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"cao kappa epsilon" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"We believe in the best in men to whole other men. Carnivals rouse weaning. To say the right thing, not everyone is happy about this ad one person on Twitter said the video puts all men in bad light. Another sad boys are not monsters in waiting, but others say they don't think Gillette intended to insult meant. But instead wanted to encourage humanity and decency that has been watch more than two million times on YouTube in the past forty eight hours. Well, new data show. The Environmental Protection Agency has hit a thirty year. Low in the number of pollution cases referred for prosecution. Details now from ABC's, Mark. Remillard pollution cases that the EPA referred to the Justice department for criminal prosecution hitting their lowest level since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight last fiscal year only one hundred and sixty six cases were sent to the DOJ Jeff rock, executive director of public employees for environmental responsibility. Which compiled the data says appears to be a combination of them starving the program and policy initiatives that make criminal enforcement an absolute. Last resort. Even if it smeared the EPA says, it's directing its resources to the quote, most significant cases, Mark Remillard, ABC news Furman university. In South Carolina has suspended the tapa Cao Cao Kappa Epsilon fraternity until twenty twenty three for repeated hazing and alcohol violations or reporter on the university's website says the hazing include being made to do laundry clean rooms and being compelled to do exercises forgetting fraternity trivia questions wrong. Students had to stand in a steaming bathroom and outside in cold weather without coats, or sweatshirts. Investigators did not find any evidence that fraternity members tampered with drinks. Police investigating later said a woman who attended a house party last September was hospitalized. And they thought drinks might have been tampered with a Colorado woman who was among the first woman to fly for the US military during World War Two has died. Millicent young died Saturday of complications related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She was a member of the women's airforce, service pilots known as watts. Chiefs who flew bombers and other warplanes in the US to free up male pilots for combat service overseas in two thousand ten the wasps reward at the congressional gold medal among the nation's highest civilian honours Millicent young was ninety six years old. Taking the.

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