the traffic camera there to reposition some vehicles. You're staying to the right to get by this crash through got a couple of dump trucks or the salt trucks and plows looks like there is well, apparently help doing some helping with some of the blocking and it's a bit of a slowdown as you'd expect over on the Baltimore State Parkway. South Bank crash was reported. Your 1 97 Sounds like only a single link. It's by if that, not sure exactly what's blood just waiting for more word over on I 97 year crash was north down north of Ben Field Boulevard. They were going out to check that one out Watch for the response. Driving in Virginia. Nothing to talk about, as far as major crashes are concerned on the capital Beltway, But the treacherous conditions continue over in Alexandria, the ramps from south bound Route one to get onto the capital Beltway, the adult Lupin the you through local lanes. You've got the block and still there. We're watching Evita technician shovel a lot of salt and sand across the the sky ramp there that apparently re iced as the precipitation moved through, watching for the your response and watching for the folks who will help keep you divert Did or held until they get things moving once again, But no change there Right now Telegraph Road report of a crash near Huntington Avenue just south of the capital, Beltway. Police should be with that one, Scott says. Indeed, Belmont Ridge Road is shut down both ways over top of the dullest Greenway. It's a serious crash for fire trucks are still there on the scene of that one in the district still closed his Pennsylvania Avenue south bound south of 2 95. Approaching Minnesota Avenue because of an overturned dump truck That's put a lot of sludge in the roadway. Got the camera shot of that you're being diverted south end of Pennsylvania Avenue at Proud Street were brought to buy N V. T See some trips just can't wait. That's why No, The Virginias transit providers are here to get you where you need to go. Visit. No overrides dot or GTA play. You're safe and healthy trip. I'm Jo Conway only get to be traffic at a storm team for meteorologist Matt Ritter, a mixture of lights. No way. It's um sleep, with some minor accumulations, changing over to sleet and freezing rain and freezing drizzle for the The afternoon highs. Only the upper twenties, the low thirties late this evening, the freezing rain and drizzle taper off some fog overnight lows in the mid twenties near 32 Morning ice tomorrow, then patchy light rain.

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