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"cape cod chamber commerce" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"We're going to carry over a topic from last hour and that is the presence the existence of cameras on the two bridges. That lead you on and off the Cape Cape Cod. We talk about the Cape in New England. We generally talk about Cape Cod. But there are other capes Cape in Boston Cape netted up in Maine there other capes, but really the Cape pajama Cape Cod. So if you have driven over either the bone or the sagamore bridge on or off the Cape since two thousand fourteen your presence has been electronially detected and monitored at a record kept and entered into a database of probably about one hundred forty million cars now, some of you have down there frequently so it's not as if there's been a hundred forty million separate cars, but your presence has been detected and kept in database, which we did know about this story in the globe this Saturday, basically upon a story that was in the Cape Cod times in which this information came public during a criminal case. So the question is does this ball you because no one told us know someone said, we know that this cameras on the. Pike because they those cameras there's electron tolling. Now. That's how they monitor you. Well, that's how they Bill you with your with your your your tolls on the turnpike. And if you want to avoid the turnpike when avoid the tolls you just take other roads baby take a little longer sometimes a little shorter. But to get to the Cape unless you're gonna swim or take a boat. You gonna have to go over either bridge more or the born. So the question is does that bother you? So far. We've only had one example of a woman who said that it actually benefited her genie from revere keep it rolling. Also Bernie Sanders said over the weekend in Iowa. That he would hope if he he would like to see people in prison vote in elections. Well, I think that Senator Sanders is not if you like to weigh in on that as well, different states have different rules as to whether or not. Incarcerated individuals can vote I guess there are only two states, Vermont and Maine where people in prison can actually vote. There are lots of states where you lose your voting rights, even upon the completion of your time in prison. So we'll talk about either those give you a chance to weigh in six seven two four ten thirty triple eight nine to nine thirty going to hold over the conversation and gonna go first up to Paul the south shore bitchy Paul's over those bridges at some point in his life. Every day. Well, then you your presence has been noted repeatedly is absolutely. You know, I'm with a steamship thirty and let me tell you something their cameras on all the ferry. So every time you over the islands. Cars noted, but you know, that all the technology that came from homeland security. So it's you know, they got grant for that when right after nine eleven that's when they started doing that too. It's been going on for a long time. It's look it seems to me that that the one of the ferries clearly could be a target. If you will. And people could ride to drive a car on a ferry and caused a problem. So I get that. I do get that Paul. And as a matter of fact, I think that you should make that known to people as a deterrent that. Hey, if you come on this, very, we know who you are we we have your plate number. We had a place in the Cape for many years on those varies back and forth. Many many times. However going over the bridge. There's no notice this should be notice. I think the tells you, hey, you know, if you choose over this bridge, we're going to we electronially check your car, and what time you went over. I think that's only fair. Would you disagree with that? I think you're you know, I think it's a good idea notifying people on the other hand. I don't mind having you know, being recorded going because I mean, I used to stop at cold boots. And you get a receipt. Just so that you could say, hey, I was certain time. If ever there's a question of where you wear about is, you could say, I was here, you know? So I I don't think it's such a. You probably don't have access to that. Meaning in other words, let's assume that you were accused of robbing a liquor store or robbing a store, and you knew that that you have at about the time that robbery you actually heading to the Cape. Good luck. Trying to get that information, which is sculpted from the state. Okay. You're saying when you get your received the reason you got your receipt from the toll taker back in the battle days was you wanted to be able to submit that receipt, particularly it was in business related. So he keep it for tax purposes or submitted to your employer because that was a cost of you get into a from work, right? Sure. Well, as I say time timestamped too. So I mean, you'd have a wanna know be able to have. Correct me if I'm wrong Paul that time stamp simply didn't say Paul's Paul from the south shore with in his car. His whatever his BMW with license plate number one two three four five. Was it just said twenty five cents you pay twenty cents. That's all it was right? Right. Yeah. You could go to court and say, hey, this this this twenty five cent a receipt from the from the toll for the turnpike shows I wasn't in Plymouth at the time of the robbery I don't know how much evidence value that would have. Well, okay. You say this would I mean this theoretically would if you were wrongfully charged with a crime, but good luck. Getting that information from the state didn't even want to tell us that existed. And we tried to get a spokesperson from the state police tonight. And by the time, I producer left. We had not heard back. If we hear back from him later on fellow's name day prokopyiv, we'll put him under more night clear and try to clear it up. I just don't like the idea that it's never been publicized. According to the globe. According to the Cape Cod times, we only learned about this because it came up in the process of criminal trial. And and that's the only reason why it's come public. That's all. Well, you see them all over, you know. I mean, I I always thought everybody knew about those cameras. I just assumed because after nine eleven I mean, there were just cameras everywhere. Well, I get that. And I realized that walking on the streets in Boston. You got to -ssume that this fifty cameras on you with seeing that. But did you realize every time you went over the one of the bridges they were clip in your license plate. They they got your license plate. They got the lane that you were in. They got the time you over the bridge that went into a database. I didn't realize that. Know that extensive I thought it was more just, you know, security monitoring just seeing who's you know, if they were running if they were running a continuous loop. Okay. Say twenty four hours because there was a truck that went down and committed a crime. They were able to go back a couple of hours and CEO, he is where would crossed over the bridge or whatever if there was at some some value for that. I just don't see what the value is for this. I maybe a missing missing something. It just seems to be whatever value is it's minimal compared to the deprivation of privacy of people who commute or who. Go back and forth to the Cape, Paul. Love you, call keep calling the show. Okay. Dan. Have a great night. Six seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine to nine thirty. I think this is an important topic. I hope you do as well. And I'd love to hear from more women callers on this one. The men seem to be interested in this. This is in my opinion, a question of invasion of privacy in the encroachment of government government, always seems even in a society as free as ours to take advantage at Rama manual said. Never let a crisis go to waste. I'm glad we have security, and I understand we need security. I get that. But I don't know what value does to compile the records of 'cause going on and off the Cape for five years, and I'm sure the Cape Cod chamber commerce did not want that known. You thought six seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine to nineteen thirty also Bernie Sanders wants felons to be able to vote. No, we're not too people who serve their time. He's talking about get convicted for murder you get convicted for robbery while you're in jail. You should be able to vote. That's what Bernie Sanders says, I think that's nuts. Love to hear what you think on either. Or both of the subjects..

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