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"capital bank capital" Discussed on Scale The Podcast

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"capital bank capital" Discussed on Scale The Podcast

"Everybody Daniel Ramsey here and I'm really excited cuz Joshua Smith the great Joshua Smith is here today and I known this guy and actually I've been your secret follower for like almost a decade like just in the background and we got a chance to meet a couple of weeks ago and I'm like, please please please come on our podcast. Thursday's Edition is dominate your real estate business top tips from a top producer Joshua. Thanks for being here today, man. Yeah. No, I'm on Urbana truly appreciate your support the kind words. But yeah, I love it man a massive honor to be here with him. Yeah. Yeah. So we're going to talk about building businesses. I know you've built an amazing real estate practice, but let's rock through like your story first. I want the audience to know who you are. What time? Done in the industry and just kind of how you are in the world. Let's start with your story man. Yeah, dude, so, you know, I got into the business in 2005. So I was twenty-three years old and just like most things in my life happened by accident if you will go, right like I'm when I got into the real estate business. So again, I was twenty-three years old. I was managing the health club at the time and wanted to open up my own gym, but I'm a College Dropout, you know, they make good money thousand dollars to my name couldn't get alone. So I needed a way to just go out to raise Capital Bank Capital. So in two thousand and five, we'll see Market's booming very similar to like it is today and leaves, you know from the outside of looking into the industry. My perception was everybody in real estate is crushing it making tons of money and just seemed like it'd be the right vehicle or I could just jump into three or four years work. My ass off wasn't married didn't have a family. So it's like man I can just go out there and Bank least enough of a down payment, you know right to go out there a gym and I always say that through that Journey. Real estate became my obsession and health and fitness is my passion, you know, right? So I just really just fell in love with this industry man here in fifteen years later here. I am dude. So, you know how it jumped in though and just grinding and have a great first year 40 Hills my fruit brought me to a capacity and this is 2005. So there's no DocuSign. There's no smartphones..

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